Rossi Interviewed by Bailey and Borwein (Now on Huffington Post)

Thanks to Veblin for sharing a link to an interview by David H. Bailey of the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (retired) and University of California, and Jonathan M. Borwein, Laureate Professor of Mathematics, University of Newcastle, Australia on the Math Drudge website.

Here’s the link to the interview:

UPDATE: The interview is now available on Huffington Post Science here:

There are some interesting responses from Rossi — a few quotes that stood out to me:

On Fleischmann and Pons: while he did not have success replicating their experiment: “I think that the real importance (and merit) of the F&P experiments has been the idea to make energy from nuclear effects by means of quantum tunneling”

On critics: “As long as a product is not on the real market, anyone can say whatever he or she wants and gain credibility.”

His theory: “My theory is that a proton from a hydrogen atom enters, by the quantum tunneling effect, into a nucleus of Li-7 (i.e., a lithium nucleus of atomic weight 7), forming a nucleus of Be-8 (i.e., a beryllium nucleus of atomic weight 8), which then decays in a few seconds into two alpha particles (helium nuclei), accompanied with the release of significant nuclear energy. ”

On challenges to keeping the plant up and running: “It is important for us to provide effective control and instrumentation, sufficient to keep the equipment working correctly, yet to avoid excessive or potentially faulty instrumentation that might compromise the reliability of the system in global operation. It is also imperative that the monitoring equipment provide the alarms and other information required by our safety certification company (SGS).”

On Patents: ” I have 64 other patents pending, and I am working on even more of them with my attorneys.”

About manufacturing E-Cats: “we want to offer prices that are very competitive, by means of economy of scale, to discourage “reverse engineering” (by making such reverse engineering pointless). Manufacturing will initially be done in the U.S. and in Europe. If at the end of the current one-year contractual test period (end of February 2016), our results are positive, manufacturing will begin.”

The kinds of products they plan to make with the E-Cat: “We foresee applications for central heating of commercial buildings, heat production for industrial processes and electric power generation. My dream is for domestic heat and power generation.”

He again says they have $3 billion worth of orders in place from 600,000 orders — which gives a cost of $5000 per unit. However Rossi has said that these orders combine industrial plants and domestic plants, so that really doesn’t help us get an estimate of how much domestic or industrial units would cost.

It’s good to see Andrea Rossi talking with people outside the usual circle of questioners on the Journal of Nuclear Physics. I think it provides a little different perspective when he gives more substantial answers compared to his normal brief responses on the JONP.

  • bkrharold

    The ecat can be used for transportation using steam engines. It is more efficient for the ecat to power the wheels directly, rather than generate electricity from a turbine, store the electricity in a battery, and use the battery to power the wheels. Although it is regarded as a quaint old fashioned technology, in its time (1890 to ~ 1950) it was very viable. With an ecat producing the steam, a vehicle could go tens of thousands of miles and for several months on a single charge. It would only need to stop to fill up with water. It could also be used for locomotives and heavy trucks, saving $billions, and keeping the air clean.

  • LilyLover

    Copy-Focardi, Copy-Piantelligence, Copy-me, Copy-Pluto, Copy-old-wisdom – All’s good. To me, copy objects is acceptable too. It’s the undeveloped IP-lovers that I hope to save. I don’t want COP-E-Cat-ism because I fully believe that the good Dr. will Stretch the dollar furthest for the highest possible home safety. To me, IP is an insignificant sin compared to banking or millitancy.

  • GreenWin

    Initial manufacturing in US and Europe. Maintaining tight control of proprietary elements no doubt. Even with Darden’s interests in China, IH appears more comfortable keeping their baby closer to home. A wise choice at this stage. Congrats to HuffPo for printing a nearly error free interview on the topic. Washington Post, LA Times, Tribune???

  • Bob Matulis

    LOVE this quote: “If I tell you that man can fly, we can discuss the possibility ad infinitum, with positivists and negativists producing much sophistry. But if I can show you a working airplane, the discussion is over.”

  • Job001

    Rossi is an engineer. Meeting ALL the requirements; economic, uptime, maintenance, controls, materials, safety, regulatory, and cost and contract is “positive”. Failing to meet the requirements means “negative” and another pilot plant run.
    Notice research continues to improve materials, safety, COP(20 to 80), maintenance, and controls. Consequently “positive” is becoming more likely as they operate!

    • Jarea

      I think so. However, I would want to hear that from him 😀

  • ss dd

    (2)/1000: x+1000y=3,000,000 (3)

    (3)-(1): 999y= 2.400.000

    y~= 2400
    x~= 600k


  • LilyLover

    Hey, you’ve understood the new reality very well! Yes, the imitators can be costlier and yet be able to sell it. It will happen nonetheless. My hope is all of us decide that – out of reverence for Dr. Rossi, anyone using pseudo-E-Cat shall be sort-of-excommunicated-as-a-person or prosecuted-as-a-company. Only the public acknowledgement of copy-cat-ism or COP-E-cat-ism and derision of thereof could prevent forest fires!!
    So, let’s all vouch to – Nothing-but-E-Cat. Wait-if-we-must-but-ONLY-E-Cat-will-do.

    • Mark Underwood


      Now that’s a good one!

      • Dods

        This gag ^ is estimated at 2.4x funny.

  • Roland

    The estimate for total global investment in energy production is US$48 trillion; the economic dislocations and the effects of ‘trapped’ capital will disproportionately impact several very unpleasant nations by completely undermining their economies and geopolitical calculations.

    I can’t wait…

    • EEStorFanFibb

      It should be quite the show!

    • LilyLover

      Translation: Global salary equalization for equal jobs.
      Exceptionalism of certain countries turned into natural bell curve.
      Borderless Earth.
      Space voyages.
      Love flourishes; hate is eradicated.
      Robots work and humans frolic.
      Happy Earth reunited with the Atlantis/Annunakis/Our ET counterparts.
      Yay yay yay!!!

  • builditnow

    Rossi states that lithium is required, that it is key
    Axil Axil points out that lithium reacts with most things at high temperatures, this action could remove most of the lithium from the fuel.
    Something to be checked.
    Is lithium missing from the fuel ash?

  • William D. Fleming

    Those losses will soon be forgotten. The potential benefit of the ecat to humanity is ENORMOUS.

    • EEStorFanFibb

      Overall it will be a big win for humanity….. I agree… but the chaos and disruption will be very painful for some.

  • builditnow

    Yes, Rossi and crew understand who they are up against and are gently giving plenty of warning signals to these big players. For instance, all of the insiders of the leading oil and gas drilling company SLB
    have already sold of their shares (over 100 million according to public reports) towards the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014, when the prices where high. This is public information you can easily check. At last check the insiders have minimal stocks.

    These insiders no longer care, it will be the institutional investors with the little guys money that will be hurt, see the list

    Rossi is playing a smart game this time, give the people with power time to adjust so they don’t offer much resistance.

    • EEStorFanFibb

      yes Rossi and IH seem to be ramping up the volume al-right. If the people in control of energy companies have been paying attention they will do fine. I think you are probably right about that. and yes, sadly, the retail investor won’t know what hit ’em.

    • Curbina

      I’m almost scared that Rossi is going so mainstream…O.O

    • Roland

      An excellent article that drops the, rational, scepticism of their 2 previous blogs re: Rossi.

      The authors have solid credentials and the interview questions elicit a compelling picture of where Rossi is in his thinking, experimental results to date and future plans.

  • ss dd

    This is a hypothesis that was published in the Rossi-Cook paper FYI, if you want to read more.

  • Jarea

    My two cents.
    The question 12: He answer “explaining that this energy source is not an alternative to other energy sources, but a new source that is to be integrated with others in synergy with them ”
    That is of course ture, but I think ECAT has enough COP to convert the excedent energy in chemical energy or electricity. Once you do that you can then convert that chemical energy again in heat to feed the ECAT and be totally independent on other energy sources.
    There is another option that would be much easier. If he develop/deliver the Home ECAT X that generates electricity. In that case, you just need the TESLA batteries to store the energy and then use them to heat again the ECAT.

    In the answer to question 13, he is a little pessimist saying that he “can’t ensure that the test will be positive”. I hope that he is being conservative. However, knowing that he is normally optimist, i think that these words are a bad sign for us.

    • Ged

      Still convinced he’s contractually obligated to put in that disclaimer. Though, even if it produces lots of excess energy, if the test doesn’t meet the contract of 350 of 400 days of operation, it is still negative/failure. So yeah, talk about a stressful moonshot he’s got going on here.

      • Job001

        Good points.
        350/400 => 87.5% uptime required. However, the 1 MW unit is composed of 4×250 KW parts serviceable while primary operation continues. Individual parts have been rebuilt to enhance service life or recharge while in operation, as I understand.
        Lithium is very corrosive but available in very tiny amounts in the reactor, material science is being worked as evidenced by Rossi’s establishing an internal group facility that can create almost anything that is not otherwise available commercially or timely. This material science facility is an excellent sign of progress and likely of ultimate success.
        Interestingly much of hot fusion research has not yet solved many expected material issues.

    • Omega Z

      “to be integrated with others in synergy with them”

      This is true in the short term, Because it will take decades to transition.
      Reality, LENR will replace nearly all fossil fuels in time.
      In 40 years, Oil will be hard to come by even if you could afford it.
      In 70 years, Coal will follow suit.
      Natural Gas which is considered plentiful if hard to get to will become less plentiful. It will need to replace Oil & Coal as they deplete changing the entire outlook on Natural Gas longevity.

      2 Notes.
      In 1 of Rossi’s responses that stated that LENR would be integrated with other energy, He included- for the time being.

      Also, Why invite problems by stating it will replace nearly everything else at this time. Just keep quite & let it transition.

  • Teemu Soilamo

    I have a nasty gut feeling that at the end of February, Rossi will announce that “the results of the test are negative, and more time will be needed to resolve the problems”. He always seems to find a way to buy more time, to keep us on our toes. Look at the daily reports: there seem to be frequent problems with one or more reactors of the plant. How is such a product supposed to function in the market? I am already setting myself up for disappointment regarding F9 and suggest you do the same…

    • LuFong

      There are many, many scenarios. My fear is that the test will be a success but that delays in certification and putting together the mass production facility (and getting it approved etc) will take years. And Rossi has repeatedly said he will not sell E-Cats until they can be mass produced. What would really help in this scenario is if the current 1MW plant became public with a detailed report (successful or not, actually). That would satisfy me.

      • Agaricus

        I agree that it’s unlikely in the extreme that the supposed end of the pilot test will segway immediately into production etc. However I would expect the ‘final’ version of the pilot unit to be replicated within months rather than years, although probably only in very small numbers.

        Perhaps we could allocate another F-key to a phrase along the lines of ‘What the peanut gallery wants by way of proof is completely irrelevant.’ or similar.

        • LuFong

          What I want is relevant to me: no more, no less. I was only expressing my fear but I hope for much more.

          • Agaricus

            Fair enough.

      • builditnow

        LuFong, that is why I highly recommend supporting the open experimenters with cash, equipment, and other help. If the open experiments can produce a working reactor we can all duplicate, Rossi and others cannot delay further.
        To achieve production prices to discourage reverse engineering for the first product to market could take years, Rossi’s stated aim above.

        Also, filing all the possible patents could also take years, Rossi states he has 64 patents “pending” and is working on more with his attorney.
        The open experimenters can do with a lot of support.

        • LuFong

          I give what my wife OKs 🙂 Should be about time to kick some more…

      • GreenWin

        The Rossi track record is impressive. Considering the first demo of the 1MW E-Cat ended in October 2011. Four years later HuffPo has cleared a real interview and the Pilot test ends in less than 5 months.

        After 65 years and $250B tax dollars, hot fusion is still 35 years away. And has yet to achieve COP 1.

        • LuFong


    • Ged

      The first of anything–lightbulbs, cars, airplanes–are always unreliable and breakdown in a myriad of ways. Being “first” is the riskiest of all business.

    • Agaricus

      Your expectations seem unduly pessemistic. As Ged says, any new device will need continuous improvement – but you have to start somewhere. If Daimler had waited until he had got the ‘Super V8’ right, rather than going with his ‘Critchley Light Car’, we would still be using horses.

    • Warthog

      Of course there are problems… is a PILOT PLANT. That is exactly what pilot plants are for….to be run long-term to identify (and thus prevent) the same problems from happening in production units.

  • Gerard McEk

    AR is still cautious about the test results. He must be under tremendous stress. I think if he would have known how extremely stressfull that test would be, he might have have reconsidered it.

    • Omega Z

      From all Rossi’s posts, This test was an absolute required necessity.

  • Private Citizen

    Might be misinformed, but this seems the first time Rossi has detailed the specific theory of proton tunneling into Li-7 as the LENR reaction. Important info, F9.

  • Kneebiter

    One would think that someone involved at a web site like would be up to the challenge of attempting a “rigorous mathematical structure” for Rossi/Cook. It would be great exposure albeit with more than a few obnoxious comments.

  • Stephen

    A nice interview very good questions and clear responses, some nice new insights into Andrea Rossi’s background, concerns and thinking too, I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for finding it Veblin