David Daggett of Phonon Energy Presents on LENR at SAE Aerospace Conference

Thanks to AlainCo who has posted on the LENR Forum a slideshow by David Daggett of Phonon Energy Inc. which was presented on September 23 at the SAE 2015 AeroTech Congress & Exhibition in Seattle, Washigton.

The slideshow can be seen here: http://www.lenr-forum.com/forum/index.php/Attachment/375-SAE-LENR-pdf/?s=8dab120afb21970ef4372083b43536171c9991c2

David Daggett’s presentation was oral only, but the slideshow indicates that he gave an overview of LENR, and then moved into a discussion of possible applications of LENR in the aerospace sector. Some of the slide captions:

“Electric aircraft motor studies will support LENR-powered architectures”

“Electric propulsion will allow a plethora of aircraft designs for reduced noise and improved environmental performance”

“LENR is: • Promising • An Enabling Technology • Economically Game-Changing”

Here’s an image from the slideshow of a conceptual aircraft engine powered by LENR:

And an photo of Phonon’s own test rig:


There’s no data in the slideshow from Phonon’s own testing, but AlainCo has been in touch with David Daggett and says that they have been getting: “claiming modest, promising and genuine results.”

  • David Nygren
  • Veblin

    Phonon Energy said they were working with Defkalion around the time that Defkalion went silent. Now we see a photo of a Phonon Energy test with a design that looks very much like the Defkalion reactors.

    • as far as I’ve heard, no IP have been transferred, and DGT is “silent” since Milan affair.
      It is pure internal work.
      I take that as a good news .

      anyway, we need good third party report… it will take time.

  • As I understand, they made their first positive experiment just a few days ago. They gave no further information about it because they want to be sure they made no error.

    I guess they got, if any, just a bit above COP = 1.

    • as I understand the reason of communication is only because of the conference at SAE.
      David Daggett as I remember is one of the supporter of a great aeronautic innovation in Boeing, the fuel cell APU. He is from that community, at home.

      I don’t think they just get a positive result few days ago.

      All I know is that the result are interesting, but they want to cross check and validate all perfectly with a third party finally. they are working hard, so probably we are in the middle of a long experimental work…
      neither at the end, nor at the beginning.

  • Sanjeev

    Good to see these people are active.
    I like the hand drawn design of the engine. Modest beginnings…
    Hopefully we will see some data on their one page website someday.

  • For the application considered it is mostly because SAE is an aeronautic association.
    LENR as David Daggett imagine apply to anything using heat. No great news in that, he is an engineer, he knows what to do with heat.

    Note that it is their own findings (see the few names in the slides, it is a team work).
    I have no data (they work on it), but their claim is “promising”, which I interpret personally as “modest but promising” (“huge and promising” is an oxymoron)

    This modesty in the enthusiasm is making me comfortable, but it is a work in progress.