Report from Mitchell Swartz on IEEE Meeting at Teradyne, NANOR

I made an inquiry to Mitchell Swartz of Jet Energy regarding the status of the NANOR device, a LENR technology that he has been working on over the years. This is his response, posted her with his permission:

“Very busy, including testing NANOR-type CF/LANR components at two sites, and working on the newest Series 8 components.
The successful use of these technologies continues to involve electrical engineering, material science, and  continuum electromechanics.

“Last night went to Teradyne to hear the IEEE Reliability talks by Peter Hagelstein and Louis DeChiaro.

“They discussed background, history, problems with the technologies, role of D and He4, and development of CF/LANR worldwide.  About 70 people there, very attentive, knowledgeable and interested. Peter and Lou did a great effort and service to this community.”

  • EEStorFanFibb

    I remember years ago when MS was going to sell me and many others a NANOR…. then the idea just went away. DOH!

  • bachcole

    I am happy to hear that Mitchell is moving forward. I am MUCH happier to hear that 70 people from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE = the professional organization for such people) were there, “very attentive, knowledgeable and interested”.

  • AW

    Much interesting information at the meeting last night. Among other things, Dr. Hagelstein mentioned that he had re-read almost 300 papers from the 1990’s and very late 1980’s which reported negative results. He studied each from the perspective of what we now know is necessary for a successful replication (sufficient loading, etc.). Only a very small number (~3?) of these experiments, as described in the papers, even came close to meeting the conditions we now understand to be required for successful cold fusion. No wonder the preponderance of results were negative. An interesting paper will come of this.

    • bachcole

      In other words, the jackasses didn’t really make an honest effort to replicate.

      • LCD

        Some for sure but at that time the conditions were unknown so tough to blame

    • Jarea

      Very interesting. I would like to see the excel list with the paper and what they lack. It would be a good reference for pathoskeptics. Anybody has a link?

  • I wonder why Mr Swartz and Hagelstein have not done a calorimetric measurment yet?
    They could publish their results in a scientific journal. With a name like “MIT” in the back, they would get much attention. And maybe get a publication in JoP.

    • Alain Samoun

      Actually, they did,I remember seeing a calorimeter in the lab of Hagelstein. But at the time it was a very small output on the order of mW. Not enough to convince hard headed scientific publisher.

      • Thank you Alain.
        But it sounds like they now have higher excess? Why not doing it again?

  • Jonnyb

    LANR can someone tell me what it stands for. Sure I read it before but can’t remember it.

    • ecatworld

      Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions — I think.

      • Jonnyb

        Thanks, that sounds correct.

    • passerby

      Lattice assisted reaction I think