Biological Transmutations

I had a request from a reader for a discussion thread on the topic of biological transmutations, which has come up here recently. The following is a section from the ECW LENR Knowedge Base on the topic:

Most chemical reactions keep atoms, but a very small number cause fusions and also fissions of atoms in living beings. Although very few in number, these biological transmutations reactions involve a large number of species, from bacteria to mammals, in several biological processes that control and are essential for these organisms.

Researchers began to observe atoms conservation anomalies from the time conservation of matter was understood before 1800. It is only from 1959 that some researchers have understood that transmutations could explain biologic abnormalities. Since 1975, confirmation and publication of scientific works by Louis Kervran can be considered to have proven the existence of this phenomenon, but in 2014, it still has no confirmed theoretical explanation.

This biological effect seems to combine:

  • a chemical reaction
  • a low-energy interaction of atomic nuclei
  • and a catalysis (specific) which favors them in a biological process.

From 1799 to 1873 researchers asked themselves whether these transmutations exist. From 1959 to 1972 they have been proven by more than 6,000 elementary experiments. In 2003 Jean-Paul Biberian took stock of all the atoms involved in one bacterium. Since then some researchers have been wondering how to use these biological transmutations to reduce pollution by conventional radioactive waste.

A french site describe this history with many references. Some interesting points listed here are:

  • The reactions observed in biology are based mostly on mergers and fissions with hydrogen, oxygen or carbon and involve at least: H, C, N, O, Na, Mg, Al, Si, P, S , K, Ca, Mn, Fe.
  • Many of these reactions are reversible, that is to say made also in the other direction by other biological processes.
  • Only certain isotopes are concerned and the products are all stable isotopes.
  • When these biological atomic nuclear reactions, we failed to detect radiation typically produced by high energy reactions (alpha, beta, gamma, X-rays).
  • They only use nuclear interactions called low energy.
  • They are accompanied by a variation in mass in agreement with the average binding energy.
  • These reactions are slow.
  • They occur in biological processes.
  • The residual thermal effect is very small and does not interfere with living beings.
  • Louis Kervran has noted these reactions following this example Mg + O: = Ca ([1] p 111)
  • They respect the principle of conservation of matter, they will integrate the correspondence mass-energy (E = mc2) of relativity and change the invariance principle becomes: In biological transmutations, the physico-chemical reactions retain the number of nucleons but alter the chemical element composition.
  • They occur perhaps in geological processes, or in a neighboring phenomenon called “Cold Fusion” (Cold Fusion). In these cases the conditions are quite different pressures and temperatures and are not compatible with life.

Vysotskii et al. studied the potential of bacterial transmutations for clean up of nuclear waste. See here

  • Mats002
  • Roland

    One of Sheldrake’s ‘stupid’ experiments can be carried out by just about anyone, he postulates a species of ‘entanglement’ between humans and their pets.

    To test this requires two camera operators, one to follow the human while out in the world, the other operator stays with the pet, dogs being the most frequent subjects.

    The human announces to his operator that they’ve decided to go home, the time stamped video is compared with the other footage of their pet. In 1,200 trials the pet demonstrates an obvious change in behaviour in the same instant as the intention to return is announced, dogs that love their person go wait at the door…

    Try it.

    That this actually happens should be the object of vast curiosity as the implications are profound.

    Sheldrake is an interesting guy because he performs fascinating experiments.

  • Robert Ellefson

    You are describing known results of the classic electrolytic cold fusion process, ala Pons and Fleischmann, that helped give birth to the term Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, but LENR is most certainly not limited to reactions that produce helium. There is a wide open field of yet-to-be-described reactions awaiting taxonomic identification within the umbrella of LENR, not counting the dozens that we’ve already identified clearly, such as in biological transmutations.

  • bfast

    This article is weird. If scientists in one camp have known that transmutations happen without sun-grade heat, why have the scientists in the other camp not figured out that something interesting is going on?

    When LENR gets out of the bag, it’ll soon be discovered that LENR has been happening all over the place, right in front of our nozes.

    • Axil Axil

      The properties of LENR are just too unbelievable to accept. LENR will push science ahead by a century when it is fully understood and provide an experimental platform for the most speculative and cutting edge science that is currently under debate: Black holes, worm holes, teleportation, quantum physics.

      • Jarea

        Was not that an explanation for the emdrive/cannae drive? I think there is a theory that says that it push against the virtual plasma, in other words the vacuum virtual plasma.

        • this is the theory of some guys at Nasa Eaglework. there is critics in that vacuum energy is by definition unable to be used as propellant…

          there is other theory.

          MiHsC says that acceleration of photons in the cavity, due to group speed changing, cause an a Rindler horizon which cause an Unruh radiation that push…
          no so simple and McCulloch work on improvind the model, introducing the notion of Conservation Of Information, beside CoM and CoE.

          Shawyer have another theory, but even if it seems to work well, it seems not coherent.
          Fetta’s theory seems refuted by Null-drive tested at eagle work.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer

        We had better get on with it, my great grand kids will need it to get off this sinking life boat called Earth.

  • Alan DeAngelis
  • HS61AF91

    Postulating everything in this universe is connected (like water ‘remembers/reacts’ to conscious intent) then could some elemental form of consciousness (?survival/regeneration instinct?) ignite biological transmutations, enabling the process to take place?

    • Dods

      An example of what your postulating might be Rupert Sheldrake’s theory Harmonic Resonance. I think there is a Ted X of the subject.

      • GreenWin

        It is now called “Morphic Resonance” and Sheldrake has published a book discussing the idea:
        “Morphic resonance is a process whereby self-organising systems inherit a memory from previous similar systems.”

      • HS61AF91

        Thanks for this reference! I was thinking more to the memory of nature being outside of natural determinants, more inside of consciousness. The idea Harmonic Resonance does ‘resonate’ with me, and seems integral to LENR.

      • Ted-XX

        I think that I will have to change my pen-name to Ted-XX 🙂 They stole my pen-name, the organizers of the Ted-X show.

  • Jarea

    One silly question, could be the reason that the life is so close connected to water abundance due to the fact that Hydrogen in the water enables LENR? Could life depend on a current hidden LENR process that is happening all the time inside every living cell?

    • Axil Axil

      Nobody knows how a catalyst realy works. But if LENR is a supercharged catalytic process, then a catalyst is a weak LENR process. A catalytic process could be simply caused by electrons confined by a circular vortex based motion. If life is a catalytic process, then life could be said to be a water based LENR process.

  • Axil Axil

    See the Mg-Adenosine Triphosphate (MgATP) mechanism in my post above.

  • Axil Axil

    U.S. Army Mobility Equipment Research & Development Command, Ft. Belvoir, VA
    Report 2247 (May 1978)

    Abstract ~ The purpose of the study was to determine whether recent disclosures of elemental transmutations occurring in biological entities have revealed new possible sources of energy. The works of Kervran, Komaki, and others were surveyed; and it was concluded that, granted the existence of such transmutations (Na to Mg, K to Ca, and Mn to Fe), then a net surplus of energy was also produced. A proposed mechanism was described in which Mg-Adenosine Triphosphate (MgATP), located in the mitochondrion of the cell, played a double role as an energy producer. In addition to the widely accepted biochemical role of MgATP in which it produces energy as it disintegrated part by part, MgATP can also be considered to be a cyclotron on a molecular scale. The MgATP when placed in layers one atop the other has all the attributes of a cyclotron in accordance with the requirements set forth by E.O. Lawrence, inventor of the cyclotron.

    It was concluded that elemental transmutations were indeed occurring in life organisms and were probably accompanied by a net energy gain.


    I like this explanation of the mechanism for transmutation. Whenever there is a vortex motion of electrons underway, an polariton or plasmoid process will occur. A EMF black hole will form that will induce transmutation via worm hole tunneling as I explained below in a post.

    • Roland

      One of the fascinating aspects of the ATP energy storage and release mechanism that functions flawlessly in every living life form is that it is a low probability event in a beaker outside the energy fields surrounding living cells.

      • Roland

        Further to this a careful analysis of the caloric content consumed versus energy expenditure, in humans, reveals that approximately 35% (varies with time and from person to person) of expended energy cannot be accounted for by caloric intake.

        • Roland

          Sources: Rupert Sheldrake et al ‘Ten Challenges To Science’

          A very interesting guy…

  • Axil Axil

    Where does the Biological Transmutation happen, inside the bug or outside of it? Where is the NAE located? If inside the bug, how does the bug get the raw material it uses for the transmutation inside of itself? How does the bug know what raw material is required to do the transmutation?

    • Ged

      That is at least an easy answer. All biological organisms are replete with a number of light elements, and metals, inside of them (which is where metabolic proteins and enzymes are). Iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, and zinc are some of the main metals all life absorbs. This is done by channels and proton pumps, which uptake the material into the cell interior. Some metals, in particular iron, are hotly fought over, and both our own human cells and bacterial cells secret proteins designed specifically to bind up iron in solution, and then bring it back to the cell, which will recognize the chelator protein and uptake it by endocytosis. Or in the case of an ionophore, the chelating protein can simply cross the plasma membrane and enter the cell directly on its own, allowing transport of ions down a concentration gradient and to equilibrium (generally this is not used, as most of the time the cell has a higher concentration of the metals and ions than is in the environment, and so ionophores like Valinomycin are actually antibiotics by removing the high metal concentration from the cells and thus killing them).

  • Axil Axil

    The support that Biological Transmutation gives to a micro bug implies that the bug knows what element it needs and can produce that element at will. How does the bug control the transmutation process?

    If the bug can control transmutation, why can’t we?

  • Jarea

    In the future we will not have to eat anymore. I can imagine that technology can improve in the future the mitochondria so that they can use LENR, the same for other bots that can be injected in the blood stream.

    • Ged

      Sadly we will always need some food. That’s just ’cause food isn’t simply for energy, but more so for raw material building blocks. This is why one can’t just plug a battery into a living organism and have them go indefinitely. We are constantly losing material (skin sloughs off, hair falls out, you breathe in O2 but breathe out CO2 for a net mass loss, etc), and this has to be replenished.

      If you could get little nuclear power cells to replace mitochondria for ATP production, it would still greatly reduce our need to eat (make us more along the lines of reptiles in food demand), which would be nice or not depending on who you ask ;).

      • Jarea

        We breath so often because we need oxygen for energy. With LENR we don´t need to burn fat or sugar. Maybe we can use the excedent oxygen, CO and N from our atmosphere and transmute them in all the other materials we need as building blocks.
        At least, as you said in other good comment the 96% is easily taken from the air we breath and the water we drink (more or less as the plants do). I read that the plants´s raw materials are not in the earth but in the water and the air (therefore hydroponic works so good). It will not be easy but if we hack the nano engineering of the cells to do LENR and create a cell that builds raw building blocks for other cells on demands from water, then maybe we only need to drink.

        • Ged

          If we’re doing nanotechnology, then that is very much possible, you are right. That is going beyond just LENR powered mitochondria, but it is very rational to presume that if we do figure out how to replace mitochondria with little LENR nuclear plants, we’ll be more than able to manipulate atoms for our building blocks in that manner.

          It’s really hard to foresee what we would look like or how we would function with that as the case. For instance, the parameter your brain monitors for signaling when to take in a breath actually isn’t oxygen, but instead you breathe firstly to get rid of excess CO2, and thus de-acidify your blood. You can go without oxygen for awhile, but in a CO2 atmosphere you very rapidly succumb. How would that change with LENR powered mitochondria? We’d still make CO2 by breaking down macromolecules, but we wouldn’t need to do so for energy sake, so it’d be much slower, maybe even slow enough for passive diffusion of CO2 through skin to allow proper buffering.

          And with nanotechnology? I really can’t guess. Should be easy enough to abolish breathing nigh completely by changing our metabolism and pH buffering system with the nanotechnology. It’s at this point that we become “out of context” and I can’t even begin to imaging all the ramifications.

          • Dods

            Anyone got any names of examples of Man Nanotech symbioism in science fiction literature?
            I can start the ball rolling with the Meta-Physicist from Anarchy Online.
            Would like to know what other names are currently coined.

  • Nigel Appleton

    Biological transmutations are also something I have reservations about. In this case because all that I have been able to find on the experimental science of the subject has been distinctly lacking in methodological detail – accuracy and precision of assay methods, recovery figures for extraction methods, what controls were used, and so on.

  • Facepalm

    “Although very few in number, these biological transmutations reactions involve a large number of species, from bacteria to mammals, in several biological processes that control and are essential for these organisms.”

    This seems weird, I don’t believe in this.

  • Mats002

    SPP:s is a reasonable common denominator for all kind of LENRs, both metal-hydride systems and other structures of atoms including bological configurations might share the same underlying process which for now the best candidate is SPP amplification. How to prove in experiments is still to be answered I think.

  • Dods

    I posted a question about this very topic 9mths ago in the always open thread and no one has yet answered it. So here is the link again as it has some links to articles that are related and a really good program on BBC I player about this topic.

    • ecatworld

      Here is Dods’ original question: “The question I have though is that he mentions quantum tunneling of protons as a process in a tadpoles metamorphosis to a frog. In this segment of the show he doesn’t mention the coulomb barrier as the obstacle outright but just calls it a very big wall that the proton must cross. so my question is, is it the coulomb barrier that is quantum tunneled ? This is proven science in nature and does it relate at all to LENR?”

      • Ged

        Well, firstly, quantum tunneling through the Coulomb barrier -does lead- to a significant chance of nuclear fusion, called that Gamow Probability Factor. This effect is part of what makes the Gamow Window, which is the window of temperature dependent energies–at any given temperature–where nuclear fusion can occur.

        Without this, stars wouldn’t exist as we know them, as even the high kinetic energy in the core of a main sequence star, on its own as described by classical physics, would have almost no probability to allow sustained nuclear fusion at the rates we see. That is, the Coulomb barrier is three orders of magnitude stronger than the kinetic energy in the core of a star, so just -blasting- atoms through the barrier via kinetics is nigh impossible but for a very small high-energy population (described by the Maxwellian distribution), and then oddly, particles that have too much energy can’t participate in fusion anyways (think particle collisions in accelerators that blow the atoms to pieces, not fuse them), hence it being a window of energies. Our star’s core is far cooler than expected due to this, and laboratory fusion experiments such as the TFTR reached 30 times higher than the temperature of the Sun’s core, yet failed to cause significant fusion (it was not self sustaining, requiring more energy than released).

        That is, quantum tunneling through the Coulomb barrier is actually the essential factor for all significant nuclear fusion. That is the miracle of the Gamow Factor.

        For biological systems: Yes, proton tunneling is a well known phenomenon in biological enzyme catalysis, and is responsible for the absurd rate increase for many reactions catalyzed by enzymes (similar for it being responsible for the rate increase in nuclear fusion in stars).

        To answer Dods’ question directly, the quantum tunneling going on in biological systems doesn’t bypass the Coulomb barrier… it bypasses -the entire atom-. Think of it like radio wave frequencies. The “wavelength” of the proton doing the tunneling in biological systems is long enough that it “misses” the offending atoms in the proton’s way, and puts it on the other side of the electron cloud rather than within it, like how an AM radio has a wavelength too long to hit a small FM antenna.

        The atomic nucleus is very very small, when it comes to its size in space–much smaller than the electron cloud and the Coulomb barrier. If one wanted to tunnel a proton past the Coulomb barrier, but not past the atomic nucleus and out to the other side, so that fusion could occur, one would need a much smaller wavelength (higher frequency) for the proton “waveform” than is used in biological systems. The target to tunnel into the nucleus and bypass the barrier is somewhere around a few femtometers in diameter (the area the strong force extends to and the Coulomb barrier ceases to exist). Consider that a hydrogen atom is roughly 100,000 times larger than that, and you can see how you need a very high proton “waveform” frequency to tunnel it past the barrier rather than past the entire nucleus itself. This is where high temperatures in stars come in, as the higher the temperature, the higher the atomic frequencies.

        However, one could postulate that despite the relatively long “waveform” of biological proton quantum tunneling, every now and then it’ll miss and not appear on the other side of the blocking atom, but inside appear inside the nucleus and do fusion. This is since the Gamow Window is describe for any temperature, not just high plasma temperatures. And thus, biological transmutations could occur, but absurdly rarely.

        And this is where we go into the realm of new physics. If biological transmutations are occurring at a rate we can detect, then there are other factors than just temperature that can add to a proton’s waveform frequency and allow quantum tunneling past the Coulomb barrier and into the nucleus of another atom. These extra factors are also what would be acting in LENR.

        So what are they?

        • Dods

          Thank you for the thorough and quick answer.

          After reading this my thoughts then went on to Gordon Docherty’s primer he had written on the current different methods on energy generation. In this he mentions the smash it with a hammer approach (Nuclear Fission) or the subtle pick the lock (Cold Fusion). I guess this is related as well and were looking for the right set of picks.

          Cheers again Dods.

        • bachcole

          I actually understood that. (:->)

        • Axil Axil

          Tunneling is an effect and not a cause. What causes tunneling is quantum teleportation(QT). QT is caused by black holes and a special kind of entanglement called multiparticle entanglement. If anybody is interested in this subject, here is an article.

          This article explains how a worm hole can move energy or in general quantum properties through the coulomb barrier The worm hole ( ER = EPR entanglement) is quantum tunneling, but is only applicable when a black hole is causing the worm hole to form.

          This worm hole effect proves that the SPP (an EMF black hole) is the cause of LENR.

        • GreenWin

          Very helpful Ged. Thanks for the details.

        • Jarea

          Yes Ged you are a master!

        • Axil Axil

          What is hard to explain is how a solar mechanism can happen inside a micro bug.