E-Cat Plant Test Reaches Half-Way Mark

Andrea Rossi has confirmed that today is day 175 of the current run of the E-Cat Plant, which would put it at the halfway point in the test that Rossi has said is scheduled to run for 350 days.

Today I asked: “How does the 1 MW plant perform at the moment? Am I right that today is day 175 of its run (based on your comment of July 7th, when you said it had run for 136 days so far)?”

AR’s reply:

Andrea Rossi
August 14th, 2015 at 9:59 AM
Frank Acland:
Now it’s 11 a.m. of August 14t .
The 1MW E-Cat is working well, even if we have to make corrections now and again. About the time elapsing you are right.
Warm Regards,

It’s unclear what the corrections are, but Rossi has said they have had to repair one of the 250 kW units at least twice now. Some have suggested that a six-month run should be sufficient time to know how the plant performs, but according to Rossi, a longer testing period is warranted with a product such as this. Rossi responded to one enquiry about this by saying “we agreed upon the fact that one year is the minimum indispensable to be sure to collect consolidated data.”

Happy E-Cat hump day! I hope it’s all downhill from here on out.

  • Omega Z

    Many continue to question the need for a 1 year test. Many think a high COP is all that is necessary and after 6 months, Rossi should have an answer. I agree, Rossi has probably had this answer for sometime now and if it weren’t positive he wouldn’t continue to spend 16 hours a day in a steel box. He would be busy elsewhere working on reactors to improve the COP.

    So why does Rossi continue the 16 hour days in the container.
    Dependability is more important then a high COP.

    From a business point of view, it is critical that the technology be dependable. If it breaks down frequently it is of little use. If it saves them $10,000 a month in utilities doesn’t matter. If it is down for a few days at a time and they lose $500,000 in production, They need a lot of monthly $10,000 savings to make up for that. The vast majority of businesses have a very tight margin of profitability. Loss of production even for short periods can be very detrimental to their survival as a business.

    Additionally, If their business can’t maintain stable production & supply their customers in a dependable fashion, their customers will find someone who can.

    Rossi spends his days in the containers to discover any issues that effect it’s dependability. And this knowledge will be applied to future products to assure they are dependable before he sells them to future customers. Incidentally, the only way to obtain this knowledge is in a working environment.

    I have no doubt Rossi has plenty of interest in his technology, But if it’s not dependable, everyone of them will opt for a conventional boiler. It wont matter how high the COP number is.

    I believe Industries requirements have much to do with the minimum 1 year test. Fussiness needs require dependability. Anything less is just R&D.

  • Fibber McGourlick

    Is it possible that before the second half of this test is done that Brillouin Energy will have its
    first cold fusion boiler authoritatively confirmed and presented to the
    market? As first to cross the finish line, this will help
    them gather enormous resources of every kind to further the manufacture
    and distribution of the first practical CF device and virtually unlimited
    resources for rapid R & D for succeeding models. As to the
    e-cat, a 6-month positive test (which, apparently, has been accomplished) would be quite sufficient to announce to the world the advent of a superior CF reactor and garner the lion’s share of
    the investment and market before someone else does.

    • Jonnyb

      Kind of agree I think they need to get a move on. However once someone proves it to the world the floodgates will open. Don’t count out Thunder Fusion in the mix as well.

    • Steven Irizarry

      agreed in case of that rossi needs to create a cold fusion car…with it tens of billions of dollars in profit

      • Warthog

        I think Brillouin or Lenuco are far more likely to do a car than Rossi. Rossi still does not have a device that can be started up and shut down quickly…features necessary for vehicular use.

        • If you have a compact and affordable device that can produce electricity directly without turbines or any type of steam engine, then you can let it run 24-7-365 and just use it to keep charging one of the low cost, high performance batteries that are coming on line soon. Those are really super-capacitors made from carbon or ceramics. The battery drives an electric engine. See the small but very powerful 130 HP electric motor that Chevy has installed in their electric SPARK. It has more torque than a gasoline powered sports car, …327 foot pounds worth. http://www.chevrolet.com/spark-ev-electric-vehicle.html

    • Omega Z

      Regardless who develops a product, it will have to go through the same processes as the E-cat. Certifications, A pilot test and all.
      However, If you think about it, Rossi already has a product on the market. Going through it’s pilot plant test phase.

  • Steven Irizarry

    a car that can run for a year

    • Owen Geiger

      On a gram of fuel or so.

      • Steven Irizarry

        google like monopoly of the automobile industry

  • pg

    COUNT DOWN!!!!!

    • artefact

      pg loves count downs 🙂

      • Mats002

        Me too! In large and important projects I always propose count down to the deadline. Such projects can be in the range of 15 – 30 M$ or more. That is nothing compared to the impact of this F9.

        • ecatworld

          Ok, Countdown clock is installed on lower right of the page. Feb 5, 2016 is the projected ending date.

          • Mats002

            Nice Frank! That clock will increse awareness to all participants in this race, including entities hidden from the public domain. The heat is on 😉

  • Christina

    Yeah! It’s half finished. Wonderful!

    I understand that we are all impatient, me included; but I also understand that Andrea Rossi and his team are working hard day in and day out and I appreciate it.

    Eventually, nature will allow perfected E-cats.


  • Daniel Maris

    So the test ends about 5th Feb 2016?

  • 6 months without refueling is impressive. If they don’t have to refuel after a year, so much the better. They have shown they can shut down one reactor at a time and still keep the others working, which makes it a practical power plant. Will the next step be 1 megawatt cells instead of 250 kilowatt reactor cells?

    • bachcole

      Yippee. I want one of those 1 megawatt cells in my basement!!!

      • Mats002

        You are a cold guy 🙂 !

        • Omega Z

          Or he has a ginormous house.