E-Cat X Light and Heat in Every House ‘Not Impossible’

I know this is more teasing, and I’m sure we won’t get specifics from Rossi at this point, but I find this exchange today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics quite interesting and telling regarding E-Cat X:

Richard Elstrom
August 13th, 2015 at 12:39 PM
Dr Andrea Rossi,
I have a dream: an E-Cat that makes light and heat in every house.
I dream this can happen before I pass on: I am 79 years old.
If there is one man in the world able to make true this dream, that man is you.

Andrea Rossi
August 13th, 2015 at 2:18 PM
Richard Elstrom:
If we are lucky, your dream is not impossible.
The E-Cat X seems good. F9: dream or nightmare?
Warm Regards,

This is another semi-confirmation that E-Cat X is dealing with electricity production in domestic products. I believe the E-Cat X has been running since Sunday morning now, and Rossi still says ‘it seems good’. Regarding the ‘dream or nightmare’ comment, I suppose that depends on who you ask. Certainly if an E-Cat that can meet domestic electricity and heating needs would turn the world on its head and upset the status quo tremendously. From a consumer’s point of view, who would not like to have utility bills slashed from a new source of electricity generation? But there would be economic, political and social consequences that could be very disruptive.

Still there’s so much we don’t know at this point, and this kind of comment is more stuff to feed our dreams or nightmares!

  • Mytakeis

    I assume nothing, I’m bringing this government involvement to the fore.

  • Omega Z

    You can supplement certain foods from vertical farming, but it’s more expensive. There are also the staple crops that you can’t vertical farm. Well actually you could but the cost would be astronomical & very inefficient.

  • Omega Z

    Considering the investments that will be necessary to bring this to market, without a patent, it could take decades. While with a patent, it could start within a short time.

    Most people think patents are all about profit. Well, Regardless who manufactures these devices, They will make a profit or go broke & close the doors. First thing an Investor is concerned about is his initial investment. Is he going to get it back. Profits, tho very important are actually secondary. Tho without profit, Money will be invested elsewhere or it wont be invested at all.

    This isn’t software & a couple $1000 worth of equipment with some programing knowledge & entering some code. This is Brick & Mortar & literally 10’s of Billions of dollars in hard investments. There are Toxic materials involved. There are required tests & certifications that You have to pay for before you can manufacture anything for sale.

    Patents are just a window of opportunity to recoup your investment. 20 years at most & most patents are actually running before a product ever hits the market. If Rossi’s is granted on his original patent app, He has about 10 years.

    Software: If this product should cause damage to your system or results in a massive loss of data. We are not responsible. Use at Your Own Risk.

    Hardware: If My LENR Reactor should blow up & burn your house to the ground with everything in it, We are not responsible. Use at Your Own Risk.
    Do you think the latter will fly?

  • GranFaloSentado

    What the heck does that “F9” mean?

    • artefact

      From Rossi yesterday:

      “Andrea Rossi
      August 13th, 2015 at 7:40 AM
      Peter Forsberg:
      Thank you for your question, probably shared by many Readers: F9 is born as a joke, eventually became a shortcut that stands for ” Disclaimer: the results of the tests on course could finally be either positive or negative”.
      A Reader of us, in a comment months ago, proposed, joking, to dial “F plus a number” to get the mantra of the disclaimer, and I complied saying: ” OK, from now on instead of that phrase we will just say F9.
      Thank you for your kind wishes. We are working strongly to get the success: F9.
      Warm Regards,

    • mcloki

      I believe it’s short form for “be the results positive or negative” AR’s standard disclaimer after stating anything about the performance of the E-Cat.

  • Agaricus

    Another device, another fork in the road. Rossi’s Edisonian pursuit of e-cat technology is admirable, and he seems to be making steady progress — albeit down one tiny avenue among all the possibilities. But where are all the others in this?

    At the very least, IH should have formed other teams to follow leads that Rossi doesn’t have the time or inclination to follow, and I can only pray that this is in fact the case. But imagine what could be happening right now, if the core principles had ‘escaped’ at some point, and hundreds of thousands of intelligent experimenters were working 24/7 to understand the physics and to bring this technology to the marketplace.

    No more frustrating, grinding progress and year-long tests, reported through teasing and anecdote, but the world changing before our eyes, with the absolute certainty that the revolution cannot be stopped by vested interests, the self interested decisions of TPTB or even by human frailty.

    Like most others here I try to tell myself that Rossi and whoever he is working with know best, and that I just need to bear with him until finally some device makes it into the public arena and the world slowly begins to change. But increasingly I find myself comparing the plodding progress that is the best that one man and a small team can make within the straightjacket of commercial ‘realism’, with what might have been, and wonder whether another bright future is in the process of being stolen from under our eyes.

    All power to the ‘replicators’ – may someone succeed very soon, and ‘open source’ this technology for all to benefit from.

    • blanco69

      Totally concur with your sentiments Peter. Hope you hang around and have the inclination to drop in the occasional level headed, dare I say “scientific”, analysis of this situation in case excitement and enthusiasm overtakes some of the ecat faithful.

    • Warthog

      “Hot Fusion” has been undertaken just as you suggested above with not a lot of progress (but with the spending of HUGE sums of money). Far more breakthroughs in technology have been made by “one man and /or small teams” than any other way.

      Always remember this statistic…..for every piece of work you actually hear about, there are at least ten that you will NOT hear about.

    • Mytakeis

      It is a little strange that Russia, India, and China have government-back LENR research in progress, and we here in the USA, have Rossi- and a few academic-backed researchers working at it. Perhaps ‘national security’ is what’s holding up this country from funding publicly what the other major countries now fund. Anyway, everybody wins when Rossi wins the race.

      • there is Brillouin, supported through SRI, funded via DoD/NRL contracts.
        My feeling is that US is supporting Brillouin, not Darden (who is too chinese)

        • Mytakeis

          Interesting, did not realize that, so the DoD is also interested in furthering LENR, without recourse to Rossi’s lead. If Darden is too Chinese, then me too!

          • for Darden Chinese story

            when I say DoD, it is on their budget and Navy NRL use the budget

            • Mytakeis

              Thanks for Darden chinese link. It was in Chinese, but google translate gave me an idea of what the cooperation is:

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              Also glad that the Naval esearch Lab is involved here in the USA

    • Omega Z


      From 1 of Rossi’s comments a while back about the 1 year pilot plant test.
      It had a very familiar ring to it(As in Very Crucial). Very similar to the 30 day test that determined whether Darden/IH took Rossi on board and provided funding. A Make or break point.

      I see 3 possibilities from the outcome of the pilot plant test.
      If Not positive-dependent on why?
      1. IH/Darden continue present level of funding. Another test at a latter date.
      2. IH/Darden continues funding but at a reduced level.. (My bet if negative)
      If Positive- A Game Changer
      3. It will open the door to Major players not financial involved as of yet that have been closely watching & probably in regular contact with Darden.

      It’s easy for us in the peanut gallery to see a 6 month run as positive.
      However, The Big players would demand a year at the very least. If there is to much intermittence in it’s operation, it wouldn’t be acceptable. It would still be R&D in their eyes & Not yet ready for prime time. Industry needs a product that is robust & highly dependable.

      There’s a reason I’ve felt there are some major players in the background that have been in contact or consultation with IH/Tom Darden from the beginning. Even if not yet financially involved.

      You, Me, Tom Darden even with his background would be focused on 1 thing at the very beginning. Steam, Turbines, Electricity.
      Ultimately Steam turbine generators.

      Yet, Out of the Blue at the very beginning of the partnership, Rossi brought up the discussion of Gas turbines & Jet engines on JONP.
      By Rossi own words in the past, this is beyond him & from Dardens history, His as well. This came from Outside Interests in the shadows.

      My Words, but, similar to statements on JONP by Rossi, We have many discussions with partners in progress of plans, However, depends on (F9).

  • Nigel Appleton

    It seems that AR has a proper concern for the potentially highly disruptive consequences of widely available LENR. Has anyone a clue how these could be managed?

  • Chris Marshalk

    I’ll believe it when something comes to market. Words might carry weight but an actual working devise is what I want to see. Bring it to market, I have money to burn.

    • Omega Z

      If you have money to burn, then you don’t need an E-cat for heat. 🙂

  • GreenWin

    Perhaps a non-ionizing version of G Miley’s plasma generator could be of help: http://www.google.com/patents/US5352954

  • hempenearth

    Why the possible nightmare? Does the X stand for X rays? Has radiation been measured? Will E-Cat X spell doom for all E-Cats?

    Sorry, too much sugar this morning, and depressed about performance of football team.

    • ABC

      Why the possible nightmare?

      If its not working as intended. You know: F9!

  • Rogers

    I’m reading this from Guatemala, although I often travel to places in Africa and Haiti. If this technology could be modularized adding drinking water treatment, sewerage processing, and smokeless cooking, it could prevent 80% of the illnesses that plague developing countries. Bring it on please. Or as Glenn Reynolds says: faster please.