A Clearer Picture of the 1 MW E-Cat Plant Emerges

Some comments recently by Andrea Rossi provide a clearer picture of the makeup of the 1 MW E-Cat plant currently under test. From information provided by Rossi, it appears that the 1 MW plant has 1 MW of redundancy built into it in case of failure of the main reactors.

Here’s his explanation:

We have in the same container two sections, one with the small E-Cats and one with the 4 Tigers, each section with a power of 1 MW. The strategy consists in using the 4 tigers, maintaining as a reserve the small E-Cats.

The four “Tigers”, then are the 250 kW reactors shown in this picture. Then, as backup there are 100 or so small reactors. I asked Rossi why they did not automatically kick in when one of the Tigers was taken offline for repair recently. He replied:

I try not to consume the reserves, to maintain them intact in case of serious failure of one or more “Tigers”. For short reparations it is not necessary to turn on the reserve. That is my safety boat if the ship sinks. This is the strategy. As a consequence of this strategy, we do not use the reserve together with the fighting “division”. We turned it on for several days at the beginning of the test, just to check it working, then turned it off and used only the 4 x 250.

I followed up with another question asking if they might use the Tigers as backup reactors in the future, rather than the many small 10 kW reactors. He responded:

Yes, because they will be born in that perspective. Probably, from now on the industrial E-Cat will be made by 250 kW modules, as a consequence of the tests on course, provided the same tests will give positive results at the end of this 350 days cycle

So that helps clarify the setup of the 1MW plant. It has redundancy built in, with a full bank of reactors standing by in case of total failure of the main set of reactors. Regarding the tiger that needed repair, Rossi did not specify what the problem was, but did say “the problems were outside the reactors”.

Interestingly, Rossi mentioned above that the current test is on a 350 day cycle. The current test apparently started on February 20th of this year; 350 days would put the ending date on Feb 5, 2016 if there is no downtime. Today is day 165 of the test in progress if my calculations are correct.


  • Gerard McEk

    I am not sure the original 50 Ecats plant was intended as a spare. In fact I doubt it. I know AR was trying to get his plant in operation from October until February. I think it was the complexity of that plant which was too difficult to manage, that made him decide to develope his 250 kW plant and use those in his 1MW plant (more than a factor less complex).

  • Alain Samoun

    I wonder if each “tiger” can be made producing heat independently of the other three?

    • Omega Z

      According to Rossi’s post on JONP, the other 3 tigers continued at 750Kw production while they worked on the problematic tiger. This is why they didn’t use the smaller e-cats. So the answer to your question would be yes. They can work independently.

      • Alain Samoun

        So he doesn’t need the back-up of the 100+ E-Cat

    • Omega Z

      This morning at 2 a.m. we had again a problem to one of the four 250 kW reactors. We lost the 25% of the production until 4 p.m. ( a couple of hours ago), when the reactor has been put again at work.

      Here is the link

  • bfast

    I love Rossi’s names. Tigers. Great!
    ‘Think this redundancy strategy has a lot to be said for.

    • Observer

      The critics of Rossi and his team will say they are “Lion”.

      • Gerald

        For ones they are right then. lion, king of the hill. Akuma matata. 😉

      • GranFaloSentado

        Cecil, the Lion.

      • Manuel Cruz


  • Bob

    The 100 small eCats as a backup is not too surprising. To my understanding,they were the original plant reactors. There were no 250 KW units to begin with. With 100 units, there was less need to have backups as the thought was that a large percentage of 100 units failing at one time was unlikely. So any issue with a small reactor malfunctioning would be dealt with by replacing that one unit while the other 99 continued. At least that is what I remember was being presented.
    Then after the 1mw plant was actually built, Rossi came up with the 250kw reactor design and someone decided to make them the core power source for the 1mw plant. This delegated the 100 small cats to a backup roll. I do not think this scenario unreasonable.
    However what I do find a bit odd and I think it supports my previous postings is that there is no “secret customer” that is independent of IH or Leonardo Corp. It is highly unlikely that a true independent company, that does not have close interests to the eCat development, would be involved with having a 1mw reactor in their plant, amongst their employees using some unknown or unproven, possibly nuclear reaction. Then on top of that, in mid course, a complete redesign of the reactor core, which would also require significant changes to the control system, heat transfer and piping systems. I fully expect the secret customer not to be a true customer and that it is even doubtful that it is really a production company of any sort. But who knows?
    I really hope to hear some type of news release from IH / Darden soon and that it is positive news. Any release that “the relationship is off” would be devastating.

    • Bob

      A side note to Frank.
      My posts seem to not retain any paragraphs or blank lines, but shrinks everything together.
      When I type up the post, it has paragraphs and spacing.
      Then I click the submit button and all is lumped together.
      Any ideas?
      For example, when I typed this post, I had a blank line inserted between every sentence.
      But none shows up when I clicked submit.

      • ecatworld

        Thanks, Bob. Disqus strips out a lot of formatting from the comments.

        If you want to make a blank line you need to double space.

    • BillH

      A customer that could not independently confirm the cost savings and the reliability of the current configuration would leave us no further forward. This leaves two possible scenarios, further testing or the launch of a product with only test data to back up it’s claims

    • ecatworld

      My best understanding is that there is a real company involved which does have an existing industrial operation going on that requires continuous heat.

      In addition, there is a referee involved, making independent measurements. I hope we get the referee’s report in addition to Rossi’s own data.

      Also, there will be the utility bills of the customer which will tell the most important part of the story: how much money was saved because of the E-Cat.

    • Omega Z

      It’s possible that Rossi is just taking advantage of a situation.
      It could be he is fully confident in the 1Mw e-cats. Thus his backup source for the newer 250Kw tiger.

      Using 10Kw reactors in industry that requires 1Mw or many Megawatts would be kind of messy. Larger output devices would simplify the situation & be much cheaper. Not to mention having a much smaller footprint. (This subject has been debated here before)

      Obviously, had Rossi introduced the 250Kw tigers at a later date, they also would need a pilot test setup. By doing this now, it will be done.
      Per Rossi-
      The block of 4 Tigers can be reduced to the following dimensions (in meters): 2.0 x 1.0 height 1.5.
      Smaller, Cheaper, Less complex control-
      He now has a highly viable product for the market.

      • Albert D. Kallal

        I wonder – do we know when the swtich over occurred? (and how long did the smaller units run?).


        Albert D. Kallal

        Edmonton, Alberta Canada

        • Omega Z

          Rossi said they turned them on for a few days to make sure they were all working then turned them off.
          He also said they had several 250Kw tigers that didn’t work leading up to the 4 in operation now.

          You can go to rossilive(An independent sight) & see all the JONP posts on a single page. Saves a lot of time should they be spread over several on JONP.

  • Private Citizen

    Where will we be in Feb. (or when test goes public)? Will MSM cover the story? Are skeptics, who invalidated (in their minds) the Lugano test just because of Rossi’s presence, going to accept this?

    What it will take for me is Rossi handing over one of these units to a truly independent outside tester who can perform reliable calorimetry (like MFMP, if they don’t quibble about legal problems or safety or some such as when confronted by why they don’t just test an actual Parkahmov reactor instead of just the fuel). Another proof would be Rossi filing a quality patent app with instructions for actual replication, so that independents can confirm. Of course, those retail units at Home Depot will do, too.

    • Frechette

      I hate to tell you nothing will convince the likes of Mary Yugo even if E-cats go on sale at Home Depot. Take my word for it.

      • LilyLover

        Then they’ll claim the “ECat” is the ferocious cat, the mark of the beast.
        They’ll claim going too green is anti-cool.
        That they do not believe in cheap energy / the AC doesn’t cool the same with electricity for ECat.
        That they believe that the ECat is man-made as opposed to “organic” oil.
        That they think that ECat is incompatible with creationism.
        That the ECat is a socialist propaganda tool.
        That the ECat is disliked by their dog.
        That the ECat engineers use SI units in the design.
        That the secret ingredient in ECat is opiumpowder.
        That the ECat is a deployed bomb to be used by country “C” to hold hostage the free people.
        That the ECat is too boxy.
        That the ECat is blue.

  • So Mr Rossi Have visions of future Tigers 1MW E-cats.
    That does not read like failure.
    Maybe “future” Steam Generation E-cats will Have 6, 250kw Tigers.
    4 main Tigers .1 for back up and 1 to take up any slack

  • Gerrit

    Meanwhile we, the spectators, are still in the desert. And even though the plant’s performance seems very solid and real, it is just as intangible as a fata morgana.

    • passerby

      So what? These updates are more than you would get from any other company still in stealth mode. Most of the time you would know nothing unless you need to know.

  • Hi Frank, was there supposed to be a photo in this story?

  • Daniel Maris

    Interesting and not so suprising. I believe coal and gas plants often have more than one boiler. There is always down time for maintenance or whatever. The key thing is to maintain the ability to produce a certain level of guaranteed output.