MFMP Long Term Padua Glowstick Test Now Live

UPDATE: (Jul 29, 2105)

The MFMP/Me356 re-heat of the Padua Glowstick reactor has begun. Below is the livestream video of the test from the MFMP Youtube channel.

You can also follow the test here (with streaming data):

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project is setting up for a new test ‘somewhere in Eastern Europe’. The plan is to re-test the glowstick reactor that was tested in Padua earlier this year for a full week with data being provided live. Bob Greenyer says that the test might start today, but that’s not confirmed yet.

On the MFMP Facebook page there’s a post which explains that Me356 (who is working with the MFMP on this test) has found that there is still a vacuum in the Glowstick after the test in Pauda three months ago. (See here)

The plan is to use a non-contact IR thermometer to control the PID controller (which is used to maintain a constant temperature), rather than the thermocouple that was used with the Padua test.

Bob says there should be ‘more data than ever’ from this test. The Youtube description gives this list:

It is hoped that data for the following will be available.

PCE-830 power monitoring
Optris Pi 160 monitoring
1000 5V pulse per 1kw hour pulses in stream
Ambient temp K-Type
Temperature from IR gun (outside core, outside cement)
Temperature from K-Type (outside core, embedded in cement)
Pulse to triac
Counts per minute from Geiger Counter

Here’s a video from the MFMP showing the setup:

  • Bob Greenyer

    Post run in-situ images posted.

  • Bob Greenyer

    From me356

    “Today there was a moment, when I started the cooling process, but hot spot on the left side didn’t changed temperature for long time as it was powered by something else. Everything including average of L decreased temperature by more than 100°C.

    So there were really interesting phenomenons, but we can’t still be sure what really happened.

    Cell is maybe little bit bent, wire at the ends seems to be good. There are no cracks visible. So it looks like before the run.”

    • Stephen

      Should be great data in this test.

      i wonder if the drop in current was a transient effect (due to the hot spot or other reason) or permanent? Was the power still supplied during the cool down if so I suppose it was for sure a permanent failure? will applying a small current after the test will show anything?

    • Sanjeev

      Yes the hot spot was strange, glowing like an LED placed inside the tube. The whole tube was dark otherwise.
      I’d like to see the outer covers removed. Is there a defect in heater wire at that exact spot? Or after removing the heater, is there something on the reactor at that spot?

    • Ged

      Love to see a graph of that moment based on the Optrics.

  • Stephen

    some spikes in temperature at 15:08 and 15:11 was that when the GC was moved? I guess it was a hand in front of the sensor or something