Transition off Fossil Fuels (Art Hunter)

The following post was submitted by Art Hunter

Alternate non-fossil fuel energy forms have been around for as long as our historical records go, so wind and solar are certainly not new. Humanity has been functioning in a mixed energy generation environment for this same period of time, so the so-called “Transition off Fossil Fuels” is not new either.

It is instead part of a continuing cycle. Certainly it is disruptive to the dominant fossil fuels that have expanded over the last 100 years to be an integral part of the world’s economy. With the advent of LENR this present mix of energy sources will get another new generator.

This one however is going to be a major disruption over the next decades but I don’t see it as destabilizing the world order any more than it is destabilized right now. It shall most certainly be a major factor, particularly in OPEC and other countries that depend on oil revenues (taxes, royalties, other income) for their survival. They will be hit the hardest but the rest of the world will smoothly integrate the new LENR generators along with other new energy technologies in the same way nuclear fission, hydro, geothermal, solar, wind turbines and others have been brought into service.

In fact, I predict that the economics of power generation for buildings, transport and other sectors will pick the winners for a particular global location and needs. The world will evolve in an orderly way and will be a much more equitable place particularly for the developing world.

Art Hunter

  • Omega Z

    The number of homes in the U.S. alone that have antiquated & inefficient heating/cooling systems would shock most people. They continue to repair them until parts just aren’t available. People are strange Birds Roger…

    A guy that paid near $800 dollars for reconditioned Pushmatic breakers(No longer manufactured) when we could install an brand new complete modern system for half the amount.

    A Lady who insisted on paying a $100 for parts plus $50 for labor to fix her $59 Wal-mart Microwave.
    No amount of talking could change their minds.

    • bachcole

      Funny that you should pun my name with regard to furnaces. Our furnace is 15 years. The first inspector said that I had carbon monoxide gas. The second inspector, who spent far longer using his CO detection device, said that we had zero carbon monoxide. Both dudes had something to gain by saying that I had carbon monoxide: selling me a new furnace. Of course I believe the guy who shot himself in the foot saying that there was no carbon monoxide. I detest liars.

      Of course I will be getting a third opinion. But I need to replace the furnace anyway soon.

      • Omega Z

        Yep, Adding Roger was an after thought.
        The 1st inspector could have just been mistaken, But???
        The 2nd could be also, but at least it is in his interest not to be. I myself would put more trust in the 2nd inspector.

        I use to do HVAC & my policy was to treat customers the way I would want to be treated. I had issues with how many tho not all people in the business treated people. I may be a little harsh but, I think about half do not do their job as they should. Good Luck. I hope you obtain a good tech.

  • Mytakeis

    “…the economics of power generation for buildings, transport and other
    sectors will pick the winners for a particular global location and
    needs. The world will evolve in an orderly way and will be a much more
    equitable place particularly for the developing world. …” The crux of the matter is personal empowerment. Not only will business related entities flourish, rather individual freedom from energy dependence upon out of home/dwelling input will totally revolutionize world society, yes, for the better.

  • pg

    The transition to non fossil fuels is easy, same as transition from horse to train/car. When the new alternative is far too superior to debate it, there you have your shift.
    Not there yet, but not too far

    • we have difficulties to see that today because the elite of West is trying to force a transition to technologies that are not cost effectives.

      it need huge sibsidies, it is hiding costs, but the economic system is not blind to the reality. nobody see it, but the economic productivity gets down because of that. the energy cost more because cost of intermitent energy is transfered to government budget, or to other energies who have to pay, to invest… the trick of intermitent energies, beside clear subsidies, if rather to sell electricity at a uniform rate. selling energy at fixed rate is only meaningful if you have total control on when you produce. if someone producing energy force you to shutfdown, or startup, you have to bill him for what you are forced to do. if he force you to build a new powerplant, while preventing you to produce as much as you can, you have to bill him.

      to summarize, LENR will make a transition like horse to steam engine, because it is all included beneficial for everybody.

      today “Energiewende”, is just a waste of money, of CO2, and without any surprise, but despite media propaganda, there is resistance to that change.

      when it is good, things are easier.

      For LENR after a period of industrialist looking at who jump the first (LENR-Cities explain well that chicken and egg problem it will be a race

  • GreenWin

    Indeed. And let’s remember raising standards of living lowers live births – addressing the fears of Erlichians (“Population Bomb.”)

    OPEC nations smart enough invest in LENR as a new industry will survive. Saudi could become the world’s leader in large scale desalination. Fresh water will be more valuable than oil before century end.

  • William D. Fleming

    A minority of people will be disadvantaged by cold fusion, and for them the disruption will be temporary. They’ll adapt and move on. The potential benefit to mankind as a whole is enormous and permanent. This is truly the dawning of a new era in the human saga.