ECW Think Tank: How do you see Nations Reshaping Because of LENR in Next 50 Years? (Bachcole)

As many people mention here and elsewhere these days, even though we are in a stage of research and development, there’s an incredible potential behind the LENR technology we follow here.

We spend a lot of time looking at technical details and specific experiments these days — which I think is very important in trying to understand what we are dealing with — but I think it is important to keep our eyes on the big picture, which potentially is the transformation of the way energy is produced, and all the ramifications of the availability of abundant, inexpensive clean energy created in an entirely new and currently (to mainstream science) inexplicable way.

So in addition to keeping up with current news, I’d like to add some more ‘big picture’ posts where we can explore issues and questions that deal with future implications of LENR technology in a variety of contexts. I’m calling this project the ECW Think Tank — a way to put our collective heads together on the broad subject of LENR.

Please feel free to suggest questions to explore — you can use the Submit Post link at the top of the page.

For this thread, here’s a question posed by Bachcole (Roger Bird): “How do you see the world’s nations reshaping themselves because of the impact of LENR over the next 50 years or so?”

Think away!

  • Mytakeis

    You are too kind. 48 years from now, I expect to see 120. Do not know about the 57 years after that, still after all the ‘DNA upgrades,’ maybe the 5-th and higher realms will reside right here in and on mother Earth, with abundant fields, within which to rest and relax.

  • Omega Z

    From multiple official sources 1 being the UN.
    Most project 3 scenarios, worst, probable, best & usually focus on the probable. They are now starting to consider the best outlook of the 3. Guess it’s time for them to revise their scenarios.
    I like that many have started to mirror what I have said for at least 5/6 years. They catching up with my thinking. 🙂 Vanity much.

    Umm, My best advice for your situation.
    DON’T get caught. 🙂

    Other then that. Just behave yourself.

  • Jimmy V

    Poverty will end–both physically and mentally. No Singularity. Machines are dead matter. They are not conscious and never will be.
    Humans will discover what Consciousness is truly about and will therefore learn how to use their minds to a much greater degree than ever before.
    All of Nature extends and entangles its consciousness with ours. Ecological unification. Ecological abundance in a profusion of fish jumping from the seas. Intelligence beyond anything considered before.
    Free energy will give humanity more room to think. And we will truly learn how. . .

  • bachcole

    Last Winter was extra cold where I live. This Summer I am still waiting for the miserable heat that we usually have. It is so much more wet that I am meeting big woolly spiders that I have never seen before and having to remove weeds that I have never seen before. And the mosquitoes are much worse than usual.

    Yes, I do believe in climate change, only I think that most of it is natural. And I think that we may be headed for an ice age.

    I notice that you dismiss the part of the discussion that neutralizes everything that you are fretting about: ” Of course the surface carbon cycle is very complex and not for this discussion.” It is definitely for this discussion. Obviously we are adding to the carbon cycle. Just as obviously, and backed up with observation, is the thought that plants are taking up the extra CO2.

    I lose exactly zero sleep because of worrying about man-made global warming. If I am going to lose some sleep worrying about something, it would be our family making the mortgage payments.

  • Gerard McEk

    Art, my thought was that by growing plants, using vast scale LENR fresh water supply, will contribute to the reduction of the CO2 in the atmosphere. Using plants is the most effective way to extract CO2 from the atmophere and will also help to reduce famine in the world.

  • Omega Z

    Most anything we predict today is probably wrong.
    We each make our predictions looking around our own little fish bowl of life Not noticing the Ocean around us.

    I would state that thinking you will replace a system that took about 80 years to build can be replaced within a few short years is silly. Not going to happen. Sillier yet is replacing it with individual Electrical power systems in the home in that short period. Your going to need 5 to 10 times the present energy production then what exists today.

    If all the hardware pushes the cost of generating all you own Electricity to 2 or even 3 cents a Kilowatt, And you wasting 9 of 10 Kilowatts generated, is it still cheap. Perhaps several city blocks with a shared grid would be much cheaper for all concerned. What 1 wastes, another uses.

    That is the intent of Uber. Instead of everyone having their own $30K car, 3 or 4 people share just 1. The cost is divided among many.
    The purpose of the present grid is that it is the cheapest means to produce & distribute energy. It is highly probable that this will continue to be the situation, Tho at a smaller more localized grid system. Whether that is at city level or neighborhood level is yet to be seen.

  • Omega Z

    In Any Scenario, It is going to take decades. Any country that depends on Fossil fuel sales for their economic survival will have plenty of time to adapt.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    Productivity and technology, has been and is going to be increasingly
    disruptive. I see it as a multiplying
    effect that probably started at the beginning of the industrial revolution, similar
    to Moore’s law. LENR might be the technology that will send the trend into
    hyper drive. There have been and will be
    huge increasing opportunities for people, so inclined, to take advantage of
    these disruptions to gain money and power. In the short run, the next twenty
    years, I think the main problem will be society/governments adjusting to the
    new realities and deciding how to divvy up the fruits of productivity and
    technology and not allow people to be too greedy by taking advantage of the disruptions. If history
    is any judge, society/governments have adjusted, but far too slow to prevent revolution
    and bloodshed. Sorry for being so

  • Mats002

    Yes bachcole, my friend, the different WILL of people can bring conflicts, but how shall LENR change the implications of that?

  • nietsnie

    In the longer run the benefit of cheap, potentially distributed, energy to mankind can’t be overestimated. I think everybody gets that part. With enough clean energy you can do almost anything. But, I don’t think that the degree of disruption during the shorter run can be overestimated either – and I don’t think that is thought through as often. In the United States alone there are well over half a million jobs devoted just to extracting oil and natural gas out of the ground ( That doesn’t even include refining or distributing it – let alone selling it at retail. There are over 315 thousand people in the US who make their living in the coal industry ( According to Wikipedia, energy sector loans account for 4.6% of all outstanding leveraged loans, and energy bonds make up over $204 billion worth of the junk bond market. If power production truly becomes distributed, rather than our current centralized system, the entire electric production and distribution industries and employment seemingly no longer have purpose either. And this only accounts for some of the industries and jobs in the US. By themselves, Chevron and Exon Mobile together have revenue of over half a trillion US dollars per year. And that revenue is spread out into salaries and retirement funds. Thousands and thousands of people would be affected. Half a trillion a year of wealth that just disappears like a mist is consequential. And the US would not be nearly the hardest hit country in the world by a sudden cessation in the value of traditional energy sources.

    There are a number of oil-rich countries that currently produce practically nothing else of value. What will Saudi Arabia do for dinner if no-one is buying oil? And, to a lesser extent, Iraq? Iran? Venezuela? What happens to the geopolitics of the Middle East in general if there is no longer any great wealth being produced there? Will anyone in the first world continue to care if locals there want to revert to Middle Age customs and beliefs? If they choose to fight each other, will anyone intervene? That said, there is no technical reason that the landscape of the Middle East can’t become a garden – with the arid areas getting abundant desalinated water to drink and grow crops different kinds of produced wealth become possible.

    But, lets not forget the currently energy poor places – the ones where forests and coal and oil are far away. What would the effect of a million watt energy plant be for people in places with no running water or roads? Power for pumps and phones and computers and processing plants and lights and heat and cool. No need to consider the logistics of trucking fuel to them since you could fit the fuel for a year in backpack (or possibly even a fannypack…).

    In the first world, I think a lot depends upon who ‘owns’ the means of production of LENR energy. Will the value of nickle and lithium become inflated as demand for them grows? Will lithium-rich locations and industries limit the production and sales of it the way that diamonds and some platinum group metals purportedly are? Will individuals find ways to place themselves in key positions to control and benefit from the new potential wealth? Almost certainly, I would guess. Unlike coal or oil or natural gas – there really doesn’t seem to be as much of a natural impediment to an individual owning and operating their own power production source(s). And yet if I were a utility company, I would want to figure out a way to remain relevant and profitable in spite of that. Maybe LENR will be said to be too new to fully know the potential dangers of. Or that it requires careful supervision and maintenance and white lab coats to remain safe. They could fund politicians to lobby to scare people into submission with campaigns about ‘nuclear babies’ and ‘Did you know it’s currently legal for your neighbor to own a nuclear reactor in their home?’. That may sound far fetched. I’m not a scientist, but if they can use special interest money to convince a sizable portion of the population that global warming is a massive fraud, convincing those same people that a new energy source is dangerous should be a piece of cake.

    Maybe they will create laws to keep it from proliferating as it otherwise would. And that would be a shame. But still, the level of benefit to the average person in any potential outcome is only a matter of scale. Regardless whether we all produce our own energy or we buy it from someone who produces it for us, the wealth produced will raise up the entire world.

    • Mats002

      When tide comes all boat rise.

      • nietsnie

        Yet, in this case, not necessarily all by the same amount.

        • Omega Z

          At an individual level, It never has & never will. Every individual is different & every country has it’s own quirks. However, Society will all benefit to some level.

  • Stephen

    I think the biggest impact could be the equalisation of the distribution of the energy required for normal life. This would start with heat, fuel and light and move onto manufacture of things . But I would like to look at the impact on space technology as I believe this could be a way to get support for early research.

    Some ideas for Space vehicles:

    As an energy and heat source, it could have a big influence on satellites and space probes. It would potentially have huge advantages there both for weiight and long term powers where in deep space where solar arrays are not viable. Once proved to some extent this could be a way to get backing for research from these organisations. In the longer term it could provide propulsion technologies. Already ion propulsion would benefit especially in deep space, but other forms of propulsion may evolve from LENR. Maybe some other technology such as the EM drive will become increasingly viable and benifit from LENR. If high thrust technologies can be developed or improved better rockets, scramjets etc better and cheaper launchers may develope. If gamma or other radiation is absorbed and or there are Magnetic effects etc perhaps this could have benefits in radiation shielding critical components that are subject to single event upsets (SEU). If that can be scaled up may be that would also benefit Human Space Flight.

  • Nelson Vogel

    No technology will solve humanity problems if we not achieve reduction of population growth rates, not by usual ways of wars, pandemias, etc…., but by the whole world investing on education more than on weapons of mass destruction. We have also to achieve zero deflorestation, zero meat consumption of any kind, with 100 % veggie organic food production worldwide, and zero fossil fuel burning. If free or cheap energy makes humanity achieve these goals we have a chance to survive, other way LENR will only lead us for a faster extinction.

    • AdrianAshfield

      There are three ways to reduce the population. Wars, limiting child birth (like China did) or raising the standard of living.
      More education doesn’t help if there are no jobs to go to. Third world countries will be the hardest hit as robots now are cheaper and better than humans for repetitive tasks.
      And Moore’s law still holds…

      • Mats002

        There is also a more law in action 😉
        If we can expand our physical world outside planet earth, there are really no limits, but that will take some time, also in a LENR world, so Yes – population growth will be an issue.

      • Omega Z

        Robots are of concern only if you don’t keep things in context.

        Projection: Within 20 to 30 years, Robots will replace 30 to 50 percent of today’s Jobs.
        We can only Hope. In that time frame, 2 out of every 3 people will be to Old, to Crippled or to Young to work. Leaving only 1 in 3 to provide for everyone.

        Japan is ahead of the curve on this. They are already starting to experience neglect of the elderly & disabled because there are to few workers available. Thus they are pushing hard on Robotics to fill the void.

        An Area the entire World should be pushing hard on is advances in Medical Bots that can scan & diagnose patients with little hands on of medical staff. The World is already experiencing a Doctor shortage & is projected to become much worse. Within 25 years, as many as 50% of U.S. citizens may not have a personal physician. Bots could handle this leaving an Actual Doctor to deal with the real issues after a diagnosis.

    • Omega Z

      Present projections are that by 2100, there will be about 6 Billion people in the world. 1 Billion less then today & will still be in decline at that point.

      China’s 2050 plateau has been recalculated to 2045. Several countries are already going into decline earlier then had been projected.
      The Only continent of concern is Africa & only portions of it. But even their numbers are dropping. It would take very little for them to hit numbers that would lead to a plateau to be followed by decline.

    • Omega Z

      I am an Omnivore. I will eat Meat. Usually that of the vegetarian nature.

      Science studied Lions & what they learned was they are not vegetarians. No one with a brain talks of converting them to vegetarians by forcing them to eat grains, because they know this would be detrimental to the species & likely lead to their extinction.

      If I were an Alien Scientist studying Humans, I would quickly determine that they are omnivores. As with the Lions, substantially changing their diet would be detrimental to the species. It should also be noted that most of what we eat is creations of man. They bare little resemblance to there origins. Thus beef, chickens, sheep etc would be terminated. They have no place in nature.

      Obviously, If they can grow meat in a factory lab of the same nature that we have today, I wouldn’t have an issue with that. Every steak would be consistently tender & of good flavor. How great is that.

      And Obviously, I see the additional benefit of little or no waste & it has been noted that they can control the type of fat content. Omega-3. With a competitive market, there should be good consistency & in time, cheaper then what we have today.

      However, We will need to find new fertilizers to offset that which is provided by the livestock, as we would still exterminate the feed stock of today. In retrospect, we may need to retain them & just supplement our diet with the factory lab meat to provide some balance.

  • Mats002

    Sorry for being late, the penalty to pay is whatever I say someone else probably already did, so I add nothing new. Anyway, my cents is that over the coming 50 years we will see prices on energy, food, clothes and all kind of ‘things’ decline to almost nothing. At the same time we will see real estates in large cities or at the ‘right’ (wherever that is) places keep climbing to unimaginable heights. Having a job will be rare and those who have will be very rich. Humanity start moving out from the Earth, small colonies to start with. No one will starve, the minimum level of living standard will be at the same level as ‘modern’ countries today. This development will bring psychological problems to many people because they loose the purpose of Life – be of benefit to others. We will overcome that although I can not see the solution right now.

    • ecatworld

      We don’t like to look at the problems that could result, but think of criminal gangs, violent extremists, etc. with their hands on free energy. It may be that safety is the thing that will be of most value.

      • Mats002

        Yes, but what makes people do bad things to others? In this scenario, no one will have to fight for food or fertile land. If people can exercise their religion or other beliefs in a free environment they do not need to fight. Individuals or groups might do bad things for attention. That attention would be a way to heal themself from the feeling of being unwanted and having no purpose.

        • ecatworld

          Good points, and I very much hope that you are right. Still, acts of violence and destruction don’t always have rational explanations.

          • GreenWin

            Violence results from fear. Especially fear “There is not enough.” Abundant energy greatly reduces these fears. But tribalism remains. And differences in spiritual pursuit. Both will remain as sources of conflict until there is greater enlightenment.

            • Mats002

              What bad effects can LENR bring to such conflicts that already widely known destruction methods can?

            • bachcole

              I would not dignify the actions of Muslim militants as being “spiritual pursuit”. It is more like a sadistic cultural imperialism on the steroid of religion.

      • Omega Z

        Bring On Robo COP=20

  • AdrianAshfield

    There are so many disruptive technologies on the horizon, like LENR, AI, robotics, bionic food, vertical farming and social disruption with possibly 40% permanently unemployed. Add America’s continued foreign adventurism and lethal robotic weapons being developed and it is delusional to think the future can be forecast.

    • f sedei

      I disagree. The handwriting is on the wall. Einstein once said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. Dreams help make life worthwhile and, oftentimes, more bearable. Predictions also give us, the faithful followers, the possibility of eventually saying “I told you so”. It’s also a good brain exercise to share with the other interested parties. Nothing to lose, and fun.

      • AdrianAshfield

        Agreed, many of the possibilities are known. In an ideal world poverty would be ended and we would all live in luxury. Do you really think the Republicans/Teaparty or Democrats will institute something like a guaranteed basic income that will be required with really high unemployment before being forced to by chaos and riots?
        Consider how politicians are funded for election. Money is now free speech according to the Supreme Court.

        Don’t get me wrong, one should keep trying. I met with my Congressman three years ago to try and get him to fund Rossi to locate locally. His technically illiterate staff persuaded him it was pseudo.

      • Omega Z

        I disagree about the “I told you so”

        If they are intelligent, they already know.
        If not, Telling them will have no impact.

    • I disagree on the ammunition story…

      but I agree that forecast are nearly impossible.

      taleb position is that we can predict what have a strong tendency to disapear (the negative way).
      all that gives no value to the user have a tendency to be removed by technology.
      refueling, wires, displacement, submission,
      what is young, have a stronger tendency to disapear than what have survived long…

      for the rest hard to predict.

      I can say that sword and shield will evolve, drone and counter drone, LENR bombs and LENR shieldings, LENR/Emdrive ICBM, and LENR/Emdrive SID…

      I just hope that the need to dig the soil for minerals will disapear if LENr make it less needed, making recycling easier, and thus making war less required for the economy.
      This is what taleb say about things that hwill have a tendency to disapear if possible.

      I hope that business , globalisation, will accelerate (LENR cargo) to the point that no CIA can trigger a war between brothers, by fear of a past story, to pass pipeline, to dig shales…
      I hope that people who disagree because of an ego problem with history, will simply understand that it is bad for their business, and if their don’t understand, that all tycoon will make them understand that, by a coup-d’etat, or a sniper, if required.

      • AdrianAshfield

        What ammunition story? I asked if it were a coincidence that Homeland Security had bought that many bullets. There are some strange features. Why would they buy dum-dum expanding rounds that are illegal in war, for example.

        Otherwise I join in your hopes.

  • Bill Holly

    Dreams are always good. Dreamers dream their dreams, scientists and engineers make them come true.
    But, but, but . . . . before we indulge in predicting possible futures of LENR, should we not wait until mass produced LENR generators have been available on the market for 2 or 5 years? Then we’d have a solid database to work from and come up with much more accurate predictions.
    Right now, TO ME, this thread looks like Don Quichotte charging a windmill. No offense intended to anyone.

    • ecatworld

      For sure there are still uncertainties regarding the technology, but I think there is value in thinking and discussing about the potential ramifications which could be dramatic. Many organizations engage in long-range strategic planning which involve looking 5, 10 or 20 years ahead — and it is good to be prepared for what could be on the horizon in the not too distant future.

  • Gerard McEk

    There will be no Powermonger policy for energy anymore. Maybe it will change to minerals like those of lithium in the future, but only if lithium is essential for LENR.
    Especially the emperialistic supremacy policy may change and other pacts will be negotiated, it will be focussed on another scarcity, but I do not know which.
    Many things will change and I expect that LENR will be enabled for producing fresh water. Food production will rise and new woods will make major parts of world habitable. Maybe it will cause another major increase of the world population. If CO2 was the cause of the increase of the world average temperature, the temperature will start dropping.
    It will make transport cheap and cause people to travel. I hope it will bring people together, rather than being hostile to each other. Cheap energy will lead to an exponential increase of the use of energy and may cause the world to heat-up again in a few hundred years from now.
    LENR has everything in it for enabling local useage of energy, from very small to very big. Central energy stations will vanish as well as wind mills and solar panels.
    High energy density has dangers and will be attractive especially for those wanting to mis-use this. I hope that treaties will be established by the UN to forbid that kind of developments. If I were Rossi, I would put very much effort in that and not when it is too late like what happend to Nobel.

  • purplepartyguy

    I think we will see a move away from a mass produced centralized manufacturing economy to a de-centralized 3-D printing economy. More and more things produced locally as 3-D printing becomes a mature technology, locally produced foods(currently happening), more artistic endeavors, and the big deal will be technology that reverses global climate change and pollution. Transportation is an easy one here, replace all IC vehicles including airplanes, large pleasure vessels such as ocean liners and airships. However the world game changer will be the development of the access to space based resources in specific the harvesting of asteroids for metals.

    • Omega Z

      “de-centralized 3-D printing economy”

      Are You Crazy???
      Oh Sure, They’ll show you those fancy printers & grossly discounted prices And you’ll ooo & ahhh. That’s how it always begins.
      And then they show you the Ink cartridge price & then there’s the Screaming & Yelling. Oh the Horror.

      Seriously, They will be used for specialty products such as Turbines & Jet engine components. Things very intricate & evolving in design. Presently, they are made of multiple components & suffer weakness where they are joined. They could be 3-D printed as single components allowing for improved efficiency & strength.

      They can also cut cost & production time in such products. NASA printed a rocket nozzle in 6 weeks rather then the traditional 6 months at half the normal price. GE is developing them for super efficient turbine design.

      However, beyond short runs, prototyping, Specialty products or custom work & such, Mass produced products will continue. For many things, printers will be to slow & expensive.

  • Thor

    Last I checked, events 50 years in the future are well beyond the Singularity and therefore, by definition, cannot be accurately predicted 😉

    Once you get the engineering of LENR nailed down and you close the loop, you effectively have free energy. Your only costs become become fuel and maintenance. That’s disruptive enough, but what happens when you combine “free” energy with advanced robotics, AI, asteroid mining, and vertical farming?

    I don’t think we can treat LENR as though it exists in a technological vacuum. I think it’s an enabling technology that will, when combined with other disruptive technologies that are in the pipeline, drop the unit cost of EVERYTHING to near 0. I’d invest in real estate. In 20 or 30 years it’ll be about the only thing that can’t be designed, mined, manufactured and distributed by robots/AI for (effectively) free.

    • bullditnow

      Thor, well, the combination of the singularity and cold fusion, phew, a head spinner.

      If humans still exist after the singularity, then, real estate, what about large space based ships as a new form of real estate?
      But, before the singularity, cold conditions and ice don’t matter much. Russia has the largest land area, followed by Canada. Perhaps these countries will really move ahead.
      Saudi Arabia has bauxite, add cold fusion and aluminum could replace much of steel.
      Desert areas close to the sea could become lush with desalinated water.
      The roads could be clogged with RV’s, but, automated flying cars are very likely, so who wants an old slow RV any more. Will much of the roads be torn up? Will the power lines come down?

      The very first effect could be a shock, a bit like the 2008 financial shock in that it will be hard to figure out the ramifications. Stocks markets could move around a lot.
      After that it get’s hard to predict.

      Right now, the shocking reality is how the vast majority of people are unaware of what is coming very soon. Even when I let friends know, the vast majority snooze on, just don’t get it.

    • AdrianAshfield

      There is lots of ocean. Not difficult or very expensive to build “floating islands” that might group to form towns. LENR solves the problem of power supply.

  • LilyLover

    A Tale of Gluttony
    Helga had physically and intellectually identical twin daughters that grew up to be World travellers and nice Mathematics teachers. One fell in love with a Mexican man and settled in the land of azure seas and the other fell in love with pinstriped banker from the New York and
    enjoyed(?) the city life. Both taught at Universities teaching the students of Master of Mathematics. The purchasing power of the one was 20 times that of the other. For one hour of work could get one a bag of oranges and the other a car-full of oranges. Both could only eat one bag. One could buy a good car with 10 years of half of salary saved and the other could get a
    car with half a years’ half of salary saved.

    Ad: “Save a child a for less than a dollar a day.”
    Data: “Average spending on food per month” => $500
    Meaning: 500/(30 *0.8)~=21, or say 20. I.e. you eat 20 times more than a person in Africa. Or, 7 times more than a person in Mexico. Do you?? Accept your sin of gluttony. 🙂

    As you have seen, the only way to enrich life (pay for third-World service-prices and pay the third-World price for groceries) has only been possible through Mexican & other blood and sweat, through military threat (we pay half the price for petroleum than EU) and fractional reserve banking.

    As repeated previously, cheap ample energy enables cheap and fast LASER weapons. Everyone will be able to afford a quality war and no one will be afraid anymore.

    This is akeen to goonthuggary losing its loot-ability. A bully dragged to the civilized world and made to behave like an adult, or else. That’s why AIIB. BRICS.

    Just the way mobile phone industry wiped away the prestige of wired- red phones
    from the high-towers of the World, the E-Cat will elevate all the World to the China-quality-infrastructure built by atuomated building robots.

    American will realize that when everyone else is stronger and smarter, you cannot bully around with weaker strength and absent mind. Present day children will
    adopt Metric System as a baby step towards clarity in Mathematics and Physics.
    With that clarity comes the linguistic and economic clarity. Admissions to schools will depend on merit rather than connections and recommendations. Within a decade, threat based prosperty, having vanished from viability, will force people to read, write and work ethically. The perpetual
    linguistic insults through media or movies will cease to thrive. We will speak like the people from the Forbidden Planet.

    Parasitism will diminish.
    Fruits of your labor will remain with you.
    To rent is to sin – will become prevalent.
    Currency dilution right will go into public domain.
    Borders will be meaningless, as they should. The border-town people will have the free option to wrtie whatever name of the country at the end of the address. Dynamic borders with
    “dot” density of “accepted” country by the people living at the border will decide the borders of the nations which will practically be meaningless anyways.

    Eventually, you’ll be allowed to live happily at basic level for free. Work will be necessary only for extra greed / premium products.

    Work will only be performed as a punishment for crimes and sins. Sans sins enjoy smiley sinos, sincerely. When productivity goes down, criminals and the bottom of the barrel – in classroom or life will perform the work. High competence will be the ticket out of working life. Low
    competence will keep you bound to “work” and you’ll be taught by the non-working highly competent people.

    The sudden escalation thrust upon onto the humanity will commanlize the queen, anger the ex-rich and equalize everyone to a higher level than the highest level of today.

    Yes the immoral people will use religion, “experience”, this-ism and that-ism – but the energy, in
    it’s metaphorical sense will energize every mind and all of a sudden the old-bad ways will be identified as such.

    Bravery, truth and kindness shall prevail.
    Cruelty, lies and fakism shall get eradicated.


    Skilled-Worked-Manhours-accounting will be the future currency. I will make it.

    Remember – needless work is sin.
    Renting your home for “earning” money is sin.
    Earning “interest” is sin.
    Granting your children the ability to get into $200k debt without also extending similar credit line to the well deserving person in Bhutan – is sin.

    Visiting churches once a week is not enough to wash away these sins.

    Oh, BTW – sin is not a good thing – clarifying this lest some banke’s child might think I’m glorifying ways of his dad.

    I did not believe – but I see it coming – The age of Aquarious – Enjoy!!

    • Omega Z

      (we pay half the price for petroleum than EU)
      That is because they pay a greater Tax on Gas. That is how they pay for some of those social programs. The U.S. pays double that of the EU for pharmaceuticals so that those companies can sell there drugs cheaply or at a loss to poor countries. This is cost shifting/wealth redistribution. The U.S. transfers over a Trillion$ a year over seas. I notice you mention rent several times. If you don’t want to rent, then buy or build a home. It’s that simple.

      From your rant, You really do not understand people. Not even close. Nor do you know your history. Through out History, people have taken down the rich to obtain their wealth. Yet, they never, Ever find that wealth. When you understand why that is, then maybe your eyes will start to open to reality.

      Note: Earning “interest” is sin. So loan me a Million$. I’ll pay it back in 20 years when it’s lost 2/3rds of it’s value. Who knows. Maybe by that time, you’ll still be able to get a Starbucks coffee with it…

      I did not believe – but I see it coming – The age of Aquarius

      Umm, LENR is like Oil costing a nickel a barrel or a ton of coal costing a dime. It only means things will be cheaper. Nothing More. However, Cheaper is better. It allows many more people to partake in society.
      If what you do doesn’t afford you a 20% pay increase, A 20% reduction in all prices is just as good.

  • bachcole

    Everyone’s standard of living will go up and everyone’s pollution load will be reduced to 1/100 of what it is now. But, autism and other results of pollution will require generations to peak and start down hill. The second derivative of the autism curve will go negative; in other words, it will stop increasing so rapidly, but the peak will be a few generations after.

    The above paragraph is for every nation, so I don’t have to keep repeating myself.

    In Russia, the oligarchs will become much less powerful and so Russia will be reduced in power, but the Russian people will be more in control of their lives and thus happier.

    China will go back to zero expansionism since their only expansionistic tendencies now are about oil.

    The USA will start to ruralize, reversing the current trend towards urbanization. (Urbanization is such a big trend and has been around for so long, that the word “ruralize” {vs. “urbanize”} is not even a real word; it is not recognized by the online dictionary.) This will greatly reduce the current culture war in the USA when more and more urban people move to the country.

    There will also be an intellectual revolution in the USA. It will not be a war but more like a coup d’etat. The ivory towers will be tumbled and scientists will get back to saying “I don’t know, but I am curious.” Skeptopaths and others will no longer be able to use the word “science” to beat their debate opposition over the head. This is important since those defending vaccinations, one of several causes of autism, can be told to shut the f#^k up.

    All oil producing countries, except those who are already planning ahead, will be screwed. Middle Eastern Islamic states’ ability to fund terrorism will be greatly reduced, but the motivation to be militantly Islamic will remain the same.

    Africa will be like India, just plain benefited greatly.

    Europe will do great.

    New Zealand will just do better at what they are already good at, living in harmony with nature.

    • Omega Z

      Everyone’s standard of living will go up.
      That’s about the best to expect.
      Were talking about cheaper energy. everything else wont change much.

      As to rural living, That I would like to see, but I believe that will be of a limited nature because of a couple reasons. To start, well over 50% of the U.S. is owned by the Federal or State Governments in parks & wildlife reserves & such.

      The Other is many people seem to like being packed in like sardines. I know some that all they do is complain about it, but suggest they move to a more rural area & you might as well have asked them to do without their cell phone. It’s like, Are you nuts. Then the complaining begins again.

  • oaklandthinktank

    We often focus on how ‘cool that’d be’, and forget Adam Smith’s lesson: if I can grow veggies OR wool, and *so can you*, we will tend to trade with each other according to our COMPARATIVE advantage. No, not our absolute efficacy. No, not based upon high-minded ideals. I shear wool twice as well as I grow veggies; you are slightly better at veggies than you are at wool; I gather wool, and trade for your veggies.

    We muddle that in our minds, alongside the concept of HIGH CAPITAL => LOW UNIT COSTS. “If I make a factory that produces millions of these, then they’ll all be CHEAPER…” But… Cheaper isn’t what determines who does what.

    If you spend $1k on cookware, and you have fresh ingredients and seasoning, you can make a tasty meal. Spend $1mil on industrial cookware, and you have a five-star restaurant. But, $100mil on cookware does not make delicacies – that’s FritoLays. Our economy supports ALL these activities, and Frito makes a lot of money, but so do restaurants, and plenty of folks cook at home to save money, or because they can make it how they like it.

    So, the missing ingredient in analysis of LENR: comparative QUALITY. FritoLays can get more profits per month from their cookware than you do. But, everyone and their mother owns their own skillet and pot, because FritoLays cannot produce the QUALITY that you can.

    If anyone with a $10k kit can build reactors, and those reactors are of SIMILAR QUALITY as reactors made from the $10bil fabrication facility, ONLY THEN will DIY LENR bloom. Either way, you’ll still have abundant access to industrial energy utilities, just like you have access to expensive dining. And, collecting dust at home, next to your Cuisinart, will be your CF reactor.

    However, if, like the computer industry, LENR requires a minimum investment of $100mil to make a factory which produces a QUALITY product, then you are all screwed. Sure, you might be able to power you OWN home. Capitalists know to focus on PERFORMANCE specs: if your pet project won’t have a QUALITY advantage, then you will have no demand for power from your neighbors.

    Successful businesses understand that it is not so important to undercut your competitors’ PRICES. Far more valuable is to target Quality Performance, Quality Service, and being able to do things that the competitors JUST CAN’T. If international bankster industrialists find a high-quality, albeit expensive, production method, that’s exactly where public knowledge of R&D stops. Skunk works get way more funding than art projects.

    My bet? We’ll be kept dumb by police-state terrorism while industrialists charge us through the nose for power they get for free. Our best alternative? Make an organism that produces LENR filaments. ‘Wooly algae’ could produce tailored cellulose structures, and deposite all that oceanic Lithium within the lattice… pyrolysis, and Ni(CO)4 deposition… voila! CF lightbulbs from a single-celled ‘factory’ that anyone can use.

    Also, long-term value of energy production depends upon the *functions* that the energy serves. Anywhere that electricity or heat is REALLY profitable… it’s there already. LENR will sop up all the MARGINAL energy demand, and act as an ENERGY-INTENSIVE substitute for things that are COMPARATIVELY labor- or resource-intensive. These substitutions drive down demand for the labor and resources they *replace*… evaporating the income of periphery-economy nations. What are the most profitable functions served by cheap energy? They’re all going to use heavy equipment, dangerous chemicals, and big investors. And, their efficacy grows as they SCALE, but also grows with DENSITY. LENR’s mature form, in 50 years, will be state-sponsored R&D islands, where oceanic currents carry away the exajoule/hr of exhaust heat. You and your mini-cat won’t have proper clearance.

    • Omega Z

      You overlook the fact that most people are of limited ability. One may be an excellent brain surgeon, but mucks up an oil change & calls a roadside service for a flat tire because he doesn’t know how to work the jack. He says, A What?

      Also, Mass produced products are cheaper then I can even buy the materials for. They can buy bulk $20 a ton what costs me $20 for a pound at the hardware store. If I build it & it doesn’t work, I start over. If I buy it & it don’t work, they replace it under warranty. They also cover million$ liabilities that I can’t.

      This technology will have a major impact on society as a whole, but not so much at the individual level. Just everything will be cheaper.

  • GreenWin

    “There are great minds and sophisticated operations working on
    commercializing LENR products that do not require themselves to disclose
    their existence for funding nor notoriety.”
    Publius 6/11/2015

  • GreenWin

    Yes royalty used scratchy linen for buttwipes, you forgot salad in the fridge, and civil liberties are natural rights – not entitlements. But a great collection of thoughts fp! THX.

    • Omega Z

      Civil Liberties were not always considered Natural Rights.
      As a Subject of the King, You only had the rights he afforded you.
      Just saying…

      Ohh, And King can be replaced by any entity of power.

  • GreenWin

    Doubtful any country will go “all-in.” But we might see some very interesting projects in Saudi Arabia. And neighboring nations. An example would be a greening of the desert project. Construction of new, massive desalination plants along the Red Sea and Persian Gulf, piping fresh water inland to irrigate and terraform a huge new agricultural industry.

    This may seem counter-intuitive for oil rich nations, but the sheer wealth of these States would allow big irrigation/terraform projects. And provide a reasoned transition from fossil to cold fusion industries. The drop in cost of graphene filters for reverse osmosis, combined with $0.01/kWh electricity could also see large scale desal in central California, India and China – alleviating drought and expanding agriculture. Putin’s Russia will provide cloning and blackmarket CF services for emergent nations.

    On smaller scale, home CCHP systems and free charging pedestals will allow EV owners to drive essentially fuel-cost free. EV industry will rapidly replace ICE light transport fleets. Only diehard collectors like my friend Agaricus and Jay Leno will tinker with combustion for transportation.

    • Omega Z

      We should hope some graphene battery technology comes through. The more I dig, the more I think lithium batteries aren’t going to cut it. There just isn’t enough of it. Besides. If it’s a critical component of LENR, we shouldn’t be wasting it. We’ll be right back to limited supply like Oil.

      Desalination plants. Are you aware that over 13K already exist. Until a few months ago, I wasn’t.

      • GreenWin

        Hi Omega. Lithium from EV batteries is recycled. Advances in transmutation suggests the entire periodic table may be synthesized. And yes, desal is already big in nations that can afford it. But it’s energy intensive. At vastly lower cost all of Eastern Africa, India, China, Australia, Arabian peninsula will benefit greatly from desalinated irrigation and new agriculture.

        • Omega Z

          The issue with Lithium is overall supply. Elon Musk’s Mega plant is going to greatly strain the supply & that is only for 500K batteries a year. Count 80 million plus vehicles a year & it doesn’t look very promising price wise. That also doesn’t include the energy storage market.

          Note tho, His locating his plant within a short distance of a newly planned Lithium mine. I wonder if he may buy it up to ensure his supply. There may be an investment opportunity there. It’s cheap now, but I think that may change within the next couple years. The price of Lithium is going now where but up if they follow the Lithium battery path. It’s already of limited supply.

  • hunfgerh

    The h2sucofu think-tank says:

    The Primärenergieverbrauch1) of the world (energy for heating, electricity and transport) is z. Z. 522 EJ or 14.5 x 10exp13 kWh per year. This energy comes to 33% from oil, 30% from Coal, 24% from natural gas, 7% from hydroforce, 4%from uranium and 2% from
    renewable energy (Wind, solar, Nachw. Raw materials, etc.).

    Based on today’s consumption, Oil, gas and uranium to the middle of this century are consumed. This is followed by coal around the middle of the next century.

    That is to say, must by mid-century on 60% until the middle of next century about 90% of the
    previous energy sources by renewable energy – which accounts for 2% at present – to be replaced.

    Nachw. Raw Materials should be excluded in principle, as a substitute for primary energy
    production. There are two reasons for this. On the one hand are Nachw. Raw
    materials to consumption of Oil / gas and coal, the only remaining carbon
    source for many chemical Processes and industrial products, but above all they
    are food and feed source.

    The power supply of mobile assets, such as land, air and water vehicles takes
    place, in mass by Oil / natural gas (3.2 x 10exp13 kWh). Calculations to supply and
    consumption say, as already mentioned, for the middle of this century, the end
    of these energy sources ahead. A substitute for oil / natural gas, which in
    sufficient quantities for all eternity is available, is not in sight. Changes
    because nothing breaks mid-century mobility largely together. The resulting
    induced economic subsequent reactions plunge the world into chaos. With this in
    mind, we tried to date to push out. For you can go the following way:

    -Mention should once Fracking, a method to “last drop” of oil / gas
    from Rock formations to force out. This method is experiencing a real boom. To
    what extent the establishment of ad hoc chemical cocktail an has adverse effect
    on our ground water, is controversial.

    – Secondly, by admixture of hydrocarbons for gasoline, or complete replacement
    of fuel by hydrocarbons obtained from renewable resources wins. Keywords here
    are E10 and Biodiesel.

    Suitable renewable raw materials for this are mainly food and feed crops such
    as wheat, maize, sugar beet / pipe, rape, soya, among others. This humans,
    animals and machines are directly as competitors for food/ feed compared to.
    The necessary to meet demand excessive crops additionally burdened the existing
    scarce drinking water and Phosphate inventories. A rising world population, the
    rising mandatory livestock and a growing machinery entails, results in a escalation
    of this situation.

    To de-escalate the overall situation mobile systems must as soon as possible
    from resources – hydrocarbon – be decoupled. As an alternative for short journeys
    the battery is an option. For long distance come as an environmentally friendly
    and ever available resources hydrogen in question. Procedures to about 2 x 10exp13
    m3 / a hydrogen are produced. The production of hydrogen from seawater –
    desalination and over Electrolysis – however is energy intensive (to produce
    hydrogen in a m3 minimum 3 times more energy than during the combustion of a
    hydrogen m3 are released).

    Whether battery or hydrogen, where does the energy come from? Wind and
    sun is the sole supplier of energy for the necessary mass production because of
    ist depending on time of day and weather no reliable partner. For downtime
    of wind / solar energy would be nuclear energy a suitable stop-gap. The nuclear
    fission but we have just turned their backs, for understandable reasons.
    Nuclear fusion of Hydrogen – will release in a minimum 3 times more energy than
    their Activation is consumed – is currently: unfortunately only on the drawing
    board are available.

    New materials such as RT superconductors could help in solving the problems.The
    preparation and use of such superconductors has therefore the center of gravity
    of all be further considerations.

    This is a google translation from

    1) remain 122,644,763 / oil-and

  • ecatworld

    Bachole’s question pertained to the fate of nations and how LENR might reshape them. What would happen if a country decided to go ‘all-in’ with LENR, and ‘LENRize’ its economy ahead of the rest of the world?

    You could have one nation setting the pace, and others waking up and seeing that if they don’t keep up they could be quickly left behind.

    I could see a country like Japan doing this, which has quite a good track record when it comes to implementing new technologies. They need cheap energy sources badly, too.

    • Billy Jackson

      That’s a head scratcher 🙁 it comes down to what we see as acceptable parameters for LENR. couple that i am going to take as accomplished.
      Self Sustaining for long periods – Yes
      COP 20+ – Yes
      Full Integration Via civilian, Military, and Industrial – Yes

      The First nation that goes all in with LENR will face plenty of challenges as they integrate the technology with its existing base. yet the parameter thats set is 50 years from now. so we will take those goals as accomplished and the fact that we are several generations in on improved versions…We would be past the integration stage and well into the advanced production benefit stage…

      the first benefit would be import / export. Gone are the days of importing fuels for energy needs (transport, housing, manufacturing) you would be an exporter.. of nearly EVERYTHING you are capable of manufacturing. Oil, Natural Gas, Coal would suddenly become a commodity you sold to the nations who have not adapted LENR making you flush with cash in our energy starved global economy.

      Food, Textiles, Materials.. from steel, cloth to vegetables your ability to produce cheaply would undercut those who refuse or are late in adapting. your ability to grow food products year round 24 hours a day would expand drastically the further that energy costs come down the faster this grows. you cant compete with someone who can produce a like quality of a ton of steel for 50.00 vs a ton of steel for 250.00 (fake numbers)

      Your population slowly converts from labor/manufacturers to Investor/Consumer. As you go all in the prices of things drop. your population is able to spend less and less on necessary goods for living they begin to convert to luxury goods, education and eventually investment resulting in higher standards of living and upward growth overall.

      Militarily you are nearly limitless in your range and time on target. the only limits imposed are the amount of equipment and people you can commit to a given amount of area. (not going into what lenr will do for weapons… sorry)

      there is nothing that LENR wont touch that requires energy. the only deciding factor is how much of a COP can you achieve.. the higher we go.. the further we can reach and impact the different sectors of a given economy… an all in nation could quickly become one of the top nations in the world economically held back or advanced only by its political affiliations with the rest of the world.

      • ecatworld

        Rossi is saying that the Hot Cat self-sustaining periods are longer than those of the 1MW plant, so I think might be seeing COP approaching triple digits with the E-Cat. And I think at some point COP will become largely irrelevant.

        Also, once you start producing electricity via LENR your input costs to ‘drive’ other LENR reactors will begin to drop, until input costs could really become miniscule. Rossi has shown interest in using batteries for input. We could get to a point where production of electricity is dirt cheap — it may really be too cheap to meter.

        • Billy Jackson

          you start throwing around triple digit COP.. my mind explodes with possibilities that frankly makes me just a bit giddy at the thought!

          • Omega Z

            I don’t think triple digit COP is feasible. But I take into consideration all energies used including the controls.

            I also note that in R&D labs where COP=1000 in some situations usually involve energy only to start the process, But Those are always in milliwatt process. Those numbers quickly disappear once scaled anywhere near usable.

            Ultimately, COP=20 works fine, especially if 50% conversion to Electricity is possible. That’s a 10 to 1 return & 9 of that is useable for whatever it’s needed for. The -1 being looped back for control the E-cat of course.

            I think many people are confusing concepts on the COP. If you need another 1000 watts out of the 10Kw E-cat already at COP=20, You best get another E-cat. Even at infinite COP, Your not getting another 1000 watts, EVER. At best, 500 watts & highly improbable. AND Who wants a device with zero control.

        • Fyodor

          I don’t think that this is correct.

          I think that Rossi has said that individual Hot-Cats have better SSM/COP than individual warm-cats because they need to be able to be used individually in homes, rather than in an array/cascade. I don’t think that individual hot-cats have better COP than the 1MW plant as a whole. So we could be talking about a COP of 10 rather than 6.

          See below from Rossi.

          “Very interesting question.In domestic applications we will not have multiple reactors to make up synergies as it is happening with the 1MW plant; for this reason, the low temperature E-Cats are less efficient: the COP of the Hot Cat, when utilized in mono-assemblies, is higher. As I said before, E-Cats are very complex things, much more complex than it appears.”

        • Fyodor

          Also, while we’ll see a drop in electricity costs, there’s still real capital costs involved in converting heat to electricity. And people have been trying to do that for a long time-we’re unlikely to have any huge breakthroughs any time soon.

        • Omega Z

          I think Rossi’s interest in batteries is as a jump start for Isolated zones. Providing electricity to these zones is complex & expensive. Following is some of the issues.

          Power plants need External power to start up & for ongoing control.
          External power requires a Grid feed line over 100’s of miles along with sub stations to get to many of these zones.”$$$”

          They need, A major roadway, Railway or pipeline to transport fuel. Having invested large sum$ for infrastructure to get to this point, you usually build a large facility that also requires large quantities of cooling water(Which aren’t always available).

          You now have power for a few 100 or 1000’s of people at the cost of 100’s of millions of even in the Billion$ category. Many countries can not justify the high costs to service a few people. Especially when they are focused on the necessity of food & medical issues.

          One of the Last Things that come up in discussions in building these power plants in isolated areas is the on going fuel costs. The reason for that is the cost of everything that comes before is already so insurmountable.

          Throw in 3 or 4 small E-cat generating plants & you have a Micro-grid that supply power to each other for external power control. Being small, there economical for using cooling towers for condensing the the waste steam. Large bodies of water are not necessary nor is the infrastructure to transport fuel.

          Using a battery pack only to start up the Micro-grid & as backup should for some reason it all goes down. It requires no fuel or mechanical maintenance & is always on standby. The same can’t be said for a Genset and fuel kept on hand for a Genset also needs refreshed periodically. Gas/Diesel goes bad. Nuke plants require the dumping & replacing of this fuel like every 3 months.

          It now becomes feasible to provide electricity to isolated small villages. Requiring funding in the low millions & no ongoing fossil fuel costs. None. Not even for a Genset…

  • Mike Henderson

    I conjure an image of freezing cavemen watching a lightning strike ignite a tree. One of them asks “Imagine we could do that any time we wished. How do you see clans reshaping because of fire in the next 50,000 years?”

    Societies have long been built on control of access to resources like energy, water, food and transportation. The consequences of a fundamental shift in every one of those are difficult to fathom. I sure hope it is for the better.

    • Omega Z

      And in every case, life carried on. The only real consequence was that life improved overtime…

  • Steven Irizarry

    a third industrial revolution and a unprecedented drop in prices for everything. another effect would be hyperloop technology and the creation of a booming space economy since space-planes would go beyond earth orbit at incredible speeds. a new elite would form whose fortune would come from the new tech enabled by this technology, examples like this. a woman or man who used lenr to get a near monopoly on the auto industry(thanks to near limitless range and efficiency). a owner of a massive space company that creates interplanetary spaceplanes and robotics companies as well as elon musk whose hyperloop technology would reshape travel. nations will be reshaped by new balances of power as well. china would ripe the benefits of cheap labor and limitless energy

  • pg

    Italy might reshape into a moccasin…

  • georgehants

    Being fearful of repeating myself I would ask, is there any hope that this technology , unlike all those preceding it, will help to fairly equalize the lives of all human beings on this Planet, or will it just mean more for the rich and the same nothing for the poor?
    June 10th, 2015 at 9:02 AM
    Dear Mr. Rossi, would it not please you to help people like MFMP et al by giving them hints as to the most basic conditions necessary to replicate your new fire.
    It surely can do you little harm financially to give this basic help for all humanity now you are so far advanced in your Research.
    Best Wishes
    Andrea Rossi
    June 10th, 2015 at 9:12 AM
    I cannot give more information than I already did.
    Warm Regards

    • Billy Jackson

      so much pain to bear for humanity in a few simple but heart felt lines. there is more spoken with what you didn’t say than what you did. Technology is neutral. it cares not what the user does with it. It simply exists to be used or discarded as we see fit. We vote the rich and powerful into office and then wonder why the laws all seem to benefit the rich and powerful? Our wounds as sad as it is, are self inflicted. Until we mature as a species and learn to put aside petty self interest and plays for personal power we are doomed to repeat our mistakes over and over at the cost of further suffering for those caught in the machinations of our politics.. to me this is not a problem of technology but of the people.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Be patient George. James Martinez mentions that big things are happening behind the scenes. It sounds to me like the Lakota people may be the first to use LENR. (About 1:19:00 min.)

    • bachcole

      Everyone is infinitely valuable and therefore equally valuable. But not everyone is able to produce the same quantity and quality. Some people are going to produce more quantity and better quality than others. How do we reward the high achievers for their hard work? How do we reward Mr. and Mrs. Bird for working successfully very hard at being healthy? Do we steal from them and give to others who are too lazy and irresponsible to even make an effort to build health? Does that seem fair?

      This dichotomy between the infinite and intrinsic worth of everyone and the physical reality that some people do a better job than other people is a dichotomy that will not evaporate just because we wish it to. It will not disappear because we engage in simplistic thinking. It exists as a standing challenge to us modern folks.

  • Billy Jackson

    This is the type of mental exercise that i truly enjoy. A couple of caveats before i begin. the pace of technology may seem glacially slow when we look at LENR on a day to day basis. in truth we are leaping forward with every released report hungry for news and further tidbits as we inch incrementally forward.

    Technology itself is increasing at a rapid rate that shows little signs of slowing down, with real world modeling, real world computer physics on a 1 to 1 basis, coupled with the power to manipulate via virtual realities our ability to simulate engineering or complex construction problems open a realm of possibilities that simply was not available to us even 5 years ago…

    I see LENR as a trans formative technology that can rival the impact of nearly any technology we have created in the last 150 years. When it is developed to maturity its benefits can only be understated as i do not believe many of us can comprehend the breadth and scope of all that it will touch, enhance, or transform.

    Energy Generation
    Vertical Farming
    3D Printing
    Molecular/atomic manipulation
    Global Warming
    Virtual Worlds
    Energy Independence
    Geo Political Behaviors
    Medical Rejuvenation/Regeneration
    Bio engineering / sculpting /enhancement

    Space Travel/Resources

    LENR will touch all of these and so much more. what will the world look like with LENR in the future… I don’t know. try describing what our world looks like to someone buying their first MODEL T from Henry Ford….by the time you get to flight, the circuit board, the internet, a computer, cellphones, and wireless transmissions… they might just be ready to think you are pulling their leg…

    • Mytakeis

      wow I like the charts in your reference, if I live to be 120 years old (which I expect to do) I’ll see are world 1 trillion times more advanced than the present. That’s great speculation, hopefully some folk will stay around to enjoy a rejuvenated mother earth, and not everyone go traipsing off into higher dimensions.

  • Christina

    Ideally, having enough energy to obtain water from the ocean or atmosphere will help nations to grow enough food for their people, encouraging their governments to restructure towards democracy, forgetting scripts about how individuals should relate to other individuals, giving everyone equal rights under the law as the Constitution of the United State guarantees to the U.S.A.

    Ideally, also, having abundant nonpolluting energy will clean the world-wide atmosphere thus stopping all the hoopla about needing abortion to conserve energy. It’s ludicrous to assume that with all the new technologies we can’t sustain the population.

    It’s stupid not to colonize near space, Mars, and the moon by 2100 to obtain the resources in the solar system. In order to do that though, our kids need to be proficient in the sciences by the time they reach eighteen years old. They can then go to college to specialize in a field of science.

    When lennr (low energy nanoscale nuclear reactions) comes to pass, we’ll eventually have more inventions to explore the solar system to help people live off world to explore the solar system more to help them to learn to explore the stars. It is already apparent the advancement in medicine and other sciences will be magnificent in the next century.


  • pelgrim108

    Maybe it will have an impact on mining. Locations that have resources but are to energy expensive to be mined economically like seawater or places in Siberia.