Report: Italian Technology Company TSEM to Collaborate with MIT, Texas Tech University and Industrial Heat in the US

Thanks to Sanjeev for posting about this on the Always Open thread.

There’s a very interesting post on Vessela Nikolova’s E-Cat the New Fire blog which reports about an interview with Concetta La Gatta, daughter of Eng. Antonio La Gatta, founder of Italian technology company TSEM. Readers here may remember that TSEM was the company that sponsored this year’s ICCF-19 conference in Padua Italy.

Concetta La Gatta, who works at TSEM made a very interesting comment during an interview with a website called Ambient & Ambienti about the future direction of the company, stating that her brother, who also works at TSEM, will be moving to the United States for a new project.

She says:

“Soon the excellent captain who is my brother Antonio will move to the US to direct the new US operating units in North Carolina, in collaboration with MIT, Texas Tech University, Industrial heat”.

That’s all she says about the topic, but those names together are certainly intriguing. It is quite possible that TSEM has built bridges with Industrial Heat. Tom Darden was hosted by Antonio La Gatta when he spoke at ICCF-19. The mention of MIT is interesting, since they were well known players in the downfall of Fleischmann and Pons back in the late 80’s and 90’s. We do know, however, that MIT professor Peter Hagelstein is a longstanding champion of LENR — and he was at ICCF-19.

Texas Tech University is less difficult to understand since Robert Duncan (who was also at ICCF-19) is Senior Vice President for Research at TTU, and is heading up the new Center for Emerging Energy Sciences (CEES) there. Duncan is a well known supporter of LENR research.

TSEM is a company involved in innovative technology development, with a background in cold fusion research. Here’s a profile from Infinite Energy magazine.

“The conference is organized by TSEM, an Italian company focusing on energy, security and healthcare technologies. Conference Chair Antonio LaGatta is founder and president at TSEM. About four years ago, LaGatta led TSEM into the study of high bandwidth calorimetric measurement of palladium excess heat. TSEM has collaborated with SRI, ENEA and NRL.

“LaGatta writes in his Welcome Message: “Results achieved during the last years of works have been amazing and it’s now time to give a new emphasis to such important discipline. Deserving of a fresh perspective, the conference will be changing in parallel with how our world is about to change.” LaGatta notes that the organizers will make much effort in getting Italian media and international press to cover the event so that the world can “understand the importance of what the scientific community is doing and what the impact of these results will be for the entire world.”

At this point we know very little about the details of this collaboration, but it does sound like Tom Darden and others at IH are carefully building bridges to bring about his stated goal of implementing LENR technology to reduce pollution worldwide.

  • Freethinker

    Some results on the first part of my ongoing experiment, dealing with the hydrogenation part.

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  • e-dog

    hey sanjeev can you read this?
    hope so! cheers mate

    • Sanjeev

      Thousands of old papers. Not possible for me to read even one 😀
      Perhaps you can quote the interesting part if you have read them?

      • e-dog

        im sorry can you readit?

        • Sanjeev

          Read what exactly ?
          Just copy paste it here if you like.

      • e-dog

        it is important

  • clovis ray

    wrong,at present we have a lt/e-cat that been under load for 6 months and has been in self sustain, mode ssm a majority of that time, the customer is tickled pink, because it’s saving him lots of money on his power bill,

  • ecatworld

    Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance is at the University of Missouri where Robert Duncan was prior to moving to Texas Tech

  • Bob Greenyer

    That was SKINR – not Texas

  • An MIT, Texas Tech and IH collaboration is almost too good to be true. I wish we new the full range of Industrial Heat’s activities. I suspect they are much much greater than a single 1 MW test.

    How about a web site IH?

    • mcloki

      They have no content for a website, Barely enough to do a blog. Eventually they will have something to say, then a website will be warranted.

      • I think they have plenty of info that we would find interesting. They just don’t want to share yet.

  • georgehants

    Via Vortex with thanks
    One more article that all should read…
    Editors of World’s Most Prestigious Medical Journals:
    “Much of the Scientific Literature, Perhaps HALF, May Simply Be
    Science education should continually reinforce the fact that integrity and
    morality are absolutely necessary for the scientific process to work.
    “The most important endeavor is the striving for morality in our actions.
    Our inner balance and even our very existence depend on it. Only morality in
    our actions can give beauty and dignity for life.”
    -Albert Einstein — To Reverend C. Greenway, November 20,1950.
    “Without ‘ethical culture,’ there is no salvation for humanity.”
    -Albert Einstein—From “The Need for Ethical Culture”, January 5,1951.
    -mark iverson
    http:[email protected]/msg102986.html

    • Manuel Cruz

      The situation isn’t actually that bad, that 50% is reached by balancing out social sciences with hard science.

    • Mark

      Morality! Really? A lot of stuff published in these journals is “uninterpretable” (i.e. bad quality) just like a lot of LENR work has been. So what is so immoral?

      Is it that papers that are more like pilot studies are published?

      Is it the “publish or perish” climate of universities?

      Maybe it is a good thing people can get their work in a journal instead of loosing their job?

      Maybe it is the incompetent people reading these studies and making to much of them?

      • GreenWin

        Mark, the outdated “Publish or Perish” edict in academia is a major reason for poor quality science. Combined with a bottomless pit of grant money for adventures like “climate change” we get questionable or erroneous science. e.g.

        Perhaps it should change to “Publish Sheit and Perish.”

        • georgehants

          Evening GreenWin, warm at last in Penzance.

          • GreenWin

            Wonderful news George. I wish you a warm and joyful summer, tippled with a fine red! Great to hear the “Holographic Principle” is becoming a staple in mainstream science. Now, how do we make these holograms behave more humanely?

            • georgehants

              By many more people sincerely asking the question you have asked and honestly trying to find the answer.

    • Andy Kumar

      George, we have not heard from you for a while. I thought you gave up hope.
      Anyway, you have not missed much. We have been going thru the usual “serial excitement” about one announcement-du-jour to the next. New replicators (hero-du-jour) keep popping up every week. Hopefully, we will see some movement soon.

      • georgehants

        Morning Andy, yes in four years much has changed, from just a few of us defending Mr. Rossi and hoping for success to now, new reports almost every day.
        In them days it was only us few Rebels that refuse to follow the establishment line that kept interest going, now it is difficult to even write the Truth as it becomes condemned as “repetition”
        All good news and it is still Mr. Rossi in the driving seat of hope for a open announcement at the end of his test period in Dec/Feb.

  • Charles

    It appears that while the Media and Political Ostrich has its head buried deep in the corruption sand dune, the Sir Isaacs Newtons and Henry Fords are forging ahead with their improvement of the world for mankind. I hope that the citizenry is prepared to bury Washington and every State Capitol with bodies if they start their bribery/looting regulation interference machine on this NEW FIRE.

    • Donk970

      If you’re going to bury someone in bodies go to the root of the problem and burry the existing energy sector.

    • Observer

      Achieving Utopia by means of bloody purges has been tried and always fails. What people do not seem to understand is that when it comes to “means” and “ends”, ends are just single points in time while the “means” become the standard operating procedure for all time going forward, until the “Utopia” collapses.

      • Charles

        Sorry for being unclear. Burying with bodies meant huge numbers of peaceful but determined protestors.

        • mike

          Me and my friends are already prepared to go to dc and drain the swamp. We don’t want them dead, but we want them out, feet first or head first. We are fed up and LENR just might by the straw that breaks the camel’s back. This is world shaking news but only a handful of us knows what’s happening. Pity.

  • Gerard McEk

    It seems that in the background the LENR world is preparing for the’Great Breakthough’. I hope it will come strong and healthy and that it happens soon!

  • Sanjeev

    Don’t know if this is a leak or whether intentional or not, but I’m glad to see another player entering the lenr game. Very important linkages made here.

  • Sanjeev

    Another strike 😉
    Thanks to Doktor Bob for the link.
    Andrea Rossi LIVE from shipping container

    • Bob Greenyer

      very funny!

  • Daniel Maris

    Would be nice to be bowled over by TSEM but as far as I can make out on the internet they are a miniscule company (16-25 employees) focussed mainly on technology in the cosmetic/beauty area.

    It would be nice to hear differently but that’s as much as I could find out.

  • Bob Greenyer


    and the money for Texas Tech LENR? Bill Gates..?

    • Omega Z

      Texas Tech has a 200+ Million$ annual research fund which Duncan has major sway over. Even 1% of that would be a healthy amount for LENR research. They were well aware of his work at MU & was mentioned in the news when he went to work for them.

      It is my opinion that they hired him precisely for that reason. They even found a position at the University for his wife in the medical research field. It is Texas Tech’s intention to be a world leader in Engineering & Energy research. Even if they had some uncertainty about LENR, It’s something they couldn’t ignore.

      • Bob Greenyer

        but the research fund comes from somewhere

        • Omega Z

          You don’t know how higher education works in the U.S.. That’s OK. Most Americans don’t either. If they did, there would be an uproar.

          The Federal Government provides a portion of funding distributed to the states. The States add this to their funding & distribute it to the Universities. Very little of this applies to the Students Education. It nearly all goes to a growing bureaucracy. Tuition provides for Professors pay & many other expenses.

          Texas Tech’s approximate 200 Million$ annual research funding is provided in the State Education budget. The professors can & do apply for additional research grants from agencies such as DOD, DARPA, Etc,,, Some may come from wealthy individuals as was the MU-SKINR(Kimmel) and research contracts with business. This is in addition to the State funding.

          Universities also have Endowments built up from donations by their Alma Mater & can spend as much as 5% of that as they wish. Harvard’s Endowment is approximately a 36 Billion$. The Top 10 U.S. Universities have Endowments valued at more then 150 Billion$ between them. Note, This has no effect on the the amount of funding they receive from the government.

          Higher Education is Big Business in the U.S. Combined Education in the U.S. Is Huge. If it were all under 1 roof instead of scattered in districts, It would be one of largest employer’s in the World.

  • Ged

    Hot dang.

    …Pun intended.