Cold Fusion on Reddit Futurology

I noted yesterday that I was getting big spike in new traffic from a Reddit domain, and thanks to some sleuthing from readers here I found that the source of the hits was an article on Reddit’s Futurology subreddit here:

Reddit is one of the top site in the world when it comes to reader comments and discussion, and it can drive a lot of traffic from some of its most active subreddits (there are thousands of subreddits, which are groups on specific topics on the Reddit platform). Futurology is the 43rd most subscribed subreddit, with over 2.6 million subscribers — so that would help explain how having something posted there would almost double the daily traffic to E-Cat World.

If you go to the link posted above you will be able to see the discussion taking place about the article posted there. The linked article was about the Airbus patent application, but the discussion quickly expanded to a general one about cold fusion.

There’s nothing too surprising in the comments there — fairly typical skeptic/believer debates — but I think it does show that it only takes the right article in the right place to have the topic of LENR reach a much wider group of people than would normally pay attention to the topic, and I believe that power and reach of the internet and social media does have a great deal of potential for bringing awareness to the LENR field.

  • Josh G

    There are thousands upon thousands of subreddits on many different topics, most of them pretty friendly from my (limited) experience. Probably the more ‘niche’ you get usually means friendlier. They have subreddits for towns and countries, hobbies, sports, etc. etc.. If you’re into it, near it, heard of it, wondered about it, then there is probably a subreddit for it. You might like the r/fringescience subreddit.

  • Josh G

    There is a friendly LENR subreddit:

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Someone linked to this before but I think it’s worth hearing

    • Stephen

      A great poem. It should be on the wall of every LENR enthusiast I think. Thanks for bringing it to attention I plan to buy the book and keep it on my desk at work from now on.

  • GreenWin

    The site is still infected with shills and pathos. Especially toward ECW. If you elect to join and comment you will have to wait a day before your comment is posted due to board rules.

  • LION

    I hope MFMP note your observation Frank ,as it will help their kickstarter, which I am looking forward to contributing to.

  • Achi

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. I believe that all things related to cold fusion/lenr posted on other sites should begin with a line like this: “Those that believe man made scientific laws cannot be changed, and those that believe that studying phenomenon outside of said laws is sacrilegious, need not read further. You people go and live your lives and let the rest of us discuss the given evidence along with the realms of what could be possible in peace.”

    • Warthog

      You can lead a skeptopath to facts, but you can’t make’em think.

    • bkrharold

      I think you have put your finger on the cause of such disbelief in the Scientific community. The lesser lights among the scientific community believe our current understanding of science, is an exact interpretation of objective reality, rather than a crude and imperfect interpretation.This is the point where a belief in science becomes a religion. Like any other religion the believers will defend their belief to the death.
      When the truth about LENR is finally discovered and formulated scientifically, let us not rest on our laurels, and believe there is nothing further to discover.

  • Josh G

    I posted this on Reddit’s futurology subreddit back when the TPR2 was first released:

    At the time, it got 133 upvotes, which were 55% of the total votes. But actually the vitriol against the Airbus patent in the comments seems more muted than the post I made in Octrober about the E-cat. I think it having Airbus behind it absolutely does lend credibility.

    • Agaricus

      That ‘argument’ is one of maryyugo’s favourite rhetorical falsehoods, as is the phrase ‘convicted fraudster’ itself, so the chances are that it was posted by the gender-bending shill George Hody under one of his many pseudonymous handles.

      • Mats002

        Yes and the same ‘argument’ got Swedish public radio a golden prize.

  • Jonne Webber

    I’m usually a calm, peace-loving and open-minded person, but reading the rants of these pathological “skeptics” somehow always ignite a primordial bloodthirsty fury in me. The worst thing is not how they spread lies and arrogant judgments based on nothing but rumors and ignorance. The worst thing is that they are allowed to do that without any punishment.
    Even if on some sunny day LENR triumphs, mainstream science admits it failures and the careers and fames of some of the worst cold fusion deniers are destroyed, the skeptics continue their lives like nothing happened. They won’t even admit “oh, sorry, I was wrong”. They won’t admit anything, they’ll just disappear. They will not receive any kind of punishment for their collective effort which has dragged the science decades behind of what it could have been and thus they, as a collective, share a guilt, for example, for millions of deaths which could have been prevented if we would have had cold fusion already in the 90’s.
    And they won’t even say “sorry”.

    • Bob

      There is something odd about the human mind and it is not limited to LENR. A similar example is the subject of Tim Tebow. You will see no web sites that calmly and factually discuss his abilities, strengths, weaknesses or short comings. It is either hate his guts or he is “God’s gift”. There does not seem to be any in-between. Why?

      Look at the similarities :

      Tebow seems to be a good, upright person that is a positive role model and might possibly make a good quarterback. Who can complain about that? Yet the hate put on him is really astounding.

      LENR has the possibility of solving the world’s energy crisis! Why would anyone want to diss it without giving it a reasonable chance? Some of the ECW crowd are scary in their outright hate!

      Tebow has not been proven over the long run, but has not really failed in the short run either. Compared to many prospects, shows a winning record. Yet, some look at him as a savior who already deserves enshrinement at the hall of fame.

      LENR has not bee proven commercially viable over the long run (yet), but has shown great promise in short run tests. Yet some boast that the world will be a utopia once LENR is available. No war, no hunger….. ! This will hardly be the case either.

      Tebow has many “intagibles” that do not include the “standard” throwing motion, foot work, or pocket presence. Yet he still won games.

      LENR does not match known standard physics or current scientific attitudes. Yet many tests show that there is something certainly worth looking at.

      LENR and Tebow….. Cousins in the HATE or LOVE war of the human psyche! The human condition does not seem to allow rational and factual discussion with some subjects! 🙂

      • GreenWin

        Actually Bob, we here see only the black and white attitudes projected upon human psyche. Having spent a long time with these people I have experienced many, varied, well considered opinions – far from the naive “red & blue, good or evil” we experience in this sim. IMO, this is due to sim programming which escalates drama. It is so much easier to judge a people by pitting them against each other.

        But let’s use the same criterion to judge hot fusion. It has been claimed to be the energy savior for 65 years. It is commonly referred as “The Holy Grail” of energy. Our most lofty institutions of science and learning doggedly pursue their dream of capturing a star in a bottle. Yet, 65 years and $250B taxpayer dollars later — we have absolutely nothing of common value. However, the press continues to gush about ITER, NIF, Alcator C-mod, “clean, unlimited energy…” All of which convinces politicians to pony up more taxpayer billions$$.

    • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

      It does seem like the Middle Ages sometimes… Or we are shown, over and over again, that it is human social behaviour and psychology that need to be addressed.
      What is the deterrent of ridiculing and insulting? Only when we watch those behaviours on a movie do we realize how wrong they are.
      Somebody posted this already, but it’s worth seeing it

  • It’s hard to read those comments without getting angry. The willful ignorance of some people is amazing.

    So very full of themselves and so very very ignorant.

    • Freethinker

      Yes. There are a couple of really “good” examples…

    • bkrharold

      After having suffered these fools for the last few years, I don’t get too worked up any more. In fact I felt quite honored to receive a response from Maryugo a few weeks ago.