Commercialization of Cold Fusion/LENR has Begun (Rossi Confirms Customer using E-Cat in Production)

Normally when Andrea Rossi talks about the 1 MW plant currently in production testing, he couches it in ‘results could be positive or negative’ terms, and talks about being hopeful and his team working well and working hard, but leaves room open for interpretation as to exactly what is going on, often saying he can’t give details until the current test run is over.

However, today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, he gave some straight answers to some direct questions which, if taken at face value, mean that the commercialization of LENR/cold fusion is upon us.

JC Renoir posted these questions, and Rossi provided the answers.

Q: Can you say now if the 1 MW plant is working? A: Yes

Q: Is it already producing heat in the factory of the Customer? A: Yes

Q: Is the Customer making its production using the heat made by the 1 MW plant? A: Yes

These are unequivocal answers, and significant ones, I think. If the E-Cat is providing useful energy in the production process of a customer, then a milestone has been met. Using the E-Cat commercially has been Andrea Rossi’s goal from the very beginning of his work in the field. To have an interesting discovery without a practical application for it, is not terribly useful in terms of helping the human race.

As I have mentioned recently here, Andrea Rossi has developed a good track record over the years of delivering on what he says. I don’t expect everyone to take Rossi’s word about this, and we have precious few details about what production process is involved here, but personally, I have no problem accepting what he says here as being reliable, and therefore I say congratulations to Andrea Rossi!

  • atlantis71

    30% of heat demand in the industrial sector by 2030. This is my forecast using a technology diffusion model.

    • bachcole

      I say 45%, using a Birdian intuition forecasting method.

      But you are right, the knowledge of LENR+ will be a shock, but the reality is that business will not want to jump ship unless their energy sources have died.

  • GreenWin

    What they don’t care to teach at our ivory towers of learning (Andy’s Caltech, APS, MIT, etc) is how great minds come to perceive the mysteries they unravel. Take for example a most revered nuclear scientist and font of rational materialism – Max Planck.

    As a man who has devoted his whole life
    to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell
    you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter
    as such.
    All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force
    which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most
    minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this
    force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind.”
    Max Planck, Das Wesen der Materie [The Nature of Matter], speech at Florence, Italy (1944)

  • GreenWin

    A hoax? Not exactly. A clique of MIC puppeteers run the nuke village. Eisenhower warned us about them and their egos running wild. Many a good leader has warned about the dangers of a standing army. Men under arms require conflict and war. As long as humans wallow in fear of tribal neighbors – they will seek protection of standing armies. We’ll probably discover pyriamid power is far more elegant than splitting atoms. 🙂

  • GreenWin

    Bobby and Clint – thanks for your comments. Yes LENR is very real and is being quietly, carefully introduced. In US and EU expect to see continued FUD and skeptical outcry. Without it we would see a financial meltdown making the Great Depression look tame. But massive funds are moving out of fossil/fission and into different market sectors. Smart energy companies will license a stake in LENR and first class entrepreneurs (Bill Gates) are already in.

    Consider Russia – whose entire economy is under threat from low oil prices — but Russia is openly leading LENR at the government agency level. A chip won at the energy poker game. Russia, India and China have all publicly acknowledged LENR. As has U.S. Navy, NASA, Sweden and Norway. There are superior talents at work to introduce this technology without crashing global economies. We are grateful for their help.

    Stick around guys – you’re going to witness a transformation making the invention of the wheel look tepid.

  • Andy Kumar

    I did not mean it in an insulting way. It is premature to ask about price when the inventor says delivery is sooner or LATER.

    • Gregory Lee

      Fred and Andy. Do not fret about the price. I also believe what Dr. Rossi said about the price point for 10kw to be well within the reach of anyone and everyone around $500-$1000. It was very smart move of him doing that. He had to prove to himself that there was enough believers out there for him to continue the work on our behalf. It was to prove himself of necessity of the real thing when he first procured to know how many people would be interested in buying his product and created that famous “buyers list”.
      Well I believe I’m one of the very first to sign up and I’ve been counting on it ever since.

      Yes he did sway a bit about the price from his starting point of $500, but the last he said was it might come to around $700-$800 through Home Depot. I do believe he is still trying to make that target, although as I understand he is currently out of pictures as far as financing and marketing is concerned as he is devoting himself as technical engineer as you all know. I do believe he envisioned for us to use them for all our needs from hot water to home heating and generating electricity that would require several units in different configurations.
      But time will only tell if we can get by with single unit that can create all of that without fuss and at not far off price through direct electricity generation and such.
      As a matter of fact if direct electricity generation is fruitful then that actually would suffice for all our needs.
      We’ll need to rewire our home for it but that would certainly be more than worth it. Think of a near free energy, a few hundred bucks a year for the service cost of fuel replacement for whole year for the rest of your life . A car that runs infinite until it turns rust pile. Ha.

  • JT Vaughn totally has my respect in the way he handled the situation. The Ecat does not emit harmful radiation. Gary Wright is the one I have no respect for. Do you think he was concerned about harmful radiation at IH? He tries to tear down Rossi any chance he gets, beside the inspectors found zero radiation at IH. Why would they have? It was a big waste of time and taxpayers money.

  • Mike Ivanov

    Rossi said many things. Even since Lugano report and Moscow replication made e-cat story much more solid – lets wait for any kind of 3rd party confirmation. Or at least normal sale of e-cat, without “secret customer”.

    But, if all these hints Rossi had made are genuine – if I would be him, I wouldn’t bother about skeptics or community at all. Actually his interest could be a quite opposite, to keep a lot of fog around until they are fully prepared to go to open market with tested and polished devices and be able to provide robust and scalable support.

  • georgehants

    Albert thank you, Scientist are always giggling about such things as UFO’s etc,
    I asked you above and you have not answered, do you agree that any scientists that giggles deny’s or try’s to debunk UFO’s fairys etc. as not being a possible important phenomenon is clearly not fitted to be a scientist?
    Who do you think should be looking for that “Evidence” ?

  • georgehants

    Andy, thank you, then you can agree with me that any scientists that makes statements such as there is no creator, fairys etc. is an incompetent fool that has no understanding of scientific principles?

    • AlbertNN

      Only if they say that there is scientific proof of it. Otherwise scientists are entitled to a personal opinion, like everybody else.

  • hornster

    I am concerned about the need to resort to natural gas as the spark for the reaction vs. electric heating in the proposed gas hot cat. While gas is indeed a cheaper energy, it implies that the efficiency (COP) may be marginal. Electric would be the way to go.
    Using electric heating would be much simpler. Igniting gas safely is complicated. The modular design of the e-cat would require many complex ignition modules or pilot lights which in my experience are troublesome or inefficient.

    • Mike Ivanov

      All these devices are just prototypes, proof of concept. Real engineering teams will create reactors which are quite different from these “dog bone” bar and others.

      • GreenWin

        Heating, sparks, EM fields – all will be replaced by coherent light stimulation as is being used currently in nanoplasma research. Ultimately, modulating coherent (laser) energy at the photonic level will provide discreet control of LENR reactions.

        e.g. We will see protium-infused lattices catalyzed by spin/phase controlled laser radiation targeted on surface geometry. n/132

  • GreenWin

    Frank, do we no longer have guest voting for comments and posts?

  • Agaricus

    Sorry, butI find it a bit difficult to see where paranoia is relevant to AlbertNN’s comments. I wonder – do you interpret any attempt at secrecy or misdirection by anyone, anywhere, or any suggestion that some other party may be engaged in such tactics as paranoia? You certainly toss the term around rather freely.

    paranoia (parəˈnɔɪə/)


    A mental condition characterized by delusions of persecution, unwarranted jealousy, or exaggerated self-importance, typically worked into an organized system. It may be an aspect of chronic personality disorder, of drug abuse, or of a serious condition such as schizophrenia in which the person loses touch with reality.

    synonyms:persecution complex, delusions, obsession, megalomania, monomania; psychosis

  • alaister

    Mr Rossi if he has created what he says he has is anything but selfish.I wonder if you had worked as hard as he has or put up with the insults and the risk of delivering nothing,
    Would YOU just GIVE it away.
    I suspect NOT!.
    If he has delivered this new safe and plentifull source of energy he is up there with the the men that created electric etc.
    Just be thankfull that people like this exist.

  • bkrharold

    With all the wonderful advances in materials science and nanotechnology it may be possible to fabricate an energy device based on the e-cat principle that efficiently provides electricity without the need for complicated control mechanisms or energy input. I read recently they have discovered a way to make steel ten times stronger and much lighter by tinkering with surface molecular structure. They can now use supercomputers to design complex metallic alloys with qualities that are tailored to any desired application