Russian Video from Free Press — Oil is Not Expensive Ever (E-Cat Rossi)

Here’s another Russian item connected with the E-Cat. A guest kindly posted this video on the Always Open thread which has the translated title of “Oil is not expensive EVER! (E-Cat Rossi)”. Once again I feel at a decided disadvantage in reporting about this, because I don’t understand a word of the video (except for “Andrea Rossi”)

The segment included comes from the Russian “Free Press” (svpressa) news channel. The guest is named Vasily Koltashov who is Head of the Center for Economic Research Institute of Globalization and Social Movements. The description below the video (Google translated) has a description that doesn’t mention the E-Cat, but does talk about the effect of low energy prices and the effects on the Russian economy.

MORE: … Head of the Center for Economic Research Institute of Globalization and Social Movements of the loss of life of the Russian domestic market, the intensification of the crisis, prices for raw materials. Vasily Koltashov .: “Who makes the ruble fly ? “. The first part.

Some searching on Koltashov finds that he seems to be quite a prominent commentator on Russian economics and politics, so it might be significant that he is discussing the E-Cat in connection with the current Russian situation.

I feel like I am quite in the dark, since I don’t understand any Russian — so, again, any help from our Russian-speaking readers would be most appreciated!

  • Jarea1

    Copied from other post

    i found a link from Vladimir Leonov (he is a Russian scientist that says he has an Unified theory for physics). Under the following link, please use google translator to english:

    He says that US (Obama) has an agreement with China to overflow the market with ECATs that is the reason why China is playing the game with Occident to punish Rusia.

    Vladimir Leonov is also known by his approach to an unified theory. In fact, if you translate a recent news under the following link (use google translate):

    He has achieved a quantum motor(/antigravity?) that is more powerful than the emdrive. In fact, he also mention the Emdrive saying that this is the US version and is not so well develop as it can only lift light weight. In the article he also mention Parkhomov and Rossi regarding cold fusion.

    It is worth to read.

    More info

  • GreenWin

    What may be interesting here is threefold:

    1) India is clearly telling the USA and President Obama (visiting the Indian PM now) they are going forward with LENR as a primary alternative energy source – Current Science is a product of both India Academy of Sciences and India’s National Academy of Sciences.

    2) India’s PM has announced they will spend 2% national income on science and tech R&D – double past spending. India’s national income was $1.85T in 2013.

    3) ” [India’s] Global Centre for Nuclear Energy Partnership (GCNEP) was inaugurated in January 2014. It will be the DAE’s sixth R&D facility. It is being built near Bahadurgarh in Haryana state, 45km from Delhi airport, and designed to strengthen India’s collaboration internationally. It will house five schools to conduct research into advanced nuclear energy systems, nuclear security, radiological safety, as well as applications for radioisotopes and radiation technologies. Russia is to help set up four of the GCNEP schools.” Hindu Businessline, 1/25/2015
    The fact both Russia and India are now publicly active in LENR R&D makes business sense as the oil price collapse has forced Russia’s hand, and India desperately needs new forms of energy.

    • Buck


      the story goes even deeper if the following scenario holds water:

      1: October 8, 2014 – release of ITPR2 and the beginning of a coincident rapid decline in global oil prices
      2: Obama & US military consider Climate Change a National Security threat
      3: Oil has long been considered a critical component in any current assessment of National Security and Geopolitics
      4: Obama gets daily briefings regarding National Security & Geopolitics
      5: The US and EU recognize the transformational impact of LENR through multiple elements of their respective military and governmental institutions
      6: The heart of OPEC is aware of the reality of LENR and the imminence of industrial scale technology
      7: India and Russia are added to the growing list of major Fossil Fuel economies alongside China that have openly focused upon LENR, though only obliquely intimating its imminence.
      8: The passing of King Abdullah brought Obama to Saudi Arabia.
      9: Obama has had private and remarkable conversations (given the publicized agreements) with the respective leaders of China and India focused upon Climate Change and energy.

      With all this in mind, heaven only knows the details of how it all unfolds.

      I would like to think that Obama, in his private unrecorded face to face conversations, has been forward enough to include LENR as a way of pointing towards a negotiated future. Considering that Obama, ignoring his political philosophy, is best characterized as thoughtful and considerate rather than impulsive and solipsistic, I would love to have been a fly on the wall.

      • LilyLover

        That scenario not only hols water but is very real, except with minor adjustments.
        That Indian PM is a slick-talker even more so than Obama. He must have paid meaningful lip-service. As in … here – take it – market opened for US Civilian Nuclear Tech. But once LENR is sold at household level that “access to market” becomes meaningless. He get’s his diplomacy credits. Obama is not stupid enough to threaten India or China with military action. It’ll only backfire. Russian dependence on oil for survival is threatened. They need any and all help they can get by selling any and all scientific knowledge that they have. OPEC – SAKing pretty much “Covertly” hopes for IS flag over part of the EU. Unilateral effort amplification of USD stemmed from the Petrodollar and the special relationship with the SAK. We exploited Chinese, Indian, African, Southern American and pretty much any destitute labor for many decades. We’ve lost the ability to further squeeze the juice – no matter how hard we try and no matter if 95% begin to earn a living through military “service” threat. There is no more juice left to be squeezed. Self cannibalization has begun. The only good thing is – Neither China, nor India has appetite or ability for revenge. Therefore they’ll simply “play the moral high ground” and “absolve” the American debt. Pretty much the average American is about to learn a lesson that “they are no more exceptional than anyone else in the World” is. Therefore, if it took 20 years of saving for a ChIndian to save up for a car, it’d have also taken 20 years of saving for an average American. BUT the beauty of the LENR is that it’s elevating everyone to a higher standard as opposed to equalizing everyone towards an average. I.e. In short time, no one will be able to assert that “we are superior because we are exceptional” and “we are exceptional because we are superior” or “we are the most productive nation in the World”. Etc. Hence the Obama visits to SAKChIndia. The men behind the curtain hope that this prosperity will make people blase and allow them to be integrated under the new World. It’s our job to make sure that the prosperity arrives with the elevated awareness and upliftment of the hearts. Let’s not enslave our fellow humans and animals.

      • Bernie777

        10. Saudi Prince says they must protect their markets and oil will never reach $100 again.

      • Eyedoc

        Just don’t hold your breath waiting 🙂

        • Buck


          we wait for the pilot plant R&D to be completed. Rossi suggested 1Q 2016. So we all wait. 😉

      • GreenWin

        With you on this Buck. One caveat is IF climate concerns are genuine — we should have seen Sierra, Nature Conservancy, NRDC, Audubon, Greenpeace, WWF, etc etc. embracing LENR technology 5 years ago. They did not, and still have not. This is duplicitous. Climate gang needs the pretense of disaster for funding and political power — an outdated model.
        Fact is nobody cares about “climate” except the politicians and their handlers who are desperate to keep it alive — all the while avoiding evidence it is greatly exaggerated. Satellite records confirm the home to 90% all ice (and 85% fresh water) on Earth – Antarctica – has expanded 2% per decade according to NASA, NOAA, Met Office etc. And the next Ice age cycle is due to start this millennia.
        According to today’s NY Times, Obama and India’s PM agree on containing China expansionism. The President has promised to increase trade with India with a goal to match trade with China ($500B annually.) Obama’s visit puts India center world stage. And India is now very clear that LENR is going to be a part of their energy future.

        • builditnow

          Greenwin, yep, all the greens are very suspect for not publicizing the need for a close and careful look at LENR, with research money etc.etc. They are probably corrupted by the cash collection process. They have sufficient cash to fund LENR themselves.
          AND, by the way, so is everyone else corrupted.

          Everywhere one looks in detail, we humans deliver the worst junk products and systems we can get away with …. to each other. It’s in all aspects of life, need I mention politics, the law, windoze for instance.
          I’m not picking on any one or anything, we are ALL doing this to each other.

          The net results is that we ALL are the recipients of this junk.
          Using oil instead of LENR is just one of many many examples.

          Why are we doing this to ourselves?
          Can we do better?
          PS: I think climate change is a risk we should not take.

          • I don’t like those conspiracy theories, like oil companies suppressing technologies. I observe that corporate on one side did an honest job of research and watching, and on the other side are VICTIMS of the mindguards which menance to ridicume them.
            today you cannot imagine how those clown can hinder LENR startup. it is time not to have any pity for the manipulators, and show they are pathetic deniers, conspiracy theorist, liars, deluded, anti-science, and dishonest… nothing is exagerated in those terms if you see them act rationally.

            now for greens I am more surprised. they are the first to be ALLOWED to claim a conspiracy, to oppose the consensus. every day they claim an oil conspiracy, a tobacco conspiracy, a nuke conspiracy, a bee conspiracy, a fertilizer conspiracy, a wifi or GSM conspiracy, a gluten conspiracy…

            they would benefit from claiming an anti-LENR conspiracy, and I know here some environmentally concerned people (I’m probably so, I was sure) who defend LENR as such a benefit for humanity victim of some conspiracy or at least groupthink…

            why does the green refuse to use their social power to claim a conspiracy, because they are the only one who can oppose the scientific consensus and still be respected ?

            they have a license to say anything provided they link it to their values… Mother earth allows even to promote beheading deniers (recent), exploding the heads of deniers kids (10-10-2010), preventing africa population growth by blocking development, or no more helping poor families in the north (Denis Baupin, Paris) .

            they have the freedom of speech that quite no group have on earth… media allow them to say anything, excusing all claims of conspiracy or accusations.

            and they don’t use it?

            strange… very strange. it could look irrational if there was not some clear rationality. real money speak louder than pretended values.

            we will have no help from the organization, however I expect real help from goodwilling people who love nature and peoples…

            We should build an alternative to those golden churches, proposing values that people support.

            Organizations may be corrupted at the head, but the crowd of supporter is honest.

      • Jarea1

        Sometimes i have the fear we live in a LENR dream, we wish so much that this technology appears into the market that forget that wishing doesn´t mean doing.

        Unfortunately, we don´t have any breach in mass media and political media yet. We know there are many politicians and related important people flirting with LENR, even Bill Gates invest, however, there is no yet the open doors i would like to see. At the same time, we just justify all the current oil event with LENR.

        We think that everything is connected and really makes sense since the big oil has retreated from long term investments. However, there are still no open words about the reasons, in fact, they say that the real reason is the OPEC that produces too much oil.
        Are we building our dream without facts?
        is it valid to say that everything is produced by a secret LENR research when there is no open declaration about only looking to the hints we know?

        I would like to see an open declaration from a big company that works, there is still uncertainties, although i am convinced that this technology works and is our future.

        What if the oil price reduction is regarding other hidden reason (war, future crisis)? In fact, there are other many theories in the web about this.
        what do you think?

        • Buck


          I think what you ask for (an open declaration from a big company) has already occurred, but not will the global fanfare exhibited in 1989 with P&F’s ill-advised and premature announcement.

          I believe we are in a situation best represented as analogous to poker, boxing, football, soccer, baseball, or etc. One of the most important skills is learning how to compete without telegraphing your intentions so as to take others unaware.

          After 1989, everyone who was economically impacted by the introduction of a Cold Fusion technology had made their private assessment. Some decided they were in a competition with the new technology. Others deluded themselves. And some obviously chose to support LENR.

          As time passes and more information becomes public, the relative %’s between these three groups shift.

          Given the incontrovertible fact of LENR and implications of ITPR1, ITPR2, and the Pilot Plant project on the near term introduction of industrial scale LENR energy production, everyone is playing their cards very close while they adjust their positions.

          I believe LENR, at first look and ignoring practical timing issues, when taken as fact leads to the conclusion that essentially ALL major forms of energy sources, production, and distribution will be replaced. As the Energy Industry encompasses roughly an estimated 8% of the entire world economy, it is very reasonable IMHO to place LENR on the list of things which impact Global Geopolitics and National Security for virtually all nations.

          It is because of this assessment that Nations are working towards negotiating the transition to a LENR based energy system.

          For example: regarding the President’s promise with India . . . I think it’s great. One way of looking at it is: you invest heavily in LENR, we will help pay for it through a very large increase in trade to about $500B annually, and the cause of Climate Change as well as shared prosperity has been supported. The whole world wins.

          • your description about what corps have done seems correct…
            companies, were curious, some finally deluded in consensus often after misinterpreted failure (see Bose), some more or less convinced and waiting for practical applications, some not more convinced but willing to participate the revolution if confirmed.

            what is missing in your portrait, is that the mindguard of groupthink , academics, media, wikipravda, Science/Nature comics, Cudes’,Huizanga’s and Coyaud’s, have establised a state of terror against LENR.

            This did not prevent corporates engineers who touched the reality to believe their calorimeters, nor to thrust good scientists they know.

            however it have mostly blocked ability to communicate in public, to advertise their commitment, their conviction in public.
            it have blocked spread of the situation by media, by regular science journals beyond the high impact comics, by wikipravd’as and science forums…

            This is the point where we as a community can work hard to reverse the fear.
            Coyaud and Pomp have to feel afraid to lose their position , to be fired because of their anti-science position.
            We should convince decision makers that they have to be punished, that they lied, that they were aware of the reality and defending their delusion.
            This may look nasty but that is a job. terrorize the terrorist.

            Coyaud, Futura mods, and similar mindguard have to be afraid.
            the end is near but they are trying to gain days.
            we should convince them that they they have to stay silent today to keep their position or very soon we will lobby influential groups to fire them.

            this is a war. a media War. an influence war.

            groupthink is the rule of media today, and we have to stop it on LENR.

      • Eyedoc

        I wish 🙂

    • Eyedoc

      Sorry, but sadly I read this as FISSION nuclear expansion in India……wouldn’t that be ironic at this time in history??

      • GreenWin

        Fission is a unredeemable economic failure. Insurance costs alone make ROI impossible in current markets. And who needs fission’s toxic waste when heat from LENR is 1000% less costly, green and abundant??

        • Jarea1

          Everybody agree on that here but the point is, is there any indication that the Indian politic will invest in LENR and not in the “tradicional” energy technologies? (fission,coal,hydro,etc). If they say they will invest but nothing moves in the right LENR direction then is only dreaming that they will do the correct decision.

          • Eyedoc

            Yes, exactly my point….don’t overestimate politicos

  • Fortyniner

    Just computer graphics I’m afraid – and quite old ones judging by the long discarded external hydrogen tank.

    • artefact

      That picture was made for a contest made by Allen Sterling to find a good enclosing for the “old” e-cat. I think that picture was on place two.

    • Guest

      Interesting, tho, that someone took the time to put that mockup together.