Industrial Heat Working ‘Harder Than You Can Imagine’ [Update: New Domestic E-Cat Design; Rossi has a Dream to Produce in Millions]

Here’s an interesting response to a question from a reader on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about when E-Cat technology will finally be usable — something I am sure that many readers here have often wondered. There’s not a definitive answer here, but maybe we get an idea of what is happening at Industrial Heat headquarters from Rossi’s response:

To make a forecast is very difficult, and if I say a date I will be assailed if the date will not be respected. We are working very hard both for the certification and for the industrialization to be able to manufacture million pieces per year. We are working on this much harder than you can imagine.
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I find it interesting that Rossi here mentions working on certification — and I think he is likely referring to certification of domestic units, since he has said that industrial certification has already been obtained. If certification is obtained for the domestic E-Cats, then IH’s strategy (according to Rossi) is to flood the market with low-cost units, to discourage reverse engineering.

As with many of Rossi’s comments about there’s plenty that is not clear, but if IH is working harder on these things than we can imagine, maybe they will get the breakthrough that will hasten the day when the E-Cat finally appears in the world.

UPDATE: Here’s a new comment from Andrea Rossi in response to a question I posted on the JONP about whether the ‘million pieces per year’ referred to industrial or domestic E-Cats:

Frank Acland:
Industrial plants are mature, and at the end of the R&D period of the plant supplied to the Customer of IH the expansion will be already on solid ground, if the final results will be positive ( I must remind you that the results could be also negative, and in this case things will be more difficult). The domestic E-Cats are the big issue we are working on for what concerns the future. We are testing a new design that is extremely interesting and, in parallel, our experts are working on the safety certification side. When I talk of million pieces I am talking of domestic apparatuses, of course. Somebody said: ” I have a dream…”. Me too.
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  • psi2u2

    Nope. Your Chaplinesque sense of humor. 😉

  • LilyLover

    “Why is it classified?” – is a good question but it assumes that there is a reason. Sometimes, there is a reason, sometimes the reason is “because we can”.
    To buy and verify the authenticity of LENR was the purpose of first purchase. They did not want to be “pulling out a gun to rob a pauper” so, they just verified that the goods were there to develop a suppression strategy. IH – C-HI-na poured cold water on that effort and made sure that there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel.
    Classified as what? A plant or bacteria? If you meant – kept secret from public – The reason is this: the controllers all over the World try to see the extent to which they can “get away with” with misaccounting and misallocation of public funds. The resultant simmering anger, vocal revolt, complete indifference or total ignorance is the data they seek. This is a test of malleability of public tolerance and “lack of impending uprising”. Extent of “black-budget” is proportional to public apathy and opinion-moldability. Besides it also provides resources for the malevolent endeavors.