Robert Duncan Starting Center to investigate LENR at Texas Tech (McKubre to Join?)

Great work by Gerrit in uncovering an important development at Texas Tech University!

From Robert Duncan’s profile as Senior Vice President for Research and Professor of Physics is this information:

Duncan formed the Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance (SKINR) at MU, which was empowered by a major gift from Sidney Kimmel. He created the Center for Emerging Energy Sciences (CEES) at TTU in 2015. Both CEES and SKINR seek to understand the origins of the Anomalous Heat Effect (AHE) in certain metals that are loaded with hydrogen isotopes.

Then, in the Texas Tech University’s Board of Regents agenda book for December 11-14, 2014 is this entry:

Center for Emerging Energy Sciences (CEES), Office of the Vice President for Research; establish a center which will initially bridge physics and chemistry in the scientific exploration for the origin of the Anomalous Heat Effect (AHE). Once the origin of the AHE is established, this center’s effort will shift toward energy engineering, with engagement with mechanical and electrical engineering. This highly focused effort will involve close collaborations with ENEA (Ente Nazionale per l’Energia Atomica), the National Energy and Environment Laboratory of Italy, and with a contract to a scientist who will soon retire from Stanford Research International (SRI) in Palo Alto, CA.

This reference to the SRI scientist can only mean Michael McKubre.

Some wondered what would happen to Rob Duncan’s involvement in LENR after he left the University of Missouri where he helped establish the SKINR research center. It seems like he is remaining very interested and involved in the field, and this new CEES center could be an important player in research in LENR.

  • Bernie777

    Pretty naive bachcole

  • jousterusa

    That reminds me of when I wrote Obama a letter about LENR and he replied with a personal, signed letter about Obamacare. But he’s no fool; the fools are the people who would call him that. A fool would have us fighting unwinnable wars on three fronts. I am going to write him again.

  • jousterusa

    Where would Bill Gates fit in your equation?

  • Abd Ul-Rahman Lomax

    I visited the SKINR lab at ICCF-18 in 2013. I saw no sign that they were on the verge of any major breakthrough. It is reasonable to interpret McKubre’s remarks simply as calling that work “stodgy,” and it did seem to me to be “plodding.” That is not Bad, and that was certainly not a condemnation. It’s one more lab working on the issues, and that’s a good thing. When this really breaks out, there will be hundreds of labs involved, or more. Some will be stodgy and very conservative, some will be different.

    McKubre has not acknowledged anything about Texas, and I’ve seen no confirming reports. But it’s all very plausible. Duncan very likely negotiated the formation of CEES before accepting the appointment there. I notice that a SKINR report to ICCF-18 used the same term, AHE, Anomalous Heat Effect. is an official announcement from just before ICCF-18. Good stuff.

    I routinely call it the FPHE, Fleischmann-Pons Heat Effect. AHE is merely more generic. In 2004, Hagelstein et all called it “New Physical Effects in Metal Deuterides.” Heresy. Something “new”? Surely they were joking, don’t we already know everything except maybe for a few details?

    Robert Duncan’s page at TTC mentions that CEES was formed in “2015.” That indicates that the formation “information” on the December Regent’s meeting did not result in the project being stopped. Duncan’s resume has “Founder and Director of the Center for Emerging Energy Sciences (CEES, 201)”

    So the Center is On. McKubre there may still be under negotiation. This is going to get interesting, very very interesting. There is some obvious research to be done, research that is not blue sky, that is merely confirming (or, theoretically, disconfirming) reproducible research that is already known and published, but often ignored.

  • GreenWin

    Lugano. The unconfirmed acceptance of a Rossi 1MW reactor by Navy. SPAWAR R&D. Texas Tech CEES – in the heart of petroleum economy USA. Next up: ARAMCO’s LENR initiative in Saudi.

  • GreenWin

    Texas Tech is the center of petroleum research funding in the USA. Deep in the heart of Texas oil country, TTU announced two years ago a new facility for Petroleum Engineering and Research. While that will assist non-fuel petroleum uses in the future, I’m willing to bet CEES will lead Texas into the new era of clean, abundant LENR energy. The smartest of the oil tycoons will be looking closely at this new entity, and investing money in Texas’ energy future. 🙂

    • jousterusa

      My thinking is that they will lead us right out of it, pushed by the Seven Sisters. They have no incentive to propagate cold fusion study, research or engineering.

      • GreenWin

        I think that may have been the plan – last year. But since Duncan’s appointment to Texas Tech, oil prices have plunged 60% effectively neutering their cash cow. This is a pre-designed step in the transition from fossil/fission to LENR/renewables. Dr. Duncan now sits in a burgeoning catbird seat, being the foremost director of university-level research. I’d say Dr. Duncan has the heart of petrol in check.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Pardon me, another nebulous thought. Could the superwave effect be related to the
    TT Brown effect? 3:30

    • Alan DeAngelis

      By related, I was thinking that Brown may have put his capacitors through a charge/discharge cycle to see his effect. At ~7:30 min.

      • Alan DeAngelis


        A really crazy thought (the only kind of thoughts that I’ve been having lately). Could the Pd/CaO/Pd multilayering in the Mitsubishi transmutation experiments be analogous to a capacitor (where the CaO is an insulator) but instead of having an accumulation of electrons there would be an accumulation of deuterons. So, instead of having an antigravity effect (as in the T T Brown effect) there would be a gravity increasing effect that may
        assist the transmutation reaction.

  • theotherone

    @admin: It might be interesting to poll readers on this question:

    “In your view, among all events that have occurred to date, which three represent the firmest evidence of high level mainstream acceptance of LENR-like phenomena.”

    I would put the TTU Regents agenda item, the event McCubre spoke at in Norway, and the recent LENR-cities event among those three.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    There needs to be a reranking of the universities so that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again. Not being able to reproduce F&Ps reactions was one thing but to say that it’s “impossible” and “nonsense” and stick with that opinion for a quarter of a century shows that the infallible “experts” don’t know what they’re talking about. Is not being able to admit you were wrong the mark of a great scientist? There is no need to seek the seal of approval from the very people who were the biggest impediment to progress and dismissed the researchers who observed an effect as “charlatans”. If they were this wrong about something that is observable (to those who have eyes to see) like LENR, I start to wonder if they may have mislead us in other ways in the past in the name of “being responsible”.

    • I think you have to factor in that some of the real activity was shielded behind classified projects. So an institution’s public statements don’t always match its private activity.

    • punishing, reranking universities after they falled into denial of evidence nnever hapened.

      cold fusion story is only exceptional by the consequence of denial on Energy, the blood of economy and progress.

      there is a dozen of cold fusion denial episode every century.

      most we don’gt even know, like the ridiculed germanium junction when it was a parasitic effect not understood…

      basically scientists refuse reality when they have no explanation.


      exception is when there is a strong industrial effort. not a surprise that HTSC was outed by IBM R&D.

      See Wegener, see High temp semiconductors, see stomach ulcer bacteria, see germs…

      • Alan DeAngelis

        See how Dayton Miller shook up the physics establishment in the 1920s with his interferometer that was three times more sensitive than the
        one used in the famous Michelson-Morley experiment of 1887.
        “I believe that I have really found the relationship between gravitation and electricity, assuming that the Miller experiments are based on a fundamental error. Otherwise, the whole relativity theory collapses like a house of cards.”
        — Albert Einstein

  • Gerard McEk

    There are still investers who do not believe in LENR:
    (Maybe he himself does invest in LENR, but he has still some shares in the nuclear industry?)

  • Ronzonni

    I would like to see someone rich like Kimmel or Gates purchase a Rossi megawatt plant for Duncan and/or McKubre to use in their research. As a side effect, they could use it to heat their facilities during the cold season. They seem to be struggling to get a convincing demonstration going. A Rossi megawatt plant might be a good start.

  • Josh G

    I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but in McKubre’s notes about his November visit to Norway on Infinite Energy, there is a footnote to a statement about the lack of courage and leadership in the LENR field, where he states: “A conspicuous exception is my old friend Sidney Kimmel who did have the courage to go first, possibly too early, but possibly let down by a rather stodgy research mentality and insufficient pursuit of the unique understanding of Energetics.” Energetics is the Israeli company that was doing LENR R&D based on ‘Superwaves.’ (Kimmel, it should be noted, supported this approach because the superwave paradigm had been helpful to his own life and personal health through some kind of new-age superwaves-based regimen or techniques…but I digress.)

    What’s my point here? McKubre was very critical of the Missouri scientists. Maybe he convinced Duncan to leave Missouri because he thought the Energetics team was barking up the wrong tree or simply critical of their approach. Certainly Duncan wouldn’t have been able to get McKubre to pitch in at Missouri under those circumstances. So maybe they hatched a plan to scare up some money and establish a research center somewhere else. Whatever the backstory, it is not exactly a ringing endorsement of the SKINR efforts at Missouri….

    FWIW, here is the link to McKubre’s remarks:

    • Omega Z

      SKINR will continue on. It had an initial donation of 5.5 million from Kimmel but depends much on additional donations.

      It should be noted that TTU already does research in related LENR fields as in plasma physics, NANO materials Etc. About the only thing TTU was missing was a dedicated Anomalous Heat Project.

      TTU was also very aware of Duncan’s work & the SKINR project. They wanted Duncan to head up their project from the beginning. I don’t know if Academia uses the same term, but in the Corporate World, What they did is known as Poaching.

      They made an offer that was very hard to refuse. The hired his Wife. The gave him a Major promotion over his former MU position.

      I don’t know what TTU’s present research budget is, but, in 2012, it was a $140 Million & approximately $200 Million in 2014. Any guesses as to Who has major sway over those research funds.

      A note of caution if checking out TTU. There is a Chancellor Robert L. Duncan of the Texas Tech University System- Not the same Duncan…

  • Gerard McEk

    So, what do the local papers say when this new AHE institude is established?

  • Bernie777

    Sounds like a money source has decided to put some heads together.

  • Axil Axil

    the schnoz: Jimmy Durante: “Everybody wants ta get inta the act”

  • Omega Z

    The Big Banks may be on alert.
    Jouni may think the Banks are in Fear, Tho in reality, the Banks would be in Glee
    They have BILLION$ of federal dollars with no where to put it.

    Someone has to loan money to the Corporations to setup manufacturing & the supply chain. Someone has to loan money to the Corporations that incorporate this technology in their facilities.

    Banks will go into a feeding frenzy. Profits galore.

  • deleo77

    Bring Parkhomov over. Get him a visa and have him as a visiting researcher for a couple of years.

    • Ophelia Rump

      I doubt that he would be allowed out of Russia.

      • bachcole

        That would be a good test to see just how far LENR has gotten with regard to credibility. If he is let out, that won’t prove much. If he is NOT let out, then that sort of proves that they know and they want to protect what they know.

        He might be desperate to get out knowing that all fossil fuel states are going to fall down and go boom.

  • Jouni

    Big Money is fully aware of things going on. Even my bank manager had to refer to his childhood in the proximity of one of our nuclear reactors when I asked him where had he heard from cold fusion, because he was very aware of it. Banks are in red alert.

    • Bernie777

      Big banks are fully aware of LENR, and are already trading on inside information.

      • jousterusa

        Trading what, Bernie? There aren’t any LENR stocks that I know of.

        • Bernie777

          Anything and everything connected to energy, they don’t care if it goes up or down as long as there is volatility.

  • bachcole

    I knew that he had not been bought off. I knew that his move and disappearance was not part of some conspiratorial action against LENR. I TOLD YOU SO. (:->)

  • This means Duncan believes the Anomalous Heat Effect is very real, so leaving MU was really about the promotion offered by TTU and not cutting bait. Another data point on the plus side of the LENR+ ledger.

    Does this also mean though that McKubre is cutting ties with Brillouin? Why wouldn’t he just jump on board with them if they are on the verge of breaking out? Can he do both? Will he?

    • bachcole

      Second paragraph, good point and good questions.

  • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

    Seems like everybody is starting to realize that the race has begun. You need to start your involvement now to be among the first to exploit the field that is loosing it’s virginity at a rather alarming rate 😉

    Cold Fusion or better LENR is starting to loose it’s negative image fast and more and more people dare to associate with it. At this rate, this should be the year where LENR should raise itself from the fringe science it was to the world changing scientific discovery it is.

    • Ged

      We’ll have to find out! I am interested in what SKINR has found, as one would assume it must be something to prompt this. I dunno, I wish the major groups would be more forthright with their data, positive or negative. What has happened with that NASA experiment for instance?

      • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

        Money probably controls what data can be public. Since this is a field with an enormous potential, anyone with a money motive will probably hide their true intentions until the fruits of their labor can be harvested.

        NASA may not have the money to pursue the field at the moment because it’s still “fringe” science, but according to my own words, that could change shortly.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if SKINR found something new because I get the impression that the LENR effect can be triggered in many ways with many materials. Either there is a whole set of individual effects or they all share some underlying principles. I believe the latter is the case.

        • Axil Axil

          thinking about the essence of LENR:

          “LENR is topological in nature. The size and shape of its components are as important as the kinds of material that supports it. The greater the conformance to LENR’s ideal topological configuration, the greater will be LENR’s productivity.

          Nickel is the best metal to use for the Ni/H reactor because it is an almost perfect reflector of mid-infrared light. Some other metals are almost as good: titanium and zirconium. This ability to minimize dispersion of reflected infrared light is just what the Ni/H reactor needs to form Surface Plasmon Polaritons(SPP) at high efficiency.As the temperature of nickel rises above its Curie temperature, Nickel’s global magnetic coherence breaks down and it becomes para-magnetic. What then forms on the surface of nickel are localized magnetic vortexes on the micro and nano-scale. This spin vortex nature of the nickel surface also aids in the production efficiency of SPPs.Since SPP’s are spinning vortexes of an entangled light/matter waveform, these vortexes of spin on the surface of nickel aids in SPP formation. But nickel alone provides just a start to the strength of a good Ni/H LENR reaction.

          The ionization process inside the Ni/H reactor is all pervasive and is not limited to just hydrogen. Not only hydrogen is ionized but also a significant amount of nickel located on the surface of metal lattice.

          The energy for this ionization comes from the heat that initiates the LENR reaction during reaction startup. The dipole vibration starts out weakly across a broad front of many elements and compounds but it accumulates over the hours and the energy contained in the dipoles steadily increases in a latter like amplification process as short lived attosecond long SPPs converts heat energy into dipole motion. The SPP process is the bridge between blackbody heat energy radiation to eventually reach heavy relativistic electron XUV energy levels. With each short lifetime of the SPP adding just a little more energy to the dipole vibration.

          The dipole’s energy starts out in the infrared energy range, it gradually builds into ultraviolet and then into extreme ultraviolet and mild x-ray range.

          A general condition of dipole ionization is reached where the vast majority of nickel and hydrogen atoms are vibrating in sync at very short optical wavelengths. When sufficient dipole energy is cashed in the energy savings bank, it eventually begins to accumulate interest aplenty in energy gain from the nuclear processes that it catalyzes.

          In the Rossi type reactor, not only nickel and hydrogen is ionized, but also the secret sauce elements lithium and aluminum join the dipole vibration party.

          Like in the Ken Shoulder ‘s EVOs, nano-particles are were all the power comes from. This is why Rossi has stated that without his “secret sauce” the E-Cat is a poor performer. In the Hot Cat, for example, Lithium and Hydrogen produce nano-particles that carry the bulk of the strength of the LENR reaction. As in spark induced LENR and Hot-Cat meltdown, nano-particles that condense out of cooling plasma will carry the main portion of the SPP formation and associated power production. In closing, I predict that someone in the future will build an LENR metal vapor reactor that has a sustained operating temperature of 3000C ( a Hot-cat running in sustained meltdown mode). The challenge will be in controlling it. Let us be granted a life long enough to see such wonders occur”.

          • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

            Always a pleasure reading your posts, Axil.

            What has always bothered me is how the reaction can be sustained in a hot cat, especially at the 1400C or higher point. Local hotspots would be higher than the melting point of nickel, yet the reaction shows no sign of deminishing. Quite the contrary actually and there have been reports of runaway reactions were the temperature reached a conservative 2000C and possibly up to 3000C. So clearly the reactions in an ecat do not consist of one type, but probably two or more.

            I have the feeling that there is a startup period in the reactor which simply prepares the environment for the real energetic reactions to occur. I always thought that part of that is making sure that the nickel lattice is saturated with hydrogen and part is setting up the nickel lattice to vibrate in a certain way. Yet that may only be enough to be a startup for the real and thus primary process.

            Your explanation neatly shows how reactions can occur, even after the melting point of nickel so I would defenitely agree with you that the answer to how the ecat really works lies in this direction.

            I would imagine a working 3000C reactor would be something to behold, though like you, I can’t imagine the material difficulties and control issues you’d have.

            • Axil Axil

              Another important LENR reaction enabler is the formation of a Bose Einstein Condensate (BEC). As a mixture of light and matter, SPPs are produced and exist in a continual process of dispersion and non-linier amplification This fast moving process produces a condition of common energy levels across all the material in the reactor. This BEC produces superfluity and isothermal temperature distribution even at extreme temperatures. Most scientists not familiar with nanoplasmonics find this BEC formation process too hard to believe. These types of underlying theoretical contradictions to their view of nature cut their current beleifs to the bone.

              The science behind LENR is profound.

              The BEC produces a strange and unworldly universe inside the reactor core where everyday reality does not apply. I believe that three of the four fundamental forces of nature combined in this strange environment and create conditions of a common light matter soup like mixture controlled by a common force that existed just after the big bang.

              LENR will someday show the theorists at CERN the errors in their current thinking and set science on the proper path toward the theory of everything.

            • jousterusa

              Given those examples of heat, why can’t we figure out where they would be usefully employed?

          • jousterusa

            Great note! But I think the word you’re looking for is “vortices.”

            • Axil Axil

              Thanks I stand corrected.

        • jousterusa

          Sometimes the companies that make research grants get dibs on whatever results are potentially valuable.

  • Ged

    I really wonder what SKINR has found if anything to allow establishment of this new center.

  • Ophelia Rump


  • US_Citizen71

    The colaboration with ENEA makes me wonder if a grant from Bill Gates might be part of the equation now or in the near future.

    • Ged

      Might be part if the endowment allowing this place to be established

    • bfast

      I do not believe that Bill Gates is in any way interested in a grant. I do think that he has his trigger on the finger of a lot of money to invest, however. Please understand that LENR has nothing to do with the Bill and Mellinda Gates foundation — an organization famous for providing grants.

      • Ged

        Endowments are not quite the same as grants. The BMG foundation has nothing to do with this as it is not in their mission scope, but Mr. Gates could easily provide via endowment to help establish CEES, just like some unknown (to me) person did so SKINR could be established. I personally don’t think he did in this case, as ENEA were the ones he was signing papers for, so I share your view; but the timing and players are all too closely linked to be fully independent.

    • Bernie777

      Bill Gates is looking for profits and a way to grow his billions.