Knowledge Base Thread

Thanks to Andreas Moraitis for suggesting a thread about the ECW LENR Knowledge Base. This will be a good place for people to suggest new topics we could add to the knowledge base, and also a place where we can highlight new articles and content that has gone into the Knowledge Base.

Remember, if you would like to get involved in helping build the Knowledge Base, please send an email to [email protected], and let me know what you would like your username to be. I will create an account for you and send you the login details

  • ecatworld

    New page added for Project Dog Bone:

  • Mitchell Swartz is having much success applying magnetic fields to the NANORS. Goto the 2:59:20 mark

  • ecatworld
  • ecatworld

    Added a page about the December 2014 Parkhomov experiment. I have tried to get everything related to it on one page.

  • greggoble

    Love the comments… Well this will be built over time. Great idea!

  • Containing hydrogen up to 700 degrees
    Ophelia posted this gem of a patent. “The invention relates to a process for forming hydrogen permeation barriers useful in components of nuclear reactors.”

  • ecatworld

    As an experiment, all articles in the Knowledge base are now editable by non-registered users. Will be watching to see who this attracts.

  • ecatworld

    A new article for Alexander Parkhomov:

  • ecatworld

    We now have an article for the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project:

  • ecatworld

    New article created: List of important LENR patents:

    • Andreas Moraitis

      The Fleischmann-Pons patent is extremely interesting. It already mentions many details that have been presented during the last years as if they were “new ideas”. The complete text can be found here:

    • greggoble

      As I’ve been creating the Contemporary LENR Technology Patent list my mind got to wondering about the Patents Cited part of each patent. It sort of serves as a geneology of the patent, i.e. who contributed to the ‘genetic make up’ (heritage) of the new patent filed. It would be neat if a geneological tree could be created as a visual representation of these branches of heritage.

  • ecatworld

    Energy Catalyzer entry has been expanded (more detail needed)

  • few topic to document. (ask me if you don’t find the reference doc, some is on the old lenr-forum, closed)

    Report 41 Enea Deninno

    no room letter by Nature

    Preparata interview

    F&P calorimetry, Longchamp replication, Miles comparison on calorimetry

    MIT calorimetry analysis (Miles, by Boss)

    caltech calorimetry problems, Science refusal to correct errors

    F&P answer to caltech

    MIT fraud by Mallove

    Beaudette position on the 4 critical papers by Lewis, Hansen, Morrison and Wilson

    answer fof F&P to morrison

    Bockris tritium story.

    Taubes fraud and theory

    3 inquiry

    Brillouin story.

    sunrise funding, …


    the numerous article in icorriere dellaserra

    previous article in la stampa before teh scandal

    the article decribing the increase of cleaning price, the one on sabotage of tanks

    summary of sabnction agaisn rossi by Mats

    the indictment of the general of guarda di finaza who indicted Rossi

    Rossi’s patent

    US Army TEG

    the report

    position of rossi

    current state of the art

    theory of TEG

    Rossi’s patents

    Aldo Proia/Prometeon story

    The story of the zurich license bought back

    Story of synergetX, Synergetix HP

    story of LENr-cities

    Blacklight power

    the experiments by McKubre (M4 and all) with flow calorimetry

    the rejected paper of Oriani, … the story

    National instruments story

    conference of concezzi

    NiWeek 2012, 2013

    Energetics , 60 minutes, Robert duncann, SKINR, ICCF18, move to texas

    Ed storms books, reviews, papers
    Ed Storms theory, papers, book,

    E-cat , each demo, video, descriptions, positions, critics, retrospective analysis
    claims of sold reactors, licenses…

    US navy spawar research

    Navy NRL researchs

    SRI researchs, McKubre

    McKubre in norway

    Bill gates at ENEA

    ENEA conference in 2013
    ENEA report section on material science in 2012

    NASA Fralick research 1989, gas permeation
    replication by Uni tsinghua/ in 2005
    Biberian 2007
    NASA NRL 2008
    Fralick 2012

    NASA LENR research and sprospective (slides… Fralick, Millis, Zawodny)
    NASA LENr plane report
    Doug Wells seedling

    Shell work :
    Shell funding of jacques Dufour in CNAM
    Shell review of the domain around 2012

    Amoco experiments with tritium about 1989

    MHI/Iwamura researchs
    replication by toyota, non replication by kidwell, theories and debunking

    Toyota/Technova/Takahashi research

    Mizuno old and recent research

    Kozima research and theories

    Widom/Larsen, Electroweak, srivstava, larsen LLC…

    (my advise is to stay away from theory anyway, at least be superficial an neutral, theory is evil)


    Ugo Abundo Hydrobetatron, vancouver secondary school (no news recently)

    Paolo Tripodi, Superconductors PdD, slides by Boss&co at an ICCF

    one good point could be to read Ed Storms the science of LENR to make the classification of researchs, and not to forget researchers and procedures to trigger LENR

    another is the tally of cold fusion papers by Jed Rothwell
    US Spawar papers, JJAP Iwamura/Toyota papers,

    Sorry to put such a bag, I cannot write all down. all is piled in the cellar of my head.

    • by the way I have an idea (you take it or not) about how to organize the KB pages

      1- the idea is that first you create box topic, of any importance or sie.
      if one topic is too big, will split in many sib pages…

      2- independently it can be organized in some logic, network, hierarchies…

      3- independently people pile up claims, url, video, references, critics at the bottom of the pages…

      4- independently some writers does a wikipedia kind of editing using data (dumping none, but moving some)
      if disagreement appears, either the boss cut, or we cut the page.

      the 4 process shoud be parallel, and some people are better at some position tha others. I can help at 3, inspire 1. No time for 2 sadly, incompetent for 3

      the key is that 4 should not remove any data from 3, but people will read 4. only writer will read 3.

      good luck.

      • ecatworld

        Thanks for your good suggestions, Alain.

    • Ged

      We probably should have an LENR fuel page about the different mixes where the effect has been observed linking out to the pages about the particular experiments with that fuel. Reactor design may need a page of its own too. These sort of bridging topic pages are eminitely useful.

  • Andreas Moraitis

    It should read “Ruggero Santilli” (full name is “Ruggero Maria Santilli”)

    • Sanjeev

      Thanks. Frank corrected it I guess. It will be nice if ECW readers sign up and do the changes themselves. Lot of data is missing at this time, especially links and references.
      This task is bigger than I thought, it can take a few months to make the KB readable.

      • ecatworld

        Yes, it’s a big task indeed, Sanjeev, so of course the more help the better.

        Since we are starting from scratch, we can’t expect completeness for some time. You have helped with some great work so far!

  • hunfgerh
  • ecatworld

    Two interesting new entries started today in the Knowledge Base:

    ICCF (table featuring all the conferences since 1990):
    NASA and LENR:

    • Ged

      we need to get one in about the MFMP 😉

      • ecatworld

        I added a page for the MFMP today — just a short article so far.