John Hadjichristos no longer at Defkalion — LinkedIn

Here’s an interesting little piece of information from LinkedIn which helps give us a bit of an idea of what might be the status of affairs Defkalion Green Technologies.

On John Hadjichristos’s LinkedIn profile, he lists his current employment position as Consultant at GAIA-EPEIXEIREIN, and his former employer as Defkalion Green Technologies, and says his term of employment was from October 2010 – October 2014. Since Hadjichristos was the Chief Technology Officer at Defkalion, this is an indication that Defkalion’s operations might be over.

The most recent communications from Defkalion have stated that the company is going quiet until they are ready to announce a commercial product. Their website has recently disappeared, and now this information from Hadjichristos makes me wonder if we will hear anything from them again. DGT’s CEO, Alex Xanthoulis, is not a scientist or a technician; Hadjichristos seems to have been the last remaining technical employee there.

It’s possible that they could regroup, but the signs do not seem to be pointing towards a lot of future activity on Defkalion’s part.

  • I doubt he is $$$ driven, but I think he is very competitive and wants to come out on top. This might be his downfall. The Cold Fusion collective (ICCF and MFMP) might beat him to the punch.

  • LilyLover

    I think what really happened is – the DGT acquired Rossi Tech. But it was all in the brains of scientists. Without them, a bunch of MBA are useless even with all the detail plans and reports. Only the daring scientists venture to join such a risky business company. Those that did were already brave. In the coffee room they they decided – our company messes with Rossi we will mess them completely! It could have been any of us – this was cold internal revenge. And there you go – the power of the break-room or coffee-room.

  • LilyLover

    The only good thing that came out of DGT-betrayal was the “iron-clad” contract language with IH.

  • LilyLover

    This is how the scientists react. (Not that that guy was scientist…)
    When you see immorality of the upper management, scientists don’t unionize and protest – they simply co-operate elsewhere!

    Lesson 2. People with the higher salary do not run the company. Those who do, know who they are. Some constraints at some point in life is the only reason they accept MBA bosses, not because they respect them.

  • LilyLover

    To Quote the Doctor-
    When a good man goes to war, demons run.

    Just like old people try to abuse the position of privilege and make the youngs “pay-up” the rent for health, housing, education and a sad-state-of-affairs-bureaucracy, eventually the the rebel kids ditch it all and prosper on their own.

    DGT tried to abuse Rossi’s need at the time – But Rossi-the-man has shown – he outlasted the DGT which devolved into what it has become out of their own doing.

    Lesson to the “Big boys” – your days are over – things that make you giants – also make you immobile.

  • Oceans2014

    Just Saying : The quote from the 11/29/2011 article in Ny Teknik written by Mats Lewan. The article quotes Alexandros Xanthoulis, President of Defkalion:

    “- Let’s say I have Rossi’s formula, but I do not say it officially. My scientists have found a way to accomplish it. They need three months. “I know what is in the reactor” I know everything. It was done with spectroscopy at Siena University of Padova (…) They tested the reactor without [Rossi] knew what they were doing, he continued.”

    It just seems very suspicious that from – zero knowledge of LENR – to a working reactor in a few months after his encounter with Rossi is possible without IP transfer.

  • Sanjeev

    There is some good news.. Perhaps he has not given up LENR.

    Peter Gluck
    January 4, 2015 at 12:14 AM

    To your questions: Yes, yes.
    He has a new team but the same ideas and skills and task.
    Details will follow.

  • Freethinker

    Things are perhaps not quite as simple as they seem.

    Note that JT Vaughn, VP of Industrial Heat, has recently stepped in as a board member in Smart Farm, , having the motto “Less Water. Less Energy. More Food.”.

    Note that John Hadjichristos, while still being an “independent researcher in HENI, Defkalion’s prefereed name for LENR, is a “consultant” for GAIA-EPEIXEIREIN, a company seemingly invested in agricultural business and services. It also have an eye on alternative energy in farming, see

    I don’t have the info readily available anymore, but I recall tracking down people in Finland, I also ended up with a company involved in agricultural business. At the time it did not make sense, and I could not be 100% sure that the individual was the same, even if the name matched.

    It is not like it does not make sense. Farming and heat, I mean. It does make perfect sense.

    • bachcole

      Perhaps John realized that selling shovels to miners would be more lucrative than being a miner, or selling shovels to miners would be less of a hassle than being a miner.

  • save the people not the jobs…
    save the competence not the companies.

    that the CTO found after such a pathetic story a job surprise me, but it may mean I’m wrong.

  • Gerard McEk

    Indeed Christopher, can you give us more info?

  • Charlie Tapp

    Can anyone say government buy out!!!!!!!,!!lL

  • You are looking at this situation as an outsider in a very simplistic way. The Defkalion story is big and complex and there are many things going on that you do not know about.

    • SiriusMan

      I would really like that to be true! Before DGT went silent, there were a lot of very interesting reports about their technology, and they had some reputable people convinced. See this article from 2012:

      • Mats002

        Combined with the knowledge from MFMP runs this article contain some goodies I think.

        • one hypothesis is that they started with interesting results but run desperate for money and this led to tragic behaviors…
          I cannot imagine someone trust them without dismantling the team.

    • maybe it is not updated but few employees are still in DGT…
      If they convince someone I expect they checked all the pipes and meters.

    • LuFong

      Read Mats Lewans’ book, An Impossible Invention. You’ll find out everything you need to know about Defkalion (as if it weren’t obvious).