Lugano Confirmed? Replication Report Published of Hot Cat Device by Russian Researcher Alexander G. Parkhomov

Many thanks to ECW reader satviewer for bringing this to our attention. A Russian physicist named Alexander G. Parkhomov of the People’s Friendship University in Moscow published a report, on December 25th in which he describes a replication attempt of a device modeled on the Hot Cat described in the Lugano E-Cat test report, and states that he finds this device can produce more energy than it consumes, with a maximum COP of 2.58.

The published document seems to be a serious report of an attempt to create an analogue of the Hot Cat. I am at a disadvantage working with a Google translation which might not be fully accurate.

This could turn out to be a key document in verifying the validity of Andrea Rossi’s Hot Cat. From a quick search, it seems that Alexander Parkhomov is a well published researcher in the field of physics.

Alexander G. Parkhomov (Image courtesy of


Any assistance from Russian-speaking E-Cat World Readers in helping with a more accurate translation would be greatly appreciated. Here are some key excerpts and images from the report.

The design of the reactor
For the manufacture of reactors used tubes Al2O3 ceramics length of 120 mm,an outer diameter of 10 mm and an inner diameter of 5 mm.
Wound on the tube electric heaters. Inside the tube is 1 g Powder Ni + 10% Li [Al H4].

On the outer surface tube contacts thermocouple.The ends of the tube are sealed heat-resistant cement. Likewise coated cement the entire surface of the reactor.

The reactor is closed metal vessel. This vessel is immersed. When the water boils part of its leaves as a vapor. By measuring the decrease of water, the well-known the value of the heat of vaporization it is easy to calculate the separated heat. Correction for heat loss through the insulation can be calculated as cooling rate after shutdown reactor.

Used by experts at verification technique for reactor Rossi based on thermal readings too complex. In this experiment, used a methodology based on the amount of water boiled out. thistec hnique worked and repeatedly verified in experiments



Temperature Changes in the Heating Process


The power supplied to the heater stepwise varied from 25 to 500 watts. Tysyachegradusny [?] level was overcome after 5 hours of heating. On the same diagram shows the count rate Geiger counter SI-8B. this counter responsive to alpha, beta, gamma and X-rays. It is seen that all during heating, the radiation situation is not very different from the background.

A slight increase in temperature is noticeable only about 600 to 1000 ° C. further studies have shown that this chance or regularity. Dosimeter DK-02 is not found during the experiment set dose within the measurement error (5 MP)


Here is shown in more detail in the temperature change of the heating power 300, 400 and 500 watts. It can be noted that for the same heat output there is a gradual increase in temperature, particularly strong in the last site. At the end of the site with the highest temperature is the temperature oscillations. This section ends with the termination of electric heating as a result of Heater burnout. Thereafter, at the temperature for 8 minutes kept at nearly 1,200 ° C, and then begins to fall sharply. Is This indicates that in the reactor at this time heat is produced at kilowatt without any electric heating. Thus, heat generated from the already seen that the reactor is capable of generating a lot of heat in excess of electric heating.

Determination of the extracted heat and coefficient of thermal


At 1150 ° C and 1200 ° -1300 reactor heat greatly exceeds the energy consumed. During his time at These conditions (90 minutes) of electricity consumed in excess produced about 3 MJ or 0.83 kilowatt-hours of energy. Calculations are made for three modes of operation with a temperature of about 1000 ° C, about 1150 ° C and 1200 – 1300 ° C


Experiments with analogue high-temperature heat source Rossi, loaded with a mixture of nickel and lithium aluminum hydride, showed that temperatures of about 1100 ° C or higher. This device does produce more energy than it consumes.


  • keV

    You must have a very small fireplace at home. This was using only 1 gram of “fuel” in the reactor and I believe (admittedly from my limited understanding of these experiments) that most of that matter was not consumed/converted during the test. Hence the importance of the test results.

  • keV

    Hmm…it does make you wonder what would have happened if he hadn’t increased the power to 500 watts. The output temp was still steadily increasing at 400w power but I guess he couldn’t resist seeing if he could push it higher – curiosity killed the e-cat replication (pun very intended).

  • Vladimir Zmurikov

    Tysyachegradusny = 1000C level

  • LilyLover

    “…take a page from the Chinese. flood the market…”
    This will lead to energy abundance. Doesn’t matter if Chinese bring E Cat to the masses or the US does it or the “masters” do it – the effect is the same – abundance – more freedom – less relative richness, more overall richness.
    Therefore “they” will only flood the market in the scenario wherein the market will inevitably be flooded, if not by them, then by someone else.

    I think oil – no oil; French fission, not just fusion, is simply immoral to their own populace. I sense that we will disagree on this point. Give it 2 years and you’ll come to my way of thinking.

    My views on IP are a separate and more intricate matter of discussion for another day. Or you could scrounge my earlier posts.

    Crudely speaking, I believe in copyleft. Your claims of rest of the World following our laws that are rooted in British laws are true in the property arena so far but increasingly, copyright (of non-fictional books) is being seen by more and more people as immoral act. If you believe your material is so precious(copyright-worthy), then keep it to yourself. Or print it on such paper that the ink will vanish after first reading or nth reading.

    I don’t encourage freeloading.

    A simple request from author “Please pay for the pleasure of reading my book.” will suffice for me to pay for a book. The Copyright threat makes me apprehensive about even wanting to read that book.

    And when it comes to Property-Laws, I’d leave it as it is but, after abundance, will encourage people to cease interactions with “property-owners” who acquired such property through “fiat-of-political-clout”, and the ones with million acres will have to donate it into public domain should they desire plumbing or phone services or food or wo/men from the outside world. Thus over thousands of years ultimately resulting in no practical value to “ownership” and as such the concept being lost in history as one of the darkest periods of humanity that had resulted into serfdom for the many. Natural justice, slow bu steady.

    I also sense that you’ll be fiercely against this. But What I’m saying is a state of affairs that will voluntarily arise out of our current system only very slowly.

    The “masters” of the World exist. Their manipulation of reality is evidently seen in well meaning but misdirected (in some aspects) people like you. The problems of the masters is that “total 100% control” was essential for their continued existence. They practiced, 90% control to avoid “revolutions” – managed relief valve. Either way they were destined to be doomed. Parasites cannot outlast self-aware-autotrophes.Now is their time to turn into the rich-commoner and then-into the average commoner within few generations.

    “Personally I don’t believe they do exist, most of what is ascribed to
    them can more easily be ascribed to human stupidity/ignorance; which
    unfortunately is not in short supply.”
    Think about it… if they existed, wouldn’t they mold your perception so that you’d make exactly this comment?

    Love and Peace. Take Care. Be well. And do what your heart tells you to. It’ll be more reliable in your case, than your influenced intelligence.

  • Omega Z

    Just because they don’t publicly talk about it. You can bet they are all over it. They had people reviewing the work of Mitsubishi & Toyota’s work years ago & been in collaboration with the Italian energy agency as well.

    In various U.S. organizations there is a Ton of amazing technology. You merely have to differentiate between have, Acknowledged & deployed. Nano technology is relatively new to the world, But the U.S. was working with Nano tech since the mid 50’s. Stealth aircraft technology is over 50 years old(SR-71). What do they have now. The Aurora may be a fact tho likely not by that name.

    Note. the Space shuttle flies inverted. Top side facing the earth. A high powered Laser was tested I believe in the 80’s from the Space shuttle bay. I don’t know which flight, but find which 1 flew top side up & that’s the 1 where it was tested. It was done in this manner so prying eyes could not see.

    Nuclear weapons are obsolete(6 Years ago). The World just doesn’t know it yet. The technology hasn’t been rolled out yet.

    To provide plausible deniability, When they determine it’s time to roll these hidden technologies out, they will actually bid the work out & pay for it all gain. Seriously, You can’t just roll these things out. To many people start asking questions. You have to make it appear as it is just now being developed.

    To be clear, They don’t have hundreds of something like the Aurora type aircraft. They have a few well tested out prototypes. Probably a rough timeline like, Maybe we’ll roll this out to the world in 25/30 years. Maybe they’ve already had LENR for many years. Now there letting it come out.

  • David Taylor-Fuller

    It is but if LENR is going to be the death knell of oil we will just go from oil being a huge commodity to Nickel and lithium/lithium hydride taking its place. Since people would be swapping out the generators that consume oil with LENR versions. Also keep in mind that OIL isn’t only used for power generation. There are a lot of products that count oil or its byproducts as direct inputs.

    • LilyLover

      To extend your logic, “breathing” will be ultimate trading commodity and a right to be acquired by the serfs to live alive by working for free. But others, like me believe in natural right to breath. Oil doesn’t need to die. It simply needs to lose preciousness. In case of LENR, what you don’t seem to understand is – there is plenty – not just on Earth, but on asteroids. Besides, reversibility i.e. recyclability of involved materials is something you cannot seem to grasp. “Losing preciousness” is the worst curse for the false scarcity-traders. So, David, be a Taylor-Fuller vs Taylor-Lacker.

      • David Taylor-Fuller

        LOL, first I am going to assume that by preciousness you mean scarce. With that assumption I would add that diamonds are not really scarce. However De Beers has managed to make it such. It doesn’t matter if the scarcity is real. The market actually only cares about perceived scarcity, entirely because people mostly care about perception not reality. Also, the last time I checked there were a bunch of reports in the past about the impending scarcity of Lithium. Also, remember LENR has very specific requirements for how the fuel is made to get optimal performance. So even if they (the evil “masters of the World”) cant completely control ore extraction they can attempt to corner the fuel creation. The only thing that would prevent that from happening is for people to stop loving money as much as they do.

        As for accessing resources off planet. I am all for it. I am just consider myself a realist. And if there really are “masters of the World” (I don’t actually believe that) I am sure their focus is on extending and maintaining their power. And it doesn’t require permanent suppression of cold fusion technology. It only really requires they own enough of the producers and have inroads with the necessary governments to control supply. Which is something they would be able to do by their very definition “masters of the World” have influence and resources.

        Now if you were asking me what I really believe will happen. I would argue that as soon as someone openly demonstrates a LENR reactor in a commercial environment (though I actually think they will start hedging much earlier than this). The oil companies (notice they all consider themselves to be energy companies) will come knocking on the door of all the researchers in order of those perceived to be furthest along. The big Oil mining companies will simply diversify to include Nickel, and Lithium mining. Some entity or groups of entities will patent the fuel making process if there is only a limited number of formulations that get you to commercial levels of usable energy. I also do not expect LENR to be the only game in town. I suspect that Hot fusion will also have a place at the energy table; particularly the aneutronic versions, but the neutronic versions could also eek out an existence if someone figures out a real solution to the first wall problem. Finally if new space manages to drastically reduce the cost of getting things into space then we could see some countries opt for Space based solar power. I think you will see a reduction in grid sizes but I doubt the utopia of everyone producing their own power will materialize. instead I expect to see installations that would be the size and reach of substations being stood up. With the big grid being used for backup in case of maintenance and emergency. Personally I think for the personal power production to really take off people would need to drastically increase the amount of energy they use on a day to day basis.

        • LilyLover

          “…will come knocking on the door of all the researchers in order of those
          perceived to be furthest along. The big Oil mining companies will simply
          diversify to include Nickel, and Lithium mining.”

          They did this about two-three years ago. Came with money, camera and finally guns. LENR, Rossi survived all of it. Since China alone had huge stockpiles of Ni & Li, the oilcos had no effective way of monopolizing either. They tried, they will try again but in vain. Again third time, the beauty of LENR & CIHT and “wet dream” H2 is that no one can hold hostage anyone else.

          “…utopia of everyone producing their own power…”
          Everyone producing their own power is not utopia. Having that ability but not needing it is the precursor to utopia. I think Giga E-Cat will provide domestic power through grid and the kW E-Cat will be a parallel back-up option just in case.

          But more to the point, when CIHT gets to where it is aiming… a car that never needs fueling, when parked at home can provide electricity to the home. People will typically have two cars. Daily and a vacation-mobile. Solar and especially space solar will be out of the picture … too futile. And yep, personal robots and expanded tourism will increase our energy utilization massively.

          Also, I think eventually grid will be replaced by wireless electricity. I don’t dislike grid. The exclusive reliance on grid is bothersome. Once I have kW E-Cat, I may not even use it but I’d retain the option of axing the grid. That’s freedom. Not the lack of door but holding your own key to the door. And this translates to all aspects of life thereby truly making the “government” into “servement” as in – meant to serve the people.

          • David Taylor-Fuller

            lets leave the CIHT and Mills design out of this discussion. Not that I do not believe what he is offering will ever materialize. He just has a few more steps to go before I am willing to get off the fence where his product is concerned.

        • LilyLover

          Oh, the diamonds! Perceived value of the diamonds was deceit in the past but many in our generation know about its abundance. Yet the value comes not from, perceived value but from emotional attachment knowingly ascribed to it. It’s a memento. Antiques, if found on dumping ground, my not fetch even a few dollars but nonetheless fetch millions. Diamonds are lubricants of modern marriage from the point of view of the involved parties. For some cases, for a woman, it’s a way to be a little-gold digger without being a really big gold-digger and for men it is a way to distract from that 37th clause in the prenup. Socially, it’s a conversation piece, not about value comparison but to subtly brag about wastefullness/thoughtfulness and beauty of your spouse. In elevated circle, stories circle around the diamonds. How did you first meet etc.
          I would contend the energy consumed cannot have memento status. Therefore, it is in a separate category than diamonds. Actual scarcity matters more than you’d have us believe. Perceived scarcity only goes so far. Say, a happy couple that spent 10k on diamond, when faced with adversity and decide to sell the diamond, they sell it for say 5k, knowing their losses. That 5k might be used for real objects of need like food or a car. So, when circumstances are dire, truth comes out. Say, during hyperinflation, monthly housing costs in Germany went below daily food costs. Clarifying what matters most. Therefore while I appreciate your knowledge of diamond-abundance there exists a deliberate-scarcity; even if that scarcity did not exist, the souveniers of emotional attachment nature puts them in a different category than consumable unattachment-able commodity.

      • Omega Z

        Not picking on you, But if people waste it because they believe it is plentiful, It may soon not be.

        We occasionally talk of needing wiser politicians, but the people also need to be wise. 50 million E-cats boiling away water in New York City & it could look like Beijing except for the fact it will be steam.

        All that vapor is also labeled as an aerosol which is also considered a global warming agent. All the Governments will want to Cap & Trade that if given half a reason.

        • LilyLover

          They say,out of debate surfaces the truth. So, I understand.
          “But if people waste it because they believe it is plentiful, It may soon not be.” >> Exactly my point. If there is a way to avoid using oil we must use it. Every drop of oil burnt is a sin against Earth. Slap in the face of sustainability.
          Quantification of human will is a problem humanity hasn’t figured out yet, I have and I’ll deploy it soon.
          “50 million E-cats boiling away water in New York City & it could look like Beijing except for the fact it will be steam.”>> We can compress and release it at faraway location through the same stacks of the decommissioned coal fired plants. Not a problem. Really.
          “All that vapor is also labeled as an aerosol which is also considered a
          global warming agent.”>> Convention has nothing to do with reality. If I consider the utterance global warming equivalent to raising a phantom or does it make so? Please go beyond global warming. I’ve had about five different posts explaining the thermodynamics of Earth. Rest assured steam-global warming is a non-issue.
          Are you really the Omega Z or a hacker-poser?
          “All the Governments will want to Cap & Trade
          that if given half a reason.”
          >> Will want to does not translate into feasibility of action item. If no one produces pollution who will be the producers of pollution? And if everyone is selling “green-credits” the value goes down to infinitesimal. Perhaps you mistake particulate matter to be equivalent to benevolent water vapour. And capping vapour is like capping clouds. Why cap a good thing? Then again if we cannot handle too much good, we can send all that vapor to condense over oceans and replenish those thereby.

          You are genuinely not our regular Omega Z or someone has brain-stained you. Doesn’t matter. Be well. And be back with your original self.

  • Bob Greenyer

    It is a fun time, REALLY fun time to be in this research. Whatever, it has been a pleasure working with everyone to solve this mystery.

  • Bob Greenyer

    No we always intended to do powder mix tests. We specifically designed our reactor with a swappable core so that we can rapid cycle.

  • Hi,
    some updates. unlike what I said, there seems to be no calibration reported in the paper, even if scientists do that as routine.this report is preliminary…

    about wet steam theory, based on heat capacity of 4.19J/g and vaporization enthalpy of 2260J/g, and an observed COP of 2.58, and room temperature of water at 25C, I get 70% of liquid water in the steam to explain the result.
    (check my computation, I may have taken the wrong number or wrongly applied formula
    for me P/m=4.19*(Troom-100C)+2260*dryness% )

    now expert can say if slowly boiling water through few holes can produce steam so much (70%) wet

    • Andreas Moraitis

      I got the same result without having seen yours before. 70% sounds a lot, but by volume it would be only 0.138% (assuming 10^3 kg/m^3 for liquid water and 0.598 kg/m^3 for steam). Better than all calculations would be a dummy test. Nature calculates always correctly.

  • LilyLover

    The algorithms have reacted to Lugano, now the game is ‘coordinated denial’ to slowly and steadily siphon up the wealth. Therefore this particular report is not much likely to be dampened by the big and some small traders might be smart and use it to guide their own interests.