Piantelli’s Nichenergy Joining LENR Cities Ecosystem

I just received this announcement from Michel Vandenberge of LENR-Cities.

Nichenergy S.r.l Italy agreed with LENR-Cities SA, Switzerland, to joining the Ecosystem developed

December the 22nd, 2014, Nichenergy S.r.l; Italy, has agreed with LENR-Cities SA, Switzerland, to joining the Ecosystem developed by LENR-Cities with scientists and industrialists in order to accelerate the development and the industrialization of disruptive technologies in Energy field, and beyond Energy, nuclear waste mitigation, transmutation, superconductivity, hydrogen production, direct production of electricity.

LENR-Cities SA, a pure player in ecosystem development, is leading the development of this European-centric LENR ecosystem.

Professor Piantelli has formed Nichenergy in 2011. He is a well-known and famous scientist. Early 2013, the European Patent office has granted a patent for the Francesco Piantelli’s invention of process for producing energy from a nickel-hydrogen reaction.

In January 2013 the European Patent Office awarded a patent to Francesco Piantelli for his nickel-hydrogen LENR system, and many people will remember that Sergio Focardi worked with Piantelli on nickel-hydrogen LENR before partnering with Andrea Rossi in the development of the E-Cat.

  • Bob Greenyer

    What are we going to pull out of the hat?


    Merry Christmas!

  • Mr. Moho

    As far as I understand, LENR researchers who joined this “ecosystem” have agreed to share their findings with all other participating members. If prof. Piantelli’s team/NicHenergy does have a working technology, things could progress very quickly from now on.

    • Omega Z

      Most of those involved are preparing for LENR.
      Those like Piantelli will act in an advisory capacity, but will still retain their own little secrets.

      It will still be beneficial in that it will ease the path & possibly open contacts that will help the Primary players such as Nichenergy , Rossi/IH E-cat, Brillouin Energy etc.

    • access to the technology portfolio is free for read only , and there is a discounted price for the licence. it is not free, but it is interesting.
      Both side of the transaction feel happy. one share the risk, and the other have a good price and no risk to miss the key technology he needs.
      As far as I understand it is very good when you are in uncertainty of what is needed, useful, …
      As I’ve heard, risk is a key concept in the motivation to join the ecosystem…

  • Andreas Moraitis

    Here is the US version of the patent application:


    Piantelli cites this German application from 1992:


    There are some interesting remarks about “microclusters” of 3 to 10^5 (ideally 5 to 200/1000) metal atoms, whose presence is considered critical for the reaction. These clusters (typically in the nanometer range) can be produced by condensation from the gaseous phase or by solidification of fine drops of molten metal.

    Further, the authors stress the fact that the energy transfer in nuclear reactions is different from that in chemical reactions. Since a large part of the energy is radiated from the reaction site before it gets thermalized, the temperature in the active zone can be significantly lower than the utilizable temperature for energy production. This could answer the question why Rossi’s reactor core does not melt, although the surface temperature reaches almost the melting point of nickel.

    • psi2u2

      Aha. Thanks for that.

    • LuFong

      Interesting that Rossi claimed IH tried all competitor’s claims and was able to verify all but one. The one was I think Brian Ahern’s which means that Rossi is claiming Piantelli’s patent doesn’t work.

      Happy Holida’s everyone. I think 2015 is going to be a very interesting year for LENR.

  • Bob Greenyer

    They should have, because NicHEnergy have

    – the patents
    – have tested hypothesis
    – originated the Ni+H system

  • Piantelli has been quite a contributor to the Cold Fusion collective. I’m willing to bet he and Sergio Foccardi paved much of the way for the Ecat to happen.

    • Bob Greenyer


      • Ged

        It’ll be interesting to one day experimentally see if possible where Piantelli’s system is similar to and different from the hotcat. I think from the evidence that the low temp e-cat may have been naturally very similar to Piantelli, more or less, but the hot cat may be a divergent take on the reaction, and the comparison could tell us a lot about the basic science.

    • guest2

      One of the fathers (more than one fathers here) of solid state Ni-H LENR