New Poll — What Motivates your Interest in LENR?

Operating this web site is a very interesting and enjoyable activity, and one of the main reasons I have found it to be so is that the community of people who are paying attention to LENR is a very diverse and interesting one.

One thing that I have learned is that we are dealing with a topic here seems to engage people from wide variety of interests and backgrounds. If I was to try describe the profile of the typical reader, I’d have a difficult time, because there doesn’t seem to be a dominant philosophy or worldview represented among readers here.

One thing I have noticed from looking at traffic statistics is that we have a lot of repeat visitors, people who keep coming back to the site, and so there does seem to be quite a passionate interest among many people who are interested in LENR.

I thought it might be interesting to put up a new poll to get some kind of idea about what motivates people to continue to pay attention to this topic. In this poll, unlike most previous ones, you are able to pick up to two main reasons for your interest in the LENR story.

I have made the categories rather broad, so you may want to explain your choices by expanding on your responses in a comment.

  • Axil Axil

    It looks like SUSY is not doing too well:

    Popular physics theory running out of hiding places

    Without supersymmetry the theory behind the unification of the four standard model forces into one super force is blown out of the water. Finding these supersymmetric particles were one of the fundamental reasons why the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was built, all 10 billion dollars of it.

    On the other hand, experimental results in many fields of LENR indicate that the super force (lets call it the LENR force) is formed and act in LENR to combine many light atoms into on heavy atom(cluster fusion), and the weak force is supercharged in eliminating radioactive isotopes and radioactive decay.

    There is every possibility that particle physics will ignore LENR experimental results and subtle along for the best part of the next century inventing more mathematically based illusions of reality. Let reality be reality.

    LENR has experimentally demonstrated the unification of the three forces: electromagnetic, electroweak, and strong. Progress in understanding particle physics is going no further until LENR is added to the knowledge pool of humankind.

  • gdaigle

    A wise position. Brian Ahern from Vibronic Energy stated that LENR is not of nuclear origin but rather a manifestation of asymmetric magnetism. The Lugano report confirmed that there must be a nuclear mechanism. I tend now to think of asymmetric magnetism as the energetic “primer” to excite phonons. Alone it can produce low energy gains, but coupled with other energetic techniques (electrical discharge or heat) much greater energy gains are made.

    In my mind, the key is whether high energy gains achieved by E-Cat or Brillouin are possible without asymmetric magnetism. If it is a key method for achieving full LENR then Steorn has a plausible patent position.

  • clovis ray

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  • I was first intrigued about hot fusion as a geeky schoolboy in 1958 when the Zeta seemed to be working and there was great fanfare. As we all know, that failed and eventually gave way to the Tokamak and Laser Fusion approaches which “are 20 years in the future and always will be”. As we recently learned, Laser Fusion has also been scrapped.

    Along with many, I was excited about the P&F announcements in 1989 and equally disappointed when they were pronounced to have failed – falsely as we know now. For a while afterwards, I followed the cold fusion “flame wars” in the early internet bulletin boards but had largely forgotten about it by 2011, when I started to read about Andrea Rossi’s progress on Twitter. What I made of all that up till now, I have turned into an ongoing series entitled “The Promised of Controlled Nuclear Fusion” which is on my own blog at

    As you’ll see, it borrows a lot from this blog, so thank you Frank Acland and all your loyal contributors. My ongoing interest in LENR gets stronger with every month that passes. It is certainly fueled by the technical progress of the eCat, Brillouin and the others but equally fueled by indignation over the obvious way that the MSM and most main stream science are still pretending there is nothing to it. It is an ongoing scandal that the prestigious scientific journals are ignoring LENR, that the US patent Office blocks it and that tens of billions of dollars continue to be burned (almost literally) by the JET and ITER projects.

    I also find it intriguing that many of the Greens (certainly here in New Zealand) seem to regard LENR – if they know anything about it at all – as seeking a technological solution for what they perceive as the “sins” of the modern world – coal, oil and gas burning. They seem to believe that everyone should be in sackcloth and ashes, wandering around the world, flagellating themselves and planting ever more trees! At least the practically minded Bill Gates is now aware of LENR and may prove to be the most important “convert” to realistic solutions to Climate Change so far. And, to divert a little, the average global temperature *is* actually rising and therefore the amount of potential energy contained in the oceans and atmosphere is rising. That means that the amount of “Climate Variation” is rising – there are more and more periods of extreme weather – hurricanes, floods, freezes, droughts, etc – than in recent record and we must at least gain the option of converting to emission-less energy, ASAP.

    How will it all play out? Don’t dismiss the entire hot fusion approach side for a start. The recent Lockheed Martin device is at least intriguing, while progress in the Polywell is real and published, it having recently achieved a “high beta” state (

    On the LENR side, I’m sorry, but I’m increasingly expecting Japan or China to suddenly flood the market with medium sized “E-Tigers” or “E-Dragons” that they’ve been secretly perfecting for the last few years (see my blog). In other words, hurry up Industrial Heat (and/or Brillouin)!

    Of course, there remains the unsolved mystery of why LENR is possible at all. Main stream science is taking a very “chicken and egg” approach to this in that it will presumably only commit its funding and researchers to the theory only if a breakthrough is first made in said theory! As a one-time nuclear physics student who worked on an aspect of the deuterium-tritium reaction, I can appreciate where some of this resistance is coming from. In 1989, I could not stop thinking of “Cold Fusion” in terms of atomic beam experiments in high vacuum where the Coulomb barrier apparently set an impossible threshold. As a recovering physicist rather than a young nuclear chemist, I must say I am still more comfortable thinking about the theory of the Polywell than the theory of the E-Cat. LENR research really demands a cross between a Chemist and a Physicist and one with much wider knowledge across their many branches than is typically found in the modern graduate as opposed to the late 19th century, when the Polymath was not yet extinct and when truly revolutionary ideas were unfolding at pace.

  • psi2u2

    Too which we need only add, again, that Frank does a really terrific job of setting the right framework for courteous debate.

  • psi2u2

    Excellent discussion on all sides.

  • HAL9000

    I get a charge out of e-cat World.

  • hempenearth

    Dorothy, Scarlett (1kW) then Catherine (10kW) – the latest prototype that I know of from Clean Planet (Japan).

    • bachcole

      If a Scarlett is a 1kW; and a Catherine is a 10kW, then what is a Dorothy? I wonder if a Scarlett actually gives a damn. Is a Dorothy in danger of getting destroyed by MaryYugo, the wicked witch of the West?

  • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

    A trivial answer…. What is it that we do, as human beings?

    We eat to survive, we try to keep warm (or shielded from the elements). Then, we engage in prevailing in various ways over others. In doing these three things, we, as a species, have impacted the earth, irreversibly.

    We now eat and breathe man-made substances that have been used, emitted, smuggled and dumped from the 1920s at an exponential rate to this day.
    The economic system we use to calculate this ‘cycle’ on which we all operate is fundamentally flawed, because, according to it, planet earth is an infinite Cornucopia. The damage we have been and keep causing is intentionally ignored by the same powerful entities which artificially sustain themselves by perpetrating such ‘economic’ practices, to the detriment of life.

    Milk is not milk: where was the cow raised, how was it raised, was it fed on natural, clean hay, or on man-made chemical pellets? How many antibiotics did it take? What is the quality of the cow’s life? What was added in the milk before I open the carton and pour it for myself or my offspring to drink? For I am that milk that I drink.
    I try to understand what I am being fed, I require to know what it is, and where it comes from.

    These questions about how we are living brought me to the desperate research for information on health (and indirectly for hope) on the web, as soon as the web became available in the late 90s. Much awareness has since been raised, and is still being raised against oblivious and powerful economic corporations. We could, through information, change this flawed infinite resource approach, and lean towards a sustainable future for humanity and the rest of the living species. For me, this is the quest for the actual quality in our lives, which does not lie in the latest car model, or in the envy we stir when we hide our intellect beneath those cool dark sunglasses.
    Emilio Del Giudice, who studied the quantum theory and linked it to
    water in living organisms , is one of
    the most interesting scientific writers of the last decades. There is a
    link between our biology as human beings and the energy that is being
    studied through so-called cold fusion

    One of the possible solutions against our doom, I thought upon stumbling on it on the internet, was this interesting machine, the E-Cat, the one solution for your basement heating and for the fossil fuel / fission folly. How interesting was this controversial character with such a common Italian name (like John Smith): Mr Andrea Rossi.

    E-CatWorld (unlike E-Catnews which was the first online news site about Rossi that I started to read – it became negative at one point) has provided much information, and has maintained this hope alive through many difficult years. Professional scientific discussions are strictly to the point. Always with a positive note and underlying enthusiasm, a window of understanding that is open also to non-scientists.

    If there will be change, E-CatWorld unquestionably is helping it happen.