Göran Andersson of Bobcat Sweden AB on Support of LENR, MFMP

The following is an interview conducted with Göran Andersson, owner of Bobcat Sweden AB. Bobcat Sweden AB has so far donated a total of $20,000 to support the work of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project.

1. Can you provide a brief profile of your company, Bobcat, and your own position and role at the company

We are importing Bobcat machines, servicing and selling them in Sweden. We have facilities in the three main areas, Stockholm, Gothenburg an Malmoe. My role is owner and managing director. We are a privately owned company, the agent for Bobcat in Sweden but independent from Bobcat Company (headquartered in North Dakota, USA).

2. What brought your attention to the subject of LENR/Cold Fusion, and what has caused you to take it seriously?

Over the years I have seen short articles about cold fusion in mainstream papers but never any that went into depth.

By a coincidence I was checking YouTube one day and on the right side was something about free energy. I started to search for more info and found the story about Fleischmann and Pons and a huge amount of other related films and documentaries. After watching and listening to many of them I realized that Cold Fusion or LENR are real and have been neglected and suppressed over many years, with very low funding and a lot of discredit. I think it is incredible (with all information about climate change, nuclear catastrophes, damage of our nature today) that governments don’t take this seriously and arrange funding on a large scale, trying to find out what is going on regarding LENR or Cold Fusion.

3. You have openly supported the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project with funding ($20,000 to date) — what led to your initial decision to provide this support?

We were very surprised about the reaction to our open support! Anyone can spend some time searching the internet and find a lot of proof, from many serious scientists and other people that LENR-Cold Fusion are real.

The acting against and the discredit of Mr Fleischmann and Mr Pons was shameful and stopped the development of cold fusion. The people in the MFMP work idealistically and in an open source way, which is the best way in my opinion. LENR or Cold Fusion should not be in the hands of few, it should be in the hands of all.

4. Is it common for Bobcat Sweden to support R&D projects of outside organizations like the MFMP — and if so, what other projects have you supported?

No, we normally don’t support these kind of projects. We have supported other causes — mainly education and sport for children in poor countries.

5. You recently made a second donation to the MFMP — a move which indicates confidence in their work. What are the reasons for your continued support?

The test of Rossis E-cat needs to be replicated as soon as possible, to convince the world of its possibilities and that the effect is real. If MFMP can replicate, it would be a great credit for Mr Fleischmann and Mr Pons.

6. What level of interest is there among people LENR within your own company, and in the business community in which you operate?

In the company, the technical people are interested, but the salespeople don’t bother so much. In the business community there are few who know of the existence of LENR or are interested, and that’s a media problem. When media starts to take interest, the politicians and the voters will hear about it.

I think we all are so indoctrinated with oil and gas, that when something like LENR shows up, it’s considered too good to be true and nobody believes it. It needs to be replicated so common media will start write about it.

7. As you look to the future, how do you see LENR as a technology might impact your work, and the world in general?

I believe that we will be able to build machines using LENR as an energy source instead of diesel. I don’t know how but it is the science world who will invent it.

The simplest way to use it is heating of course, but there will be many applications, not even invented yet, that will be using this energy. To replace the energy source in nuclear, oil and coal power plants shouldn’t be difficult or very costly. 150 years ago trains and ships were run with steam.

The big issue is that tax systems must be changed. Energy is heavily taxed and that needs to continue so we don’t get a breakdown in society, I don’t think that we have to worry about it, it is an area where the governments are really creative.

If people in countries with bad or no infrastructure can get or buy a small energizer that can pump water, clean it, give light and can be used for production of something it would be a big step. Our world will be a much cleaner place when we use this kind of energy.

  • hempenearth

    Yes Roger I was joking, sorry I forgot to put one of these 😉 in

  • Joniale

    Has anybody seen the news today, there is another green energy revolution from the graphene


  • Omega Z

    Yeah, And our Voice would start to sound funny alerting us to open a window just a bit.

  • Ophelia Rump

    It was a violation of the basic laws of nature, rock cold, wood cold.

  • Daniel Maris

    I think this sounds like a really good approach. A shame more companies don’t act innovatively and support research in these sorts of areas.

  • Joniale

    For me it is interesting the paragraph:
    “The big issue is that tax systems must be changed. Energy is heavily taxed and that needs to continue so we don’t get a breakdown in society, I don’t think that we have to worry about it, it is an area where the governments are really creative.”

    I agree to that. This is a big barrier in the development of LENR. I will not underestimate that as he does. There are already some examples; eg with the electric car vs the oil combustion car. It is not only the governments but also the oil industry who has the power to stop this.
    Besides, he the government can be creative with the taxes in own countries however, the oil advantages are worldwide if you live in EEUU. As i have already said, there is a very basic advantage when you sell oil in dollars. EEUU has the control to print dollars and therefore can control the value of his money,debt and interest with the oil. Any other country of the world that cannot print dollars has to buy it from the EEUU dollar printer machine. That is a good advantage for economic and politic power all around the world.
    How can you be creative to replace such a system with distributed energy?. If i would in the US military i would have a plan to secure this, as it is the core of businesses and stability. There is a lot of money and value on this system.
    In fact, Venezuela mainly is in the black list because they planned to start selling oil in euros!. Iran the same!. The big threat is to loose control on that big income machine from the whole world.
    Now, how can you do this with LENR if you can build this by yourself in your own country? How can you control it and block that? Is a patent enough to do that?
    Now think again about the so many years of LENR that have been blocked and the investment of a centralized hot fusion system which never work and can be at least controlled as they are centralized. What is more interesting from that point of view?
    In my opinion, the technology should fly to different countries (China,Rusia maybe are the only one who can balance the game) so that we can avoid the barrier.

    • Alain Samoun

      To Daniel: “Energy is heavily taxed”
      It seems to me that a big slice of these taxes is to pay the import of energy – Fossils and Uranium – See the cost of gas now that the USA is becoming less dependent of outside oil. Also the cost of energy depends of the way it is produced and distributed. Decentralization with Cold Fusion will change all of that for the best.

    • mytakeis

      BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) are moving fast from the dollar, which, in actuality means moving fast from oil based dollar control. I find this encouraging for E-Cat et al.

    • Omega Z

      You can sell Oil in any currency. It’s just complex for exchange & takes time. Due to constant currency flux, minutes can cost millions in loses. You need a universal currency for split second decisions. The Dollar is used for this purpose due to it’s long standing stability.

      Discussion of a World currency pops up from time to time, But it would have no backing other then all countries pledging to back it with their natural resources & if just a single country decided not to back it on a given day, could cause world wide chaos.

      Not everything is a conspiracy. Many things have a legitimate reason for being. How about when Oil no longer reigns we call it the corn or wheat backed dollar.

      Most people who discuss this subject are just looking for someone to blame for their problems. But go ahead & change the trading currency. It wont change your conditions & may very well make them worse.

      A countries most important assets are it’s Natural Resources and It’s “PEOPLE” & how they are best utilized. Most Countries problems are not from outside interference, but from Internal mismanagement.

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      ? Elaborate.

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          🙂 ok. Somehow, it was very intriguing.

  • bkrharold

    I agree with Goran Anderson’s assessment that LENR needs to be replicated before it can gain wide acceptance. Only then will the scientific community do the basic research. Rossi is clearly struggling with the ecat design. With a better understanding of how LENR works, he might be able to overcome these problems more easily. In the meantime Brillouin seem to be on the right track with their boiler technology. At the current level of development LENR seems best suited to heating or steam generation. We should not overlook steam as a driving force for transportation and other applications, just because it was used in the past and is considered old fashioned. I remember seeing an episode of California Gold, when Huell Bowser visited an automobile museum and was taken for a ride in a steam driven car. It could go 1500 miles on a tank of water, and reach 80 Mph. That car was built in the early 1900’s

    • Ophelia Rump

      Please be specific.
      ” Rossi is clearly struggling with the ecat design. With a better understanding of how LENR works, he might be able to overcome these problems more easily.”

      The last I heard the E-Cat was tiny, inexpensive, lightweight, powerful and stable.
      Industrial Heat is working hard to add one more word to the list, industrial.

      You make it sound like one man alone who has invented a match which won’t light.

      • bkrharold

        Ophelia, I agree the e-cat is all the things you say. Unfortunately Rossi has so been unable to satisfy the requirements of the first customer. A few weeks ago he admitted they have encountered serious problems that may take at least a year to overcome. It is understandable under the circumstances, considering the magnitude of what he is trying to do. Stability of the reaction was one of his first concerns, and I believe it is still an issue. Mike McKubre was almost killed by a runaway experimental LENR device. It is extremely difficult to replicate and control. Rossi problems are compounded by the complications of combining 100 e-cat units into a single energy device. Rossi has often described himself as an Engineer, though I am sure he has a great deal of scientific background. So far nobody knows for exactly how LENR works, despite numerous attempts to explain it. I feel that once the underlying physics is known, it will be easier to construct a single LENR working device that can safely produce Several Megawatts. I mean no disrespect to Rossi.

  • Gerrit

    I agree that when people perceive something as “too good to be true” they refuse to take it seriously. But so many things have happened to humanity that could be regarded too good to be true.

    When early humans learned how to handle fire, it was too good to be true too. They had “unlimited” fuel growing right outside their caves.

    Later coal could be dug up easily, same for petroleum. All natural and fossil sources of energy have been “too good to be true” for mankind.

    Only at the industrial scale, after many paradigm shifts, we learned that it wasn’t so good as it seemed after all.

    • Fortyniner

      I’m sure that if we really put our minds to it, we can screw up royally with cold fusion as well.

      • Gerrit

        But we’ll only find out centuries from now.

    • hempenearth

      Maybe when LENR devices are in every household there will be too much helium going into the atmosphere.

  • Oceans2014

    We definitely thank Mr Anderson for his investment into the future of LENR, he will be remembered as a early supporter of LENR.

    • Fortyniner

      If there were more companies around who showed the vision and generosity of Bobcat Sweden, the world would be a considerably better place.

      • US_Citizen71

        Bobcat is the generic term we use in the US for small front end loaders that are smaller than the typical privately owned car. It is sort of like the use of the words Band-Aid, Kleenex, or Q-Tip. I think it was because they came out with them first or were the first to have them at a very reasonable price here.

        • Fortyniner

          Tr. elastoplast, kleenex, cotton bud!

          • Ophelia Rump


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    I think we will not get quite so many comments from the inane detractors on this page.

    • Ophelia Rump

      My thoughts were the opposite. Detractors love soft articles, they are so squishy.

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        Ferrets in a sack. The pack does hang around long enough to vote up one or two of their own troll posts – which tells you exactly how many of them there are (7).

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          OMG, I love the analogy. “Ferrets in a sack.”

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          I’m not sure that there are seven, I think several are controlled by the same person. My fun over on what I have started to call the spreadsheet thread had three or four ‘personalities’ seemingly working in concert. The goal appears to have their opinion always on top. If an dissenting post is made they go into action; the valorous rebel leader whose comments in their opinion are always right, the seemingly on the fence person who suddenly sees the error of his ways, the seemingly authoritative person who in the end agrees with 95% of what the rebel leader says and finally the idiot savant who cannot seem to remember the basic equations used in circuit analysis but can do vector math while running backwards and sleeping (whose true purpose seems to be hiding contrary comments by pushing them down with inane stupidity).