Rossi: ‘Now the Competition is Very Serious’

Today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Buck brought to Andrea Rossi’s attention this article on the website which carries the story about the physicists who want India to revive a cold fusion research program.

Buck wrote:

“Gulf News, the largest English language newspaper in the Gulf region (UAE, Dubai, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia), with a daily circulation of about 110,000, has just reported that India is moving towards getting back into CF research. Your work, the China Nickel Energy connection in Baoding, and Bill Gates’ recent visit with Vittorio Violante were cited in a factual positive fashion.

To me, the tone takes on an alarmist quality as it presents CF phenomena as fact and CF technology as imminent.”

Andrea Rossi responded:

“As I wrote on this blog one hour ago, now the competition is very serious. Thanks to the work of my Team, LENR, that 5 years ago were very “low”, not only in temperature, but also in global consideration, have gained momentum at high level. My Team merits recognition for this: our action and our fight have been the real game changer.”

In an earlier post today, Rossi was writing on the same theme:

“Gas fuel will substitute electric energy to activate the reactor and drive it; I cannot give more particulars until we will have a product ready for the market. We cannot feed more information to our competition, which now is very powerful. We need to reach extreme commercial competitivity before lacking more information. When we will have reached the necessary economy scale our prices will discourage any competition, but before that phase we must be aware of the fact that our Competitors are eating voraciously any single bit of information we are lacking.”

It does seem like there is a change in intensity from Rossi and others now as LENR/Cold Fusion seems to now be receiving more respect than at any other time since I have been covering the topic here.

It’s interesting to see Rossi speaking once again about ‘economies of scale’ — which means mass production — in order to deter competitors. There was a time that Rossi talked about there being no serious competitors on the scene; now that has changed, and it seems like we’ll be getting fewer details from Rossi about Industrial Heat’s technology from him now until products are on the market.

  • psi2u2

    Yep. Always best to deliver more than you promise and promise less than you deliver.

  • Omega Z

    It didn’t remain solid. It melted along with the stainless steel which terminated the reaction. Starting at 1000’C when the runaway started, the reaction didn’t terminated until about 1450’C & the continued heating was from the reaction started prior to that. Similar to heat before death. It isn’t instant.

  • jousterusa

    Where Rossi wrote

    Where Rossi wrote “lacking” he meant “providing,” I’m pretty sure. BTW, rgis article ran in India’s Business Standard a few days ago…

  • James Andrew Rovnak

    Some interesting comments over a broad range of possible competitors, No?

  • psi2u2

    Of course the airplanes hit towers 1 and 2. Please reread my post and do some research and see if you can explain why building 7, not hit by an airplane, came down at freefall speed, as if detonated, later that afternoon. I think that if you spend a couple of hours studying this question you will agree with me that we still don’t have the full story of what actually happened that day or why it happened.

    Regarding your point about mixing stories, I completely agree – which is one reason I would prefer not to carry out an extended discussion on this topic here. We are agreed that, whatever the facts of 911 (which it appears we don’t agree on), it is better to focus on one paradigm shift/out of the box topic at a time. Peswiki would be much more credible if Sterling avoided the need to endorse all the “alternative” theories he holds and stuck to following new developments in energy.

    • we want LENR Fusione Fredda

      Nobody is going to agree with dissent, because there is a ‘comfortably permitted’ truth, the Bible (the permitted Bible), and then there is a question mark stuck in the head of some whose practical sense (the heretics) keeps nagging:
      How can, not one, but TWO buildings collapse perfectly vertically, with the cause of collapse given by an aircraft impact, and the fuel burning, at the top tier of the towers? A third building collapsed not even apparently hit by anything.

      Questions and mass mind-games…

  • C. Kirk

    A prototype was expected to be completed by about the middle of December, however according to a post by Blacklight power that i recently saw , the prototype is not expected to be completed until early 2015 due to some parts not being available currently…. here’s hoping but I’m not holding my breath many failed promises but hope springs eternal but don’t ask me for any money

  • psi2u2

    aha. Well, interesting rumor. Could be.

    • Omega Z

      If Gates invests in IH, then He & Rossi could meet for coffee in the break room each morning.

  • Mark E Kitiman

    Its worth popping over to the replication thread:

  • Andre Blum

    A new post by an electrical engineer called R. Ventola on Vessela Nikolova’s blog compares the recent IH patent application drawing to the hot cat I device in the first 3rd party report. Until reading this, I had not so clearly understood that there was such a clear match.

  • Fortyniner

    Cameron’s nuclear crusade is being pushed forward just by him and some close associates in government, for whatever real reasons. What the average tory supporter thinks about this agenda is more or less irrelevant.

    The BBC is an institution which undeviatingly parrots the MSM central line on a large range of topics, in the face of the facts if necessary. Where this unquestioned ‘consensus’ originates is obscure, but it has little to do with the Conservative party outside the top offices, which may explain the dislike.

  • georgehants

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
    ~John F. Kennedy

  • Gerrit

    We could start with putting a few facts together on a google drive and work from there.

  • Gerrit

    I think that Rossi currently has all the funding he needs and he feels very comfortable with Tom Darden and Industrial Heat.

    Rossi is convinced that when he presents his ecat, after it has been in operation for many months, all doors will open.

  • Omega Z

    From Mills sales pitch while back, He’s talking higher prices per Kilowatt then present market prices for most people & devices would be leased, not owned. A Big Turn Off all around.
    Maybe competition will change his tune…

  • Omega Z

    “working unit would be made from off the shelf parts”
    Should be off the Shelf Technology. Not parts.
    He’s Late. Again

    • tlp

      Not late at least yet: 18+2 weeks from July 21 is December 8.

      Some latest hints from SocietyforClassicalPhysics:

      Nov 5:

      The reason we all do not have a SunCell is not because of an evil Cabal of Quantum Theoreticians but because engineering the Hydrino reaction at commercial power levels has been a real difficult and challenging problem as Dr . Mills previously explained. Now they believe they can do it but we still do not know for sure and we will not know until BLP reveals what progress they have made. Hopefully that will be this year.

      R. Mills:>>We are making great progress.

      Nov 9:

      The one thing that QM does better than GUT-CP is that it makes for some
      great and entertaining movies. (Interstellar)

      R. Mills:>>QM doesn¹t provide for the SunCell and the fifth force which could be
      permissive of human colonization.

      • Omega Z

        I believe originally it was 6 to 8 weeks.
        However, seldom does any of them deliver on time. Which when working on new technology is to be expected.
        I also don’t pay much attention when one makes negative statements towards another. Common among competitors.

        I don’t care much for Mills personalty, but I give him credit for intelligence.

        • tlp

          You mean 16-18 weeks?

  • psi2u2

    I recommend studying 911 events from a scientific frame of reference, starting with asking yourself why Building 7 collapsed. I realize this is off topic, and not the place for any extended discussion, but since you mentioned it….. 🙂

    In a more general sense, yes Peswiki has a problem with getting overenthusiastic about things that later prove to be hokum. Sterling does his best to separate out scammers and the self-promoters, but in the end, there are so many available that it’s hard for him to avoid them in trying to cover such a complex topic as fringe energy production. But there is still intriguing content worth reading there.