Godes of Brillouin with Former US Energy Secretary Chu

Thanks to EEStorFanFibb for spotting this:

We saw last week that Robert Godes and Bob George of Brillouin had travelled to Finland and Norway to discuss their technology with government and business officials.

Now we have another Tweet from Ruby Carat of Cold Fusion Now with a picture of Godes and American physicist and former U.S Secretary of Energy, Stephen Chu:

James Martinez mentioned here is a radio talk show host who is a big fan of cold fusion.

It’s hard to know from this picture what kind of conversation the two men might have had, but it sure looks like Brillouin is making the rounds these days, and that may be a sign that they have some interesting to talk about.

  • jousterusa

    I read it as a misspelling of “manage”…

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Things will happen with or without Chu.
    The E-Cat is elephant in the room.

  • GreenWin

    Chu needs to get rigorously honest and admit he failed to respect the scientific method and follow LENR evidence. He will have served his nation only when he musters the courage to face this.

  • GreenWin

    Sorry, Chu has retarded progress and should be held responsible for those actions.

  • NT

    Philip James, here is a portion of your statement on Dr. Chu and the independent report a month ago:
    “Both Gore and Chu are smart people (if political). If the report is positive, they will pay attention.”

  • NT

    Agreed, but you must admit, a scientist of his position(s), had a choice NOT to be photographed next to a standout “Cold Fusionist” – RIGHT?

  • Albert D. Kallal

    This does seem to suggest that “interest” in LENR is rising. It also suggests that Brillouin is sticking its neck out more these days. The kinds of people that Brillion are talking to of recent most certainly suggests “increased” confidence levels at Brillouin. It not clear this this sticking their necks out more is due to the Rossi report, or simply that things are moving forward for Brillion, or both!

    And willingness by Brillouin folks to post pictures etc. of their travels is in its self a rather good thing. I mean I cannot imagine the look on people’s faces when people ask what does Brillouin do? I would love to be in the room when what is perhaps the “most” common question people ask when mingling:

    What kind of work does your company do?

    People ask the above simple question all the time at both social and non social events!

    I see this as a good turn of events, since increased encounters by people with folks committed to LENR is a really good thing.

    Perhaps the bubble on LENR will burst sooner then we think!


    • Allan Shura

      With the latest news SHT at the defense energy conference and GDS technologies
      announcement of portable water generators now in production the information is coming
      in from several players. The GDS strategy is to produce first for the domestic market to
      secure a share. Rossi first planned then shelved the domestic product to start in the industrial market. If these go the time is now.

  • jousterusa

    Is that like a menage a trois?

    • US_Citizen71

      If your comment was to someone with an obvious male name I would bite my tongue and probably chuckle, but since Sophareth appears to be female I am going to say I think you are coming off rather sexist and chauvinistic. Let’s not make this a hostile environment for females, OK?

      • jousterusa

        You are correct. and I apologize to the beautiful young lady – whose spellimg rivals mine!

  • jousterusa

    Chu is the rat who told a Village Voice reporter no one should invest in Randell Mills’ Blacklight Power back in 2001 or so. As Secretary of Energy, he was an implacable foe of advances in the understanding and implementation of cold fusion. I wouldn’t want to go to New Jersey with these guys!

  • Steven Chu is one of the most destructive human beings of this century. He is insanely pro biofuels, which are a totally destructive food supply killing hoax, and he repeatedly has said that cold fusion and LENR were impossible. People can change, but I do not have high hopes for Steven Chu, who has been as myopic and stubborn as anyone on planet Earth. Upon leaving his post as Secretary of Energy, Chu went on a speaking tour telling people that “you have to fail”, meaning he knew his policies were a failure, but he tried to justify his failure as part of the scientific method. To protect his pride he tried to bury the fact that he ignored all the scientific evidence and pleas from countless hunger groups to stop pushing biofuels. No sane person had to fail that badly and do that much damage worldwide, but Steven Chu did. That is not part of the scientific method, that is just Steven Chu’s stubborn thick head.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Yeah, it makes me appreciate people like George Miley who were actually courageous enough to put their careers on the line.

      • GreenWin

        I second that Alan. Miley is an HONEST scientist and hero. He refused to be cowed by the nuke village/oil lobbies who tried to bury any scientist interested in CF. It is important to honor these few, truly courageous men and women who serve their country not by goose stepping along with “consensus,” but by marching to a different, far more beneficent drummer.

    • US_Citizen71

      Biofuels are not a hoax, claiming that using GMO grown corn for a feedstock for ethanol causes world hunger is a hoax. Most of the world will not import the USA’s GMO corn so whether we turn it into corn syrup, Doritos or ethanol really doesn’t matter in regards to world hunger. Using corn for ethanol was only intended to be a stopgap measure anyway. Cellulosic ethanol production from agricultural waste is the next step and several plants have and are coming online to produce ethanol by that method. Ideally hemp will be the feedstock in the long run to allow both diesel and ethanol production from one crop that can be grown with little water/pesticide usage on resting acreage or acreage currently not used for food crops.

      • Albert D. Kallal

        It would REALLY cool if we WERE talking about cellulosic bio fuels, but WE CURRENTLY are not.

        The idea that because land not being used for growing food is land that does not matter! You using HUMAN labor, petroleum products, fertilizes and LARGE amounts of water. These are PRECIOUS resources that COULD VERY WELL be used for growing food.

        When you use such resources for something else then you are wasting that resource. It like saying we will build houses that CAN BE used for people but then not use those home for people? Such socialist thinking has created more economic disasters around the world then I can list out here.

        We seeing food riots in places around the world.

        The world food bank estimates fully 75% of the rise is due to these REALLY stupid GREEN’S idea of burning GOOD food in cars while children go hungry!

        Gosh, even the price of beer in Germany gone up because of burning hops and barley normally reserved for beer. Government sponsored bio fuel programs are now pushing the price of these “basic” food stuffs.

        Even prices of pasta have gone up in Italy – due to a LARGE increases in bio fuel usage.
        Imagine that, they are burning good quality Durham wheat in cars!

        How stupid can you folks get!!!! Wheat in cars?

        Yes, this stupid green policy is causing children to stave and go hungry

        From the Word food bank report:

        Biofuels have caused world food prices to increase by 75 percent, according
        to the findings of an unpublished World Bank report published in The Guardian newspaper on Friday.

        The daily said the report was finished in April but was not published to avoid embarrassing the US government, which has claimed plant-derived fuels have pushed up prices by only three percent.

        “Rapid income growth in developing countries has not led to large increases in global grain consumption and was not a major factor responsible for the large price increases,” the report said.

        The European Union has mooted using biofuels for up to 10 percent of all transport fuels by 2020 as part of an increase in use of renewable energy.

        All petrol and diesel in Britain has had to include a biofuels component of at least 2.5 percent since April this year.

        “Without the increase in biofuels, global wheat and maize stocks would not have declined appreciably and price increases due to other factors would have been moderate,” the report said.

        It added that the drive for biofuels has distorted food markets by diverting grain away from food for fuel, encouraging farmers to set aside land for its production, and sparked financial speculation on grains.

        “The basket of food prices examined in the study rose by 140 percent between 2002 and this February,” The Guardian said.

        “The report estimates that higher energy and fertilizer prices accounted for an increase of only 15 percent, while biofuels have been responsible for a 75 percent jump over that period.”

        Since many food stuffs are traded on markets, such food stuffs are VERY sensitive to land and resources being used for something else. One tank of bio fuels = enough food to FEED ONE FAMILY for a FULL YEAR!

        So using this land, fuel, labor, fertilizers, and LARGE amounts of water has diverted MASSIVE resources away from feeding people. The idea that these resources cannot be used for food is INSANE!

        Bio fuels HAS MOST CERTAINLY been a world wide disaster, if not the WORST of the past 30 years.

        In fact the bio fuel mandates are STILL in place in most western countries, and the result is starving children and food riots.

        This is TRULY one of the most brain dead things that mankind as adopted.

        As noted, if ONLY cellulosic bio fuels were being used then we MIGHT HAVE A STARING point for the debate, but under current mandates, this a bad policy, and one that even a drunken rodeo clown can figure out. The current programs with perhaps the exception of Brazil’s cellulosic bio fuel program simply are diving huge resources in the food industry to be consumed in cars.

        Albert D. Kallal

        • US_Citizen71

          Your report in the Guardian was posted July 3rd 2008 not last friday, right at the beginning of the financial crisis. -http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2008/jul/03/biofuels.renewableenergy

          If a country can barely feed itself then I agree they shouldn’t use biofuels based off foodstuffs or grown on lands normally use for food production. My comment was really more US centric I’ll admit as we have no problem feeding ourselves and have lots of idle farmland. As well as having many food products that are in surplus because no one wants to import them but a yet price supported by our own government. I would much rather see it burned in a car than rotting in a government silo.

          • Albert D. Kallal

            I am open to possible use of land for fuel, but MUCH caution is required.
            The major issues are all these tax incentives and the fact that many foodstuffs are traded commodities. This “toxic” mix of trading the foodstuffs on markets along with CURRENT programs that consume large amounts of food resources for fuel is a hard sell. You can “easy” divert foodstuffs to and from the fuel market to keep prices high for consumers.

            The current food market already is a hodge podgy of subsidy and market “trading” issues. Introducing bio fuels only makes this market even worse and “more” open to market distortions.

            And some of the Europe programs that burn high qualify foodstuffs like wheat is simply a shame.

            So in a “better” managed food market, then I open to burning food in cars, but much caution is required. We likely much better to burn oil, and keep the land for growing food.

            I am much of the same view with coal. We should be using coal for electricity, and saving natural gas for heating. If natural gas prices were to soar, then MANY marginalized income people will be hurt with huge heating bills. We now use significant amounts of natural gas for electricity generation. The result is both home heating and electricity generation are competing for the same resource (natural gas).

            In a large city, it not practical to return back to using coal for heating but it IS practical to use coal to generate electricity for those same people.

            There are always “competing” interests in the economy. Hotels in Vegas LOVE low cost air flights (as that allows them to book more hotel rooms). Conversely, airlines love low hotel costs. (so they both do things that will attempt to “marginalize” the complementary resource that drives their business.

            So Google will near give away Google docs since that “de-values” Microsoft office in the marketplace. (it a very lucrative business for Microsoft, but not for Google)

            And companies adopting computers or even the FAX machine were able to lower their costs faster then competition.

            The same will occur for LENR – if my energy input costs drop faster then competition, say like heating my hotel, or making bricks, then one gains an advantage in the marketplace.

            Albert k.

      • mytakeis

        When hemp replaces corn we all win energistically.

      • hempenearth

        Better uses for hemp:
        1. textiles from the bast fibres (strongest natural fibre in the world);
        2. chipboard from the woody hurd;
        3. food from the seeds (high omega 3 levels);
        4. medicine or mulch from the leaves (depending on THC levels).
        A regulation to say that only non food grades crops can be used to make fuel might be considered too much government intervention for this site. 😉

      • You know absolutely nothing about biofuels. Google *The Renewable Energy Disaster* for the details. This subject is too big and too important for short explanations. The media is criminal in their lack of coverage of the real facts. Cellulosic ethanol is a hoax and even more inefficient than using food to make fuel. Biofuels have raised the cost of fertilizer, farmland, and food all over the world. It is a murderous industry based on greed, not on science. Obama got elected by selling out the human food supply to BIG BIOFUEL. George W, Bush was just too stupid to figure it all out. The biofuel scam is by far the biggest crime against humanity of the last 20 years. Using the Huffington Post as your source shows your naïveté.

      • NT

        “ethanol production from one crop that can be grown with little water/pesticide usage on resting acreage or acreage currently not used for food crops.”
        Yes, that is the hope…

      • winebuff67

        Hemp is the #1 plant for ethanol use. The gov. Won’t let farmers grow hemp in mass to support bio fuels. You might get stoned oooohhh!

        • US_Citizen71

          We can in Colorado but we are viewed as crazy renegades. We have term limits on all state and county officials as well as most city ones. We also have a balanced budget amendment and all tax increases have to be approved via general election but yet many outside the state think that we don’t know what we are doing. LOL!

  • builditnow

    I wonder if Brillouin could break the LameStream media and the peer Rear-View science media logjam on Cold Fusion. Godes is getting the attention of those close to government in the US, Finland and Norway that we know of, and leaking photo’s of the meetings.

    If Chu came out that he believed Cold Fusion is real and read to go, the LameStream would have to break a leg to catch up and the Rear-View science people would have to start covering their rears. It feels like it could go any moment now … or can they stuff the geni back into the bottle once again. A battle of the titans without any TV camera’s.

    • What this kind of moves, when accumulating , can do is instill fear among the nay-believers.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Notice that Chu didn’t what to stay in that intractable bureaucracy for a second term. He belongs in a lab not behind a desk.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      …didn’t want…
      it’s time to go to bed.

  • hempenearth

    IH still leading by three lengths but now Brillouin are clearly second with a large pack following.

    • Anthony Richards

      Hmm, I’m not so sure – Brillouin plays its cards close to its chest; wouldn’t be surprised if they won the ‘race to market’.

  • Buck

    I can only wonder where these two crossed paths. Given that Dr. Chu had a visitor’s badge and that there was a location identification plate on the wall behind the two, I can also wonder who hosted these two. How long did they talk and in what detail?

    LENR just got very real!

    • GreenWin

      Buck, we agree on many paths however, we may part ways in how to address the failures of the past. LENR supporters are largely benevolent, caring individuals who rally around clean, abundant energy as a key to human evolution. Steven Chu, is the antithesis of this. He spent years at DOE denigrating the work of original researchers in low temp fusion. He is on record, just another MIT clone serving the military-industrial complex. Just as President Eisenhower warned against.
      Chu must examine his failures as a scientist and humanitarian, and explain how he made such poor choices. He can take a clue from Sec Defense Robert McNamara, who came clean in his 1995 autobiography. Fortunately, Chu is not culpable for the deaths of 58,000 American soldiers, as McNamara is. But he IS complicit in retarding development of LENR. And we ALL must hold him and his Administration responsible.
      To demand anything other than rigorous honesty from government is to dishonor millions of men and women who have given their lives to preserve democracy. Steven Chu has yet to serve his nation. He will do so only when he musters the courage to admit he failed the people he was appointed to serve.

      • Buck


        I don’t think we are that different in our opinions as stated. Since I have very little knowledge about Chu’s history outside of what is included in Wikipedia, I take your word on his history of denigrating Cold Fusion researchers.

        With the above in mind, yes he should form and give an apology. He should be outspoken about his change of opinion on Cold Fusion. It is fortunate that he is not like McNamara, with the blood of so many deaths on his hands. If that were the case, then my opinion would shift to a harsher tone saved for those at MIT who committed academic fraud by changing the reported data or the US commission reporting on Cold Fusion soon after. They are the one’s who arguably set mankind back at least 25 years on its challenge to address man’s responsibility regarding Climate Change.

        But, that is a different argument about the hubris of humanity’s desire to not be accountable for one’s actions and the consequences.

  • Whoa. Stuff just got real.

  • NT

    Wow, I never ever thought Dr. Chu would come over from the dark side (the hot fusionists) to catch a glimpse of the real light (Cold Fusion Science). This could be big for Cold Fusion technology and the world – I’m hoping!