MFMP Plans E-Cat Replication Attempt Starting in 6 Days, Design Posted

A post on the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s Facebook page announces that they are going to go for a replication of the E-Cat, and begin in six days. They state:

“Well, the jury is still out on weather the HotCat is real, not surprising giving the earth shattering implications in the report – but rather than dwell on what it all means, the MFMP has been forging ahead with trying to see if it actually is!

“If we do this, it will be a significant departure from our normal way of working, in that for the first time we will not be working with the hands-off blessing and cooperation of the claimant. We would also want to make sure we have enough funds to make it happen – ie have a lot of concurrent iterations at the same time – and that is going to take cash and resources.”

The MFMP has been consulting closely with Bob Higgins, an independent LENR researcher and member of the MFMP team, who has worked up a design which is as close as he can to the reactor used in the Lugano test (based on the data provided in the report) and has come up with a model which he calculates will weigh 8 grams less — and there is some speculation in the post about those missing eight grams.

There will apparently be more information posted soon on the MFMP’s site with a detailed description of the planned reactor.

The team is looking for comments and ideas from the interested public, and seeking to determine if they will be able to raise the necessary funds for this project. It sounds like an ambitious move, but it’s fascinating to see a serious replication attempt proposed!

Below are the images they have posted of the design.


  • Christopher Calder

    This may help replication.

    “The coils of the reactor are made with a proprietary alloy, and the inconel is only a doped component of it.” – Andrea Rossi

    • Bob Greenyer

      Thanks Christopher

  • Bernie777

    What? What does one have to do with the other?

    • bachcole

      You spout conspiracies for which you have no evidence, but you disallow the conspiracies that the skeptopaths have about the positive E-Cat test reports. Why is it that you can have it both ways but you insist that no one else can.

  • Bernie777

    See my answer to Ophelia above. “A negative person only hears what suits them and listens only to respond” Michael P. Watson

  • Ted-X

    It is not likely that the latest experiment/proof will be sufficient to get a patent. Patents require a significant disclosure, where “a person skilled in the art will be able to duplicate the process”. I doubt if Rossi will disclose the details of the catalyst in the patent application, so the patent may not get a green light for this reason.

    • Obvious

      It need only be possible for the effect to be replicable at all, whether weak or strong, to demonstrate that the process works. A weak replication should be do-able by persons of ordinary skill. Immediate replication an optimized version of the effect would only be likely once the persons become more skilled at basic replication.
      For example, it may be possible to replicate the LED effect, but unlikely that a replication attempt would start with making a blue or UV LED, but rather would be satisfied by making any light at all.

  • psi2u2


  • Pekka Janhunen

    No, on the contrary if MFMP openly publishes everything they do (as seems to be their working mode), it prevents further patent trolling because published information is not patentable.

  • Obvious

    Best of luck to the MFMP team.
    In the meantime, I was considering the white/orange glow discussion. I think the color temperature “problem” can be tested by some of us quite easily, using some of the “H-Cat” experience we gained a while back. Just run some H or H2 (not ready for that discussion again) into a catalytic convertor (synthetic cordierite), and point a IR camera at the hot spot. Adjust gas flow. Take some pictures. See what happens.

    • Bob Greenyer

      Cheers Obvious

  • Gerrit

    JoNP Rossi’s reply to Christopher Calder about a home space heater.

    “It does not work that way. First, we need the safety certification, then we can sell the domestic units. We need several years of proper operation of the industrial application, then there will be the base for a certification protocol. it is true that our 1 MW plants have been put for sale in the late year 2012, but the first plant that has been sold to an industrial Customer and that can generate statistics for the certification is quite recent.
    Warm Regards,

    That last sentence: “The first plant that has been sold _to an industrial customer_ and that can generate statistics for the certification is quite recent”

    Implying either previous plant(s) have been sold to non industrial customers OR no plants were sold previously.

    • US_Citizen71

      There is also a third option an industrial customer that refused to allow it’s statistics foe use to be published anywhere.

  • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

    That may be true, but then again: isn’t this how the free market works? You have discovered something and have patented it as best as you can. If you did it well, you’re protected. If you didn’t you’re not fully protected. Piantelli and others have patents too, so we will have to wait and see how good Rossi’s patents turn out to be. It may be the case that Rossi has to pay for other people’s IP.

    Now someone comes along and discovers some effect you didn’t see and he/she patents that. You now have no prior registration to that part which may be important for your own discovery. It’s not great, but it is how it works. Fyi: I think the patent system doesn’t work very well, but that is for another discussion.

    Furthermore, the replication of the test is all done on publicly available information so everybody can try this. I’m guessing there will be enough laboratories around the world trying to replicate this test, patents notwithstanding.

  • US_Citizen71

    The diagram above of the winding around the alumina core remind me of a diagram for an air core transformer. I know that it isn’t intended to be a transformer as each winding would be driven by a separate phase of the three phase line power. I would think the interaction of the magnetic flux created by each winding to be an important factor in the operation of the device. To this end I would think the number of turns for each lead and the ratio between them might be very critical as an air core transformer is generally use for frequency tuning.

    From my limited knowledge the coils should induce heating in the core due to the magnetic field interactions, this should be true if nothing else for the iron powder in the fuel. Due to the strength of the current going through each coils I would expect vibration and physical movement of the iron powder as well. This movement beyond possibly causing electrostatic charging of the iron due to it rubbing and impacting other fuel elements and the walls of the reactor might also add a kinetic energy element to the reaction when the iron impacts the nickel lattice molecules. Has anyone to date attempted to model what would happen in the core due to the magnetic flux created?

    • Ted-X

      Perhaps MFMP should consider the reactor to be in a toroidal shape (or an oval). With the toroidal shape the nickel would act as a short-circuited side of a transformer, so the currents in the nickel would be higher. Half or even the whole toroid could have the “solenoid coils” around.
      With the current “stick” shape we have the case of only inductive heating due to the eddy currents.
      Single phase current perhaps should also be considered, sinusoidal or trimmed with a TRIAC (bidirectional triode thyristor).

  • Bob can feel free to post such postings also in lenr forum, that should be better organized and readable 😉

  • LuFong

    If Rossi is trying to use “science” to establish the credibility of his E-Cat then he must allow the experiment/test to be duplicated. This is how science works. Rossi cannot have it both ways and there is nothing objectionable to the efforts to duplicate the test. He has however made it extremely difficult to repeat the experiment given the paucity of the results and the black-box nature of the test.

    • Ophelia Rump

      This is not true. IH can sell or provide reactors for laboratory use.
      In fact IH has done this twice already. Both times the reaction was successfully reproduced. Somehow your choice of wording seemed to have missed this fact.

      I really wish people would learn to stop saying Rossi. Rossi sold the rights.
      The technology is the property of IH, Industrial Heat.

      Please try to keep up.

      • psi2u2

        But what if keeping up is not in my job description, Ophelia? 😉

    • Hi all

      As Ophelia notes:

      The company Industrial Heat built, shipped and licensed the E-Cat used in the third party test:

      Tom Darden CEO of Cherokee Investments and Industrial heat said:
      “We built the reactor, but we shipped it over to Switzerland,”

      This is no longer a matter of dispute.

      Next order of business.

      Kind Regards walker

    • Gerrit

      Lufong, why do you think that “science” is entitled to getting the complete functioning of the ecat presented on a silver plate, when virtually all of “science” has avoided this field for the last 25 years?

      Industrial Heat’s goal is industrialization. What they need is convinced customers, not convinced “science”.

      Who is withholding “science” from reading all the peer reviewed papers and conference proceedings published in the last 25 years and starting a replication effort. There is nothing objectionable to actually working on the topic. Although you’ll probably need to persuade the funding institutions first, good luck with that.

      “Science” can’t have it both ways, you know. Ridiculing it for 25 years and then getting the solution handed over ready to go without any sweat.

      • bachcole


  • Pekka Janhunen

    Corona is classical (hot, tenuous) plasma without many-body quantum phenomena. Until proven otherwise I believe that CF does not occur in solar corona.

  • Pekka Janhunen

    since you mentioned, me too..

    • Bob Greenyer

      I agree, it is being used as a scratchpad by the MFMP at the moment to let people know ASAP what is happening in our thought stream. It does reach many contributors quickly and they can respond quickly – and we are moving quickly.

      We will capture all of the information presented on there into a “Collaborate” Live Open Google Document on the main site in the coming days. You will then see iterations in understanding form realtime there

      I hope that some people will also be able to contribute.

      • Daniel Maris

        I think you will have to be Edisonian in your approach. Maybe it will be a 100 fuel types tried before you can say your replication test is done with.

        • Bob Greenyer

          The reactor we are proposing should enable rapid cycle experiments. If it is meant to be able to get to over unity in a few hours, and the signal meant to be high, then many tests can be performed in rapid succession. There may be no need to go to very high temperatures to screen proposals. Whilst one core is being tested another can be prepared. Rinse repeat. With multiple locations working this way – many variable powder mix combinations can be evaluated in a short time frame.

  • Bob Greenyer

    We have made a case for what might be the catalyst.

    • Pekka Janhunen

      Bob, do you have an idea how the powder should sit in the tube? Should it be made to stick to the walls somehow (perhaps by pouring it in and rotating the reactor manually for a while), or should it rather rest on the floor and become airborne by gas convection upon heating when H2 and Li fill the chamber. Or perhaps by magnetic fields as some have suggested – but I doubt it since temperature would be above the Curie point of nickel and its alloys.

      • Bob Greenyer

        Bob Higgins has postulated that members of the experimental teams could sinter potentially active components on the walls of the swappable core, essentially mix with PVA to make a slurry and then vacuum bake in an oven to sinter active components to Al2O3. A more detailed description will be made available in the live experimental proposals when we start those.

        It may be that active components in the rector “dummy” would not work on their own, but should be kept below a critical temperature when testing the dummy and this could explain why the dummy was not taken too high.

    • Gerrit

      This is the third time I post this reference here to be shortly viewed and discussed.

      Maybe there are some interesting points.

      In a study titled “Nitrogen Discharged from the Earth’s Interior Regions”

      there is written: “Therefore, we believe that Ca is the common driving element for nuclear transmutation.”

      • Pekka Janhunen

        Reaction equations given in the abstract would seem to break baryon number conservation: more nucleons on the right-hand side than on the left-hand side.

      • Andreas Moraitis

        I have recently posted the (very speculative) idea that one could use a press for diamond generation from graphite in order to initiate Li-Ni LENR without hydrogen. The absorption of hydrogen increases the pressure inside the lattice dramatically. If that would be its primary function, you could in principle go without it. It is interesting that the authors plan to use such a press as well. With regard to LENR, applying mechanical pressure on a hydrogen-loaded lattice might also be an interesting option. This would be one of the first experiments I would pursue.

  • Rafael

    can anyone tell me where the sun’s energy comes from but from a lenr between elements that composes the sun?

  • Bob Greenyer
  • Bob Greenyer

    to the_solist

    We are intending to use the Kanthal wire and the design proposed is designed to carry the right power.

    Yes, the plan is to cycle the wire and also encourage harmonics, we are working on how that specifically was achieved – there is some time as the reactors will need to be built first.

    Please take a look at our Facebook were we are posting regularly,

    Please can you post your suggested design on FB as images or give us a link to a downloadable archive – so we can consider it. We are meeting with the manufacturer who is a world leader in high temperature element design next Thursday to instruct on the kind of reactor we require. We will post the manufacturers cost when they make it available for the proposed design and those that want to request one to be made will have 12 hours to commit before we instruct them to proceed.

    Our first powder under test will be

    You can get LiAlH4 from Sigma Aldrich

  • Bernie777

    Everything I have heard, or not heard, from and about IH makes me believe they are a front for a corporate entity or the US Federal government

    • Ophelia Rump

      Not everything Bernie777.
      Why would they not be able to get a patent if they were a government operation?
      Why would they openly and freely share the technology with China?

      I expect they have relationships but all high level industry does, to one degree or another.
      This is I think where most people are under-informed. They (Dark Artists) are everywhere, more or less. Sometimes more, but mostly less.

      • Bernie777

        Ophelia…to answer your questions: “Why would they not be able to get a patent if they were a government operation?” It is possible the Feds view LENR as a highly disruptive technology that can cause our economy to go into a tail spin, they would want to drastically slow the implementation of LENR and of course the patent office might be part of that plan, large fossil fuel corporations would also be “lobbying” hard. A large corporate entity might have the same reasons as above, together with not wanting to be seen as investing in LENR because of conflicting internal revenue sources connected to fossil fuels.

        “Why would they openly and freely share the technology with China? Coal. China has a huge problem with air quality that is starting to cause social unrest. China”s leadership is highly sensitive to this unrest. It is the in World’s interest to solve this problem, for a number of reasons. LENR can go a long way to solve it. A fast implementation in China will also cause short term 5-10 years of financial disruption which might be attractive to some Feds.

    • US_Citizen71

      Sure IH would fit the definition of a shell corporation. They likely rent space at another companies facility and who knows what deals have been made for manpower and materials from other companies. But none of that is uncommon for a startup.

  • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

    I sincerely doubt if the patent office will accept the TIP2 report as valid for their acknowledgement of Rossi’s effect. Already there is too much doubt on the procedures and test results for the report to survive as a well founded scientific report.
    Seeing how we now can wait for another year or so until the mysterious customer is satisfied with the 1MW reactor and someone can finally publicly visit the site, I’m starting to loose hope that we will see an e-cat breakthrough in short term. I’m not even sure that after another wait we will learn more about the 1MW reactor as the customer may well be the military and those buggers aren’t exactly informative about their projects.
    Therefore I’d like to see MFMP succeed in replicating the reactor, hopefully with a nice COP. With their open science system, they can prove or disprove every critic and once and for all bring LENR into the open. At this point, their stated goal of a blueprint for a working LENR reactor and a few reactors sent to some selected institutions would probably be the fastest way to a LENR world. If that reveals Rossi’s secrets, so be it. We need LENR now and Rossi will still get his Nobel prize and become rich and famous. Rossi’s or IH’s strategy is not working for me anymore. Go MFMP!

    • Ophelia Rump

      First they should change the name to something more appropriate like. Society for the unethical betterment of some people at someone else’s expense.

      Pons and Fleischmann deserve to have their names treated better than being turned into a symbol for an open IP piracy movement.

      • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

        Calm down… Succesful replication and the discovery of Rossi’s secrets would probably give Rossi his patent protection he so desperately seeks. So apart from a boost for LENR I don’t think Rossi or IH will suffer unduly.

        • Ophelia Rump

          I am not upset, I just spoken the truth. The IP belongs to IH.

          Leaving trails of criminal intent spread across the internet, is not the best approach to science. Consider that.

          • Bob Greenyer

            The MFMP is about lighting the New Fire together, we are not interested in how it happens, just that if it is possible, it should happen sooner rather than later.

            Any IP revealed in the report, IH will already have priority on.

            It would help if they additionally revealed any and all IP they have priority on to help someone independently do the demonstration that is required for them to get their patent.

            As an organisation, the MFMP can’t reveal IP that they have no knowledge of, we are in fact mostly doing something that we were planning to do based on published work going back more than one decade combined with the insight of working day in day out in the field for the past few years. As detailed on our Facebook, there was an openly published document from 2001 encouraging the Hydrogen loading of Nickel in the presence of Lithium Hydrides in reactor vessels made of Al2O3.

            Please look to our “Are we back to the future?” post on Facebook where we link to this document…


            We had discussed internally making reactors such as this (incorporating magnetic pinch effect pulses from solenoids) back in March and our powder reactor was designed to allow some magnetic pulses.

            It has long been established in LENR research that if you do not have a suitable reaction matrix in a dynamically changing environment – you will see nothing. Without a patent search, and without trawling the available historical LENR research, it might be that the novel aspects revealed in the paper is the use of 3 Phase power to increase the power that can be delivered, the THD and the dynamics of the overall solution.

            • Bernie777

              “MFMP is about lighting the New Fire together” then, please do not give those who want to deter LENR ammunition to discredit it, by calling your tests a duplicate of the E-Cat test, that, in all probability, will not duplicate the results.

              • Bob Greenyer

                Actually, I am not sure we have ever used the word you are referring to. If a citation can be found, then it was in error – it obviously cannot be achieved without full disclosure by IH.

            • Ophelia Rump

              If you have no knowledge of it you cannot claim to Reproduce it.
              You cannot have it both ways.

              • Bob Greenyer

                It is a replication *attempt* – if the report is actually showing a device that can yield over 3X power in and we see over unity with what is known and what we infer as “persons skilled in the art” which we may be considered as starting to be (well, we are trying), and/or we see similar isotopic shifts – then it may be considered a replication by some. All the same it is only an “attempt”.

                We might at the very least be able to provide more understanding to address real and valid criticisms of the report without any further release of IP from IH.

                We cannot of course reproduce it, we do not know *exact* details – and, actually, it probably is not necessary – we already have 1000s of different claimed experiments where either/or/both excess heat and elemental changes have been seen and it is clear that Rossi has produce 3 markedly different designs with claimed success. So it really looks like “reproducing” the experiment would be a needless focus on the minutia.

                The MFMP was set up with the aim of “jumping the hurdle” – that is to say, help produce *any* unequivocal evidence that the New Fire exists in order to put an end to the barriers that are stopping proper research into the field.

          • Pekka Janhunen

            Ophelia, as long as MFMP hasn’t signed any NDA, they can’t break any. As long as they’re not selling a product, they can’t infringe any IP. I can’t see how their planned activity could be morally questionable, let alone illegal.

          • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

            When you declare me “morally bankrupt and criminal” I assume you are upset. Otherwise you are downright rude and offensive.

            The IP that was registered by Rossi and IH does belong to them and should be recognized due to priority, but who is to say that MFMP won’t discover something new? Rossi at least was surprised by the ash analysis and that tells me not everything is known to them yet.

            MFMP has the right and the knowledge to do their own research that may help everyone to get LENR accepted and developed much faster. As that could potentially save millions of lives, I have no problem with them doing that. Let the patent battles be fought by legal courts. China will ignore them anyway, so I wouldn’t value their worth too much.

            • Ophelia Rump

              I do not think I said that you are morally bankrupt and criminal, only the actions which you endorsed, which is the usurpation of the property of others because they are not moving quickly enough to satisfy you.

              Be as upset as you wish. Your emotions belong to you. Not my property to deal with.

              • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

                So dishonest also.

                We are done talking.

      • catfish

        reverse engineering happens all the time, and Rossi has no patent, yet. He has never divulged what he’s using as a catalyst, so it would be natural that others would seek to find out. Did you really think the rest of the world would sit and worship the man like a god and not try to do actual scientific research on this?

        In any case, successful repetition of something nearly like his own design gives him a better case for a patent. MFMP is not making any money off of this. Of all the people who would try to reverse engineer this, you should be glad that it IS MFMP, because the next one will probably be some nameless state-sponsored conglomerate in China, where IP is habitually stolen once manufucturing occurs there.

        • Ophelia Rump

          I have no problem with calling it reverse engineering.
          I also see no issue with their learning from the work of IH and incorporating it.

          People have endorsed attempting to usurp the IP of IH and attempt to make this some kind of freeware movement. This is evil.

      • Hi all

        With Respect Ophelia.

        If MFMP use Rossi’s/Industrial Heat’s (IH) own Patent Applied For as a reference; and plane fact is they have, for they have read it; to build their own version of the E-Cat; then they are fulfilling the second clause of the patent requirements of a, Person Having Ordinary Skill In The Art (PHOSITA) where it states in provision requiring a proper disclosure:
        “The specification shall contain a written description of the invention, and of the manner and process of making and using it, in such full, clear, concise, and exact terms as to enable any person skilled in the art to which it pertains, or with which it is most nearly connected, to make and use the same, and shall set forth the best mode contemplated by the inventor or joint inventor of carrying out the invention.”

        IH merely need to tell MFMP they need a license to establish that they are using an aspect of the Patent Applied For. Perhaps a fee equal to a donation as part of purely a paper transaction just to set it in stone.

        The first clause of PHOSITA, with regard to obviousness, has been established; by all the pseudo and real sceptics, which is I think quite amusing.

        Kind regards Walker

  • clovis ray

    mf/mp going for the gold,,, i mean nickle, lol

  • Christopher Calder

    Rossi gave away the size of the nickel powder he found works best years ago, and I had that data on my web page for several years but deleted it. My memory is foggy, but I think it was about 7 to 10 micrometers. Maybe Frank remembers or Hank Mills. Rossi bought the high-purity nickel in rods and ground it at his factories in Italy and Florida. He also gave specific numbers on how pure it had to be, but I can’t remember all those details. I wish I had written it all down. I would guess Rossi consulted with nickel experts and found a way to increase the numbers of pits where hydrogen gas can load into. People trying to replicate his technology should probably seek out materials experts and ask how to do that. I am sure there are experts at Berkeley and Los Alamos who know. At one point he also said that he enriched the amount of one isotope of nickel for better effect. I don’t understand how he could do that. He said the cost of all the things he did to the nickel increased costs by about 10%.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Yes, I remember well that it was enriched because natural nickel is only 0.926% Ni-64.
      I was surprised to see in the report that the starting fuel was natural nickel.

  • Christopher Calder

    No, Rossi use to, and may still, grind his own nickel. He spoke of an old man in his 90s who ground the nickel for him at his factory. He also spoke of some special process he would use to enhance the nickel powder. That, as I recall, was before the Hot-Cat design and before the use of lithium hydride. Things may have change since then. We don’t know.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Also LiAlH4 is pyrophoric. So, keep it away from moisture.

    Handle it in a glove bag (or box) under nitrogen or argon.

    LiAlH4 + 4 H2O → LiOH + Al(OH)3 + 4 H2

    • Pekka Janhunen

      Lugano report page 28: “It is plausible that the fuel is mixed with the standard Lithium Aluminum Hydride, LiAlH4. Further evidence of that is obtained from the ICP-AES analysis which shows that the mass ratio between Li and Al is compatible with a LiAlH4 molecule.”

      There are many possibilities to have Li:Al ratio of 1:1. So it is not certain that LiAlH4 was actually included in the powder. Maybe it was LiAlH4 originally, but let react with water vapour before shipping to Lugano.

      • Fortyniner

        As the hydride is required to decompose in order to provide H and Li(?) at the reaction site, the actual hydride composition may not be critical anyway, unless of course aluminium is involved in the LENR. In the latter case it could possibly be added to the mix as nanopowder.

        • Ted-X

          Aluminum nanopowder is pyrophoric as well. Quick handling of LiAlH4, preferably in a simple nitrogen glove box, would be the best. However, LiAlH4 will not ignite if handled quickly, even in the air. But… no contact with the water, reactive organics or moisture.

  • Christopher Calder

    It would be great if Industrial Heat would just release blueprints of the whole thing and hope to make money off patent rights. That may not happen, but if someone can duplicate the device more or less with COP of at least 3, they may publish that on the web and the whole world will know how to do it. Then Rossi would get his Nobel Prize, Industrial Heat and Tom Darden would be a respected top news story, and the US Patent Office would be apologizing and issuing patents left and right. Then you might even see a drop in the price of oil because then billions would be spent on LENR research around the world, not just a few million.

    • Avatar Polymorph

      Oysten Lande is right. Industrial Heat made it press release through this newswire – I don’t understand why they don’t make another. Christopher Calder is absolutely right. Politically, the US Patent Office would need to grant him a patent. The first week that two universities create one Hot Cat, completely by themselves, Rossi becomes a national hero. A hero in America, and in Italy. Industrial Heat would certainly get more money in the next two financial years, to say the least. Just for fun, I’d like to see IH allow universities to build the first generation Energy Catalyzer and run it. It would enable the many critics of Rossi to examine their arguments more comprehensively.

  • Sanjeev

    This was about one year ago, in the press release. I actually just wrote a comment below that they should do it without further delay. It is too important to be guarded like a Gollum.

  • LCD

    Sure I understand

  • Gerard McEk

    The type of inconel can be important and I am not sure it is known. It should be able to withstand 1400 deg. C. Magnetic properties will not play a role because 1400 deg C will be above the curi temperature of the alloy. The treatment of the wire will possibly be important and I would use the Celani method as a must be able to calculate the resistance of one coil based on the openings angle of the triac and an assumed triac full openings voltage of 400 volts. Once known you will be able to estimate the wire diameter.
    One question: is the inner tube needed. I would leave it out, then you can better evacuate the whole interior of the Ecat.
    To ease the construction, I would fabricate the Aluninia with the risistor wires with grooves for the wires.
    Somebody informed me that the LiAlH4 is quite unstable and will react in plain air with moisture, so you will have to find a proper way to get it in.

  • Christopher Calder

    Sounds like you have a real plan. I notice that the nickel powder you mentioned is available in a 75 kilogram drum, enough for more than 75,000 10 kilowatt E-Cats. The lithium aluminum hydride and iron powder probably take up allot of that weight (1 gram) so the real number may be 150,000 E-Cats. I know Rossi use to grind his own nickel because he said it must be of very high purity. I hope your recreation works.

  • LCD

    If mfmp doesn’t attempt to replicate Rossi it would be silly, because everybody else already started.

  • Argon

    Mr Dicke;
    PCE-830:s were set to measure TrueRMS of Alternating 3 phase current (not pure sine wave).
    And how much smallere power it shows when one of the currents goes ‘from right to left’ than ‘left to rightt’.?
    Here is the hint: You can do the math with this simple equation from ‘known physics’ P=I²*R.
    And here comes the magic: put there first positive value for I, and then negative.

    Simple as that. and now if you read again those ‘clamp gate’-claims in cobra forun you see smoke and mirrors nothing more.

  • Freethinker

    “Something must have happened “.

    You use the word “must” based on what? You have yet to present a viable argument that would allow for a “must”.

    Please point to the figures you mean show inconsistency. I know only of the harmonics picture which you repeatedly come back to, and your of calculations of the joule heating ratio in the active reactor and the conjectured impact on the true dummy consumed power.

  • Neanderthal

    I remind all.. If they is going to be a subsequent test. Incorporate two simple work machine one at input and other at the output of thermal machine and deduce from the efficient of cannot cycle of conversion…

  • Bernie777

    If they mess up, the super skeptics and the media will jump on it, as proof LENR does not exist.