We are Witness to the Birth of a New Industry (Albert D. Kallal)

This post, written by Albert D. Kallal on this thread was made on this thread, I believe, in response to Andrea Rossi’s statement today that “a commercial breakthrough resolves all the discussions: in the late seventies the “experts” used to say that the idea to produce computers for “housewifes” was ridiculous and technologically impossible. Whatever they are saying now is totally insignificant, as well as what they said in the past.

The “parallels” to the computer industry in the 1970’s is rather remarkable. While some companies were producing a home brew computers like Heath Kit, the REAL race was to get a useable and working computer in the hands of the public. Thus out of near nothing billion dollar companies like Apple were born in a garage.

LENR is exactly he same thing. You have lots of small groups tinkering and playing with LENR. Make NO MISTAKE, this is an opportunity of a life time. You cook up a working device that is “consumer” friendly as opposed to lab coat friendly and you will create the next BILLION dollar company.

It is RARE that such opportunities come along in our lifetimes. The race for LENR is not if it works, but WHO can get a working device into the hands of the public or industry.

Worrying about some replication of LENR is LONG PAST. The REAL issue and magic frontier is producing a WORKING product for the consumer or industry. It looks like Rossi and IH will be the first – as a result they will create the next Apple. On the other hand, just like the Auto industry, or computer industry, history is littered with failed startups. And while some like Atari or Commodore are well known history antidotes (and so is Packard for autos), they were eventually “muscled” out by other players like IBM and Apple.

So really, at the end of the day talk about replication, or sharing some trade secrets to spread LENR is really moot and PAST history. On the heels of Rossi is others like Brillouin and more that will SURELY follow.

We are witness to the birth of a new industry. And like the exploding computer industry or the rail road bonanza, these “revolutions” were NOT based on sharing the theory of the steam engine, or the fact of low cost off the self WHOLE COMPUTERS existed on a SINGLE chip.

Apple, PET, Commodore did not did not build or create the 6502 processor, but simply realized that those tiny computer on a chip were ONLY worth something when placed in a working package that anyone could flick on the power switch. We are now in the state of WHO gets to market first and the replication and theory is a purely a waste of time except for the academic community.

The SHIP of LENR is about to sail out of the harbor – it just a question of who gets their boat out first!
So really, I see little worry here – the advent of a LENR box with an “on button” will fix any issue as to how to spread this amazing new energy source.

Albert D. Kallal

  • Donk970

    I suspect that the answer is a lot simpler. IH is afraid that one of the federal agencies that regulates nuclear energy or export of technology will decide to interfere before they can get the E-Cat into widespread production and use. In the long run it probably won’t matter to the introduction of LENR devices into the market but in the short term it could slow things down quite a bit.

  • Gerard McEk

    Apart from the very through words of the article, about why things do not move so fast, but what is different to the examples given it that LENR is an energy source, which are intrinsic unsafe. That autorities want guarantees for safety of this new energy source is clear and because the theory of it stlill unknown it will be hard to get a safety certificate. I believe it would be better if IH takes steps develop an acceptable theory, by involving universities. There is also a danger on this. Once it is clear how LENR works, people may want to construct bombs with it (if possible). In that case we may never see the commercial evolution of LENR, it will be hidden in the deepest fridge. The military will take over and God knows what happens than.

  • GreenWin

    What this past week proves again is the rather tawdry state of this sim. There is light however, almost entirely coming from the Swedish & Italian team who, via Elforsk funding and continued sponsorship and support from the Swedish Academy of Sciences, Uppsalla University, KTH, Uni Bologna. These scientists have the real deal – a validated long running LENR device that is ready for industrial applications.

    Industrial Heat’s Tom Darden claims he’ll use E-Cat to reduce or eliminate particulate pollution – 1M Chinese die yearly directly due to particulate pollution. IF this is Mr. Darden’s real goal, we need to see a prototype for a district level CHP E-Cat, able to produce clean electricity, and useful heat/steam. Such a prototype serves as the pilot for a series of district level units able to completely eliminate a centralized coal-fired plant. There can be no better demonstration of New Fire than a functioning CHP unit.

    The time for these old school “tests” are over IMO. The whole point of alternative technology is to avoid the traps and bottlenecks set up by the Knowledge Monopoly industry aka mainstream science. So, let’s hear some support for Dr. Rossi from IH LLC, and a plan, or vision or indication of progress to full commercialization. Nel mercato è la verità.

  • LCD

    Look I hate to rain on the posters parade but I feel like we have to settle back down to earth a little. As much as I would love for this to be the next transistor we need to realize that as promising as the technology seems we don’t know enough about anything to draw long term conclusions.

    There is still a lot of room for this to dissapoint as a cheap energy source. Might be too unstable, might become easily dangerous, might not be efficient enough. We just don’t know.

    I think we will learn a lot about physics and it will lead eventually to better things but let’s not get ahead of ourselves without proper proof.

  • Omega Z

    They are not ready for the big splash.
    They probably wont be ready until they have some serious data from the pilot plant. They need firm data that it can pull a load. All they really have at this point is Lab data.
    It wouldn’t bode well to say, We have this fantastic device, but oops, It falls down under real world use.

  • Heath

    I agree partially. I thought Darden’s interview was tepidly conservative and it reminded me of the December press release in which it only spoke in partial sentences from what the person interviewed said. Rossi has given interviews–even of late–in which were fully quoted answers to questions. Im not sure if the difference means much, but im seeing a pattern. Hopefully this will change.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Yes, first make a toy. Place an E-Cat into the combustion chamber of this Model R/C turbine.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      IH could sponsor an event like this.

      • Alan DeAngelis


        Certainly Rossi’s primary goal is to have the megawatt plant running and doing real work but I was thinking that retrofitting radio controlled model airplanes and billing it as “First in Flight with the E-Cat” would draw a huge crowd (a lot of PR bang for the buck). It would also be a conformation of LENR. The E-Cat planes could stay aloft almost indefinitely (R/C planes can only stay up for a few minutes).

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Maybe do the retrofit with a “micro-scale E-Cat”.
      Use a lightweight lithium battery {like the ones in screwdrivers) to heat the fuel.

  • Sanjeev

    Great comment.
    I was really surprised when I saw the pictures of the latest hot cat in the report. It all started from a big shipping container full of big ugly iron tanks and leaking pipes. When he joined IH , we saw a big tube of the size of an arm, but now we have a tablespoon sized hot cat producing KWs.

    I guess the Ecat evolution is already going on with a stunning speed.

    • Fortyniner

      I very much doubt we’ve seen the last of Rossi’s modified shipping containers. They’re ideal in many ways – tough, enough space to accommodate tanks, pipework, control wiring and boards, technicians and operators, easy to move around and to position at the destination – and usefully anonymous! I would hope for no more leaks though – that was really amateurish.

  • AstralProjectee

    We’re witnessing a big black swan event.