Tom Darden of Industrial Heat Comments on E-Cat, Test — Has Had ‘Several High Level Conversations’

An article has been posted on the Triangle Business Journal in which Lauren Ohnsesorge talks with Tom Darden, Chairman of Industrial Heat LLC, and CEO of Cherokee Industrial Partners (both of Raleigh, North Carolina) about E-Cat technology and the recent test report that was just published.

Darden states that his main concern with this technology is to reduce air pollution. Darden states that he is not in it for the money:

“I’m serious — it’s about air pollution and coal . . . Our company is called Industrial Heat. Our job is to make industrial heat and industrial heat is made by coal… We don’t think any energy should be made by coal, so that’s why I’m doing this. This could be a way to eliminate the use of coal.”

Darden says he calls the report “promising”, and that they will continue to work on developing the technology. When questioned about the allegedly shady background (a charge raised by some critics) of Andrea Rossi, Darden states, “I don’t care who gets there first, how it happens . . . I just want to see it happen.”

Significantly, Darden takes ownership of the E-Cat, saying that “We built the reactor and shipped it over to Switzerland.” (emphasis added — good point, Ged)

The article also mentions that Darden says he has had ‘several high level conversations’ about the technology, including with Chinese officials on a recent trip to China.

This is the first we have heard from anyone from inside Industrial Heat (except for Andrea Rossi) for many months, so although there’s not much information here, it’s a significant statement. I expect that Darden and his associates will be getting a lot of information since the report was published, and it sounds like Darden has high hopes for the E-Cat.

The fact that he has been having high level conversations with people outside of China, I think is very significant. Probably those with whom he has spoken will be paying close attention to the new report, and if they are in high positions could already have specialists analyzing what was reported by the E-Cat testing team.

  • Bernie777

    If Darden means what he says, only interest is to “eliminate the use of coal” and “is not in it for the money”, then they should release all PI information into the patent and let everyone or anyone replicate.

    • psi2u2

      Having thought about this for a few days, I think this is a “Dardan dodge.” It behooves him, like Rossi, to downplay the transformative implications of the technology. He is very purposefully understating and framing the new technology so as to arouse the least possible unnecessary opposition. This is just my opinion, but it is what I would do if I were in Dardan’s shoes.

    • Jix1

      Maybe he will sell it to you. His investment may or may not be profitable in the end, but certainly making it public at this stage would guarantee it would be a dead end. These things take lots of $$ to get going and so many want it to be freely given to the world. I suggest those who feel it belongs to the world put up the funding themselves to then be given freely to the rest of the world.

  • LuFong

    Reminds me of another company…

    >Andrea Rossi
    >October 11th, 2014 at 8:48 PM
    >Daniel G.Zavela:
    >As a matter of fact, we already have a plant of 1 MW made for a
    >Customer. For all the next 12-14 months my only and sole focus will be
    >on it: it is the milestone that signals the first commercial product
    >based on LENR ( or QUAR, as my friend Renato Estri likes to say) in the
    >free market.

    >The success of this plant goes beyond anything else, and nothing will
    >take a single hour of my work but it from now through the end of 2015.
    >Also my activity of R&D will be focused on it. All my great team is
    >focused on it.
    >Warm Regards,

    Not even a single hour! Sounds like Rossi’s had enough. And you thought the wait for the “6 month” report was bad. Let’s hope someone replicates this thing so we can get to the bottom of what’s going on because it won’t be from Rossi.

    • Andreas Moraitis

      Rossi is very conservative in his statements. Some weeks ago he said that there were problems with the 1 MW plant, whereupon some people became hysterical. Only a few days later he reported that the problems had been solved. I think the period of one year is required to test the plant’s reliability and long-term performance, and to make minor adjustments if necessary. IH cannot afford to sell a product for 1+ million $ without being sure that it will not break after a short time. As soon as the plant works as intended, Rossi will surly have more than a single hour to devote himself to other things.

      • LuFong

        He first mentioned a visitable plant in 2011. But I can understand him just wanting to work in peace and not have to deal with curious people (I’m one) all the time. And I can also understand the nature of the E-Cat and it’s commercialization. On the other hand it has been 3 years since he sold his first 1MW plant and he has continued his “In Mercato Veritas” for quite a while now. I do not understand Rossi and how he is doing things. I’m not holding out any hope for any definitive statement about the state of the E-Cat from Rossi anytime soon anymore.