E-Cat Report Released: ‘Not a Conventional Source of Energy’ (Cold Fusion/LENR Confirmed)

A copy of the 3rd Party Report has been released and is now posted at the web site Sifferkol.se

Link: http://www.sifferkoll.se/sifferkoll/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/LuganoReportSubmit.pdf

Key findings: COP of COP of 3.2-3.6 over a 32 day period and isotopic change in nickel and lithium was found to have changed substantially after run.

The authors conclude, “Once again, even in the most conservative scenarios, we have values that allow us to conclude that the reactor studied here may not be considered a conventional source of energy.”

UPDATE: From Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

To all the Readers of the Journal of Nuclear Physics:
The Report of the Independent Third Party has been published on
Warm Regards
Andrea Rossi

CORRECTION: I have heard from Mats Lewan who wanted to be clear that the report was NOT leaked. He explains on his An Impossible Invention site how publication came about:

The report has been uploaded to Arxiv.org which, however has put it on hold, without specifying any motive for this. It has also been sent to Journal of Physics D. I got the report sent to me by Hanno Essén who said that he now considers it to be public, although not supposed to be published in any commercial journal until further notice from Journal of Physics D.

A picture of the new-style E-Cat. It looks very different from what we have seen previously:

new ecat

Here’s another with it placed on the testing rack. No unusual radiation was detected, but where is the shielding on this?

new ecat1

Observation of abundant heat production from a reactor device and of isotopic changes in the fuel by ecatworld

  • Albert Dasslock

    The current measurement is clearly wrong. Check page 14 in the report. For a three-phase delta (delta is mentioned on page 5) I2 = I1 / sqrt(3). Not I1/2. Thus Rossi is playing a simple trick with currents, and all “abundant heat” can be attributed to that. I can’t believe the authors of the report fell for such an easy trick.

  • TomR

    Ivan Idso, I agree 100% with your thoughts on Axil Axil. I too have been following vortex for years and read everything Axil Axil writes.

  • Donk970

    I have had this thought that I posted elsewhere too. I think that at this point the skeptics need to be challenged to gather their evidence and take it to court. After all what they are claiming boils down to an accusation of criminal fraud by Rossi and they should be willing to act on their beliefs.

  • Donk970

    That’s what they did in an earlier test but they were accused of not making proper measurements and putting chemicals in the water that was making the heat and all sorts of other things.

  • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

    You’re welcome Ken. You yourself have handled the reply’s to your mail gracefully 🙂

  • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

    Something I really do not understand:

    “This time they were far more conservative, running the apparatus first at “modest” 1260° C and then at 1400° C. despite Rossi telling them that it will run at higher temperatures.”

    How can this device run higher than the melting point of Nickel? If the nickel can be liquid, doesn’t that invalidate the NAE theory?

    • Axil Axil

      The microscopic photos of Rossi’s nickel particles were
      very revealing. These pictures show a mix of burnt-out particles and still functional
      particles with tubercles on their serface. IMHO, because Rossi is running his reactor at a very high temperature, his particles have a definite half-life based on the operational
      temperature that the reactor runs at. Rossi can judge the runtime of his
      reactor based on the temperature that the reactor will operate at and the
      amount of particles he uses in the fuel charge.

      This makes commercial sense since his customers will be forced
      to recharge the E-Cat on a predictable timescale. Each recharge means money in
      the pocket of Industrial heat. IMHO, this is one reason that Rossi has developed a hot
      running reactor near the melting point of nickel.

      • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

        Interesting and thanks for your reply. So you have a business model here that basically says: The higher the operating temperature, the lower the expected fuel efficiency/longevity. Not sure though if the fuel wouldn’t be very easy to produce and therefore invalidate this business model unless Rossi has the fuel patented.

        But I’m thinking Rossi means you can run (way) beyond the melting point of Nickel. So in liquid form, does Nickel still have tubercles? Or do you think the reactor was at the limit at 1400C? Also, is the theory of Nuclear Active Environments (Storms) still valid with what we now know?

        • Axil Axil

          Please see the following links for My nanoplasmonic theory of the Ni/H reactor. Nanoplasmonic was invented back in 1974 by Martin Fleischmann.



          The particles are hard to produce correctly and the tubercles do increase the heat tolerance of nickel.

          • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

            Thanks Axil. Although I’m not scientifically schooled, I’m happy to learn more about the world around us. I will take a shot at reading and understanding the links you provided.

            I still wonder where the maximum stable working temperature of the hot-cat is, though I suspect only a few at IH know that answer. I’d be very surprised if it was anywhere beyond 1500C, though maybe your links may shed some light on that.

            • Axil Axil

              If you have the time and do read all those words, please supply feedback on stuff you don’t understand so I can make the theory easier to absorb.

              • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

                Thank you, sir. I really appreciate that very much.

    • pelgrim108
      • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

        Thanks pelgrim. I wasn’t aware of it but somehow the closing “)” became part of the link…

  • dickyaesta

    I don’t understand what you mean, but because you gave me an upvote I let it pass.

  • Gerard McEk

    Maybe I used the wrong chemical formula? Are there more stable versions of NiAlH+?

    • wpj

      No, the formula is correct (LAH is chemist shorthand, sorry). All hydrides are extremely moisture sensitive and LAH is particularly bad due to it being an extremely fine powder. If this was dispersed in the Ni, it would be spread out even more. It’s the “envelope” which it came from that disturbs me; if it was vacuum sealed that would have been nice!

      Furthermore, now that we know that the end of the reactor was cut off with a saw, this could easily have lead to Al contamination seen in the analysis.

  • Ged

    I’m pretty sure they were. Also, one can’t put a planet in a calorimeter, or a star, yet we can accurately take their temperatures. Thermal imaging is a long and well established science. At worst, it underestimates.

  • Ged

    There us speculation on the mechanism in the report. But they are very, very cautious. As this is so new, additional data continues to change our ideas; Rossi’s theories, whatever they are right or wrong, are at least practical ones as they’ve allowed for dramatic improvement in E-cat design and function. Can’t do that completely clueless, unless crazy lucky (which happens!).

  • Ged

    Any time, it’s always good to raise concerns and draw atrention to make sure everything is right, especially on something this big; and such questions help us all to have more confidence.

  • dickyaesta

    Copy image to hard disk and then expand image with windows photo viewer or similar

  • Fortyniner

    That is a possibility that should be considered, no matter how unlikely it seems.

  • Fortyniner

    AlainCo’s ‘groupthink’ comes into play as well I imagine. The ‘skeps’ appear to be a relatively small (but vociferous) group, which hangs out primarily on ECN and moletrap.co.uk, where they can indulge in some mutual grooming to bolster their flagging spirits.

    They are so heavily invested in the ‘fact’ that Rossi is a scammer that they have apparently failed to notice that investment group IH is now running the show, and that serious groups such as Elforsk are becoming involved.

    Their repertoire of FUD has been severely diminished by reality, and they seem now to be reduced to repeating old lies, half truths and innuendo, long since debunked, in the hope that someone, somewhere will be taken in by them.

  • Omega Z

    Only for about 40 years. The likely transition period.

  • Omega Z

    Actual J, Your question can be answered by you.
    What could Rossi fill the E-cat with that could possibly run your car for a 1000 miles in such a small quantity. 1 Gram & still running up until they turned it off. Net output 1,500Kwh…
    No trick or scheme could do this. Your question becomes ridiculous & invites negative feed back.

  • Omega Z

    It was1/3rd of the time, but Rossi restated that to be 1/4 in one of the comments about a year ago. Also, the magnetic pulse was not used.

  • Omega Z

    Those percentages were based on a single “Clump” of ash. Samples varied. Other samples had lower percentages & all their samples were taken from just 10 percent of the 1 gram charge. They sought out the clumps intentionally for analysis.

    Just speculating, but from how the report reads, there was other fuel remaining that wasn’t clumped(Still powder) which may indicate it could have ran for quite sometime. According to Rossi, the lithium would be the determining factor in longevity in this particular situation.
    As 90% of the fuel wasn’t analyzed, we can only speculate on how much lithium was still available.

  • dickyaesta

    Do we have to see something sinister in the refusal of Arxiv.org to publish the report?

    • dickyaesta

      Thanks to Greenwin on elaborating a bit on this theme on the ‘Always Open E-Cat World Thread’, seems that they indeed try to hide more info about the E-Cat. A delaying tactic for sure, it seems. Why can’t they never say : “…we are sorry, we judged this wrong…”,(No big deal Dude so much info and so little time we understand, lets go on and not waste more time, wriggling that precious a.. of yours in front of my eyes. I am not interested. I like to see this technology developed as fast as possible).

  • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

    Or they blew up the 2 spare parts already 😉

    • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

      Oh, already said that… I’ll go with your explanation then 🙂

  • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

    The report states that there was no indication that the reactor ran out of fuel:

    “The shutdown date had already been decided when organizing the test, and had nothing to do with the potential of the reactor, which was running normally. Therefore, no assumption may be made on the life of the powder charge, nor, consequently, on the total energy density of the reactor charge, which means that the values found are only indicative of lower limits.”