Notice: Scheduled Down Time [Recommendation: Clear Browser Cache]

Just a quick notice to ECW readers to say that sometime over the next day or two the site will be down for probably an hour or so for a server upgrade. Please don’t be concerned if you can’t get on ECW for a bit!

Thanks to all,


UPDATE: Things did not go as planned with the upgrade and some unforseen problems showed up. I am working to restore things, but there are still some issues going on with the site. For some people, going to does not allow you to get on the site right now, but going directly to links seems ok.

You can get to the main site by going to

If you continue to have problems reaching certain parts of the site, I would recommend clearing your browser cache. If that still doesn’t work you could try flushing your DNS

My sincere apologies for the interruptions of service.

  • hempenearth

    Its all sorted from this part of the globe Frank.

    • ecatworld

      Thanks for letting me know — I really appreciate it!

      • hempenearth

        Mobile and desktop are both good

  • Gerard McEk

    I am not a IT specialist and I find it strange that this happends. It makes the whole IT infrastructure very sensitive. Is it not possible to recover without flushing the cashe of our individual computers? I found at a forum that my Ipad can be reset by switching it fully off and on again.

  • artefact

    Additional to the “recent comments” problem the comment counter on the main page for each blogpost does not work. I guess that is connected. As if a script is not running…

  • Omega Z

    Hope the post below made you smile considering your probably stressed at the moment.

    Only issue I see at this time is the “Recent Comments” aren’t updating.

    • Andreas Moraitis

      Unfortunately, itโ€™s not the only one โ€“ see my reply to artefact below. The problem of temporarily disappearing comments is, by the way, not new, as well as the issues with sorting. Maybe both problems have the same cause, since the disappeared posts might just have been put to a different location in the thread. However, I did not check this out.

      • Omega Z

        I haven’t experienced that as of yet.
        I did experience it at another time a while back, but the next time I visited ECW the problem was gone.
        If I recall, It may have been you that mentioned to Frank at that time that the long E-Cat Report Watch page may be a problem. Maybe if he did something at that time that fixed it, he needs to redo whatever he did then.

        Regardless, I think Frank needs to start a New Report Watch II page if/when he can without Risk of crashing the site.
        I swear, It takes 3 minutes & an Hour to scroll down to the comments.

    • This looks like there is a code caching mechanism activated on the server. Like PHP-APC or something else.

      Frank should take a look in the php.ini file of his server (normaly at /etc/php5/)

  • Omega Z

    I think I may be suffering Withdrawal Symptoms.

    Loss of appetite, becoming anxious & irritable, trembling, sweats, feeling fatigued. I’m lashing out in angry outbursts. laughing at nothing for no apparent reason.

    Developing a sudden Lack of motivation; inability to focus, spacing out. My speech is becoming incoherent & slurred, my coordination impaired & unstable.

    My Eyes are bloodshot, My head aches, I can’t breath, starting to become paranoid, My vision is becoming blurry,

    Oh, Wait, . . . . . . . . . Never Mind,

    My girlfriend tied my tie to tight.
    She walked off saying something like I don’t listen or pay attention or some kind of shtz. I’m not really sure what she—
    Heyyy, Wait a Minute. I don’t wear a tie.

  • Andreas Moraitis

    Maybe some of the problems are caused by the meanwhile oversized โ€œAlways Open Threadโ€? Loading and sorting the almost 2000 comments might require too much memory.
    It could be worth trying to start it again, with a link to the old version.

    • Andreas Moraitis

      By the way, the “E-Cat Report Watch Thread” is about as long. The disqus software might not be designed for that.

  • ecatworld

    Thank you for your comments and reports here!

    • wizkid

      Access on mobile is good but windows 7 still gives error after dnsflush is completed. Just fyi.

  • artefact

    Clearing the cache in firefox helped me to get to the main page again.

  • Sanjeev

    All working ok for me (firefox latest).

  • gdaigle

    Yes, I ran into the DNS caching issue as well. Now that I’m back into the forums I see that issue has already risen. I had no problem accessing in Chrome, but Safari and Firefox on a Mac required clearing my DNS cache. For you can can see the site now, here is the link to instructions for future reference:

  • artefact

    The “recent comments” seem not to be keeping track yet.

    • Omega Z

      Same here. No updates.

    • Andreas Moraitis

      And some comments disappear after some minutes and come back after half an hour or so.

  • Ophelia Rump

    Good Luck! I can reach the site at the moment by using the specific URL: passes me to

    If you are in over your head I will be here a few hours, I would be glad to research and advise if I can help you work through any issues. But you probably will not even think to read this.

    See you on the other side!

    It’s just grand you are spiffing up the joint before the report!

    • artefact

      I’m here, too ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Ophelia Rump


        We will crawl through the wires if we have to Frank. We are like roaches in the walls of the internet.

        • GreenWin

          Bravo! to OR and artefact for stepping up to help Frank and ECW. A potent tangent to Rossi’s wonderful team – bringing E-Cat to light.

    • ecatworld

      Thanks, OR

      I have just discovered the same thing. I can get to any page with a link to a specific page, but going to the main page is still problematic.

      • Ophelia Rump

        Since that is what is happening, we are reaching the server, but being redirected, probably by a config file of the server which has a redirect line or alias in it.

        If you look up the correct file to edit and search for the string of the redirect URL to orange, you can probably comment it out. Don’t forget to flush the server side caching. Use full shutdowns to clear caches on web servers or you keep getting the old config even after changes.

        For the Apache server the main configuration file is usually called httpd.conf.

        • ecatworld

          Thanks OR. Very helpful information. I have been trying to flush and de-cache everything.

  • US_Citizen71

    Good luck with the upgrade may the technical gremlins have better things to do than pay attention to you!

    • ecatworld

      Thanks USC — unfortunately, the gremlins did not leave me alone, and I have made the decision to abort the upgrade. I learned a few things though and I need to do some homework before I try next time.

      I hope we’ll slowly get back to normal, but I have learned that DNS propagation can take some time to resolve (part of the problem I encountered)

      My apologies to everyone for the inconvenience this all caused.

      • Fortyniner

        No apologies at all necessary Frank – anyone who tries to run a website knows that all 4 wheels will come off if you attempt to migrate or upgrade, and sympathises. It’s the digital analogue of the old axiom, “No good deed ever goes unpunished.” Thanks for the updates via PM when I couldn’t access the site at all this morning.

        It looks like you can call on a lot of IT expertise here when/if you try again.

      • curious

        I was worried that some idiots had hijacked the site. No need to apologize. Pity that the upgrade did not go well.

  • HarryD

    Thank you Frank for hosting this magnificent platvorm and feeding all the information. Succes with the ugrade, let’s hope ECW doesn’t misses to be among those who first report the long awaited report!!

    • ecatworld

      Thanks, Harry. Everything going well so far with the migration.

  • @Frank: If you need help somewhere you can contact me.
    Or for announcements use, we will support you as much as we can (own dedicated server in the netherlands)

    • ecatworld

      Thanks very much the offer, Barty. I’ll be in touch if I run into trouble.

  • foobario2

    So much for assuming that it was BIG OIL taking the site offline ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Gerard McEk

    So, you assume nothing important happens this weekend? Well you should have all systems lean and mean for the coming data traffic explosion. I hope everything is up and running the coming week, good luck, Frank

  • Billy Jackson

    Frank is anticipating so much traffic he’s installing a red light! ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Christina


    God bless you, Frank, and have a good day.