Mats Lewan to Publish Second Edition of ‘An Impossible Invention’ following Report

Mats Lewan has posted on his blog that a new edition of An Impossible Invention, his book about Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat, will be published in the near future.

He states:

I’m now working on a second edition of the book with minor updates and corrections. A more detailed examination of the legal saga of Andrea Rossi will be added, as well as an update reflecting the findings about the company Defkalion’s technology, revealed in early 2014.

I’m also waiting for the upcoming third party report on Rossi’s E-Cat, which is expected to be published shortly, in order to include this report and comments on it in the second edition.

Mats also announces that the first edition of his book is now available via Amazon in kindle ebook format (click here to go to the page). I note that the US price is reduced from around $15 to $9.99.

In the blog post Mats also says that as a gesture of appreciation for all who have purchase the first edition of the book, a free download of the second edition will be available once it is available.

I think this is very good news. Once the new report is published there will be much to add to this story, and this book will be a very important means of informing the public about the E-Cat. I hope the book becomes a real bestseller!

  • Andreas Moraitis

    Mats Lewan is getting extremely positive feedback for his book from Amazon customers:

    “Mats Lewan @matslew · 3. Okt.
    I’m overwhelmed! 22 reviews w 5 stars of my book ‘An Impossible Invention’ after 2 d on Amazon. … #lenr #ECat #Energy”

    Maybe the book will help to push Rossi’s story forward to a much greater extent than one might have expected. In addition, it could help mainstream journalists to gain a sound overview, thus reducing their dependence on the often contradictory information from the internet.

  • Mats Hilmersson

    I’m quite sure the weekly swedish technical news magazine NyTeknik will give the report a lot of attention. This since Mats Lewan works there and they are not happy with the “critics” from swedish national radio (Sveriges Radio) in the early summer. I presume they will link to the report directly when released and in the following days they will aim for interviews with at least any Swedish authors and reviewers of the report. Just as in beginning of 2011 I think at least one of the swedish tabloid papers will relay the story. Whether it’s then picked up by the general media depends a lot on the quality of the report. If there are no obvious weaknesses or disclaimers I think it has a fair chance to make it to the swedish main stream media. In June I proposed to the editor in chief of NyTeknik to arrange an open debate or hearing once the report comes out. She responded that “we need to be very fit” in order to take on something like that.

  • Andrea Rossi
    October 4th, 2014 at 8:45 PM

    To the Readers:
    On Science has been published the discovery of the “Majorana Fermion”,
    so called because it has been hypotised by Ettore Majorana ( fellow
    student of Enrico Fermi , when they were called “I ragazzi di via
    Panisperna”). This particle is extremely interesting because it is, at
    the same time, an elementary particle AND its own antiparticle. The
    discovery has been made in the Princeton University by the Group of
    Nadj- Perge.
    Warm regards,

    Is this a hint that we should watch closely to the science journal?
    I never before noticed that Rossi mentioned foreign publications not related to his JoNP?

    • artefact

      thought the same. They publish weekly. Last was October 3. Next: October 10

      • That would be absolutely great! Science is one of THE top journals anyway!
        A publication in science will definitely cause an earthquake in the scientific world! All the nay-sayers will pale immediately…nice imagination.

        • artefact

          And Wiki says its rival is Nature.

          But we will see.

          • Yes, they are very similar.
            But science is also publishing papers about “simple” investigations on scientific basis.

            The investigation of the E-Cat fits perfectly in this topic.

      • Daniel Maris

        And there was the NTAK rumour the announcement will be 17th October. Presumably they publish on 17th October as well.

        A coincidence perhaps. I find it difficult to believe it will get published in a top journal like that. But it would be great if it did.

    • Paul

      No, it is not to be published on Science or Nature.

      • Okay, then it is in a smaller journal? One not well known and accepted?

        • Paul

          One that can publish very long papers. I “cannot” say more.

          • can Naturwissenschaften publish long article. they have a good record on LENr compared to others..

            or else, journal of electroanalythical chemistry ?

            Of course this does not mean I am right, because it can be another journal of similar caracteristics…

            I would bet on those two, but maybe it is not possible for long articles…

            see the records by Jed Rothwell

          • I don’t know any journal who can do that…

    • I am not convinced but on twitter, @smogm

      make a point by reminding that if Nature/Science cannot prevent others journal to publish, they have to publish it to maintain their status.

      My vision is that Nature and Science are under massive groupthink and are totally confident and blind. they are so sure to be right that even facing clear evidence they will be too afraid to relay them, sure it is probably wrong.

      • Yes, competition can draw them from the woodwork.

        They want to keep their pride and honor. For sure they want to be under the first who say “we published the paper who will change the whole energy market”.

    • Axil Axil

      What is a particle anyway? Are these majorana-fermions actually solitons? Could this particle be a topological knot in a EMF spin liquid? How would we distinguish the EMF field emanations of a Surface Plasmon Polariton (SPP) soliton from that of a majorana-fermion? Are magnetic monopoles really majorana-fermions. Could what these researchers have found really be a SPP soliton that just look like a majorana-fermions? Can nickel do just as well as iron in this type of experiment?

      It seems that majorana-fermions are formed at the tips of superconducting nanowire. Can any one dimensional nanowire based magnetic field emitter produce this “particle”? All thin nanowire (AKA one dimensional topological conductor) are superconducting. Are Rossi’s tubercles superconducting? Could these particles be forming at the tips of Rossi’s tubercles? Could majorana-fermions be also formed at the tips of Rydberg hydrogen crystal nanowires forming in the Ni/H reactor or for that matter at the ends of the water crystals that LeClair has seen in his cavatation experiments? Could majorana-fermions or whatever it is be an important factor in LENR where magnetic field emitters are involved?

  • Andreas Moraitis

    Somewhat simplifying one could say that there are both ‚natural’ and ‚intellectual’ pathways in music reception. 20th Century ‘avant-garde’ music tends to address the intellectual part and to negate the ‘positive’ aspect of the natural component; in pop music it’s just the opposite.
    J. S. Bach’s music satisfies both sides.

    • bachcole

      VERY interesting. I will have to think upon that. Perhaps I could come up with a better duality that would describe the situation better. It stands to reason that all of those people who like music that I don’t (like my son) can’t all be pretending or crazy or insensitive jerks. (:->) Perhaps you could go further into this idea for me, please.

  • Christopher Calder

    Fission nuclear power may not be entirely dead after all. See:

    A Canadian company called Terrestrial Energy is pushing a new molten salt reactor design, the Integral Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR), that they claim is cheaper, simpler, and more easily certifiable than the famous Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR). They say 1 cent per kilowatt hour electricity is possible with this design.

    So, we have competing in the arena Rossi, Defkalion, and many others with LENR technology, Solar Hydrogen Trends competing with incredible (if true) LENR-fission-hydrogen technology, and Lockheed Martin competing with a simple and cheap hot fusion reactor design no more complex than a jet engine. They all promise electricity at around one cent per kilowatt hour. You will never be able to put a IMSR in your car, but they may make turning Canadian tar sands into oil a cheaper and cleaner process. See their website at:

    • Axil Axil

      Ironically, LENR makes the LFTR extremely dangerous. The thing that gives U233 its
      proliferation resistance is heavy U232 isotope contamination. U232 is deadly in
      the extreme as a gamma and heat emitter. It also breaks up the U233 bomb pit. In
      short, U232 provides U233 with a half dozen proliferation barriers to its use
      in nuclear weapons. But LENR will burn U232 in preference to U233. Uranium 232 ( 92P 140N) is an isotope of uranium. It has a half-life of 68.9 years and is a side product in the thorium cycle especially when fast neutrons are present.

      There has been a LENR experiment done to show that LENR can reduce the half-life of U232 from 69 years to 6 microseconds.

      See reference:

      Accelerated alpha-decay of 232U isotope achieved by exposure of its aqueous solution with gold nanoparticles to laser radiation

      A.V. Simakin, G.A. Shafeev,d.dmQ

      The LFTR should be band with the advent of LENR. Pure U233 will make a great gun type bomb.

      In this regard, LENR can be misused when applied to uranium processing.

      • Christopher Calder

        I would not invest in any fission design myself, with the exception of the Solar Hydrogen Trends device, which fissions the oxygen atom at room temperature somehow, but is nothing like fission in a uranium based reactor. I do like the fact that all these energy producing tools are being developed. It is good to have a BIG tool box. In the future we may find uses for tools that make no sense to use right now. Cheap energy is the only thing that will stop a global depression that will collapse our government and governments around the world. It is good to know we have many options to provide us with cheap energy. I applaud all the authentic efforts to create cheaper energy production, but at the same time I condemn the renewable energy hoax and fad as an evil force that will only speed our collapse.

    • bachcole

      I hate to seem very biased, but I don’t care what Rossi says. Initially LENR might be 1 cent per kilowatt hour. But when the kinks are worked out, and the competition sets it, the cost is going to drop way below 1 cent per kilowatt hour. IMHO.

  • jousterusa

    Very well put!

  • jousterusa

    But that would not include the quintessentially American music of Charles Ives…

    • bachcole

      Before and during I was an LSD user in the late 1960’s, I thought that Paul Klee was the boss. I could recognize a Paul Klee literally upside down. I thought that that was very cool. But now I see that the only reason that I liked him was because I could recognize him. There was and is NO beauty there. Titian has beauty. So also does Thomas Cole, pictures of Yosemite, some Salvador Dali (I eye-balled Salvador Dali once in San Francisco. He is as weird as some of his paintings.)

      Ives sucks. (:->) There is no beauty there. It is more like some people’s childhoods.

    • bachcole

      This is the quintessentially (whatever that means) American music:

      Hey, give it a chance to grow on you, particularly around 37:23. If that doesn’t thrill your soul, I can’t help you.

      I hope that I haven’t offending anyone by getting them to listen to something with a melody. (:->)

  • GreenWin

    With you on Ives… he’s difficult. But so is Penderecki, Varese and Stockhausen. Varese and John Cage were my early interests in avant garde music. These days Sibelius is more soul soothing.

  • Bård Havre

    Give the book a new, informative title! Put ENERGY on the front, so ordinary people can get interested. After all, this is probably the invention of the cntury (millennium). SCREAM.

  • pelgrim108

    Bose ( the company ) claims to have had 10 people checking out cold fusion for 2 years in the early 90’s.
    Their conclusion was that the excess heat could be explained by “a missing term in the calculations”.

    I think they will be in for a suprise this October.

    • note that this “missing factor” is not even written article . at least in 1996 Beaudette was not aware of that critic. neither for his second edition in 2000+… nor today as Jed report..

      I would be curious to find what it was.

      • after reading I understand why Beaudette did not consider that result…

        it is just a negative result.
        as if I try to make a nuclear reactor. it does not work. I debunked Fermi.

        • pelgrim108

          They are telling the story in light of their 50 year anniversary. I tried to find some more info on it, maybe a investigation report would be more clarifying.

          MIT has a mayority share in Bose. Bose says they took on scientists from MIT for the CF investigation. A video on the Bose website links to a text that I can not copy, so I typed it out.
          Also you can not link to it directly.

          In the late ’80s and early ’90s, cold fusion was a hot topic at MIT.Dr. Bose was dismayed it seemed more like a war between the physicists and the chemists than a proper scientific investigation. He wondered if both groups might be missing something, so he assembled his own team of physicists, chemists and material scientists to work on the project. The first goal was to look at the research fundamentals to determine wether cold fusion was in fact, a real effect. If so, then the next step would be to look for some practical applications.
          The project went on for a number of years, until finally, the Bose team exposed a serious flaw in the original research. Once the flaw was corrected, almost exactly the amount of claimed excess energy could be accounted for. While not a proof that cold fusion did not exist, the team was convinced that the likelyhood of a real effect was diminishingly small.
          Dr. Bose said, “Because of that project, we brought skill sets into the company that we never would have otherwise. And when the project ended, we didn’t get rid of them. They stayed. And now they’re revolutionizing the way we make speakers and all kinds of different ideas.”

      • pelgrim108

        Excerpt from

        …We worked for two years. We spent a year simply perfecting measuring systems. Then we repeated experiments that had been done by others. We verified an experiment similar to that of Fleischmann and Pons and were about to break out the champagne bottles. But then one of our team members checked a recombinant [chemical] reaction that had been regarded by everyone else as negligible in this type of experiment. Bang, there was the energy. Take that out and all of the experiments came to zero. The paper we produced had a significant impact. …

        So there is a paper that “had a significant impact.” Where to find this paper?

        • yes, a negative paper, not a debunking…

          there is also many people who crashed with a plane at the beginning. this did not disprove plane.

  • Daniel Maris

    NTAK over on Independent E Cat News – whose predictions of report publication seemed to match Mats Lewan (in advance of Mats) – now says his source indicates the “announcement” will be on 17th October.

    • artefact

      He says he is there for the entertainment value and “remember that”… He also writes MY style and pretends to be new to the story but digs out old things like MY or similar. I don’t take him serios at all.

      • Daniel Maris

        I agree he’s not a genuine newbie – that’s pretty obvious…but doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a source.

        We shall see…

  • jousterusa

    No, demonstrable.

  • GreenWin

    Roger, as I’m a student of the arts, I would remind you that Jazz, Gospel, Trance, R&B, Folk, Native, Blues, and orchestral film scores are all popular American musical idioms. And that rap, house, hip hop and rock all have popular Christian interpretations.

    As for J. S. Bach: in a brand new biography, “Bach – Music in the Castle of Heaven” ( Knopf, 2103) – author John Eliot Gardiner describes the master as, “…an overworked and alternately obsequious and litigious crank mired in the petty squabbles of provincial town life.” Remember too that Bach is the music to which [uber-villain] Hannibal Lecter plans his meticulous escape in “The Silence of the Lambs.”
    Also, that profane, irreverent and IMO dynamic artist Lady Gaga (a huge rock “Star” ) – just released an album, “Cheek to Cheek” of big band oldies with Tony Bennett. I just listened to it and found the first track “Anything Goes” accurate and wonderful!

    • Andreas Moraitis

      GreenWin, if you are a student, you must be a prodigy. Or are you in semester 150?

      • GreenWin

        Neither Andreas. I am a “continuing education” student. Graduation doesn’t mean stop studying!! 🙂

  • morse

    I wonder if we will hear anything in MSM once the report is published?

    • With luck in some specialized science magazines.
      I don’t think you will hear in your daily local newspaper. Maybe this will happen when someone in your nearby buys a reactor and gives an interview.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      I hope it’s soon because I’m lost. I won’t know what to think until Rachel Maddow tells me what to think.

  • jousterusa

    My book, POWER, A Story of Cold Fusion,” (by Joe Shea) is an entertaining read and only costs $3.49. It is about a secret plan to introduce the E-Cat of Andrea Rossi beneath the radar of Big Oil and King Coal and what happens to a private investigator who tries to expose it. It is not on a par with Mats Lewan’s serious and important book, but for those less inclined to take on the heavy side of this story, it might be fun. It’s available on Amazon.

    • BroKeeper

      I just downloaded the Kindle version to my tablet and already on chapter 6. I can’t put it down.

      This is not just a fictitious story but a coalescence of LENR discoveries; social, ethical and political issues; ideas; suggestions; and hopes and dreams discussed often here in ECW and the JoNP. Joe’s experiential understanding of politics brings not only an uncanny familiarity to its reality but intrigue and humorous political irony to the story.

      I highly recommend “POWER, A Story of Cold Fusion” not only for its entertainment value but for the LENR novice as well to better understand the history and issues LENR/E-CAT faces. The $3.49 download is well worth the value. Well done and thanks Joe.

      • jousterusa

        Wow! That’s the best review I’ve gotten since my Mom looked at me on the day I was born (she liked what she saw!). Thank you so much for your kind words, BroKeeper.

        • BroKeeper

          He he, Your welcome. It was well deserved, Joe.

        • bachcole

          “That’s the best review I’ve gotten since my Mom looked at me on the day I was born (she liked what she saw!).” I guess that there is just no accounting for taste.

          • jousterusa

            De gustibum non disputandum est…”

          • BroKeeper

            The honking noise tells us what kind of Bird it is. 🙂

  • deleo77

    Interesting that tonight Mills gave his own prediction on his forum:

    “I predict that every report that Rossi puts out will be positive. Of
    course, no details will be given allowing anyone including me to test it.
    It is concealed because ECAT doesn’t produce a fusion reaction and it
    doesn’t make power, just consumes line power.” – R. Mills

    • Omega Z

      With what we know, the same could be said of Mill’s Project. Competitors you know. Always bad talk the leader. Like up coming Rock Stars. Their great. Once they arrive, people start throwing dirt. How much dirt depends on how many toes they stepped on, on the way up.

      • Omega Z

        Interesting timing.

    • Obvious

      Veritas mercati

    • Heath

      Wow this makes me really not trust him. For someone that’s been ignored by main stream science, you would think he would look at things a little differently after 23 years with no demonstrative device.

      • Heath

        Sorry, demonstratible.

    • Frost*

      Sounds like he is a worried man. The only thing Mills is good at is taking investors money.

      His gravy train is about to sidelined.

      • GreenWin

        On the face of it, Dr. Mills is also a very good poker player.

    • blanco69

      Maybe Dr Mills could reciprocate by allowing others to test his sparky, welder, photo voltaic thingy. I haven’t seen a negative report on his website either. It is interesting that Mills is obviously implying that the ecat is a scam. Wonder how he knows that…

      • bachcole

        Yeah, you’re right. I am been harping on how lame Mills’ demos are, but I don’t remember anything that approaches an independent test. There have been people who visited his site and watched while they did their sparky thing, but nothing even close to independent.

    • jousterusa

      I’m a big supporter of Mills and his CIHT power cell, and I feel one of the greatest impediments to his success with it is his cantankerous personality. His criticism of Rossi is uninformed (as I suppose he’s complaining) and simply mean-spirited. I’d like to think that it’s really a product of the vast amount of negative criticism he’s received. I find it startling that a scientist of his caliber would engage in cheap shots like this one.

    • crockabull

      His belief is based on a rock solid belief in his own theory, which gives no obvious way for Rossi’s technology to work. Since his theory works so well, from his perspective, then anything that is not explained by his work is probably wrong, he thinks.

      Personally I think his theory is great, but he is not being open minded enough about Rossi results. No theory is complete enough that new phenomeona cannot appear.

  • Andre Blum

    Andrea Rossi
    October 2nd, 2014 at 3:32 PM
    Our 1 MW plant is a magnificence and an ouvre d’art: we resolved the problems we had ( so far…). We have a great team!
    Warm Regards,

    • Andreas Moraitis

      So maybe we will see a press conference where both the report and the plant are revealed. That would be the ultimate.

      • Daniel Maris

        It certainly would be but I can’t see it happening myself. Hope I’m wrong!

  • Sanjeev

    Frank, I hope you will also write a book on the matter. You must have collected a wealth of data and interesting and secret stuff by now.

    • Daniel Maris

      “From Start to Finish – the Birth of LENR”.

      “Calibrating the Future – the Difficult Birth of LENR”

      “New Energy, New Age”

      • peter gluck

        Dear Daniel,

        I bet that in 5 years the name of the field will not be more LENR. My option is
        Useful Energy from Hydrogen Metal Deep Interaction. And the coming Rossi Report
        has a great chance to be a decisive step in the de-LENR-ization. See please my present paper on EGO OUT.

        • Andreas Moraitis

          Peter, did you consider Santilli’s deuterium-carbon system? Apparently a case of “LENR”, but without a metal:

          Santillis’s latest study is on hydrogen gas only (however, he uses tungsten electrodes):

          So maybe hydrogen is the lowest common denominator?

          • peter gluck

            Thank you! Very nice- for the sake of correct taxonomy. You have inspired me.
            I know Santilli’s works, I have visited his Institute of Basic Research in 1998 in Florida but I have not considered these work as LENR. I think also the decision cannot yet be taken for Solar Hydrogen Trends who said they are LENR while Rossi is not (this info was on Google News)
            Interesting things to come- let’s keep closer to the sources.


  • EEStorFanFibb

    A great book. I look forward to the 2nd edition!

  • Gerard McEk

    That’s good, I have the book already. I am sure that if the Ecat receives a lot of media interest, Mats will also be asked to comment and that will improve his book sales. I adjudge Mats this because he is one of the few publishers to strike a blow for CF.

  • Buck

    Best of luck on your book Mats.

    It is good to see that your employer NyTekNik has a stronger backbone than Mark Gibb’s at Forbes. I am very appreciative of all that you have been able to add to the LENR story here and on the WEB.

    • winebuff

      I’d like to hear from mark he was doing LENR a solid in my opinion.

      • Buck

        Yes . . . he was reporting on important business news.

        I wonder what the Forbe’s manager responsible for coordinating Gibb’s ‘separation’ will say when the ITPR2 arrives on the scene.

        • jousterusa

          Mark Gibbs’ ouster reminds me of what happened to one of the best, and certainly the most honest, of all New York Times columnists, Sydney Schanberg. He alone among American journalists remained in Cambodia when Pol Pot began his mass forced exodus of Cambodians and executions (from Wikipedia: “Hundreds of thousands of the new people, and later the [bank] depositees, were taken out in shackles to dig their own mass graves. Then the Khmer Rouge soldiers buried them alive. A Khmer Rouge extermination prison directive ordered, “Bullets are not to be wasted.” These mass graves are often referred to as ‘The Killing Fields’.”). He got canned after he wrote several highly critical columns about a landlord/developer on the Upper East Side who had tremendous political clout. It was the first dishonest move I ever saw the New York Times commit. But Forbes should not be compared to the Times, so I apologize. Nonetheless, the Times is as adamantly opposed to airing new claims for cold fusion as Popular Science and the American Physics Society’s journal has been, I’m sorry to say.

    • Sanjeev

      I wonder why Gibbs didn’t resign immediately and kicked the forbes job. Perhaps a fat paycheck was offerered ? (No offense, just kidding).

      There are much better news agencies there (eg Guardian) who can use his service. The remarkable thing about Gibbs is that he started reporting on ECat etc just like any other closed minded msm reporter, but then gradually changed to a well balanced and rational skeptic. This is a mark of an honest and intelligent man. I could see a hope and excitement in his writings.