“International Academic Report on Cold Fusion Imminent” [Caution: Unconfirmed Anonymous Post]

I want to caution readers of E-Cat World that the following post was received by me from an anonymous source. The only identifier is the nickname ‘Avatar Polymorph’. I have no way of confirming whether the sender of this message has any inside knowledge about the report, but I will post it here for informational purposes, and allow readers to use their own judgment regarding it.

International Academic Report on Cold Fusion Imminent
by Avatar Polymorph

Andrea Rossi first demonstrated his cold fusion Energy Catalyzer in January 2011 in Italy. Since then he has secured millions of dollars of funding from the US, through environmental business leader Tom Darden of Industrial Heat LLC, whom Rossi now works for as head of research.

An eccentric character like Thomas Edison, Rossi, an Italian road-running champion in his youth (holding the Junior World Record in 1969 for the 24 hour run) has led other Italian researchers by moving the field of cold fusion into new fuel sources (nickel and hydrogen and additional materials). Cold fusion is also known as Low Energy Nuclear Reaction.

Scientific support for Rossi’s claims has gradually broadened, with academic supporters coming on board from Sweden, Italy and other countries. Since his initial demonstrations Rossi has made a profound breakthrough in the design of the Energy Catalyzer, producing far more energy from a much smaller model, now termed the Hot Cat.

The Hot Cat has already been the subject of testing by scientists (report attached) in May of 2013. This report received some criticism because the monitoring was done on Rossi’s premises.

A new report by a larger number of scientists from several continents has been completed and is going to be released shortly. Testing on the Hot Cat occurred over months on an independent academic site in Switzerland.

Rossi and Industrial Heat face major problems with many countries opposing patents for cold fusion outright, because of negative publicity in 1989, when Time magazine ran initial discoveries as a breakthrough (with palladium and heavy water as fuel) and there was a failure to replicate results. Although funding for cold fusion science was withdrawn worldwide for decades, it now appears that properly constituted experiments have produced evidence of extremely minor levels of power output from cold fusion based on palladium.

In the absence of significant patents the need for intellectual property secrecy regarding Rossi’s fuel preparation has impeded scientific acceptance of his claims. Rossi himself is an engineer more than a theoretician and drew on the earlier work of Italian scientists Piantelli and Focardi. Additionally, Rossi’s involvement with an earlier waste fuel company which collapsed in Italy has evoked criticism, although he claims mafia influence in Italian politics was responsible.

The forthcoming report promises to be a very important document. It is hard to underestimate the implications of cold fusion for global warming, energy politics and terrestrial and space transport. Importantly, there are no radiation issues or pollution involved and the cost of energy will be one tenth of current levels.

Rossi has announced that Industrial Heat is constructing a demonstration plant while awaiting the release of the independent scientific report. The timing of the report is being set by the researchers involved.

The emergence of cold fusion will spark a major debate on the politics of science and blanket bans on areas of research.

  • fritz194

    It took me a beer to postulate that – and it would be interesting if somebody else had this idea before. But its a good example how science got diverted into lots of single disciplines. Nernst effect is pretty known with semi and superconductors, when it comes to building transformers they hide the effect with material constants – so there is some chance that this effect is a parameter in earth electrical environment. There is no scientific proof that it is negligible. (…)

  • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

    If the results are negative, the whole field could be setback several years. I think many big players in this game are waiting for the results of the biggest player and if the results don’t live up to expectations then many will lose faith.

    If Rossi turns out to be fake (or a cop of 1.1) I personally will lose faith in this technology as a potential future power source also.

    • bachcole

      That would of course be silly and probably sour grapes. A COP of 5 has already been proven. This latest unpublished test is to prove that it can be commercialized. That is merely a engineering challenge. I admit that I might lose a degree of interest for a few years or so, but I would not lose faith. In actuality, I have no faith to lose; I know that LENR+ is real. When (not if) human beings can make it a viable commercial energy source is the question.

  • fact police

    COP = 5.061/5 = 1.012

    • bachcole

      Thank you. I was more concerned about the principle than the details.

  • pelgrim108

    I dont think that MFMP is reading to much in that number 1.056.
    They are not writing about it like they “have done it”. That just me.

    • bachcole

      1.012. But it is promising.

      • DJC

        1.01 means they have to have all measurement better than 1%. That is really hard with heat measurements.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Maybe Rossi was experimenting with different nickel alloys and tried this nickel-lithium alloy.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Yeah, and Li-7 (92.5 %) is more abundant than Li-6 (7.5%).
    Li-6 is needed to make tritium for ITER.
    Li(6) + n > He(4) + H(3) 4.78 MeV

    By the way, although F&P used LiOD as the electrolyte, some researchers used D2SO4 as the electrolyte and the D2 (gas) – palladium systems have no lithium (Les Case’s football, 36.35 min. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htgV7fNO-2k )

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Oh but wait, Sven Kullander found lithium in the ash that wasn’t there initially.
      So, it might be the following:

      3H2(1) >3H2(1) Bose gas > Li(6) + 3 e+ 28.1 MeV

      (But we don’t see the gamma ray from electron-positron annihilation. So, maybe not.)

      • LENR does not work classically.

        if you follow hydroton theory it maybe be pep-like fusion with electron included. energy is difused as x-ray or smaller quanta.

        it is true we are missing data, but sure energy is produced at MeV level and not emmited so… sure h/d/t fusion is aneutronic, so includes electron.

        there should be more research about Li6 production.

  • Broncobet

    Yes, but not too quickly.

  • bob-v

    complete the list with Defkalion, Brilloin, Piantelli and others…. news come after succsess, no news, no succsess….that’s only normal

    • Bob

      Or it could be that much success has brought about the lawyers and their positioning to cover every aspect possible with every legal tool available.

      Heck, even the auto industry masks concept cars with false panels, tape and plastic parts when testing so that prying eyes cannot see what is coming out. I can imagine that if someone has confirmed results of a significant nature concerning energy sources that will be revolutionary, then the cloak and daggers come out!

      I actually almost think the reverse is likely. No success means no money, so the dog and pony shows start up to try to rake in cash. Sound familiar with someone recently? 🙂

      I think the up and up players like Brillion, Swartz, MFMP and yes, Rossi/IH, are more likely positioning themselves to utilize as much legal landscape as possible.

      That is why I was so surprised with MFMP. They were very open. If things did not go as planned, they still posted it. They had nothing to hide. Now if they had undeniable proof, that openess might well be diminished by the strong arm of the legal departments. Who knows? Does anyone?


  • Pekka Janhunen

    Indeed the benefit of this explanation is that one needs only one “miracle” for tunnelling through the Coulomb barrier, not additional miracles to explain the lack of radiation. But where do we know that the E-cat contains lithium? I remember reading such speculations, but I may have missed stronger evidence(?)

    In the F-P case one mystery would be, however, that if D+Li6->2a occurs, then why don’t tritium and neutron producing DD reactions occur also, because they have lower Coulomb barriers than DLi6. Or maybe it’s a hint, rather than mystery.

    • artefact

      There were speculations in Mats Lewans book. These are mentioned here: http://www.e-catworld.com/2014/04/26/lithium-the-case-for-an-e-cat-catalyst-guest-post/
      Good to have you back.

    • Fortyniner

      I don’t believe that it has ever been confirmed, but it seems a reasonable guess that when Rossi was focusing on the ‘home’ e-cat concept, that he would have looked for alternatives to the compressed hydrogen source used in the ‘plumbing fittings’ prototype (which could not have passed safety certification procedures). One of the obvious things to have tried may well have been the inclusion of thermally decomposed hydrides such as lithium hydride or lithium borohydride in the sealed reactor core.

      The ‘hot cat’ design seems to function without pressurised hydrogen (it’s hard to imagine the fireclay end seals in the ‘demo’ units retaining an H2 internal atmosphere for long) so maybe a continual supply is generated in these units by similar means.

      Of course, this wouldn’t explain the apparent anomalous thermal output from the prototype before any addition of lithium hydrides, but perhaps there is some ‘second miracle’ deriving from Rossi’s secret catalyst – whatever that might be.

    • VYT

      As artefact mentioned below, the source for information about lithium in e-cat is Mats Lewans book.

      Yes, probably a good hint for a simple experiment – old experimantal scheme of electrolysis with and without Li.

  • bachcole

    I reluctantly find myself agreeing with you. I say reluctantly because atheism is stagnating spiritually, but many religious are de facto worshipping their book rather than the Infinite Ocean of Consciousness. But when the Christians are singing praise songs to Jesus for 30 minutes, I be rockin’.

  • Fortyniner

    Well said. As an agnostic tending towards atheism, to my shame I am probably rather less tolerant of religious viewpoints than you are of atheistic ones.

  • Axil Axil

    Avatar Polymorph was
    born in the storeroom of a Canberra hospital on 5 May 1961, the same day that
    Alan Shepard became the first American to leave planet Earth and travel into
    space. His father’s family has been involved in South Australian and national politics
    for a number of generations. His mother’s family came to Australia as refugees
    from Lithuania in 1949. He has a history degree from Adelaide University and
    worked for several years as a policy adviser in the PM’s Department in Canberra
    and later for the Victorian Premier’s Department. He has continued to write
    occasional fiction and also on nanotechnology, futurology and spirituality
    (including under his current name, Avatar Polymorph). Ill from 1996 to 2007, he
    has been based around Fitzroy, Melbourne, since 1990, including for various
    Performance Art and other art projects.



  • Jonnyb

    Please hurry!

  • fritz194

    There are various reports of fringe “zeropoint-energy” devices which are claimed to dissipate energy from the environment – but there is no single reference I know where the “anomalous heat effect” associate with “cold fusion” or LENR nor E-CAT is connected with this behaviour.
    But this should not mean that its impossible to use the (unknown) underlying physics in somewhat reverse manner.
    The purported cooling effect from these other devices is a by-product of extracting electrical energy – so they seem to follow the laws of energy conservation in terms of thermodynamics – in contrary to the e-cat – where the hidden “source” is purported to be somewhat nuclear.
    A “reverse e-cat” which could be used for direct cooling would build up mass in somewhat nuclear manner by dissipating energy from the environment – and I never heard of such device, well I know about black holes – but thats probably not what you are looking for.
    BTW: The e-cat was meant to be used for co-generation of heat and power – as well as for tri – generation for heating, cooling and power – but in this case the cooling is achieved in the classic way by using heat pumps.

    • Ted-X

      There are some speculations that the 4 deg. C at the bottom of tropical oceans is due to some unspecified endothermic nuclear reaction. Otherwise, the 4 deg. C is difficult to explain, as heat from the the crust (under the oceans the crust could be just 4 km) would warm it up. However, an alternative explanation would be streams of cold water from the polar regions… however, I do not think that such streams could contribute that much as is observed.
      It is a long shot, but this forum is tolerant to speculations, right?

      • fritz194

        Or it is a vivid example of a Nernst effect causing the magnetic anomalies. Just too big to be seen. -;)))

      • fritz194

        Fascinating… Can you provide links or sources for this assumptions ?

  • For this you would have to “remove” all the energy inside the ecat. Low temperature near 0 K means to remove allmost all the kinetic energy of the atoms. And energetic (“moving”) atoms will always come in again.

    So you need energy to remove the energy.

  • JDM

    I dunno…look at the 3-month chart of oil.

    • Broncobet

      OK you made me look. Oil’s down because of lots of supply and it is not too many years ago it was $20 a barrel. The signal for LENR will not be in the spot price as the announcement of LENR(that is believed by all) will not lower the need for oil in the short run, so it would manifest itself more in coal and natural gas than oil. And three and more years out so that adoption of LENR would lower coal and gas prices. Natural gas is so low in the US that it’s hard to make them go lower, we have oceans of gas coming to market. The signal of a low cost energy source will be a ratio of future cost curves, I have to admit that I may not be skillful enough to detect the signal, a better source would be a professional futures trader or an academic who studies this area. Really it will make so much more sense for LENR to be adopted where energy is more expensive like Europe or Japan and China than the US, we have cheap energy. If like me,you are concerned by the warming planet and acidification of the oceans, LENR would make sense in the US if lawmakers favor it with incentives like solar or wind. Looking at oil prices they have a lot of room to go down as we have wars all around oil and any sort of peace breaks out oil will find its way lower.

      • GreenWin

        Only back channel traders are shorting oil now. Because the implications of LENR are not “public.” But when the implications of LENR become public, the SEC will have a mountain work to find program trading based on insider information. Insider trading SEC investigations are a ripe arena for pathoskeps seeking employment.

  • georgehants

    Morning Roger, I have no time for anger that leads to violence etc. but it is part of the human survival system, fight or flight.
    Many children etc. have been saved by the rush of adreniline that brings anger and allows a person to do “impossible things in their defense.

  • Omega Z

    “fuel itself is the “invention”

    Possibly, But the device design will likely play a big roll in efficiency, control & dependability. Rossi did say something to the effect that they were working with various designs & those that worked very well were being patented.

  • ecatworld

    Yes, the previous test was done with a Hot Cat also — this one is a follow up.

    • Christopher Calder

      Am I correct that the previous test was with a Hot-Cat, but with no mouse attached? It saw no mouse in the pictures. The latest test is of a Hot-Cat with mouse. The COP should be better than the last test. Right?

      • Ophelia Rump


    • Broncobet


  • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

    Imminent: “about to happen”

    I can only hope that the report is hours away, not days or weeks.

    As for the rest of the piece I agree with most of you that there is no new information at all in it. Should this be a regarded as some sort of press release, then I’m not sure all the focus on Rossi is a good idea. It should be more about the new invention and it’s worldwide impact. IMHO of course.

    • Timar

      Assuming this comment really contains insider information – I don’expect “imminent” to be less than four days because it would be undesirable to release the report on friday, let alone on the weekend (a 9/11 release would have been a foolish idea, anyway).

      • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

        To be honest, I don’t really expect hours either. More likely 1 to 2 weeks. And I agree that 9/11 would probably not be the best idea.

        I do hope that with the report simultaneously the megawatt reactor will be available for visiting. That would be a strong backup to the report and possibly gain worldwide attention.

  • Barry8

    Did a search. This seems like the guy http://disqus.com/avatarpolymorph/

  • jousterusa

    This was an extremely well-written report. I felt it had real credibility, but I might not agree with Frank’s headline that the report is “imminent,” as in the next few days. The writer is a professional writer – someone like that fellow from Forbes, or someone from Wired. There were no typos and only one (slight) grammatical error, where he refers to Low Energy Reaction instead of Reactions. I sure hope the big news hits soon and stimulates the debate the writer hopes for, too.

    One thing puzzled me, which was the reference to “scientists from several continents” – I thought they were all from Europe. Is it possible Americans and Asians or even others are involved?

    • ecatworld

      Joe, the headline used was not mine — it was in the post as I received it, which is why I put it in quotes.

      • BroKeeper

        Frank, has anyone boldly stated the report “has been completed” before?

        • ecatworld

          Not that I recall.

      • jousterusa

        In that case, Frank, my apologies.

        BTW, Do you think you’ll get to my book on the E-Cat before the article is published?

    • hempenearth

      I believe European, American and either Chinese or Japanese scientists are involved (based on earlier posts in E Cat World)

      • jousterusa

        I appreciate that insight – thanks!

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Grigori Perelman http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grigori_Perelman published something as important as his proof of the Poincaré conjecture in arXiv. Wouldn’t just publishing in arXiv be sufficient?

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Grigory Perelman declining the award – Field’s medal ceremony – Madrid

      • Omega Z

        I wouldn’t have a problem with it being published on “arXiv”
        It is in fact reputable. But I’m sure many others would take issue.

        Now with this Caveat-“Dependent on exackery what & how many institutions & exackery who signed off on the test” I could be satisfied with it published on JONP…

        Also, Without any Caveat, I’d be really tickled if they just sent me my personal a Copy…
        (:-o (:-)

        • Alan DeAngelis

          Yeah, JONP would be the best place for it.

      • Alan DeAngelis

        I think it’s actually Fields Medal not Field’s.

  • Paul

    This post has surely been written by an insider, it is a sort of press release but not released through the normal and professional channels. I am quite astonished to see a company communicating not with official press releases but through “obliquous” ways like this. I hope to see a more professional approach to communication in the future. Moreover, the use of “cold fusion” expression is not a good choice, because all of us know that mainstream media and science magazines ban all what is “cold fusion”.

    • Ophelia Rump

      This post has surely been written by someone who casually browsed this site, and regurgitated what they thought was relevant.
      They have no real insight and nothing new to say.

      • Paul

        Transhumanism has been widely cultivated in Sweden… an information contained in the post is not easy to know for a casual visitor… so it is easy make 1+1…

        • Ophelia Rump

          Sticking a clock in your navel does not make you a Swede, and what information have they supplied which is new, except an easy guess or misinterpretation that the testing was done in Sweden?

          • Paul

            Sorry, but I cannot say more because I am not an IH press officer. If you believe me ok, otherwise no prob.

            • Ophelia Rump

              That sounded like a claim of special yet unverifiable knowledge on your part. There is no quicker way to blow credibility.
              No problem whatsoever.

              • Paul

                I do not need credibility, I already have, but I do not want to reveal more, at least not now. I am not 100% sure that he is an insider but this is my conclusion on the basis of the information I have. However, consider that in the LENR field and especially regarding this technology most of the infos are secret. What you read on the web are only crumbs…

        • Omega Z

          Everything disclosed has been posted here at ECW within the last couple weeks or months by regulars here at ECW.

        • Omega Z

          I believe this person to be Australian..

      • Omega Z

        I agree 100% Ophelia.
        Any number of people here at ECW could have written this.

        The nickname “Avatar Polymorph” seems very familiar.
        I believe I’ve seen this handle on other blogs…

      • GreenWin

        I agree OR. Were I the editor I would ask for more references to industry’s adoption of LENR, e.g. Toyota, Mitsubishi, NASA, Swedish Power Elforsk, the military component DARPA, SPAWAR, Navy Research Lab, Dr. McKubre at SRI, and the enlightened academics at University Missouri SKINR, Dr. Hagelstein at MIT, Dr. Miley at U Illinois, Dr. Kim at Purdue. The lone, eccentric wolf angle is not the best story IMO. Rossi’s is the work of an extraordinary team of courageous scientists, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and people like us here on ECW, lending belief and support to a necessary human evolution.

  • MasterBlaster7

    I thought Rossi was going to synchronize the report with the iphone 6 launch haha.

    • GreenWin

      Ha! It MAY sync with the new X-Prize launch breaking soon.

    • Omega Z

      There’s an APP for that. You can synchronize it to your I-phone And remotely control it.
      You can turn it on to heat your home as your heading home from work..

  • bachcole

    This “letter” was a very nice summation of where we are now. Whether it is authentic remains to be seen. If the testing was not done in Switzerland, then we will know that it was not authentic.

    • Omega Z

      Actually, Switzerland has been mentioned a while back by someone here at ECW. Including the city.
      Just a little north of the Italian Border.

  • US_Citizen71

    I wouldn’t read too much into this. Everything in it could have come from posts on the pages E-Catworld itself. It reads like a blog post for a small newspaper.

    • Omega Z

      Agreed, “ALL” the information has been posted here at ECW in the last few weeks or months.

  • Mark E Kitiman

    It seems that ‘Avatar Polymorph’ has posted in the comments section on this site before… maybe we should just ask him if he has inside knowledge!

  • Daniel Maris

    Report to be “released” not published, much as I suspected. I think the report is very positive but no science journal of high repute will publish it. Pure guessing on my part.

    • Ophelia Rump

      You are dangling an argument off of the semantics of a third party, regurgitating the trite.

      • Daniel Maris

        Hardly, if I say I am guessing.

        • Ophelia Rump

          I think you are an alien come to destroy the plant. Only pulling things out of my #$@.

          Reason thrown to the wind, and logic abandon, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.

          • Fortyniner

            I am also a compulsive liar, and absolutely everything I say is a lie.

            • bachcole

              That is a impossible statement (I didn’t say false; I said impossible.)

              • Fortyniner

                That’s OK. My wife says I’m impossible, too.

    • Billy Jackson

      release could coincide with the printing/distribution of what ever magazine. its not going to be JUST in a magazine. News and releases just are not done that way anymore. If i was an American company wanting the biggest impact possible.. it would be a successful release with the headlines GOOD BYE MIDEAST OIL! on 9/11 via 3-4 major news papers 🙂 might get a bit of attention!

      • Ophelia Rump

        Billy, I love the 9/11 angle. I hope you are correct.

        • Billy Jackson

          While you cant see it here i did put this on my facebook.. just for you Ophelia… you inspired it with your comments.

          September 11th 2001. On a morning like many others before it, we awoke to a beautiful day. A crystal blue sky with only the faintest of white pristine clouds, painted against its azure canvas. Their minds on the day’s business or tasks yet to be done, New Yorkers went about the morning with no hint of the tragedy about to strike their great city.

          From cellphone conversations, to the jack hammering of the utility and street work crews, in the background we hear the honking of taxi’s and the occasional siren wailing its warning to warn nearby pedestrians. It is 8:45am. The city that never sleeps has little more than a minute left before it is changed forever.

          Something is out place. At 8:46 a low roar fills the sky, as heads begin to turn to find the source. Looking heavenwards they spot a dangerously low flying commercial jet, seemingly out of control. Cries of confusion and concern quickly turn to shock and horror as American Airlines flight 11 slams into the north tower of the World Trade Center shattering the morning and the lives of those caught in the tower with flame and steel.

          As is their duty first responders, police alongside fire and rescue teams raced to the scene of the accident in an effort to assist those who have been incapacitated. Confusion ruled at the scene. Cries for help to an overwhelmed 911 system went unanswered. Smoke and soot covered employees working in the tower staggered out in all directions in disoriented bewilderment.

          The city’s finest looked upwards seen the gaping hole in the side of that majestic tower, put aside thoughts of danger and harm to themselves. They gathered their equipment, some weighing upwards to 110 pounds. The unsafe, or broken elevators unavailable for them to use. People were up there, depending on them. They were waiting, hoping for rescue. They took one look at those 90 floors of stairs and began to climb.

          15 minutes pass as the herculean efforts of the first responders begin to take root in an effort to gain ground on the turmoil of emotions and fear. Ambulances leave full with the hurt and injured as more and more rescuers respond to the calls for assistance in what is without a doubt one of the worst accidents the city has faced in recent years.

          At 9:00am the nation watched the unfolding events in Manhattan, their prayers and concerns for those caught in the crisis would soon turn to shock, horror, and then outrage. At 9:03am United Airlines on live TV, slams into the South Tower of the World Trade center at over 500 mph. Across the nation and the world at the speed of the airwaves carrying the news one thought above all flew into the minds of the onlookers. This was not an accident. This was an act of War.

          They looked upon America and thought us week. They struck from the shadows hoping to overwhelm us with terror. They see our politics on TV and think us weak. The petty bickering over minor points of policy as they grand stand on national TV declaring anything that’s not their point of view is unconstitutional. They see the mixture of culture clashes, Mexican, American, Asian, Chinese, Japanese, German, British, Scottish, and Irish plus many more clashing over minor points of religion or pride. They thought it made us weak.

          As we reeled in pain, blind and hurt for those few hours. What they didn’t expect was that our diversity is our greatest strength. We picked ourselves out of the rubble of those fallen buildings lying broken underneath a tattered flag that had been hung with pride. Its frayed threads and dust covered colors shown threw as a reminder. We the people make this nation, not its buildings of stone or steel.

          They were shocked that when we stood not in fear. But with a steely eyed glare, gone were the colors of our races, neither black, nor did white, or tan stand out. We were one people standing proud in concrete grey. We put aside our differences and diversities. And in what is one of our nation’s greatest tragedies also became one of our finest hours. We shook off all that pain and terror , set aside our anger and faced that tattered flag knowing that those in the rubble needed us…and begin to dig.

          On this 9/11 my respects and salutes go out not just to New Yorkers, but to all first responders and our armed forces across all nations who put themselves on the line. Your Bravery, Honor, and Courage prove that beyond our petty differences we have greater strength when we stand together.

      • GordonDocherty

        Yep, the 9/11 angle. I was thinking the same thing. “Knock us down” and we just come back stronger…

    • georgehants

      There obviously does not exist a “journal of high repute.”
      Any scientific comic that does not consider it of the highest importance to inform their readers of the Evidence for a completely new form of Energy is by any definition an incompetent, unprofessional waste of time.
      The average scientist seems to not notice this FACT.

  • georgehants

    The chances of any academic or establishment scientists putting forward a report on any new science of their own must be close to zero.
    Academic science is now relegated to the peer review of real scientists like Mr. Rossi and of course they can do no more than just test his device as a car mechanic would test an engines performance.
    A science education system designed only to turn out establishment clones able to achieve nothing but put toy trucks on Mars etc. that could be done by 14 year old students, seems the limit of their abilities.
    Comedians like Hawkins and Dawkins preaching their religious negative views, that scientifically are junk as a negative is unprovable, unlike any positive religious teaching that no matter how incorrect has the logical possibility of being in some way correct.
    Cold Fusion has just confirmed that all Academic and establishment science needs to be taken apart, all the rubbish removed and a new logical “science” based system put in its place.

    • Wayne M.

      To be replaced with your view?

      The “establishment” scientists may be political and petty, but they are not seething with anger. I’m afraid of people, like President Vladimir Putin, who come to power and arrive angry. Hawkins and Dawkins base their views on evidence gleaned from the scientific method. Like it or not, the scientific method does not validate the supernatural.

      Dawkins and Putin are both godless and have power. Only one of them shoots down planes and steals your land.

      Hint: It’s the angry guy.

      • georgehants

        Wayne, I will be kind and take your reply is just some kind of joke.
        I am talking Facts about science, you are talking “opinion” about politics.
        You say “Dawkins and Hawkins base their religious views on evidence gleaned from the scientific method.”
        I have explained that scientifically science cannot prove a negative and you seem to be trying to dispute that FACT.
        They are incompetent unscientific fools just giving worthless silly “opinions.”

        You say “the scientific method does not validate the supernatural.”
        You are completely in error with your “opinion”
        I take you must be a “qualified” scientist of some kind.

      • georgehants

        Your reply again is talking about nothing that logically connects with my comment.
        One can not say anymore.
        Please answer my question —-
        Are you a “qualified” scientist?

      • Fortyniner

        I never did trust Dawkins – but where on Earth did he get a Buk missile?

  • Sanjeev

    The writer seems to be a book author, transhumanist, from a quick google search.

    But obviously he has revealed nothing new. It looks like an article written for a lay person.

  • Fyodor

    It doesn’t sound that he’s even claiming to have insider information-it sounds like he’s just describing, in a sort of attention-grabbing way, what is already known.

  • Christopher Calder

    The article is well written and accurate. This could have been written by anyone, as we all know the report is coming out relatively soon. The question is how soon? He does not give a date, so this is just a good synopsis of the facts we all know.

  • foobario2

    This reads like a press release but it doesn’t sound like a press release that any of the testers would write. The reason for that is the lengthy and pretty off-topic excursions into talking about cold fusion…. the purpose of this report is *NOT* about the theoretical underpinnings of the E-Cat (if the E-cat works).

    Instead, it is an empirical analysis that answers the question: When we operate the E-cat based on the instructions from Rossi & Co, how much energy does it consume and how much energy output is observed?

    If both the input and output are actually measured accurately and the output is greater than the input (exceeding experimental error) then the E-cat “works” although it might not be commercially useful if the output is only slightly above the input. Interesting scientifically, but not going to change the world overnight.

    If both the input and output are actually measured accurately and the output is *much* greater than the input, then the E-cat has a good chance of being a commercially successful device.

    Of course, this is all hinging on proper experimental procedure and rigorous testing. Testing over a long period of time (months) should hopefully filter out any small transient output spikes that might be mistaken for excess energy when they are really more noise signals.

    • GordonDocherty

      Testing for months should also rule out any chemical source of energy (that is, making and breaking of molecular bonds)

  • Gerard McEk

    It is about as we know already, so I am not sure he is a real insider.

    • Goax

      I agree with that.
      Concerning Switzerland test site, I tried to look for any possibilities but have not found any hint. Maybe except this one, the company Clean Nuclear Power LLC based in Switzerland and owned by Allan Widom and Yogendra Srivastava… names that are well known by us here…


      • ah yes They are in Lugano, but AFAIK not related to E-cat…
        or I have a bigger news than what I imagine.

        No relation with Larsen, except paternity of the WL theory.

      • SiriusMan

        Very interesting. There were earlier rumors that the 6 month test was in Lugano… see comments :


        ..and now this turns up? Coincidence? In a Swiss city of only 50,000 people, do we believe there are two LENR R&D efforts operating independently? Is this the NASA -> Widom -> Rossi link?


        This guys claims to be CEO of ‘Clean Nuclear Power LLC’ and also claims to have hold the position since 2010 (?) :

        • CNP LLC as far as I know is not in E-cat circle, or really they are in stealth mode…
          If CNP is linked to E-cat I would dance disco for all the night.