What is goodXchange? Launching this Fall and Shares Same Address as Cherokee and Industrial Heat

Here’s something interesting that I think may have a connection with E-Cat technology somehow. On the Italian Cobraf web site there was a link to a site called goodXchange. The organization has the address of:

111 East Hargett Street
Suite 300
Raleigh, North Carolina 27601

This is the address shared by both Cherokee Investment Partners and Industrial Heat.

Here’s what the organization says about itself:


Big Idea: “Advances in social media and mobile technologies have changed the way brands reach consumers, and goodXchange is taking a twist on the typical advertising model by creatively mobilizing huge groups of people to engage with brands to benefit (raise funds) for charitable causes.”

Secret Sauce: “Companies usually pay agencies for these engagements, but we’re hacking the system by using a charity’s social network, a celebrity’s network, and most importantly, your network…to rally the masses and redirect billions of dollars to the world’s most effective charitable causes.”

If you look at the team you will see the familiar face of Tom Darden (he’s the only one there without an organizational title). One of the co-founders and President is Doug Pitt, brother of actor Brad Pitt (Brad founded Make it Right, a green construction non-profit organization that Tom Darden Jr. directs). I don’t recognize anyone else on the team.

Reading the information on the site, I don’t really understand how the organization is going to operate — but they are all about supporting charitable causes using social media, big brands and celebrities. How this all relates to the E-Cat, I don’t know — but is it just coincidence that the organization is headquartered at the same address as Cherokee and Industrial Heat — and that the first engagement is listed as kicking off in the Fall of 2014?

I wonder what kind of ‘engagement’ we are talking about? I don’t know, but I’ve signed up to get a notification about it.

  • GreenWin

    Wonderful discussion gents. However, with regard to human evolution, seems there was an “intervention” of some sort about 15,000BC. Suddenly humans became self aware enough to engineer the remarkable artwork of Gobekli Tepe. Personally, I am wary of bees and spiders as multi-eyed hairy creatures freak me out, usually. And I keep a can of Raid under my bed.

  • GreenWin

    A Bolla By Any Other Name

    In the darkest of dark age mythology when the hungry sheeple were hungry, restless, and angry – a haunting, reptilian image kept them cowering in their hovels. It was the terrifying visage of the drac, Lindworm, Wyvern, and in Albanian folklore the Bolla – serpentine dragons all.


    The four legged small-winged Bolla slept throughout most a year but awakened (on St. George Day), peered into the world until it saw a human. It stalked and devoured the human, and finally went back to sleep. There are literally hundreds of dragon myths spanning the entirety of human history from China, Japan, India, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Europe and Americas. The dragon has roots as far back as ancient Near East, Canaanite, Hittite, Mesopotamia, with a fire breathing serpent appearing in the Epic of Gilgamesh.

    Modern myth finds the dragon adapted to science-fiction as the acid drooling horror in Alien, the giant worms of Dune, and Tremors, and the Basilisk of Harry Potter. Reptiles, worms, serpents and snakes occupy the most primitive of human fears.

    In a study published by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, we learn that neurons in a very specific area of the brain—pulvinar neurons—in macaque monkeys responded selectively to images of snakes, and responded more quickly and strongly to snake images than to images of monkey faces and hands or geometric shapes.

    These findings “provide neuroscientific evidence in support of the Snake Detection Theory, which posits that the threat of snakes strongly influenced the evolution of the primate brain,” according to the study.(1)

    It is a curious entity that conjures up these reptilian fears in the face of its own fear… a fear perhaps of cats. The result sets the stage for something of an modern epic. Could it be a gargantuan battle between the E-Cat, and the E-Bolla??? Stay tuned folks.

    (1) http://www.pnas.org/content/110/47/19000.abstract

    • Andy Kumar

      Finally you are on to something. In “Dragons of Eden”, Carl Sagan seriously postulated/speculated that our fear of reptiles is some kind of *genetic memory* left over from our days of fighting with the dinosaurs.
      I know the dinosaurs were long gone when we came by. But hey, Carl is the scientist. I am just skeptical by nature.

  • GreenWin


  • Justin Church

    And so it begins…Perhaps I should just drive up to the address and be like YO WHATS UP! I got this technology called the H-Cat I’m building in my workshop down the road from you. You Want In? lol…Good To Me : )

  • Paul

    Their website seems very poor, good for a small club initiative, not for a world energy revolution and/or invention. If they do not invest a little of money in a professional and impressive (with images!) website, where they hope to go? Moreover, why do not speak about energy if they want money for the E-Cat? I do not like very much who is not direct, especially when money is involved.

  • bachcole

    If and when goodXchange gains a large subscribership and credibility, they could suddenly say, “Oh, and by the way, cold fusion a la Andrea Rossi is true.”

    • Andy Kumar

      Talk about “take the long way home!!”

  • psi2u2

    I bet you feel proud of that, too, huh?

    • friendlyprogrammer

      Proud of what? Your comment does not seem to make much sense. Please clarify. The only thing I have done is suggest this looks like a crowdfunding website that is very common these days.

      I am not even suggesting it is in any way related to IH/Rossi. They merely have a mailing address to the same building which houses various businesses.

      I did not start one of these scam websites, and I support LENR ??????

    • GreenWin

      psi, as the inevitable sinks in, pathos will grasp at any opportunity to impugn and malign. Operating under the guise of “bunko cops,” some will suggest giving your Mom a gift card is proof you’ve been swindled. 🙁

      • friendlyprogrammer

        Or sometimes if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s a duck.

        Crowdsourcing frauds are quite common. Just google it for a minute.


        That link is to a crowdsourced project that raised over $300 000 and gave nothing in return even though it promised much to those who donated.

        Here is the dismayed customers on the actual site before they took the cash and ran.


        I do not need to be the “bunko police”. I just happen to read a lot and am informed. If you wish to help “redirect billions of dollars to the world’s most effective charitable causes.” as this start up crowdsourcing is claiming starting with your own unwanted cash.. go ahead. Someone will be happy.

        If you are wanting to donate online then support Frank and this website. If you want to give your money to con artists then crowdsourcing seems terrific.

        • GreenWin

          friendly, at some stage of your reading you may come across research of the “placebo effect” category. This is an area of neuro-science and psychology that suggests if you imagine you are surrounded by thieves, swindlers and con artists, then you more than likely will be. If you spend your days reading and studying fraud – that’s what you’ll find in your little world.

          Some people choose to be cautious but optimistic. Some can see the manifestations in their lives as “all good.” These are often happier more creative people than the cynics and doomsayers. Giving ultimately IMO, is not really about to whom, and for what reason, but more about the broadening of one’s spirit by doing so. Then again, each to their own. 🙂

          • bachcole

            So, a corollary to this rather exalted principle is that it does not matter what the object of hatred/anger is, the ultimate bring down is the hatred/anger itself.

          • friendlyprogrammer

            positive thinking does not get the victims of common crowdsourcing scams their money back. There is a difference between perception of scams and well known scams.

            Are you suggesting that crowdsourcing/Ponzi/Pyramid schemes are legitimate if one just thinks positive?

            This website suggests “billions of dollars” (slightly optimistic for any website (I am a website designer hence my name friendlyprogrammer)). They also suggest Charities (plural). So yes it seems like there are a few clues this is crowdsourcing.

            Many think crowdsourcing is legitimate like yourself, and that’s why these guys get away with so much of their marks money.

            You say “giving ultimately is not about to whom, or for what reason”, but handing money to criminals likely won’t buy you a spot in heaven as it encourages more theft and enables them to steal more themselves.

  • psi2u2

    Not really. Notice how quick people have been to criticize Rossi for not giving away what he knows. To me this is exactly the correct pro-active move – to have their charitable vision already articulated before the money starts rolling in. Having viewed the McDonough videos, I don’t share the cynicism of some commentators.

    • GreenWin

      Right on target psi.

  • psi2u2

    This very much reminds me of the strong ethical emphasis in Bill McDonough’s public lectures. I feel positive about the team that seems to be assembling around the development of the e-cat. They seem to have a very balanced perspective – that intellectual property does matter, because profits help drive innovation and production – but also that one prime use of our own wealth should be to help make the world a better place by sharing to rise all boats.

    • Ophelia Rump

      Too late, Ebola has spread from East coast of Africa to West Coast, two weeks incubation without symptoms. The infected have been crossing into Egypt and other countries for two weeks, and yesterday they began to close the boarders.
      In 20 weeks the death toll will be two million per day, if they do not get ahead of this.

      • psi2u2

        Very bad news. I just sent another small donation to Health Canada, which is fundraising for the effort. But this needs big money, right away, plus our smartest health care people working 24-7 to crack the vaccine and other treatments.

        • Ryan

          While this particular disease could be worrisome there are already groups testing a vaccine ( http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/09/140908152930.htm ) and others that think they might have an treatment for it. Quite frankly, given the origin of the disease it may be a bit overblown for its level of danger, note that I’m not saying it isn’t still dangerous. At one point back when they first started taking notice of Ebola they claimed that it had nearly a 97% kill rate. However that was likely due to poor conditions for the people living where it spread and the near complete lack of any medical treatment. With better living conditions, access to stable, clean water as well as rest and suitable medical treatment it seems that the death rate is much lower, Granted its still high but no where near what was originally imagined.

          On the plus side we are creating technologies and have the computing power at this point where we could analyze a virus or bacteria and have treatments and perhaps even cures much more quickly than before, though that would mean pharmaceutical companies admitting we have the tech to fix problems and not simply treat symptoms at exorbitant, wasteful cost. With the advent of DNA nanotech ( http://nextbigfuture.com/2014/04/summarizing-dna-nanotechnology.html ) we may even have the capacity to send in custom made defenses to deal with viruses or bacteria that otherwise seem intractable. At any rate I’m more worried about MSRA, a bacteria we already have here in the western world for which we have no way to treat that seems to dwell in our hospitals.

          • Ophelia Rump

            Current death rate in Africa is still over 50%. With the wild mutation rate, good luck trying to keep up with vaccination. Exponential spread. Deaths per day are doubling approximately weekly. Yes it could get worse if the fatality rate goes up or it becomes airborne. Two weeks incubation non contagious. One Week with symptoms and contagious. Time to vaccine production is approximately three months. Time given exponential growth where deaths are in the thousands per day: one month, tens of thousands a day two months, hundreds of thousands a day: three months.

            • Paul

              Correcy, with a linear extrapolation all the world people would be affect in 2,1 years. I do not think that the developed countries would be in a better position, due to the few hospitals with isolating rooms, and the higher mobility. Moreover, panic would make collapse the world economy, with SARS, we saw a 30% fall in the stick market.

            • Fortyniner

              As you said earlier, there are indications that at least two weaponised (unstable, genetically modified) strains of ebola may have been widely and perhaps deliberately released. If this is the case, and key workers within national health systems either become infected themselves, or stay away from work, your estimates may prove realistic. In the absolute worst case scenario, this might require a worldwide transport shutdown and fascistic control measures which have zero regard for ‘personal rights’, in order to ensure maximum survival rates.

              A couple of factors may mitigate the severity of an epidemic in developed countries: (a) death rate will vary among populations, with genetics, nutritional status (particularly availability of vitamin C) and population density becoming strong factors, (2) the instability of these strains may result in reduction rather than increase in death rates (3) better organisation of society should allow infection rates to be minimised through countermeasures designed to reduce contacts between people.

              While the dangers are possibly being exaggerated for political reasons, and for the potential profits of the pharmaceutical companies, the dangers are very real, and everyone should be watching development and thinking about all the obvious protective steps they may need to take.

              • Omega Z

                There have been reports of medical personnel not showing for work,
                And in one instance, A Doctor claimed Not to be a Doctor when a patient showed up with symptoms.

                Their greatest fear is that it may become airborne. It then becomes a modern day plague. With no medical treatment or vaccines, it could be as bad as in the past.

          • psi2u2

            Hi Ryan, I agree that there are promising possible new treatments and vaccines. Against that are the epidemiological models that show how swiftly a disease like this can grow given modern international travel. In the past, epidemics stayed localized, killed locally, and burned themselves out. If this spreads even to Cairo then I think he whole world is under threat.

            All the things you mention are reasons to be optimistic that we might be able to contain this (and your concern with MRSA valid), but it would be better to bring those resources to bear as swiftly and completely as possible to aid Liberia, Sierra Leone, and other already affected countries, then to wait until the virus has started continent hopping. At that point the challenges of control will be exponentially increased.

      • apocolapsed

        The real problem is the North Korean EMP bomb hidden in a southerly orbit satellite that goes off over St Louis and takes out every integrated circuit in the United States. That’s going to really test one’s feelings about gun ownership.

  • Bernie777

    Reminds me of the mumbo jumbo my Lehman Bros. broker used to read to me from their corporate propaganda factory. If this is from IH, it scares me.

  • blanco69

    At least theres a door there with a Cherokee plate on it. Doesn’t look like the place to take over the world from though.

    • Omega Z

      That’s the Genius of it,
      No One will suspect a think & then. BOOM. Got ya.

      • blanco69

        Guess I sort of expected a hollowed out volcano with moveable fake lake top.:)

        • Omega Z

          Nope, To my knowledge, they have no Volcanoes in North Carolina.

          So you get, Something more like Men In Black.
          Step through the door, see the guard setting there, Make a beeline to the Elevator & enter. Rossi’s Lab is on Level G…

  • Guest

    Nice wordpress template – Im sure they’ll do great

    “Martin is also Chair Emeritus to Association of National Advertisers Research and Measurement Council – an organization whose members spend over $250 Billion each year in advertising”

  • US_Citizen71

    The address likely has more to with the law firm more than anything else. Dealing with a non-profit and a LLC would use very similar types of lawyers. It would male sense that Mr Darden would use the same lawyer or law firm for many different projects if he trusted them and liked the service he received.

    • clovis ray

      Hi, citizen,
      We may be getting our first look at the mechanism. that will be used to get the message out about e-cat.

  • GreenWin

    Just an excellent idea! How much fun will it be for goodXchange to motivate millions to follow their lead. Income from business revenues could fund grants to good will networks, young philanthropists, “give-back” education, charitable design, charity navigation etc. Wonderful! Inspiring! There IS Enough.

    • psi2u2


  • jousterusa

    The key thing is the suite number. This is a small three-story building, as I revealed here several weeks ago, and I believe there’s also a law firm in there. Proximity doesn’t mean there’s another relationship, although there could be. IH is not a charitable enterprise, though!

  • ecatworld

    Maybe this is connected with Andrea Rossi’s commitment to use some of his profits from his technology to help children with cancer. He talked not too long ago about efforts underway to fulfill this obligation.

    • Daniel Maris

      Possibly so.

      I’m wondering if it’s something like getting people to invest in E Cat technology who then get part of the profits but also contribute to charities?

      I do find the reference to “Secret Sauce” a bit telling…that’s always been a bit of a skep stick “Rossi won’t tell us the secret sauce recipe etc.” – so if he is associated with this, I wouldn’t be surprised to see that phrase used.

      Interesting! – may this Autumn indeed be a “season of mellow fruitfulness” that will bring to ripeness all our hopes. If not, well I am sure we are all big enough to live with that.

    • Heath

      Why not ask Rossi directly if he is involved with this?