More From McDonough — No Longer a Just a Hint about LENR

Richard Pollack on Facebook has found an even better segment from as speech by Bill McDonough in which there is no question about his knowledge of what is going on with LENR

Check out the following video from a talk by McDonough given at Dartmouth College last year. I am not sure exactly when the talk was given, but the date of publication is August 2013.

If you go to the 1 hour point in the video he starts talking about Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, and even mentions the ‘Cold Fusion’ word. He mentions that research being done in Bologna, Berkeley and Federal Laboratories are showing that you can get up to 10 times as much energy out of a system than you put in.

Notice the tone in which McDonough speaks when he talks about the subject — it almost seems as if he’s embarrassed to be mentioning it, and he brings up the Pons and Fleischmann affair as being  an inauspicious beginning for this technology, but he mentions that the results now are ‘astonishing’.

It must be noted that this talk is given last year, so we can’t infer that he has any knowledge of the results of current testing. But he’s obviously in the know, and I think probably connected somehow with Industrial Heat.

  • Omega Z

    Frank or someone question how connected McDonough is to Darden & Cherokee. Pretty connected. . . McDonough Cherokee Advisors (MCA)

    Name drops in video: Leading Voices –
    Associates with Warren Buffet. Friends with Brad Pit, Bill Clinton.

    Some of McDonough’s Cradle to Cradle institute, Wendy Schmidt was his first chair & Chad Hurley Co-Founder of YouTube.
    Eye Opener: Wendy Schmidt husband is Eric Schmidt(Google) To much to post: You should follow this link: See where he hails from-

    Schmidt is a member of the Bilderberg Group and attended the Bilderberg conference in 2011, 12 & 13. Was a campaign adviser and major donor to Barack Obama.
    McDonough Represented the White House at the China-US Innovation Dialog-for Science & Technology Representing the private sector.

    At about 54:20, Spouts, He’s designing a new carpet collection & were benefiting St. Jude’s hospital which does Cancer research for children.

    The 800# Gorilla At about 56m clean energy leads to: the 1 that sounds really eccentric-Warning very eccentric- We are starting to see Academic per viewed documentation that LENR are actually happening-Quite astonishing (1-in, 10-out)
    Evidence also seen at “Berkeley”<-(Schmidt connection)

    Found References to LENR in several of his speaking engagements since the middle of 2013.
    He designed a plant that uses Heat Absorption Chillers.
    Promo(Google) NEST: How A Thermostat Can Save The World | William McDonough. Published on May 1, 2014

    At a Speech given at Newport Beach(July,2014) Presentation Discussing the choice of Nuclear or other green technology he stops & says, There's an area in between we don't even know what it is, although I'm aware of some things that are going on. "A Surprise & Delight" You can tell he really wants to spill the beans, But likely NDA stops him.

    He also stated a phrase that rings VERY familiar.
    The Stone-age didn't end because we ran out of stones.
    Did he get this from Rossi or the reverse.

    Another he stated that I Like,
    When someone tells you-That's impossible,
    Gird yourself & say,
    Don't tell me it's impossible, Just tell me you can't do it…..

    I'd say I agree with about 85% of what he has to say, 10% I'd take a different tact, And about 5%, Well we'd have to agree to disagree.

  • jousterusa

    He says, “In 1984 that was a [retty dramatic blooper…” P&F were 1989!

  • pelgrim108
    Everybody is freaking over these roadways. Point is that the maker of this viral is a genius (able to get 17 million views).

    • bachcole

      But I am only interested in how you got the word “freakin'” upside down. (:->) This would be a first for me.

    • bachcole

      ɟooƃ ɐ sᴉ 80ƖɯᴉɹƃlǝԀ

      • pelgrim108

        Ⓜⓤⓒⓗ ⓣⓞ ⓛⓔⓐⓡⓝ ⓨⓞⓤ ⓢⓣⓘⓛⓛ ⓗⓐⓥⓔ ⓜⓨ ⓨⓞⓤⓝⓖ ⓟⓐⓓⓐⓦⓐⓝ

  • bachcole

    Thank you, Frank. If there were any doubts hiding in my subconscious, you have helped to stomp them to death. (:->)

  • pg

    Bright mind to say the least. Reminds me a bit of focardi in the understated but confident way he talks

  • Christopher Calder

    From my correspondence with Defkalion, I believe they are silent by design and will make a big announcement about their reactor, hopefully soon. I expect Rossi’s device will have a COP under 10, and Defkalion’s reactor will have a COP over 20. These are my best guesses based on limited information.

    • Omega Z

      If you assumptions are based on his statements, Note that this was prior to the latest tip test & version of the hot cat. IN Short, based on old data.
      IMHO, COP-20 is likely with higher numbers to come over time…

      • Christopher Calder

        If the COP was 20 or more, he would have efficient electricity production by now, which he says he has not. Thus, I suspect a COP between 6 and 8 the most likely, with 10 being a long shot.

        • Omega Z

          COP is important to make it efficient.
          High Stable temps & high Bar pressure are necessary to make it possible.
          However, It also needs a Boiler designed to make it functional along with a matched Turbine & Generator, This will take a while to work out.

          It’s likely that the biggest obstacle is finding a way to make them cheaper. The Energy produced will be cheap. The apparatus(E-Cat) will be much more expensive then the gas burners they will replace.

  • Hello Frank,

    do you have the possibilites to get in contact with McDonough?
    Maybe he’s reading here as well 😉

  • Doug Cutler

    I love how immediately after he drops the LENR bomb someone asks him an unrelated question about housing.

    • theBuckWheat

      It is clear that very few people sufficiently comprehend what a watershed development the field of LENR (or Rob Duncan’s “anomalous heat”) is for the improvement of the human condition. It will rank with the invention/discovery of steam power and electricity.

  • hempenearth

    Lots of references to work with the Chinese in this.
    Also at about the 52.45mark:
    “…and changing the question of capitalism from: How much can I get for how little I give…, to how much can I give for all that I get”

  • bkrharold

    He certainly looked a little sheepish when he introduced the topic with multiple disclaimers. But it sounds like he has done his homework, and is familiar with recent developments. One can understand his reticence after seeing the fate of other brave scientists who have come out for LENR only to see their careers ruined.

  • pelgrim108

    Thanks to Richard Pollackfor finding this.
    Also the son of Tom Darden was/is working for Brad Pitt. So maybe Brad Pitt is in the know also.

    • In the movie version Brad Pitt plays both himself as the public face of LENR and (with heavy makeup) a relentless Andrea Rossi, revealing a MW plant on a Google barge in SF Bay to great fanfare and acclaim.

      In real life an unbelievable report will be published X months late and it will not be believed.

      • pelgrim108

        Epic scene: Pitt and Focardi looking at the stars together, then looking at each other with a look of “Do you see what I see?”, then running frantically to their experiments. Next scene: Clouds of steam filling the factory and boisterous laughter.
        I dont agree that the eport will be ignored. If only 5 procent of the CEO’s of the world take it serious then there will be an avalanche of change.

        • GreenWin

          Gentlemen, being a student of the Arts (of which science is a subset) I support the idea of an Andrea Rossi film. However, I would strongly recommend the casting of Academy Award winner, Roberto Benigni (“Life Is Beautiful”) to play Dottore Rossi. 2.1/pence

          • pelgrim108

            I would like to see the E-Cat 3 minute viral video first.
            17 million people know what solar ƃuᴉʞɐǝɹɟ roadways are.

            • Alain Samoun

              Freaking Fraud

            • Omega Z

              “solar roadways”
              It’s an Interesting Idea, But that’s the end of it.
              There’s so many issue’s with this I wont even bother listing them.

              • pelgrim108

                I know an agree, just used it as an example of the power of a viral video to inform big masses of people with very little invested.

  • Heath

    The world will quickly get over its presumptive view of the PonsFleischmann discovery. I personally cannot wait until our connection to the fossil fuel industrynations is dramatically different–read: when they do not control the global economy.

  • paul42

    Sounds like the first time we have heard about a COP of 10.