Bill McDonough Hints about E-Cat?

There’s been interesting finds by Don Witcher and Matt Robinson on the Facebook ‘Cold Fusion, LENR and Andrea Rossi‘ page which indicates to me that it’s very likely that American designer and architect Bill McDonough, a long-time friend and business associate of Industrial Heat Chairman Tom Darden, is well aware of what is going on with the E-Cat.

McDonough has been a co-sponsor with Cherokee Investment Partners of the Cherokee-McDonough Challenge in which $20,000 in seed money is awarded to entrepreneurs with ideas for high-impact environmental products and services. This is an annual competition, but this year’s challenge was not held — Cherokee announced it was postponed until 2015.

McDonough has a Youtube Channel where he discusses topics of interest to him — generally on environmental topics. McDonough’s passion is to design products, buildings and systems which are healthy for the environment. In one video, titled ‘Thinking outside the box’, McDonough makes in my mind a rather telling statement about a new form of energy (which he does not name) — check at 2:20 minutes.

For those who can’t see the video, here’s the key quote:

“We have new kinds of power we’re looking at that are not even solar that are clean. They’ll be quite astonishing, you’ll see them soon in the market, we’re coming at the world with these things from this direction . . .”

I’ve speculated before that McDonough would be aware of the E-Cat, since he is so close to Tom Darden, and I think this is the best evidence that he is. I would not be surprised to learn that he is on of the investors behind industrial heat. McDonough is very well connected in business and political circles internationally and has worked extensively in China, which could help explain the moves Industrial Heat has made there.

McDonough has been a huge proponent of solar energy over the years, but now it sounds like he has his sights set on something better.

BTW, in addition to the above, Don Witcher on the same Facebook page found this new (to me) web site for McDonough Cherokee Advisors which provides gives another connection between Tom Darden and Bill McDonough — and China. This organization seems to be a consultancy and lists as its goal:

McDonough Cherokee Advisors (MCA) provides high-level advisory services to Western enterprises interested in operating in China. We provide expertise on brownfield remediation, environmental technology, urban planning, strategic consulting, venture capital and private equity, combined with decades of connectivity and business relationships in China.

A photo from the site showing McDonough (left) and Darden (right) with Zhu Kejiang, mayor of Wuxi, one of China’s major industrial cities:


  • Buck

    It is coincidences like this, Bill McDonough’s “Mona Lisa smile” and energy stock gyrations, which drives the emotional excitement of waiting for the TIP2 and tour of the customer premise operational E-Cat.

    DATE LINE: 9/8/2014 U.S. stocks near flat; energy weighs on Dow, S&P 500

    “Shares of Exxon Mobil (XOM.N) are down 1.2 percent, while shares of Chevron (CVX.N) are down 0.7 percent, both among the biggest drags on the Dow and S&P 500. The S&P energy index .SPNY is down 1.4 percent, the day’s worst-performing sector as oil prices decline.”


  • Barry8

    “Let’s support every child born in a world of abundance” I’ll vote for that.

  • Plants_are_part_of_nature_too

    So CO2 in the atmosphere has benefits … a greener world …

    • Doug Cutler

      Its possible to die from drinking too much water.

    • For those who believes in man made global warming I would also point out that CO2 raises the surface of the ocean drowning nature.

      1 Euro / year is more than enough to produce enough CO2 for a few square meters of indoor growing.

      Take some yeast for baking bread, some water and some sugar in a pet bottle and the production starts. This reaction will continue as long as you pour out half of the water and replenish it with new every 7 days together with a spoon of sugar.

      I imagine that industrial CO2 might be even cheaper on a larger scale so its not really a good argument for burning fossil fuel.

    • Timar

      Does it get any more naive and simplistic than that? I don’t think so.

  • clovis ray

    Hey, Frank.
    I love this guy, why would they hold this guy back, from us, he’s great, I see now, what Dr. Rossi meant about how incredible this IH team is. with remarkable people like William MC.
    Darn, this is getting exciting, and we have even gotten started,

    • artefact

      I thought the same.

  • mcloki

    If he knows about it. I would assume people in the know would know about it. Wouldn’t we start to see people moving their investments around before an announcement?

    • Broncobet

      Yes, of course. As I’ve pointed out before, people can’t keep a secret like this, and they would start shorting natural gas contract for two years out . So to repeat the obvious, before any transformative tech is announced, the futures markets for natural gas and coal in one year out and longer would start going down quickly and MSM would report of it.

      • Heath

        I think Greenwin is on to something with regards to the energy market knowing was is coming. But how quickly this will replace fossil fuels remains to be seen so short term futures would not shift dramatically.

    • Andrew

      Even if they produced 10 million 10kw a year it would take centuries to make a impact on the market.

      • mcloki

        I think that they will make much more than 10 million a year. Licensing The main problem is that it will stall people buying any of the old tech while they save their money till they can switch to the e-cat.

      • Fibb

        At some point the markets will crash led by losses in energy stocks when it’s widely known that the fossil fuel company’s billions in reserve assets are actually relatively worthless. enormous sums of wealth could vanish in a puff of smoke. consequently balance sheets will be blasted and SP evaluations slashed. Chaos ensues…. bring it!

        • GreenWin

          Not really Fibb. Savvy investors have set shallow stop loss orders on oil. They’ll wait for the masses to bail out (coal literally has no future) — analysts are writing program trade code for this right now. When the sell off reaches program bottom, they will start buying – effectively acquiring oil at a 50-60% discount.

          Oil has long term value in heavy lift transport, defense, plastics, lubricants and pharma. NG will power centralized grids in secondary markets. Global light transport will take 20-30 years to fully electrify – a huge income window for refineries and petrol sales. However, we can expect a significant correction in bbl futures and volume. IMO 🙂

  • GreenWin

    Bill is rather careful with his words. My impression is the TIP2 will accompany product introduction. It also appears we have reached critical mass with small distributed energy generators. The Governor of Vermont has endorsed the NRG – Green Mountain Power partnership to make Vermont a test bed for the Beacon 10kW Stirling CHP unit. This is the device designed by Dean Kamen, now branded as NRG Beacon10 energy generator.

    Curiously, Governor Shumlin, Green Mountain CEO Mary Powell, and NRG’s David Crane, make little or no mention of what fuel the Beacon 10 is using, (ostensibly natural gas.)

  • bitplayer

    get out the bean mop

  • Bernie777

    This was the best quote from Mr. McDonough’s talk: “Carbon is good if it is in a tree, bad if used as a toxin in the atmosphere.”

    • Plants_are_part_of_nature_too

      Plants get their carbon from the atmosphere … shortage of CO2 is one of the limiting factors in plant growth …

  • psi2u2

    That’s the smile of someone who knows something “you” don’t. What else could it be? The dots connect for me.

    • mcloki

      That’s is true. but it could be a super solar cell. we will just have to wait.

      • GreenWin

        “that are not even solar that are clean…”

        • mcloki

          Wow. I need to get the wax cleared out of my head.

          • psi2u2

            : )

  • Daniel Maris

    Well it’s certainly not a denial!

  • mcloki

    It does get curious. But until the link is proven we all have to keep calm.

    • James Thomas

      No we don’t! Some of us can run screaming naked down the street. “Naked”; “naked”; “naked”…