Rossi on Transmutation in the ‘Rossi Effect’

Today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Andrea Rossi provided some interesting details about what is taking place in the E-Cat in terms of transmutation of elements. Rossi was asked if he uses different isotopes of nickel in the E-Cat and he provided this response:

We think that our process, the so called “Rossi Effect”, is , as a serendipity, also a system to produce 62Ni, because only this fact can explain the formation of atoms of stable Cu, even if in very small amounts; we also noticed that using eventually powders of Ni enriched this way, the efficiency of the E-Cats increases. But we are not sure of this fact, because there may have been errors in the analysis, so we are studying , as a side effect , this phenomenon. Obviously, I cannot add information regarding this issue, pending the patents relative to it.

The fact that they are still studying this phenomenon indicates that there are still unknowns for Rossi and the IH team; and again, he mentions here that the transmutations occurring here seem to be only side effects — not the main process that is generating the energy produced by the E-Cat.

  • Ted-X

    The uncertainty “(+/-)” is for the eagle circling high in the sky and not certain if the cat is alive or dead. Predatory birds do not eat dead meat.

  • BroKeeper

    Roger, I will take this advice seriously. Thanks Bro!

  • BroKeeper

    Disciple is part of the word discipline which I have recently lost with my wife’s cooking. This said I must take Levothyroxine for a severely hypothyroid.

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  • GreenWin

    It is not the volume Roger. Nuclear waste includes everything used inside hot areas of a reactor e.g. mops, brooms, clothing, shoes, tools, gloves, masks, etc. It is suspected that a contaminated glove caused the underground explosion at the WIPP underground storage facility in NM. Rather, it is the long term effects of low dose radioactivity causing genetic mutations.

    The Hanford WA site contains 53M gallons of High Level Waste (most dangerous to human health) in 177 underground tanks on the Columbia River. It will likely cost taxpayers 100B and take 40-50 years to “clean up.”

  • Jonnyb

    Well September is nearly upon us. Hopefully we will see the article in Nature Chemistry next month, or something a well respected.

  • Omega Z

    “deja vu”
    The experience we have on Reboot right after the Blue Screen of Death.

  • Omega Z

    Actually, Everyone here should hope multiple players succeed in this endeavor. To start, Each has a different approach of which will be better suited to different needs & functions.

    But more importantly, Without competition, there is no savings. SHT, BLP, E-cat, Etc, The fact I could sell you electricity for 2 or 3 cents a kilowatt is of no concern. If you presently pay 10 cents a kilowatt, I’ll sell mine to you for 9 cents.

    Better yet, with the Governments Cap & Trade scheme, I’ll push the Government to increase fossil taxes where they cost 20 or 30 cents & I’ll increase my prices accordingly. This scenario is far less likely should you have competition.

    Any who payed attention to Randell Mills in the BLP videos should have noticed these 2 issues he brought up.
    Extremely Cheap Energy. Less then 1 cent per kilowatt hour.
    Extremely Profitable. 10, 15, 20 cents per kilowatt hour. Basically whatever you pay now. 40 cents kilowatt hour in some places.

    • Fortyniner

      That’s how it will work. To justify the profits, we’ll be told that the cost of replacing gas and nuclear generating capacity is astronomical (forgetting of course that both need continuous maintenance and replacement anyway).

      The process of conversion may even be sold as a ‘green crusade’ that we should all feel privileged to be a part of, rather than a scam designed to shift the cost of profiting from CF to the consumer.

      This is the real reason that there will never be any domestic CF heaters, generators or cars (at least not for decades), and why any other contenders need to find corporate sponsors if they don’t want to run into all manner of problems. Think mafia.

      • Private Citizen

        How adoption/resistance to LENR might play out makes for fascinating speculation.

        There likely will be a political power struggle between interests who want to employ the technology and those who want to sequester it. Some car companies or other consumer product producers might lobby strongly for a distributed model. Different states and/or countries might try to attract commerce by relaxing prohibitions, possibly busting the centralized monopoly. And the voice of the people should not entirely be dismissed. I for one will be shouting from rooftops to the tin-eared politicians every election cycle.

        The price of oil and gas might immediately plummet in the face of obsolescence, slowing adoption of LENR by competition. International upheavals might ensue, as economies and currencies dependent upon petrol react. The effect upon water availability and production costs have dizzying implications as well, as do the implications for military adoption or weaponization.

        May we live in interesting times.

      • Omega Z

        I find the Randell Mills Proposed Business model very disturbing. It’s his behavior that justifies my thinking of the more players the better. Competition is a necessity. I have to say that I see some brilliance in some of his theories & I hope he is just taking this position to appease TPTB at this time, Only to provide cheap energy to the masses at the 1st opportunity. I fear he may be infected with the “Excess Greed Virus”. He sometimes shows arrogance & may have dreams of grandeur of being the Worlds 1st Trillionaire. Note: I believe cheap energy for the people is Rossi’s intent, However, that may no longer be up to him.

        As to Politicians, If they are(keyword here) “Intelligent”, They should see that this technology will generate economic growth. A double or tripling of World GDP over time. So even tho tax revenues will decline in some sectors, Overall Tax Revenues should increase by double or triple. And I consider this a 2’fer. Less people needing assistance(a Savings) & more revenue.
        This means less people dependent on the Government. Politicians would likely not care for the loss of power over the people.

        The Transition period. Even with everyone on board for this technology, It will take decades. It’s that Monumental a task.
        Without- Allowing for growth, new uses created by cheap energy, converting from gas to electric transportation, or desalinizing facilities nor even allowing for heating needs or processes, IH/Rossi would have to manufacture somewhere around 150,000 1Mw Hot-cat containers when allowing for heat to electric conversion.

        Approximately 15 Million 10Kw reactors plus mouse. Plus the extras-Boilers, Turbines, Generators. By Eliminating the grid for individual systems & including all possible uses, likely you could quadruple+ this number. This would occupy 2 IH/Factories manufacturing 1 Million 10Kw Reactors each per year indefinitely, as by the time your done, It’s time to start replacing due to life cycle end of which I allow about 35 years.
        I’ve withheld the Kicker- This only involves the State of California. Or the Equivalent of Great Britain. 🙂

        If you had approximately 2,000 E-cat factories, Each producing 1 Million 10Kw reactors per year, You may transition the World in about 20/25 years. Maybe? If all the other resources & manufacturing facilities(Extras) are available. Many times I find myself doubting the numbers & redo them. Again & again. Originally because I thought them to high. Now because I feel they may be to conservative.

        • Omega Z

          When finishing the last post, I heard this on the news.
          Germany has made great headway on Wind & Solar.

          They still need the grid structure to move that energy where needed… And Prices are sky rocketing for both public/private sector. Some estimate that by (? here as to the year 2040 or 40 years) Germany’s energy costs could make up 50% of GDP…
          The people in charge are Idiots. Do they not comprehend economic melt down And chaos long before this time frame.

          So far, I’ve heard these people claim due to this reason or that, That Housing will take 50% of my income, as will health care-50%, Food costs-50%, Energy cost-50%, Minimum income tax-50% Etc, Etc…

          Where’s those dang robots. I need 3 or 4 to go to work for me & bring me their paychecks just so I can keep some of my own.
          Doubt everyone will understand this but-
          This reminds me of an old sitcom “The Dukes of Hazard”
          Where Boss Hogg tells Roscoe P. Coltrane-
          Your share will be 50% of 50% of 50% of 50%.
          e-doggie’s yuk yuk yuk…

        • Fortyniner

          I suppose it all depends on the business models selected by IH and their backers, and on how large the hidden grouping behind them is, or will become. If they intend to keep ‘core’ manufacture in house, as opposed to licensing, then my guess is that production will follow a geometric path, with profits from initial production being ploughed into the building or acquisition and conversion or more factories, and so on, rapidly spreading around the world. Cold fusion reactor production will quickly become the largest single manufacturing activity on the planet.

          Actually, for automated plants, a million units per year is small beer, especially if the item produced can be fully assembled by machines. Ten or twenty million a year is easily attainable – look at arms manufacture for instance, which is easily able to produce munitions of various types in the tens of millions per factory per year (many types of which may be more complex than an e-cat).

          And of course, if a giant such as GE or Siemens is in there waiting for the starting gun, things could get off the ground very quickly. However, as you say, the task is enormous – at least comparable to the introduction and growth of car production or of home computers, and I think that your estimate of a generation for relatively full introduction of just basic generating equipment may be about right. Who knows what else may ‘spin off’ once R&D becomes an international activity. I hope I live long enough to see some of the changes the new science will bring to the world.

  • Omega Z

    It’s possible there could be certain negative aspects to the technology even tho it works. Also he is under NDA.

    However, take note that regardless whether the report is positive or negative, IH/Rossi are going to continue manufacture & sell E-cats. How likely is that if the E-cat doesn’t work.

  • Ophelia Rump

    I had the impression that you had given up hope.

    “After years of following this saga, should we at this late juncture really take his often repeated “positive or negative” pronouncement seriously?”

    This sounded disillusioned.

  • Heath

    During last year’s test, many accusations were made that Rossi was too close to the testing. We have heard many statements from Rossi and others that this test was designed partially to leave no doubt to its validity and independence and to shore up all of the other issues that other scientists, bloggers, etc. expressed once the report was out. Positive or negative as a phrase is meant to reiterate his distance and it does not imply at all that the effect may be real or not, but that this version of the device lives up to the commercial product expectations of 6 month continuous startup, operation and shutdown to not only validate product readiness, but to gather more detailed information for the US Patent Office and potential investors. This test really is trying to killing many birds with one stone I feel.

  • US_Citizen71

    A NDA would explain his use of the positive or negative mantra. He has been briefed on what he can or can’t say and when he can say it in regards to the test, when questions wander into that area he repeats his mantra.

  • GreenWin

    Huh?? You honestly think these minor demi-gods live in heaven? Or have some proprietary claim to Fire? Or a right to withhold it from benefiting mankind?

  • Heath

    I agree. As far as the nuclear waste problem, I believe the GeNie reactor (co-developed with SPAWAR) can use existing waste as fuel. By the way, what has been happening with Global Energy Corporation lately?

  • Ophelia Rump

    Gandhi as mass murderer of his own followers. What a concept.

    How about Mother Theresa incubating diseases in the bodies of the poor? Biological warfare promoted by the Vatican or the genocidal maniac acting independently?

  • Ophelia Rump

    Atomic waste is a small but persistent problem. If transmutation can also be used to produce rare and exotic elements from common ones, whole new paths for technology will become practical. It is impossible to predict the potential of such a thing.

    • GreenWin

      It’s not that small OR. The US alone has 80,000 tons of untreated radioactive waste and no safe place to store it. NRC has decided to turn a blind eye and let nuke power plants store it in temporary dumps on site. LENR promises good possibility of transmuting this waste via a process like Mitsubishi’s patent app. If our DOE brain trust would wake up, they would provide reasonable funding to Mitsubishi licensees and similar processes to address the problem like adults – rather than bury it in the ground.

  • BroKeeper

    Ah yes, a very spiritual man who lives his faith very well. I actually believe a lot of what he proclaimed including, although I’m Christian, in a form of reincarnation as taught about John (the Baptist). Unfortunately I still
    have to take pills of differing colors. 🙂

  • bachcole

    No. The “positive or negative” is a mantra invented by the bean counters or lawyers. He already knows that it works or else he would no longer be working for I.H. and would probably be in court defending his sorry ass. I think that the “positive or negative” is his way of showing skeptics (not skeptopaths, since they are hopeless) that he is not in the midst of the testing knowing exactly what is going on. Also, “positive or negative” may have a standard that is determined by being able to impress investors and manufacturers and other people who don’t give a fig about nuclear physics but do care about making money.

  • Ophelia Rump

    There is always Zen.

  • Andy Kumar

    If it were Hitler, Gandhi would have disappeared in the dark of the night. George, you can be proud to be a Brit. I say that as an Indian.

  • Billy Jackson

    I agree, only in recent years have we had the ability to see and manipulate at the near atomic layer. going a step further and actually start controlling transmutations of specific materials is going to be a huge leap forward for Material Sciences. With Energy, Material, Medical and Computer Electronics all facing potential vast leaps in the next few years we are on the verge of potentially seeing the start of the so called age of abundance.

    • bachcole

      There will be problems in the age of abundance. I guarantee it. We are already in an age of abundance for hundreds of millions of people in North America, Europe, Japan, a few in India, Russia, China, etc. These people are NOT all incredibly happy. Some are drug addicts, serial murderers, lonely, workaholics, rapists, video game addicts, mentally ill, obese, other physically ill, etc. etc. etc.

      • Billy Jackson

        Hmm i see your thought line but i am unsure if i agree with it in its entirety. There will always be a subset of people that suffer under any system that we devise. quite simply their is no perfect system. Most of the issues you described are Social Issues or Psychological issues. While some possibly may be solvable in the future, Obese, Mentally Ill, Physically Ill, Drug Addicts.. these are medical and possibly curable.. obviously not in the near future but hopefully down the road we will begin to conquer even things today we see as impossible.

        Hopefully as we conquer the physical issues of our limited resources it will slowly begin to change our social issues.

  • Fortyniner

    Come to think of it, I’m not entirely sure that I exist either. Oh, bugger – I’ve just disappeared up my own….

    • bachcole

      Get a grip. You experience, therefore you are. What you are is an entirely different question. But you are. The most certain thing that you can say to yourself is that you are consciousness.

      I know; you are trying to be funny, and I am being a wet blanket and being serious. (:->)

      • GreenWin

        Don’t beat yourself up bachcole. In my Newtonian interpretation you both go well with a warm cup of Earl Grey and two lumps.

  • Billy Jackson

    hey may not have the authority to announce anything before IH does.. as such he has to stick with his original stance or face a possible breach of contract. I think he’s seen it or discussed it, we have no idea what IH is going to do with the report from a media/announcement standpoint, due to that lack of info.. i find it hard to blame Rossi.

    • bachcole

      I think that it is much more likely that Rossi, Darden, Vaughn, et. al. sat around like they usually do in a strategy session and decided collectively what the limits of Rossi’s communications would be. I can’t imagine or believe that Darden and Vaughn would pull rank on the most important inventor in the history of the world. And Darden and Vaughn know this; how could they not have enormous respect for him.

      • Billy Jackson

        Hmm the few facts we do know is that Rossi sold the Intellectual Property to IH. As such, this is less like a partnership and more along the lines of Employee/Employer relationships.. Rossi works for IH now.

        I am positive that you are correct in that they respect Rossi and so far have him “in the loop” on everything with the e-cat.. for all we know Rossi is still the head of the Research for IH as he stated some time back.

        Yet what we are unaware of is the internal workings that they have agreed to as that is not public.. until then either of our scenarios is just as viable as the other.. its best guess, Ill even concede that your more than likely closer to the truth than i am.

        Time will tell us both and the upcoming report and how its handle with give us both a bigger clue on how things are going to be in the future with Rossi and IH.

        • Fortyniner

          IH may not be the top of the food chain of course, but rather a construct put together to control investment research funding from external sources, and to act as the interface with larger corporates such as GE or Siemens. The latter may or may not be directly sponsoring development, but either way, any NDAs could originate from parties that are outside IH.

      • clovis ray

        Hey,Bachcole. you know i once had an invention that i developed , for moving natural gas from both producing oil wells as well as non producing wells my machine could quadruple production on some wells, this was back before the 80’s, anyways i was just wondering what might have been in rossi’s contract with IH, because i know when i sold out to my partner, and before that we were going to sale our co, to another co. that were buying up this kind of devices, i had the option of quality control of my machine, Dr. rossi may have the same. if he should have this kind of control, it can be a very powerful tool, to get things done.