• About some comments : Off topic.

    Yet, i’ve seen on this website many comments about people who criticize Rossi…..

    At the very beginning of the document… “LENR-Cities is one of the most atypical initiatives, in so far as it isn’t concerned with a reactor, or even a (research) laboratory, but the development of an ecosystem in order to move the LENR project forward”

    What an ecosystem is ? :for instance :

    • GreenWin

      The ecosystem vision presented in the ibm document is encouraging. Finally people are thinking on universal magnitudes. I am further encouraged to see a potential link to non-terrestrial resources/markets which can rapidly improve the distribution of LENR across our tiny planet. Looking forward to your next announcement! All the best.

      • ;IBM Writer introduces ecosystems of ecosystems and uses the natural world.as example, Anyway… Swiss Win America’s cup in 2003, now Swiss Space Systems – S3 is shaping the future of commercial space and academic space research.. http://www.s-3.ch/en/home . May be you are a visionary :-).

        • GreenWin

          I am tucking away a few Euros a day for my zeroG ticket. Please keep on schedule, I’m aging too fast in this inertial frame. 🙂

  • georgehants

    Oceans, Ha don’t worry it happens to us all. 🙂

  • Billy Jackson

    I take these types of initiatives with a grain of salt. until the report comes out and working devices are available for purchase by the general public.. this is all theoretical business mumbo jumbo, they have neither the math, nor the technical data needed to pull this off as Rossi has yet to release it to the public let alone a working device.

    As a plan for a future base of tech.. sure
    as basis to build a business plan.. no you don’t have anything approaching appropriate data needed to even get started.

    • Ophelia Rump

      I think their current objective is to be there in September ready for the moment when a new reality instantiates itself. People will need alternatives. One source cannot fulfill the demand of the change coming. The demand for informed guidance alone will be staggering.

      • Billy Jackson

        Its kinda like deep sea fishing during hurricane season in the gulf.. lots of fun planning it, prepping and traveling to get there… unfortunately you got no idea if your gonna actually get to go due to the weather.. nice for them to plan for the future.. but definitive statements or calculations are going to have to wait till the report is released (or the weather is nicer!)

    • Daniel Maris

      I agree.

  • Oceans2014

    LENR CITIES does not appear to be a serious venture, the website has cursor bubbles that follow where ever you go, it is truly child like and the website content is very low level, most likely built by a family member. http://lenr-cities.com/

    • they are experienced in business innovation (xewow, adamantec, the business factory), but maybe as webmaster they are less experienced 😉 “tous les gouts sont dans la nature”

      their job was to meet VIP, researchers, investors to convince them and start the nucleus.

      their budget was “pocket money” until recently… their company will not be the ecosystem but just a consulting-kind of company selling the offer… they don’t expect to be rich as i understand, just to have fun until their retirement and in few years to be paid for their work.

      currently they have a “real work”, like me…

      anyway when you know who is in the ecosystem, you will fall from your chair.

      • Mats Hilmersson

        When will we fall from our chairs?

        • Depend on communication strategy. autumn will be hot, if not the summer.

      • GreenWin

        This is why I prefer to work on the floor. Less falling hazard. I am happy for this enterprise and wish them all great success.

    • georgehants

      Hi Oceans, do you find the best way to judge a persons intelligence is from the quality of their clothes?

      • clearly they cannot afford fashion clothes 😉

        clothe, or web style, indicate the budget they afford on visibility. they are not funded like BLP (the ecosystem will soon be , but not them).

        Don’t expect them to use investor money for 500k$/y salary… AFAIK it is 0$/y until investors are happy.

        when I heard of Continuum Energy Technologies paying CEO (at 500k$/y) I was a bit shocked.

        • georgehants

          Ha, Alain I would not exactly consider myself poor but I will wear nothing not brought from a charity shop, excluding socks pants and long johns of course.

  • Ophelia Rump

    The new website for LENR-Cities will be ready in September.

    • this initiative is like opening a new disco…
      what you need is to find some VIP, good DJ, and some investor… for the DJ, they have. for the VIP they sure have one , for the funding enough to start…

      their job was to gather the nucleus. AFAIK it is done, and the names will attract newcomers, of all kind, especially the fearful one who don’t dare to go alone to the disco.

      you will not find people who can imagine they can play alone.

    • Thank you Ophelia

  • Rogers Hellman

    I’m wondering if this company has any inside information regarding the pending report? Proximity to report authors and timing raise this question.

    • AFAIK no…
      LENr-Cities seems to have no link with E-cat. Initially it was EU centered but things move fast. The design of an ecosystem is that members should not be able to develop alone. They have to need each others. anyway maybe IH will understand it soon, and why not build a parallel ecosystem.

      the main idea is that the market is so big and the problems to create it so big, that it is best to work together than to compete.

      my image is that if you have to occupy the wild wild west frontier with billions of acres, and few carts and a thousands of pioneer, best is to build convoys with various competence and work together rather than trying to put barrier around one property.
      It took me time and discussion to understand that.

      for patents and IP theys seems to propose something open, innovating fast rather than building monopolies… If I understood well, patents are useless (maybe just to prevent trolls to block you)… too slow, too expensive in energy, inefficient in real situations, too easy to circumvent…

  • hunfgerh

    Energy today and tomorrow!

    Including hydrogen, superconductor, cold fusion.