A Day in the Life of Andrea Rossi

For those of us interested not just in the E-Cat as an invention, but also its inventor, Andrea Rossi has responded to a question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about his daily routine these days. I must say that I have always found the daily habits and routines of people I consider to be significant to be interesting — so I’m glad to get a little glimpse into the daily life of Andrea Rossi.

This is his report:

For whom it may interest: I wake up at 6, run 1 hour ( or bike, or tennis, or swim, I consider mandatory 1 hour exercise per day), two hours per day are dedicated to study Physics, mandatory, either related to the E-Cat or independent from it, or at least not directly related. Twelve hours are dedicated to the work on the E-Cats and Hot Cats, which depends on the specific situation, can be experiments in the laboratory, control of the manufacturing to study better systems, invention every day of new things to make it better together with the great Team with which I share the job in IH. This can happen in the factory of IH or of the Customer of IH or in other locations of IH: inventions, I can’t help to stay without them. Measurements analysis are a daily duty too. Obviously meetings are part of the job, to maintain a clear vision of the precise duties of every component of the Team, that vibrate upon a dynamic field. The remaining hours are dedicated to my personal life, usually, but many times these plans have to change: it happened that I had to stay 36 hours straight on a plant in critical operation to control it, without sleeping, eating, just drinking water. Luckily God gave me strong excess of stamina and I use it, if necessary, to the limit. In September I am afraid this situation will be frequent, but with the help of my great team we can do it. Failure is not an option.
Hobby: I adhore to read books of Physics, I need to learn. Recreation: Play Tennis with my woman ( much stronger than me). I also like to play drums ( Jazz), but I have no more the time to exercise, so I am losing the skill: years ago I was very good, now I stink.
Warm Regards,

I find the habit of two hours per day studying physics to be very impressive. It sounds like an arduous habit to me, but Rossi says he ‘adhores’ (sic) it — which makes it sound like a great pleasure for him — indeed, he counts it as a hobby. We probably wouldn’t have the E-Cat if he wasn’t such a student of physics.

I think there are a few clues in this narrative. It sounds like the IH team is getting ready for a September start up of the E-Cat plant at the customer’s site. I remember Rossi saying that when they did the 24 hour acceptance test for Industrial Heat in May of 2013 that he didn’t sleep at all — and I think that’s the 36 hour session he is referring to here.

It would seem that the Industrial Heat customer must be fairly close to the IH factory if Rossi works in either place. Also there is mention here of more than one IH location: the factory, or ‘other locations of IH.’

Anyway, from this account it sounds like Rossi is constantly busy. He doesn’t mention here the time he spends responding to questions on the JONP or communicating via email. I have to say that Rossi is a very diligent correspondent. He invariably answers serious questions — and usually very promptly. We would be almost totally in the dark about the E-Cat were it not for his commitment to correspond with the world through his web site. I think this aspect of his work is probably unprecedented in the history of important inventions.

  • psi2u2

    I think you will find that many readers here are quite familiar with Andrea Rossi’s history, which is a bit like your own spelling. A number of factors contributed to the failure of Petrodragon, but an intrinsic technological flaw was not among them. The fluctuating price of oil and the involvement of organized crime appear to have been the major elements of the venture’s failure. Would you prefer an inventor who jumped into bed with the mafia?

  • Omega Z

    There is a Pilot Plant in operation at a customers facilities at this time. Future market developments will likely be determined from those results.

  • clovis ray

    Dr.Rossi, thanks for telling us some about your personal life, we want more, after all you will be very very popular soon, we want to know as much about you as we can now, and i personally am very glad to hear that God,is still providing you the strength to endure this great task that lay ahead, you will need him more and more, and i’m am personally glad that IH is there , takes a great load off, thanks guys.

  • LilyLover

    Clean Diesel Technology of Shell “derived” it’s “inspiration” and now looks almost like AR’s technology – the Petroldragon. Wasn’t junk or disaster. Helped your children breath easier; prevented many lung diseases; improved diesel mpg. Just as I thought that defamers have given up… Please open your eyes – see the elephant in the room – and stop negative false opinions.

  • ecatworld

    I think that the 36 hour session he is referring to is before IH got fully on board. I’m pretty sure he’s talking about the testing that he did in Italy before IH took possession of the 1 MW plant and had it shipped to the US.

  • Alain Samoun

    No interest in economy, in politic, in news of the world?

  • robyn wyrick

    Well, considering that Industrial Heat has in fact bought his IP, I think we can safely say he has delivered “something” called the E-Cat, at least to the satisfaction of IH.

    Moreover, if he is, as it appears, their employee in some capacity, then we can assume that he also delivered a 1MW plant to some other customer as well – because it would seem like fraud if IH allowed him to repeat that he had, if it was false.

    So that is two deliveries. They weren’t delivered to you and me, but then again, most deliveries aren’t.


  • Billy Jackson

    I enjoy seeing someone living not just their dream but being engaged in a pursuit for betterment that makes them happy. on a personal note, I am thrilled to see that Rossi loves the exploration of science through his reading of physics yet still is humble enough to thank god for the physical gifts he himself has received. Here lies someone after my own standards.. science does not negate faith nor does faith negate science..

    Well said Mr. Rossi. Well said.

    • psi2u2

      In fact, a few moments reflection a la Polanyi will tell us that science *requires* faith, for what else is the condition of working through a problem based on a *hypothesis* to the final achievement of the vision of a working prototype but *faith.* Faith – not necessarily of a religious kind but perhaps more similar than to it than the extreme rationalists and pseudo-skeptics would have it – is in other words necessary to the conduct of real science.

  • bachcole

    I hope that he is getting enough sleep and is eating properly. That much exercise could kill a man his age. Otherwise, it sounds good to me. I only wish I could do as well. He is a good example for us all.

  • Private Citizen

    “36 hours straight on a plant in critical operation to control it”

    As far we we know, there are only one or two secret plants sold. Is he saying these have stability problems?

    • Ophelia Rump

      No, you are suggesting that.

  • Gerrit

    I’m looking forward to watching the feature film “Andrea Rossi” and the montage sequence with him exercising, studying, experimenting and inventing, while “Gonna fly now” is playing.

  • georgehants

    I get up about half eight nine have my first cigarette, read ECW, and then start thinking about what we are having for lunch.

    • LilyLover

      For the first time you’ve disappointed me. Although I oppose smoking, I had pictured you more as a cigar-guy. πŸ™‚

      • georgehants

        Lily, ha no I don’t like cigars very much, just enjoy my cigs.
        I am not a health freak and rely on the Placebo Effect to take its course.
        The Japanese and Italians although heavy smokers, when living in their old society’s suffered very little from smoking related diseases, if they move west or modernise the diseases become the norm.
        Again, hidden by science.
        As a LilyLover I must think of you as a 1970’s Hippy, smoking pot, etc.
        Definition of Hippy, someone who has a bright outlook on life and cares about the world instead of trying to ruin it. πŸ™‚

    • RS

      Quit smoking, please! We need your comments for many, many years – until AR delivers.

  • Gerard McEk

    I wonder if Andrea uses a part of his working time to answer the questions in the JONP. That must be quite a few and they are sometimes quite lengthy and complex. Or does he do this in the evening after nine pm? Does anyone know where I can find the blog within the JONP to ask AR a question?

    • ecatworld


      Here are the most recent comments and a place to submit your own.

      • Gerard McEk

        Thanks, I was looking for the blog, not the comment section of an article.
        Interesting that Andea reacted at 5 AM this morning on my question. That explains how he keeps up with is blog, he hardly sleeps it seems.

        • artefact

          There is nothing more.

        • Omega Z

          There are many tasks that require ones presence, But you have nothing to do. I can imagine this being a regular thing for Rossi. It would be quite easy for Rossi to check the blog several times a day on most days.

  • Broncobet

    Thanks for the insight into AR’s daily routine, he’s a busy guy.

  • jousterusa

    It’s great to know AR is such a well-rounded guy. It not only makes him more human, but I hope this routine will also help him live a very long, healthy and happy life. We need him to be around at least until his next invention!