Rossi: Safety Certification Obtained for Low and High Temperature E-Cats

Today Andrea Rossi announced on the Journal of Nuclear Physics what would appear to be an important development in the commercialization of the E-Cat. In a comment about the use of multiple reactors inside each E-Cat plant, Rossi made this comment:

Last, but not least: our modules of E-cats and Hot-cats have been certified.

I followed up with a question about what this certification meant for Industrial Heat. Rossi responded:

Frank Acland:
We obtained a Safety certification. Is necessary for the development of industrial plants made by Hot Cats.
Warm Regards,

This certification for the Hot Cats (high temperature E-Cat reactors) may have been a recent development, because until now Rossi has said only that the low temperature plants had received safety certification. We don’t know much about who did the certification, and I don’t expect that we will get much information about it. My understanding is that certification process is normally covered by confidentiality agreements. In 2012 Andrea Rossi released a SGS safety certificate only with special permission from SGS because he was being accused of lying about certification.

I would expect that Industrial Heat will have been working with American certifying agencies since all the R&D is now taking place in the United States now. US safety certification is apparently recognized widely around the world, which should be very useful for Industrial Heat as they move towards worldwide commercialization.

This sounds like good news to me. The Hot Cat is especially important for Industrial Heat if they are working towards generation of electricity, and safety certification for industrial plants sounds like a critical achievement which should allow IH to develop the E-Cat commercially.

  • Broncobet

    Radiation from the sun in low doses gives us a healthy looking tan and vitamin D, too much sun is radiation poisioning,from four or five hours exposure in places like Las Vegas, will make you throw up and more is fatal, so most life on earth has evolved with radiation exposure.

  • Broncobet

    You are a brave and intelligent person.

  • Fortyniner

    Given the potential for disruption of cold fusion and other novel energy sources, I’ve long been surprised by the relatively light opposition, in the form of a few online shills and a press blackout. These seem more like delaying tactics – I would have expected more direct opposition, as seems to have occurred in the cases of the many previous attempts to introduce anything that might upset the energy status quo.

    The only reasonable explanation for the apparent lack of opposition seems to be that Rossi differs from his predecessors in that he may have made certain compromise agreements with powerful players that will give them time to divest and invest appropriately in preparation for a controlled introduction of CF. The energy cabals must be torn between the potential damage to their current profitability that CF will cause, and the knowledge that petrochemicals are increasingly expensive to extract, and they therefore need a new and ongoing source of profits.

    Arrangements for a controlled introduction at corporate level, ring fenced as I suggest above, in order to create a new monopoly, would probably be the only arrangement that would be acceptable to them. I believe that it is this, rather than any technical difficulties, that kyboshed the ‘home’ e-cat, and that when AR began back-pedaling rapidly on this idea, this marked the time when initial agreements were reached. The founding of IH and what appears to be corporate involvement behind this company were probably fruits of such an agreement, rather than Rossi’s direct accomplishment.

    If anything like the above surmises are correct, then all new entrants to the field will need to make similar compromises – or disappear, one way or another.

    • the opposition is only from academic circles. since they carefully ignore and insult, ridicule the E-cat and all alike, like Sylvie Coyaud, Sverige radio, Stephan Pomp&clone, Jenifer ouellette, Luc allemand, Futura science mods, Start with a bang, cassandra legacy, wikipravda, NYT… there is nothing more they can do…

      they have no way to shut down Boeing, Shell,Elforsk or medium corps like Cherokee, Sunrise securities, SRI, or independent agencies which are voluntarily protected from consensus by lab independence, Nasa, navy, doD, or online newspapers like ibtimes

      • Fortyniner

        The opposition of academics is regrettable, but of little consequence at this point. When the pilot plant is publicly disclosed, those working in related fields will need to change their stance very rapidly if they hope to get a piece of the funding that will become available for the research effort that will be required to understand (and exploit) the new energy source.

        As you say, academics of any level have no power to influence corporations, and that is not what I was suggesting. However, the persistent MSM blackout on this topic (as confirmed by the removal of journalists who address the topic an any positive manner), continuing online ridicule or denial by the parties you mention, plus the sort of censorship exercised by Wikipedia, and the disinformation propagated by a small army of shills taken together indicate involvement by other parties. This action may possibly be aimed at delaying introduction for the reasons I touched on above.

      • Fortyniner

        deleted by author

  • Fortyniner

    They (IH) also seem to be preparing a secondary revenue source – training and certification (“only if operated by professionally prepared employees that have to be certified by us”).

    The potential income from training, examining and certifying hundreds of thousands of operatives, probably half a dozen from every user of the reactors, shouldn’t be underestimated, even if this is conducted through ‘licensed’ agencies of some kind. This is a potential industry in itself.

  • georgehants

    Ha, Roger you say, “There are no FACTS.” and then proceed to give a very fair interpretation of what a Fact is.
    You then proceed to explain that the people who do not stick to the known Facts “are not necessarily persistent and shared experiences.” so by your definition are not Facts.
    Let us stay with your definition of Facts which I agree with and use that in my comment above.

  • Omega Z

    Safety Certifications are about limiting Legal Liability.
    Similar to warranties. Used in a manor outside manufactures specifications becomes null & void. Use an E-cat outside manufacturers specifications & liability falls on you.

    Some Certifications are actually considered Voluntary. However, this law may also state insurance is mandatory. Try getting a product insured without safety certification. Either the coverage is not available or cost prohibitive.

    Note: Without Safety Certifications,
    The Manufacturer of most Products, Regardless whether you use the device according to their instructions or not, Becomes both Financially & Criminally Liable for any damage or injuries that result from it’s use. Either Jointly or Separately from the end user.

  • pelgrim108

    There is a chance that the Electric Universe is right in their assumption that the energy stars emit is related to electric streams in the galaxy. In that case a Dyson shell would maybe not be the most pratical solution.

  • Fortyniner

    ‘Cowards’ is an inappropriate and insulting term. You may want to consider your language more carefully in future posts, in the light of the posting guidelines for this website.

  • georgehants

    From Vortex with thanks
    [Vo]:Paper proves Bill Nye’s faked ‘greenhouse effect’ experiment is also based on the wrong ‘basic physics’
    H Veeder
    Tue, 12 Aug 2014 08:19:08 -0700
    Paper proves Bill Nye’s faked ‘greenhouse effect’ experiment is also based
    on the wrong ‘basic physics’
    “Although not an accurate demonstration of the physics of climate change,
    the experiment we have considered and related ones are valuable examples of
    the dangers of unintentional bias in science, the value of at least a rough
    quantitative prediction of the expected effect, the importance of
    considering alternative explanations, and the need for carefully designed
    experimental controls.”
    http:[email protected]/msg96072.html

    • GreenWin

      Thousands of children disillusioned to find Bill is a shill?? This cannot be real.

  • georgehants

    Roger, may I point out that what you or anybody THINK, god, the pope and the president included, means absolutely nothing.
    Opinions, expert or otherwise are used today by science like religious proclamations.
    I have even had so called “qualified” people on these pages trying to change reality and history, to make out that there are not two disciplines in Math, Pure and humble applied, exactly the same in general science where the distinction is hidden to make the humble “applied scientist” feel like a True scientist, who is only somebody, qualified or not who searches for new knowledge in the natural World.
    Only an open-mind that says, do the bloody research in all cases of disputed knowledge is appropriate and anything less is incompetent or even corrupt.
    Following opinion by the holy priests is why most of science has ended up as a religious sect of ineffectual non-thinkers ready to condemn anybody not following the religious holy rules.
    Cold Fusion comes to mind amongst many other forbidden serious scientific subjects to prove my Facts.

  • Fortyniner

    Don’t let the sand get up your nose, Roger.

  • bachcole

    Is this the “nothing is true unless it has been proven” philosophy? That’s the philosophy that doesn’t discover anything new because whatever is to be studied is not true, so why study it? If the antioxidant theory is bunk (because it has not been proven), then no one would study it. Nothing new is ever discovered with the “nothing is true unless it has been proven” philosophy. I trust Rossi on an important and tangible subject like this. I see absolutely no reason not to. And not trusting him is an insult hurled at him and a character flaw in anyone who knows that the E-Cat is real.