Change of Name from LENR is an Urgent Necessity (Guest Post)

The following is a guest post from ECW reader Hope4Dbest

Now that the Ecat (or other iterations) seem to be closer and closer, it is time for the acronym LENR to be “dissappeared”.  We are so used to reading it that we forget that the ‘N’ stands for Nuclear.  How many bad images does the word “nuclear” bring?

Can you imagine what the oil and coal industry (and probably the nuclear too) will make of the “Nuclear” in LENR? A Chernobyl in every house?  A Fukushima in your basement?  Three Mile Island instead of a blown fuse?

How can we counteract that?  With science?  How many people will understand the difference between a fission reactor and the Ecat?

It is a matter of certain urgency, because when the cat comes out of the bag, the first name in the press reports is the one that will stick.  So, for those of us who cannot contribute with the science, let’s put our thinking caps about a name

Here’s a submission off the top of my head: SPFS.  No, it doesn’t roll off the tongue, but Safe Power Fusion System sounds harmless enough and has a hidden hommage of Pons and Fleischmann.

Whatever name to choose, we have to consider that it WILL be dissected and analyzed by people smarter than we are, and who do not exactly have the best interests of the world in mind.




  • Hope4Dbest

    You may want to check EcatNews…

  • I think Power Cell is a good name
    And even better Hydrogen Power Cell

  • Gordon Docherty

    Thinking / praying about this one for a while. How about:

    a VERSATILE system?

    And what, exactly, does VERSATILE stand for. Well, it’s a very exact description of what makes these systems work :

    Energy-transfer Resonance within a Supersaturated-metal-hydride forming
    an Active Tesseract Ionic Lattice Environment

    (Virtual-particle = Quasi-particle, but, aside from QP-DOLL, it’s hard to do anything with QP!)

    and also emphasizes one of these systems’ critical success factors:


    It’s a friendly, familiar word that speaks of safety, thrift, flexibility. Marketing would love it…

  • the more I remind the theory of Ed Storms the more it makes sense.

    for him pressure is just a parameter to bring fuel to the hydroton, and control some crack parameters.
    it seems breathing is more important than pressure.

    ed stormes report experiment with very high pressure that did not trugger the reaction alone.

  • I think that a product does not have to have a name that tries to describes its underlying physics in details.

    LENR has divided the community / field in half.
    The person who came up with the name was either:

    A: Not very smart
    B: Extremely smart

    It`s as if we allowed our worst enemy to choose the name for us so that he can use it against us.

    Branding is soooo important

    I can envision kids saying “Mom, can we please buy an ecat”

    – I doubt we will hear them say “Mom, can we buy a low energy nuclear reaction reactor”.

    • Obvious

      Did you ever get to the bottom of where the LENR abbreviation began?

      • Some of the biggest strategic failures I made since I became a dog science journalist is also related to using worthless crapy names for things sooo …. no…. I decided not to follow up on it.