George Miley to Present on LENR at American Nuclear Society Conference

Thanks to Greenwin for finding this announcement:

George H. Miley of the University of Illinois, and founder of Lenuco Corporation, will be presenting a technical session at the American Nuclear Society’s 2014 International Conference on Isotopes on Monday, August 25th in Chicago, Illinois.

His presentation is titled, “Progress in Development of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) Power Cells for Space Applications” and he will be accompanied by Kyu-Jung Kim, Tapan Patel, and Bert Stunkard, also of the University of Illinois.

Dr. Miley is a long time researcher in the field of cold fusion/LENR, working primarily on LENR in space applications and is one of the few people to have been granted a patent for an LENR-related invention by the US Patent office.

Miley has developed a system which apparently is able to produce energy at room temperature without any heat or electrical input. In a 2012 paper, Miley reported:

“Our experiment has established a remarkable proof-of-principle power unit at ca. 350W/kg under room tem-perature when using deuterium (D2) gas (H2 can also be employed) with Pd rich nanoparticles, producing 1479J heat, well above the maximum exothermal ener-gy (690J) possible from all conceivable chemical reaction.”

Earlier this year, Dr. Miley spoke at a Department of Defense meeting in Washington, DC called ‘Revolutionizing the Future of Battlefield Energy’ where he discussed the topic of ‘Advanced Power Sources Based on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions.’

  • Barry8

    Kwhilborn, Miley continued work on the “Patterson beads”. He felt he could improve them by making them smoother. When he did, the beads became less effective. Eventually it became common knowledge that surface area is essential in CF, so Miley went the other way and made them more imperfect leading to better results.

    Patterson made a very effective batch of “beads”, but was unable to reproduce them. Pons and Fleischmann had the same problem. When they went back to the same company that they bought the palladium from, they asked for the same source from which they bought before and the company told them they only had a foot and a half left. Perhaps it was made in some unknown way for a rich CF environment. The rest of the testers who tried to repeat bought palladium off the shelf in far off places.

    Miley eventually switched over to finely ground particles, same as Mitchell Swartz with the NANOR. More surface area and irregularities than beads. Miley’s process is similar to Swartz’s, but he adds a step, roughing up the particles even more to, perhaps create more “cracks”?

  • greggoble

    Cat and Mouse

    U.S. LENR Cold Fusion?

    The most advanced LENR technology is emerging from U.S. corporations and governmental laboratories. George Miley certainly provided research results that have led the way, whoever has been looking over his shoulder has gained important insight.

    LENR Energy applied engineering in the U.S is set to power spaceplanes and jets.

    LENR is not a narrow band set of physical phenomenon.

    LENR Energy open source patent.

    LENR World Unbelievable?

    LENR MFMP Trumps!

  • Barry8

    After the MIT CF Colloquium, I was hoping Jeremy Rys would post a video recording Miley’s presentation (audio is here

    Being a bear of little brain, I’m drawn to the Edison approach to CF, with imagery and hands on, workshop experiments. If Rossi were to fail it’s good to know Miley is close behind.

    The charting of many CF, gas loaded devices tend to show a down-slide, similar to the leaking of a balloon. Miley solved this problem by putting two CF devices, or two hydrogen tanks together. While one is loading, the other is draining. Now the chart looks like a continuous wave of two overlapping bell curves averaging a COP of 12. His lecture was one of the CF crowning jewels of the Colloquium. He was very friendly and approachable and also did some experiments with hot fusion, but he said the experimental time, working with a HF device cost $$$.

  • Kwhilborn

    Dang! LENRPROOF(dot)Com expired Yesterday. I hope it’s renewed. They had some fun facts there.

  • lou pagnuco found that last month,

    Lenuco is funded by LENR Invest (dunno how much, they have a tendency to exaggerate, from a real base)

    Louu see a geographic realtion between lecuco, lenr-invest and Urbana Champaign university

    lenuco seems active in looking for partnerships.

    • Broncobet

      You are saying you’re skeptical? I should have become suspicious when I couldn’t find a website for Lenuco.

  • Broncobet

    Wow! This is impressive. The academic world main stream scientists, this is what they do, delve into the unknown I know people on here are angry at the perceived slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,but I’m pretty sure that the world will pay attention to this, I know I am. Hold on, wait a minute, this was from 2012? You’d think we would of heard of this before.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    George Miley is one of LENR’s greatest heroes. He was one of the REAL scientists from the hot fusion camp who stuck his neck out for F&P at the April 1989 US Congressional hearings.

  • Gerard McEk

    Finally, the Academic World is beginning to accept that there is more between heaven and earth than their down to earth science……

    • Ophelia Rump

      They are just prairie dogging over the cubicle walls at this point.