The People of the E-Cat

I though this was an interesting exchange and comment from Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today.

AR: 1 a.m. of Thursday July 24th, and we are working: we, the Team.

Italo R: “… we, the Team….” and that reminds me “We, The People of E-Cat” 🙂

AR: Italo R.:
Yes, you are absolutely right. The People of the E-Cat are extremely important . It maintains us constantly under a positive pressure. I am very disappointed not to be able to give information about the TIP-R2, of which I know nothing, and also for the 1 MW plant, about which we will give information only after a period of consolidation of the operation. That’s why now we talk of the rumors of Harley Davidsons. By the way, I read that many fans of this motorcycles are angry about the electric Harley, since its characteristic noise is an iconic heritage of these ouvres d’art. Anyway, it will not take long before we will have to talk about specific things.
Warm Regards,

I find it interesting that Rossi talks about feeling a ‘positive pressure’ from the people of the E-Cat (I guess that means people like us). I wonder how much pressure they are feeling. My guess is that the ‘people of the E-Cat’, those who are paying serious attention to the topic, number in the thousands (maybe low tens of thousands) around the world and who for the most part are interested observers, rather than people of major influence in business, politics or media.

I do think Andrea Rossi feels a responsibility towards providing information to those who have supported and defended him over the years. He is a man who values loyalty and appreciates the support he has received, especially through the times when he was working virtually on his own and was up against all kinds of obstacles.

I would guess that the management of Industrial Heat feels less pressure from the People of the E-Cat, since there has been very little interaction between us and them. I think it is very possible that were it not for the premature discovery of their identity last December, that we would still not know that they were involved. It seems that they value their ability to work under the radar very much. Anonymity provides them with a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and the ability to work in peace without interruption or interference. Perhaps IH does have pressures from above — investors — to deal with. I would guess those who have put money in will be anxiously watching what is going and expecting results.

If and when big news breaks, I think IH will feel a lot more pressure to open up. Instead of the attention of just we few E-Cat people, they will likely have the attention of the international media, politicians, academia and the business community. And then there will be all kinds of pressure from customers, competitors, regulators, media, enemies of various kinds, and the general public. Today Rossi wrote “Anyway, it will not take long before we will have to talk about specific things,” so it could be a very different environment for them in a short while. And then maybe the People of the E-Cat will become a much larger group.

  • bachcole

    Rossi per se may not revolutionize the world, but the Rosso effect or LENR+ will, IMO.

  • Omega Z


    A single E-cat or any other LENR device in use with public awareness would satisfy my bucket list. A natural market progression would likely follow.
    So the only way I could experience disappointment would be through awareness in the hereafter. Likely another positive verses nothingness. 🙂

    The “Goldilocks” could be taken to imply fairytale by some, however I understood the analogy with the inclusion of “Zone”.

  • Charles

    I sure hope there are some gem-dandy Control Systems Engineers in the crowd.

  • Omega Z

    Rossi’s E-cat & Hot-cat can be everything Rossi claims, But it can still take several years before it becomes anything of significance.

    Note that it took half a dozen years for Lonnie Johnson’s SuperSoaker to make it to market.

    All that really matters is that 1 makes it into use & becomes publicly known. After that it no longer matters if it takes several years to go into full production. This in fact is very likely as nothing is designed for it’s optimal use.

  • Owen Geiger

    Billion dollar companies don’t get rich from investing in Goldylocks technologies.

    • Broncobet

      That has nothing to do with what I said. I’m saying that the devices produced from IH will probably be not so good but not so bad either(like Goldylocks not too hot,not hot enough and just right) they might work a little. Are you saying IH is a billion dollar company? If they produce a reactor that’s one tenth as good as Rossi claims they’ll be a trillion dollar company. Companies that become billion dollar outfits are to be celebrated as bestowing gifts on the people, they can do bad things like the railroads used to ,but on the whole we come out ahead. They absolutely are invested in by billion dollar companies,with low risks that are understood over time with interests compounding, compaies like insurance companies are multi billion dollar assets.

      • Owen Geiger

        The difference between what I said and what you’re saying is trivial. It sounds like I’m just a bit more optimistic.

        IH has billion dollar business partners and a trillion dollar product, so yes, I consider them a billion dollar company because they can get as much funding as they need if this plays out as I expect.

  • Owen Geiger
  • steve high

    If the headline was Girls of the E-cat I think there would be more page views.

    • Ophelia Rump

      Cat ladies please!

  • Ophelia Rump

    Thank you, I never heard of that before. It is amazing the things we never hear of.

    • Omega Z

      I find it amazing how much is discovered, Then ignored or overlooked, Then lost & forgotten. waiting to be rediscovered decades latter. Or possibly not at all.

      Note how a breakthrough is announced as a 1st only to see months latter another entity makes the same claim. The left hand is oblivious of the right hand.

      We truly need a Library cataloging & retrieval system allowing easy to find & access of such knowledge. And it should be made available to anyone with interest free of charge.
      2 Caveats:
      Using of contents for marketable products under IP would still require license fees.
      And Exceptions as to certain technology being restricted. I wouldn’t want my neighbor building a nuke or unstoppable virus or such.

    • bachcole

      Since Germans were and are really into their cars, perhaps that is what happened to cause them to go crazy.

  • E-cat = Heat
    Blacklight Power = Light
    Solar Hydrogen Trends = Hydrogen

    Who will be first to the market?

    I suspect other challengers are lurking in the shadows.

    • Ophelia Rump

      BLP is burning aluminum and hydrogen from HHO. This is an exotic fuel, and will never be mainstream technology. Not LENR.

      SHT is Solar Hydrogen Implausable Trends.

    • deleo77

      Light will win because whether it is heat, light or hydrogen, it is just the catalyst. You need the other parts of the system for power generation. With light you have the delivery system (fiber optics), and the receptor (the PV cells). The other parts for hydrogen and heat are not that compact or elegant.

      • Ophelia Rump

        And when they discover that burning aluminum for power is too expensive, they can always fall back to the coconut shells, which are renewable.

      • bachcole

        deleo77, how much do you want to bet that neither BLP nor SHT EVER get to market in this millennium and Rossi does? It is not that I am emotionally tied to Rossi, which I am. It is just that I don’t believe the other two and I do believe Ross. Let us hope that I am wrong.

  • Daniel Maris

    Let’s hope the new E Cat will be put to useful work before too long.

  • Billy Jackson

    Positive Pressure. This is actually more dangerous for Rossi than Critical Criticism. Rossi has faced many challenges over the last years. From being called a Scam Artist, A Fraud, Shyster, Fake, Liar and pretty much any name under the book that people could use to smear his good name.

    His peers in the Engineering & Scientific fields have all but shunned him. Ridicule followed Derision which followed our right slander. Few people believed that his claims were plausible let alone possible.

    Imagine yourself in Rossi’s shoes. you have a device that you know will change the world. a device that you have spent your own money, sweat, and tears on.. a device the world desperately needs. You step to the podium and announce your findings.. the world of science responds not with intellectual questions, and examinations of the facts and accompany data.. but proceeds to drag ever mistake you have ever made into the open in an effort to defame your character.

    Through the support of communities such as the e-catworld, we have slowly brought the rampant negativity to heel with open honest questions that those who are pathological skeptics can not answer. They take stabs in the dark with wild conspiracy theories in an effort to derail our support. while ignoring any evidence that does not provide them with more ammunition to use against Rossi.

    Rossi has used both groups, support and criticism to good effect. critical questions asked by his harshest critics enabled him to prepare for future tests that stood strong against the unreasonable skepticism. He now has a base of supporters such as those of us here that see the same potential for the e-cat that Rossi himself dreamed of years ago.

    There in lies the danger. I have faith that Rossi’s personality is strong enough to withstand the unquestioning support of those who will follow blindly without questioning the findings or theories as any good scientific and logical mind should. It is easy to surround yourself with people who always agree with you.

    We only grow by challenging ourselves or being challenged by others. It was the critical questions against the first test results that enabled the team doing the current test to do a longer more thorough test that hopefully will put to rest any question of validity.

    Our watch words we should live by. “Trust but Verify” Unquestioning Support, and Pathological Skepticism are paths that lead to failure and disappointment.

    Our community is stronger when calm, logical discourse of the facts prevail in the face extremist views..

  • Bernie777

    Admin, I agree, I have found Rossi to be very loyal and forthright, answering many of my questions on JONP over the last four years. At one point, when he was excited about the home e-cat, I made a couple of comments he liked, and told me he would send me one of the first models. After IH took over, he was conscientious enough to send me an email telling me he was still going to honor his commitment to me.

    • georgehants

      Bernie, I will be very fair and offer you $10 for the model.
      I would except this offer now as it may reduce in value in the future.

      • pelgrim108

        For 10$ you can only buy a model of the model.

        • Ophelia Rump

          For ten dollars you get an autographed picture of the model of the first model on a porcelain mug.

          Autographed by Bernie777 not Rossi.

          The Rossi autographed version, you cannot afford.

          • Bernie777

            What is all this anti Rossi sentiment on this site. (:

            • Ophelia Rump

              Who is being anti Rossi?
              I will grind their bones to make my bread!

      • Bernie777

        What you do not believe there will eventually be a home e-cat?

        • georgehants

          O’dear Bernie, can you not recognise an obvious joke.
          When Mr. Rossi releases the cats your device will be worth thousands.

          • Bernie777

            Sorry I do not get the joke, please explain.

            • Ophelia Rump

              Ouchy, explaining humor never works.

              Trust georgehants. He is honorable, even if the humor is not your idea of funny.
              I got the humor, but it is very dry and thin humor.

              • georgehants

                Ha, Ophelia, I will give you a like for all that hard work and I assure you the compliment you gave me did not influence my decision at all.

                • Ophelia Rump

                  georgehants, that was in no way a compliment, do not let it go to your head. I was merely being factual, as usual.

                • georgehants

                  Ha, then I appreciate your observation, being factual is a honorable trait as well.

              • Bernie777

                Thank you, after 74 years I guess I have to sharpen my sense of humor. (:

                • Ophelia Rump

                  You thank me? You are too generous. After suffering through my description of humor, you should want to strangle me! It has to hurt as much reading that analysis as writing it.

    • BroKeeper

      Like a mint coin, as an original, if you leave it in its wrapper for a couple of decades it may be worth a million. Request Andrea Rossi to sign it.

  • bachcole

    I should make a t-shirt that says “Founding member of the People of the E-Cat October 6th, 2011”. For a while, NO ONE would know what it meant. But soon, EVERYONE will know what it means.

    • BroKeeper

      Go for it Roger. I’ll buy one.

      • bachcole

        $18.95 Too steep for me, and everyone else would have a different date. Perhaps I could just forget about the date. What do you think?

        • Ophelia Rump

          Do not forget postage and handling for the redistribution. Capitalism has a way of eating your lunch. If you are successful, the owner of the company will undercut your market on the third printing and leave you with an overpriced warehouse full.

        • BroKeeper

          You can print out your own t-shirt decal or quotes using t-Shirt paper then iron it on any colored T-Shirt. Then sell them for $18.00 bucks including ship/handling. Even make a little profit on the side. I’ll buy one from you. (sorry for the late response).

      • bachcole

        This is an object lesson for all socialists and other lefties here. I found a site where I could buy 20 t-shirts with this printed on it:

        “Founding Member
        “People of the E-Cat

        It would have cost me a mere $200. Nice price at $10 a piece. But I couldn’t take the RISK. In a socialist society, risk and vision and initiative don’t get paid, so they don’t happen.

    • Christina

      Make one t-shirt for every month thereafter as I joined in May of “12.

  • Iggy Dalrymple


    • GreenWin

      Rossi Satyricon