Blacklight Power’s Randell Mills Interview: Product Deployment ‘Very Quickly’

The following was sent by ECW reader optiongeek — edited and expanded by myself.

Sterling Allan recently interviewed Blacklight Power founder Dr. Randall Mills for his Greater Things program on the Rense Radio network. Allan’s summarizing comment: “phenomenally exciting”. According Mills, rapid engineering advancements by multiple partners firms will allow him to deliver his 250kW to 10MW units in industrial quantities ‘very quickly.’ He says they do not expect product deployment will take decades or even years to accomplish.

In the interview, Mills says that after two decades of hitting ‘roadblocks’ and ‘impediments’ which have prevented them from commercialization, they have developed a system using photovoltaic technology that will allow them to start releasing products in the near future. Mills says that BLP has just signed a distribution deal for Canada, and are working on many more deals (he mentions $40 billon in sales).

He says they are working with 3 engineering companies who he says are helping tremendously with getting the BLP sytems ready for the market. He says every major or minor engineering issue ‘has broken in our favor’.
All of the components and subcomponents are either available off the shelf or have an easy path to implementation. Mills quotes his partner firms as saying “this thing was meant to be”, in the sense that all of the engineering challenges seem to have easy technological solutions.

His next public demonstration is scheduled for July 21st and he’s promised it will show even more advancements. He says they will also do private demonstrations in different cities for industries. He also discusses his proposed licensing model (give the device away for free, charge by the watt) and his believe that the units will fundamentally alter the nature of power distribution by obviating the need for an electrical grid. Phenomenally exciting, indeed.

The interview can be heard at this link:

  • HiggsField

    Any news from todays demo?

  • Ophelia Rump

    Only reason can impress me, I am uncivilized.

    • friendlyprogrammer

      If only reason impresses you then fringe science is not the greatest place to look for it. Instead try accepted Mainstream textbooks.

      Most of these topics here from Andrea Rossi to Blacklight Power need to be investigated from an overall standpoint because if any of these had 100% solid replications then they would be in Nature Journal.

      The Fact Randell Mills is a real life Medical Doctor trained to use a stethoscope and prescribe aspirin is a clue to me that his interest in this pursuit is likely not profiteering. A Harvard educated Medical Doctor can usually make a very good living without resorting to fraud.

      Then you look at things like claims and logical progressions.

      If you are to investigate put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and do so..

      Look at Rossi. Just a few short years ago Defkalion offered Andrea Rossi $15 000 000 for a continued partnership if Andrea Rossi could run the ecat for 48 hours. Andrea Rossi could not meet that stability requirement at the time and so the deal was never struck.

      Yet now the ecat has been measured to not only run for at least three days, but they needed to shut it off manually after that length of time.

      It is a logical progression.

      Imagine for a second it was fraud. Why would the fraudulent ecat run so much longer now than in 2011? Is his fraudery improving? Progression makes sense.

      I might not even believe in Rossi if we did not know that at least 20 other major corporations have working LENR devices, and those are just the ones who admit it on that iceburg.

      Mills was also on a Hydrogen/Nickel/Lithium direction, but has PROGRESSED.

      I understand being impressed by reason, but not all reasoning comes from the math. The ability to read between the lines is required.

  • deleo77

    Mills needed time to get a higher energy density out of his hydrinos. That is what took so long, not to see the effect, but to get to an energy density that would be useful. He got there in January, but they realized that the energy was occurring in the form of light, not heat. So he switched course to PV cells for electricity generation. It is not that crazy of a scenario.