Defkalion Update

I’d like to thank ECW reader Len Fusioneer for sharing this comment which I thought should be in its own post

I wrote to Defkalion:

Good day,

I am interested in your company’s status and don’t trust the internet to provide accurate information.

I am a LENR researcher and have recently learned of your possible connection with Phonon. I live in Vancouver and wish to contact you and Phonon.

Your Vancouver phone number has been disconnected. Does this mean your company has left Canada? Been dissolved?

thank you

Their response:

Dear Sir,
In response to your email of the 7th July 2014. Firstly we like to thank you for the interest that you have shown in our company and technology.

Please be advised that we are still in Canada and a Canadian company.
We have relocated our office and laboratory.

The reason being that we are at the final stage of completing the
pre-industrial version of our Hyperion Energy source unit. We estimate that this will be done by the end of summer. Once we have completed this stage then we will again open-up for
presentations / demonstrations.

Regarding the co-operation with Phonon from Seattle, we are going to do
Joint venture Application R&D together in the very near future.

Thanking You

Best Regards

  • Johnny English
  • GreenWin

    So has the ecatnews site. Maybe they’re both dead beats. Can’t trust the faceless.

  • Omega Z

    Umm, So your trying to decide if you’ll have a Sailboat or a Motorboat. 🙂

  • GreenWin

    Thanks to Barbieri for links to Luca Gamberale’s report and Mats Lewans’ comments. Something smells rotten, especially since Gamberale accepted DKT stock and apparently violated an NDA. Further muddying waters is Gamberale has since set up a new company with himself as CEO called LD-Brane, Milan:

    ” R&D in the field of LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions). LENR is a
    most promising powerful source of energy, safe, clean an cheap. It has
    the potential to supply humanity of heat, electricity and fresh water
    for the next decades. What is still missing is a full understanding of
    the physical principles at the basis of the reactions and an efficient
    and reliable industrial implementation. LD-Brane has a scientific
    programme for the experimental and theoretical study of LENR and for the
    realization of prototypes for the production of energy running using
    LENR. LD-Brane participates to the research program of the most
    prominent research centers in Italy and Europe, both public and private.”
    LD-Brane overview

    With this personal investment, and the shady history of how DGT appropriated Rossi’s “secret” catalyst – Gamberale’s opinion looks unreliable. LD-Brane has yet to disclose the “prominent research centers” it is working with. But there are some indications that Dr. Gamberale has tapped former employer Pirelli & C S.p.A research and development.

    • Mr. Moho

      You forgot Franco Cappiello’s statements that he won’t invest in LENR anymore for the time being.

      Google translation:

      FC: Regarding investments I ended up here. I do not have any intention of investing in LENR for one simple reason: I understand that it will take at least another 15 years of serious, repeat and serious research and development, not to the “Defkalion,” and I do not have time to wait 15 years.

      • GreenWin

        Mr. Moho, thanks for this. Cappielli is now in the “footwear” industry. It may be best to put this lot on an episode of Family Feud and create a musical out of the hijinks. I have read most of the DGT technical documents which appear to be generally in line with experiments demonstrating surface plasmon polarition excitation and elliptical H1 electron orbits. Said orbit, not dissimilar to Mills’ n/132 plausibly generates a virt neutron at a standing wave function. From there… we can create new physics. 🙂

        • GreenWin

          I will add something that our friend Buck here likely understands. Intrigue and subterfuge for personal/sovereign gain to control this technology makes a laser-painted target. The whole world can read it.

        • Broncobet


  • Ophelia Rump

    Choose the seawater model!

  • you forget Nelson who worked on a R5 reactor.
    however the question is if he was victim of the same trick with water flow.
    The numerous problems that Defkalion claimed with boiling water and glycolized water maye be caused by their need to trick…

    Nelson test was just a preliminary test to know if further testing was useful.
    Defkalion did not accept their “commercial” proposal of test, either because of money or because it would have raised the problems that gamberale found.

    the occam razor explanation is that it does not work…
    more optimistic hypothesis call for improbable plots, by DGT or gamberale.

  • Ophelia Rump

    Selling their one golden egg, or a knockoff thereof.


    • Obvious

      I wonder what the price is on the shell reactor.

      • Ophelia Rump

        Fire sale, I would think.

  • bachcole

    Not very reassuring for me.

  • Bernie777

    I do not see a name at the end of that email form Defkalion, wonder why?

  • David Daggett says he visited them in Athens.

  • GreenWin

    Hi Barbie, would you help us all by citing your proof that the Defkalion public demo “turned out to be rigged.” Thank you.

  • Gerard McEk

    That looks promising, but that was also the case a few month ago. Let us hope they are really on to something. Anyway if they have a industrial partner, than Defkalion must have showed them something substantial.

    • If they deliver something, what happened with Luca Gamberale is a mystery.

      • Sanjeev

        It is very much possible that Defkalion Europe’s analysis was faulty or had some malicious intent. I do not think that things are settled in the case of DGT.

        I was amazed to see skeptics automatically assuming that the debunking report by DE was true, they wouldn’t have done so if it were supporting the excess energy claims.

        We know that in scientific experiments its not possible to prove a negative, still everyone believes that if a single person could not replicate something, it must be false in all cases. This is not science. I was amazed to see even lenr supporters blindly believing the DE report, without raising a single objection.

        If you are a skeptic, you must be skeptical of all claims until proven conclusively, else you are just biased.

        • the report of Gamberale says what it says, that (according to his measurement) it is possible to simulate good COP with manipulation of water flow.

          More troubling is the reported opposition to calorimetry improvement.

          Much more troubling is the fact that they did not answer any of his questions.

          That fact, their lack of any response, either public or private, mean that either they don’t want to show it work, or they cannot.

          Basically if they deliver something that really works, it will raise more question than it will close.

          On that point, at last (it is not so frequent for them), they follow the common sense… of course they made hundred of mistakes before, like assuming manipulation in the electric circuit that gamberale ruled out, or concluding without the least evidence from the sweat factor, or from unknown water flow… Even concluding from the possibility of manipulation that gamberale reported in april, but leaked much before to Cimpy&al, was not rational…

          The “possibilities” just matched my conclusion (considering harsh critics) at this time, that it was a pony show, positive, but not a third party test…

          What allow concluding is the fact that DGT did not answer seriously to those serious attack…

          This is not definitive, but nearly.

          If DGT refused to answer to Gamberale, just to push him out, is that ethical? If Gamberale works for another company, this is not coherent with his current situation…

          Something nasty happened, there is the Occam razor hypothesis, and some twisted hairs possibilities.

          Only a test where the independent tester have hand on the plumbing and installed the pipes and wire can be trusted.

          For long I trusted Nelson’s test, who was “hand-on”, but it seems he did not install the plumbing… did he control the water tap? if yes, the Gamberale spoted trick cannot be used… So one can assume the COP is around 3, and that DGT simply tried to exaggerate the COP.