Swedish Company Bobcat Gives MFMP Financial Support

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project reports on its quantumheat.org site that it has received a donation of $3000 from Swedish company Bobcat which manufactures excavation equipment. The MFMP team says this is the first corporate donor who has been willing to be openly named.

Bobcat states:

“We are not in your field at all but are very interested in this matter.

We hope that your research will lead to something new and better for the planet.

Wish you many successful experiments and positive results.

Med vänlig hälsning/Best regards”

I think this is a good sign, and I think in time we will see other influential observers willing to come forward and show they interested in LENR are serious about supporting its development. Once again we see interest from Sweden where I believe there is more interest in LENR per capita than any other country. That’s what my website traffic stats show, and there are many other indicators too.

Congratulations to the MFMP team, and kudos to Bobcat for being willing to publicly support LENR.

  • Curbina
  • georgehants

    Roger, with much respect for your gently leading approach, if you take a child and hold his hand and try to teach him that murder, rape and torture are not good things in society and he then ignores your good teachings and continues to murder, rape and torture other members of society —–
    What would you advise as the best course of action?

  • georgehants

    Machines like Us
    A step toward usable fusion energy
    Sunday, 06 July 2014
    Scientists have tak­en a key step to­ward us­ing fu­sion, the
    pro­cess that pow­ers the Sun, to pro­duce en­er­gy, ac­cord­ing to a
    re­port to ap­pear Feb. 13 in the re­search journal Na­ture.

    • Alain Samoun

      From the site:
      “But that en­er­gy (produced) is still only about a hun­dredth of the to­tal en­er­gy needed”
      In other words,we will still have it working in… 50 years.

      • Curbina

        Hot Fusion is being stalled on purpose. There are approaches that have reached enough temperatures for aneutronic hot fusion (20 times higher than the measle 200 million of the ITER) in a machine that costs US$150 million. After these experiments, the machine was “repurposed”.

    • GreenWin

      US Senate is voting to defund the giant hot fusion boondoggle ITER according to Physics Today (June 2014.) The chorus at Nature will be “Please Cry for Hot Fusionistas!” But after 60 years and $250B tax payer dollars, this failed program is going to get the plug pulled. Even one percent of this squandered budget would produce hundreds of LENR-based products and services to benefit mankind.

      • georgehants

        Wow!!!!! but did congress specifically say that the money stopped from being wasted for all these years will be diverted into worthwhile and (possibly) practical Research such as Cold Fusion.
        Can we expect a small increase on the $3000 dollars generously given by our Swedish friends?

        • Omega Z

          No, They diverted their Research to filling their pockets.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Fantastic! They can get the tritium they need to run it from a F&P cell.

  • georgehants

    So while billions are paid out to the scientists welfare benefits funds at NASA, Hot Fusion, University s etc. Cold Fusion celebrates $3000.
    While the establishment clowns spend their money dreaming about “lassoing asteroids” putting holiday homes on Pluto and conquering Hot Fusion by the end of this millennium, the whole population of the Earth suffers from the high price of fuel, except of course the rich and powerful.

  • Daniel Maris

    Good for you MFMP.

    Now buy some nanopowders and stop fiddling around with those wires.

    • Mr. Moho

      That’s what they’re about to do/already doing.

      • Daniel Maris

        Agreed but I think it’s part of the story.

        • greggoble

          3d nano printing of the lattice with robust high temp material such as zirconium ceramic or carbon give the ability to maintain the integrity of the low energy nuclear reactive environment at operating temperatures.

          Specific geometries of adatoms of an element, when expanded as a fractal geometry within the architecture of the lattice may be a key.

          The harmonic frequencies of the applied excitation energies need to be tuned to these geometries. Metals as dopants in the structure create the surface electron phenomenon needed as a carrier wave to converge the harmonic energies into specific atoms fusion.

          Hold those nano particles together in a structure that can keep on working for a long time, Heat and pressure may be a percurser, yet the applied energy as harmonic excitation is the on off switch.

          On the nano scale the tiny teensiest of cracks take on the dimensions of the grandest of canyons, on which each of these all important surfaces (walls) surface plasmorons propogate and play an important role.

          I’ve read so much of this, my mind is doing funny things.