Independence! (4th of July Thread)

Here in the United States it’s the 4th of July — Independence day. I’ll be tied up with festivities most of the day, but thought I’d open up a thread on the theme of independence as it pertains to the topic we focus on here.

The way I see it, one of the most important things that LENR has the potential to provide to the human race is independence — in a variety of ways. Here are some that come to mind:

Independence from the grid. This is the hope for many readers here, I know. To be able to meet one’s energy needs without paying the monthly utility bill to the utility company is something that many find very attractive. When storms, earthquakes or other major disasters occur there could be much less disruption.

Financial Independence. I don’t forsee free energy any time soon, but LENR has the potential to lower energy costs for everyone — which would certainly help people become more financially stable. Lower energy costs for producers should enable goods to be produced more cheaply, and this should lower costs of living across the board. I think LENR could be a very important factor in reducing poverty worldwide.

Economic Independence. The above points would seem to indicate that people may be able to enjoy greater economic independence, and be able to follow their own vocations, and develop their own talents, with less dependence on external employment for basic survival. LENR could help unleash creativity and talent in people who currently don’t have the time and opportunity to devote to doing the things they do best and love the most.

Political Independence. If energy can be produced in large quantities using relatively tiny amounts of nickel and hydrogen — both cheap and abundant — many nations which now are dependent on other countries exporting energy supplies in the form of gas, oil and coal could now become largely independent in terms of energy production. This could certainly affect the geopolitical balance, and reduce the need for nations lacking in natural resources to be so beholden to countries that may not have their best interest at heart.

On the 4th of July especially, I am reminded that there exists within the hearts of people around the world the desire for freedom from oppression of all kinds. I believe that the rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are universal, and wish that they could be enjoyed by all. One reason I am so interested in the subject of LENR is that I believe it is a phenomenon that can help spread the opportunities for greater freedom and independence worldwide. Certainly there are many complexities to deal with as a new form of energy is introduced and problems to deal with — many of them difficult ones. But overall, I think the benefits that LENR energy can bring far outweigh the difficulties that must be dealt with.

On Independence Day in the United States I send my wishes and hopes for greater freedom and opportunity to readers here and around the world!

  • Omega Z

    That’s because they export the less nice & violent to other countries.
    They still refuse to take Justin Bieber back as an example.
    They’ve revoked his passport as a precaution against his return. πŸ™‚

  • WanderingPoet

    Thanks so much to the Founding Fathers for the fortitude to see through the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Those Bill of Rights certainly are a model for expression, and over coming oppression the world ’round. Well, except here of course… All Hail The Censors!

  • Bernie777

    Thank you Admin, good article. You touched on it but for me LENR means, Independence from war and political conflicts. By the way Frank, could you give us an idea about how much time you devote to this site? Just to let you know it is appreciated.

    • ecatworld

      Thanks Bernie,

      Maintaining the site is is an ongoing task that needs regular attention. I don’t keep track of time, but it’s something that consumes many hours, and I seem to be constantly doing things connected with it — researching, writing, communicating, moderating, modifying, etc. BTW, I love every minute of it.

      • bachcole

        How much time do you use moderating? How many people do you moderate. What percentage of moderation are my posts? You could lighten your load by taking me off of moderation. (:->)

        • Omega Z


          You & I take up 95% of his moderating time.
          Actually, 90% for you, 5% for my usually very “SHORT” postings. πŸ™‚

  • jousterusa

    For me, the moist important form of independence I enjoy is the ability – when my car is running – to go anywhere I want and can afford to reach. The latter consideration is especially germane, because when they start charging $3.50 or $4 a gallon for gas, you;re really cramping the ability of people to go when and where they want by car, by far the most preferred form of personal trans[portation, especially for families. The high cost of airline travel, and all its associated hassles and dangers, make that even more inaccessible for many. I believe that when the freedom to travel in any manner except by foot, skateboard, roller skates, horse, bicycle and motorcycle is made impossible by the cost of fuel, there needs to be some fundamental changes. I am friends with a man named Dan Merrick, whose Vortex vaporizer for gasoline combustion engines (see—vortex–vaporizer.html) can increase mileage up to 100% (on his Prius, for example) and is just about (but not) guaranteed to increase mileage 50%. Independence in this instance comes not from our Constitution but from innovation and invention. When (and if) Dr. Randell Mills of BlackLight Power gets serious about his 1,500 mile-per-liter (of water) automobile engine, our true independence will be affirmed. Andrea Rossi is capable of aiding such advances, too, but seems bent on serving industrial customers only; we common folk are left behind in his current strategies. “Footloose and fancy free” – ah, those were the days!

    • Fortyniner

      $4 will currently buy about 1.7 litres of fuel here in the UK – about 3 pints. It’s just as well its a relatively small island.

      • Omega Z

        Yes Peter
        They calculated it all by size.
        We can all reach a border, but we can’t actually leave. Ain’t no getting away.

  • Christina

    May the United States of America “live long and prosper” in grace, love, knowledge, science, and many more birthdays.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    And this independence allowed our Yankee ingenuity to flourish. I’d hate to see this replaced by a top-down system run by know-it-all constipated technocrats with no imagination.

    • GreenWin

      No imagination. But reams of imaginary “data” to back up their misanthropy. “Technocracy” is another expression of hatred for the human race.

  • Fibb

    Thank you Frank. Great Post

  • Rob G

    Hybrid Nickel compound found to be superconducting :

  • GreenWin

    “July 9th, 1776, lower Manhattan, New York. As Washington’s soldiers stood ready for the brigadiers and colonels of
    their regiments to read the Declaration of Independence, they first
    heard words written by their commander. Washington explained that
    Congress had “dissolved the connection” between “this country” and Great
    Britain and declared the “United Colonies of North America” to be “free
    and independent states.”2

    That means, we get to determine our own destiny. Without the “help” of a parent entity. Happy Birthday USA.

    • bachcole

      Lately I have been wondering if that was the right thing to do. Of course, the behavior of the British soldiers at the time forced it on us; they were worse than even our current government, including the FDA. The Brits had it coming, as they say.

    • Daniel Maris

      We left you Canada to remind you of what you might have been. πŸ™‚

      • GreenWin

        Maple syrup and ice hockey? πŸ™‚

        • Daniel Maris

          Well you get to live three years longer, but whether that’s makes up for the boredom, I’m not sure.

          Anyway, where would you be without Canadians – all your rock stars and film stars are actually Canadian.

      • Alan DeAngelis
        • Alan DeAngelis
          • Alan DeAngelis

            β€œConfound their politics.” Hidden in plain sight.

          • Omega Z

            A Different Perspective:
            Consider where both Nations(Britain/U.S.) were at the time.
            And Where both Nations are today,
            It appears that the seeds of freedom had already started to germinate, And just sprouted quicker once they reached American shores.

            I’ll provide some Excellent Scientific “Opinion” for this.
            Better Soil, less Fog, & more Sunshine. πŸ™‚

            • Alan DeAngelis

              And maybe they learned a thing or two from the Iroquois

  • Billy Jackson

    it is
    conceivably our greatest indiscretion that we allow political
    diversities to divide us. Be it Republican, Democrat, Independent or
    Libertarian. We all strive for the same goals, but let our petty
    differences in policies color our perspective of each other.

    all want food and shelter for our loved ones. for our children to be
    happy and laughing. for our elders to be mentally content, and healthy. We each wish to worship or not as our beliefs demand without censor or ridicule.

    Our freedoms have been bought and paid for in blood, sweat, and tears.
    if not yours then more than likely a friend or family member. These hard
    ships are borne by those who believe in our way of life and give their
    all to keep it. Yet we have those in power now who would trample on our
    past and laws for the sake of convenience or power.

    With a
    stroke of a pen they undercut our Veterans and serving members of the
    armed forces while giving themselves raises by doing nothing at all.

    Those in power have become enthralled with their own egotism, using
    divisions of race and religion to keep us fighting each other so that
    their own nepotism and greed go unnoticed.

    It is the very
    height of hubris that they deem us unimportant, uneducated, and
    powerless in the shadow of their pomposity. Divided as we are. they are

    Their is no other holiday that the powers that be
    fear more than the 4th of July. Tomorrow as our flags are raised with
    the coming dawn. we wake in celebration, to attend festivities and
    simple BBQ’s in the back yards of our friends and families to honor
    those who have made our freedoms possible.

    We break the chains
    they have bound us with if only for a few hours to remind ourselves
    that regardless of our differences we are one people united in our
    freedoms and liberties. We are free to pursue life and liberty and
    happiness without the fear of persecution or repression from tyranny.

    we as a people have one symbol that represents all that we stand for,
    all that we believe exemplifies our hopes and dreams, it brings
    us together in times of hardship. it reminds us in times of disaster
    when our differences are put aside as we rush into harms way to save a
    complete stranger either here at home or on the soil of another nation.

    It is ours. Paid for by the sacrifices of fellow Americans past and
    present, It belongs solely to us we the People of the United States of

    It cant be stolen from us, or blocked off by
    barricades of petty regulations and politics, but it can be trampled,
    frayed, shot, soiled and dishonored by those who wish us harm. That is
    our flag.

    Yet here we stand in the shadow of its glory this
    July 4th, in the back yards of our homes, the soil of foreign grounds or
    the playgrounds and parks of our nation, pointing to the illuminations
    that light the night skies our hearts and convictions as a people become
    one if just for a few hours.

    We have our differences, we have
    our faults and failures. regardless of our politics, religion or creed.
    when the chips are down and all seems dark. A simple square cloth of
    red, white and blue flying torn and tattered in the morning wind will
    remind us.. that we have each other.

  • Maxfield Q Norse

    Have a happy Fourth of July!