Edmonton to Launch Waste-to-Biofuel Plant Based on Old Rossi Technology

This might be of interest to people here. In the next few weeks in Edmonton, Canada there will be an opening of the Waste-to-Biofuels and Chemicals Facility which will be used to convert garbage into biofuels. The process that will be used to make this conversion will apparently be based on work done by Andrea Rossi when he was involved in a similar kind of process with his Petroldragon company back in the 1980s and 1990s. We know that his operation was shut down by the government, but the concept has not died out.

Gizmodo has a feature article about the plant which includes a photo tour of the plant. The plan is that eventually this plant will mean that 90 per cent of Edmonton’s garbage will end up being recycled (up from the current 60 per cent), and over 100,000 tons of garbage will create 38,000 gallons of biofuels and chemicals each year.

The plant being used is owned and operated by Enerkem Alberta Biofuels, and they have apparently based their technology on a patent awarded to Andrea Rossi who made a comment about this recently on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

About Enerkem: it definitely has utilized my patent of 1978 ( expired in 1998), and I am delighted to see that my work of 35 years ago is generating good results.

  • Chris I

    Well, I’ve just dropped in after some gruelling dev work so I haven’t read through it properly nor less researched it on the web, but it could be also based on later work, with improvements such as those claimed by WCT.

  • Gerrit

    Let’s hope for them that the Canadian government doesn’t suddenly decide that the processing of this waste is illegal.

    • Allan Shura

      Knowing Edmonton well the city is more progressive in many ways than senior government policies.

  • georgehants

    Andrea Rossi
    June 25th, 2014 at 4:55 PM
    Frank Acland:
    Yes, I knew about it, and I am proud of it and wish good luck to this
    enterprise. They use the technology basics that I patented in 1978 (
    patent expired) and I am very happy to see that my work has left a
    Warm Regards,

  • Pietro F.
    • Curbina

      Thanks, sure Rossi is a prolific patent application filer!

  • Omega Z

    OF Those who attacked Rossi on this Topic. THEIR Attack was based on Lies & Falsehoods.

    Their claims of Rossi being a fraud & the Technology NOT working. Totally False.
    The basic technology actually predates Rossi’s Birth. I don’t know when this technology 1st come into being, But I know in the late 20’s, serious development of it was in progress. It continued in spurts thru the 30’s & was the basis of Germany’s synfuels during WWII.
    Yes, It’s the same technology. A little research shows it included recycling of wastes. The Issue was cost. About double conventional cost of using Oil stocks. Germany did it in desperation of need. They even used coal as a source stock.

    What Rossi claimed to have accomplished is finding a way to make it cost competitive. Rossi wasn’t alone in this research. At least a dozen other entities were also involved in this type of research at the same tome. Certain feed stocks such as rubber tires are problematic. In the U.S. they even considered cryogenics. Flash freezing the tires then impacting them to break it down into small granules. Thus separating it from the wire reinforcement and such. This works, but is still cost prohibitive.

    I’m going to use a word here that Rossi’s attackers jumped on.
    Rossi apparently came up with a “Catalyst” that allowed economical de-polymerization under high temps & pressure. Hmmm 🙂

    Under Rossi’s business Model, (He charged companies a disposal fee lower then they were already paying.) The de-polymerization process itself didn’t actually need to be profitable, just near break even. Profits would be from the disposal fee. Who’s financial toes did Rossi step on? Starts with ‘M’, ends with ‘afia’

    Some, Including myself think that Rossi’s work in this area had much to do with his LENR work. He had already started thinking outside the Box when it come to Catalysts. The same goes for his involvement with Thermal Electric devices using different doping compounds & Catalysts.

    It is not at all surprising to me that someone working in different but similar disciplines would apply knowledge from 1 to another.
    So did Rossi stumble upon the answer to LENR by accident?
    Yes, Partly, But partly by Intellect.

  • friendlyprogrammer

    “You should learn from the mistakes of others, life is too short to make them all yourself”…

  • Daniel Maris

    Anyone got a link to the 1978 patent so we can compare and contrast?

    • Ronzonni

      Yes. That would be interesting. Someone on another forum who claims to be familiar with the technology, said Enerkem used a very old method for gasification, coupled with the well known and also old Fischer-Tropsch process. Did Enerkem specifically say they used Rossi’s method?

      Here is what Rossi said about his patent on his web site:

      “This innovative technology was patented by the Ufficio Brevetti Cicogna [Cicogna Patent Office] of Milan in 1978.”


      I don’t know how to find that. Maybe someone who is fluent in Italian can.

      • Curbina

        The other day when Rossi made the comments, it was discussed in one of the Facebook forums and I did a search in one of the search engines specialized in Intellectual property and could only find an entry for a patent granted in Italy to Petroldragon, from 1989.

        Inventor(s): ROSSI ANDREA +
        Applicant(s): PETROLDRAGON S R L[IT] +
        – international: C10G; (IPC1-7): C10G
        – cooperative:
        Application number: IT19890019344 19890208
        Priority number(s): IT19890019344 19890208
        Abstract not available for IT1228301 (B)

  • Buck

    While I consider the idea a stretch, I think there would be a sense of justice if a Hot-Cat was the heat source this plant.

    • Andreas Moraitis

      Absolutely. LENR would be the solution of choice to improve the performance of such a plant. Rossi could surely not anticipate this in the early 1980’s, but sometimes history appears to have its own reason.

  • Billy Jackson

    If this works.. their are going to be a few people with egg on their faces.. cause this was one of the major “flaws” they used in his background to crucify his current work.

  • GreenWin

    I can hear the agonized shrieks of a certain Mrs Yougo from here! Wonderful project. Every municipality should have one.