Blacklight Power Hosts Demonstration on June 25th

Thanks to ECW reader Drew for this update:

I came across this article:

An announcement on Blacklight Power’s web site reads:

BlackLight will host a public demonstration of its transformational SunCell power technology June 25th at 11:00 AM. Those interested in attending can contact BlackLight to pre-register for this limited availability event at [email protected] Applicants will receive a response confirming receipt of your email and further details about the event.

I just spoke with my contact at BLP, it is not open to public, invite only, and the room is full. Maybe we will see another video. This one just came out 6/20 Seems that capacitors are smoothing out power delivery. I would like to find out who he uses for his PV supplier.

Thanks for a great site, its getting more exciting every day!


  • HiggsField

    Watched both videos. I like the direction BLP is going. Learnt a lot about concentrated PV I did not know. After years where much time pasted without commentary, BLP’s rapid prototyping approach is the right way to go. People, and especially investors, loose interest very quickly today. Best to design things with demonstrable layers like an onion.

    The week part of the current design in my opinion is the Catherine wheel approach he has taken. I think a more stationary approach where a pellet is formed and fired in one cycle, a bit like a piston combustion engine, would be a better approach.

    It seems that BLP is expecting to get their concentrated PV array within the next 6 months or so, at which point I would hope Mills will demonstrate a closed loop system.

  • Stefan Israelsson Tampe

    This is actually what frustrates me. Either a well performed test or he should spread and teach his theory, skipping the hydrinos for now. By spreading that theory and get the human bandwagon along, the benifit is a thousand more then what we have seen so far. This is a clear case how greed, our capital system and our science system fail miserably. Sharing the ideas and spreading them would have benefited the humans much much much more than these failed attempts.

  • US_Citizen71

    So are you saying that the earth isn’t getting warmer and the ice caps aren’t melting? If one or both are happening then the amount of water vapor wouldn’t be constant. Which is it?

  • georgehants

    New Scientist

    Huge ‘whirlpools’ in the ocean are driving the weather
    Giant “whirlpools” in the ocean, up to 500 kilometres across, are
    driving the world’s climate on a scale previously unimagined. We just
    don’t know exactly how yet.|NSNS|2012-GLOBAL|environment#.U61NkkDOeic

  • georgehants

    A lot of people seem to be unfairly attacking Mike below for saying (as I read it) do not debunk, abuse and attack anybody without full Evidence of their wrongdoing.
    This is what has happened to Mr. Rossi and many other great scientists who’s work has then been delayed or hidden.
    What would have happened regarding Mr. Rossi’s biofual if it had been allowed to develop all those years ago.
    The attacks on these pages against BLP are in cases harsh, and the above must, I think, be remembered.
    If one excludes all the “opinion” in the attacks one is left with, I think, Zero Evidence of wrongdoing.
    One, I think, should remain supportive on all occasions with new ideas and let that old judge, time do it’s work.
    Anybody investing can only blame themselves if they do not do the correct Research before parting with their cash, or perhaps they are just gamblers looking for another Microsoft.

  • georgehants

    From Vortex with thanks
    Hinderances To LENR
    Kevin O’Malley
    Thu, 26 Jun 2014 21:44:29 -0700
    People always question why Cold Fusion/LENR has up to now neither been
    commercialized nor accepted in mainstream science. It’s been a quarter of a
    century already since Fleischmen/Pons so if LENR really is a true science
    worthy of the world’s attention, then why is it laughed upon and still
    considered a debunked voodoo science? Well, below are some answers to these
    http:[email protected]/msg94538.html

    • Curbina

      I’m familiar with all those arguments, and find most of them really strong, others not so, when taken separately, but at least worthy of consideration taken together as a whole. However, I’m also familiar with the paternal tone and dismissing attitude most “rational people” gives you when stating these arguments. That’s how effective has been the pavlovian media experiment.

  • Fortyniner

    My comment was intentionally facetious.

    E-catworld is a forum for people who have come to accept that cold fusion/LENR is real, that Rossi has a viable CF reactor that is in active development, and that others are probably coming up behind him with comparable systems. Almost without exception, everyone here knows that without a new clean energy source, the world is in deep trouble, and that is why they follow developments so closely.

    A slightly smaller group here also believe that ‘free energy’ systems have been actively but secretly suppressed for a century or more by those in power, that this activity is ongoing in various ways, and that the consequences of this activity have been and are, immensely damaging.

    In other words, most people here believe as you do in general terms. If many of us do not share your enthusiasm for Mills and BLP, that is because they have decided that the evidence is not yet good enough to justify much enthusiasm.

    Bottom line, you seem to be lashing out at straw men of your own creation, and to be honest I am slightly surprised that Admin has allowed some of your more personal comments and attacks. I really think that it would be useful if you were to skim through a few older threads to see what this forum is all about, and where some of the regular contributors stand on LENR and related issues.

  • mike

    Well then, what you claim is a crime. If he is not guilty, his accusers should be jailed. Now if you want to talk fraud with public interest. Then you would be vindicated. You guys call the cops on him? What evidence do you really have? And if the crimes he is accused of are false, then the accusers are also breaking the law. Crying rape where there is none is a crime too. So if you guys want to go from calling him a scammer to calling him a criminal, that is a whole new ballgame. Then I say innocent until proven guilty. they are still out of line for spamming the internet with the same accusations on ALL the so called impossible lenr experimenters. Am I to understand you all are on board now with the lenr ie. cold fusion phenomenon?

  • Doktor Bob

    If they can light some leds they should also be able to charge some batteries as well, right?
    I hope the demonstration went fine.

    • Curbina

      Its hard for me to dismiss BLP entirely, but their strategy seems aimed to the “short attention span” public. They reinvent themselves every 2 years, and after been following them for 10 years, one starts to wonder why they have not signed a contract with a major energy distributor as they said after the Rowan University validation they widely published around 2008-2010. I, of course, know that is not that easy, but they should tone down their press releases if they don’t want one to start thinking that something fishy is happening behind the curtain.

      • Doktor Bob

        I can understand how you feel after waiting for sooo long time.
        When I started to investigate Cold Fusion I came across BLP as a part of the history. It was mentioned that they had gotten a lot of money and comments was often ranging against that Rossi would be the new BLP, looking for some money and then quietly vanish into silence, probably sipping some margaritas on a retirement home in the Caribbeans or similar.

        The impression I had then was that these guys would never do anything again to try to lure any attention towards themselves so I was surprised when I saw a few months ago information that they are still building stuff.

        I would like to know more and I think its good that E-catworld covers them as I now learn things about them. From watching the videos its very hard to understand if they have something or not – but just like you – I see no reason to completely abolish the thought of they having “something” – or be very far ahead.

        I guess we shall know more soon

        • Curbina

          Well Bob, I have read many of Mills publications and followed BLP all this years. What I find most interesting is certain degree of convergence between the theory of Mills, Santilli and Stoyan Sarg, which were developped entirely independently, and IMHO point to a real underlying phenomena seen from different points of view, and with enough experimental evidence to know that something is happening even if we don’t really know what it is. The Mills Hydrino (an hydrogen with electrons at a lower distance from the nucleus) and the Santilli magnehydrogen (with its toroidal electronic orbit), and the release of energy in the process, are elements in common that I can’t ignore. I wonder if anyone has ever weighted a cubic meter of hydrinos to find them more heavy. Santilli claims 4 times the norma H density with his magnehydrogen. I know all may sound as drivel, but that’s why I just can’t dismiss Mills, just don’t know why he has not reached the market yet.

          • bachcole

            You may not be able to dismiss Mills as a theorists, and I respect you and your intelligence for that, but I can dismiss Mills as a demonstrator and an engineer.

            • Curbina

              LOL, yes, his demos have so far “sucked” for their demostrative value.

              • bachcole

                I actually require evidence before I will believe in someone and their theories, and it doesn’t help that he put us down as a cult, since we are a cult only in the sense that we require people to be civil. The fact that he went to Harvard (doesn’t help any) medical (hurts his case with me) school doesn’t help at all. For me, the only thing that will count will be demonstrations that impress. Cajoling won’t help any. Theories won’t help any. I need to see that the theories have merit. Then I will believe in the theory.

                • Stefan Israelsson Tampe

                  I agree that the theory of hydrinos needs experimental validation. But bear in mind that for the normal atom physics Mills calculate chemical quantities to an amazing degree of accuracy, so that part of the theory is verified experimentally very well and no one has debunked those calculations, all critics is against the hydrinos, and I’m one amongst them. And this drives me mad, physics can get such a boost if we can tame Mills theory, which needs to be refined further. The physics community is a laugh for ignoring Mills theory about atom physics.

          • Andreas Moraitis

            Hydrinos would be so small that you presumably couldn’t collect them in a bottle. I assume that they would escape easily through the walls. However, detecting them in a more direct way (not only by photons which are emitted from a catalyst) would be necessary to convince the majority of scientists. In contrast to that, Santilli’s Magnegas is on the market, everybody can buy it. Any laboratory in the world could examine it thoroughly.

  • Christopher Calder

    And what would happen if he hooked the LEDs directly to the same power source that is supplying the electricity for the high voltage? Then at least he would get a COP of 1. I would not invest in this scheme because I do not see excess energy. If it produced worthwhile energy it would blind or toast everyone in the room. Then I would be interested.

  • Fortyniner

    I don’t suppose for one moment that anyone does listen to a word I say here – but many of us grind on anyway.

    But perhaps you haven’t noticed in your rather abusive zeal that contributors to this site (including myself) are actually 95% plus completely supportive of LENR and, having actually looked at and assessed the evidence as objectively as possible, have come to the conclusion that Rossi is pioneering a new energy source deriving from P&F’s work.

    These same people have looked at Mills’ claims and the evidence he has so far presented in support of them, originally just as objectively, but on balance are so far not convinced that the same can be said of him.

    No-one is stating that either opinion is a fact, and if the tone adopted towards Dr Mills is sometimes uncomplimentary, this is largely because of the contrast between his hyped up claims and detailed depictions of nonexistant hardware, and the reality of his experiments as shown in the videos he periodically releases.

    If you believe otherwise then that is your business, and of course you are entitled to your opinion, and to express it in rational terms. What you are not entitled to do is slag off anyone who disagrees with you, and to rant repeatedly without offering any actual counter arguments or links to material that supports your case. By doing these things you will only alienate other participants here, and will not be doing any favours at all for BLP/Mills.

  • Andreas Moraitis

    Sorry, but Mills’ hydrino state transitions are not LENR. Remember that the “N” in “LENR” stands for “nuclear”. The hydrogen nucleus remains unchanged if the orbit of the electron is modified.

  • mike

    You know, I am sick of the mindset. God does not have to be considered in what Einstein said. It can be measured, we just can’t do it yet.

  • Fortyniner

    Einstein didn’t like the (then) new theory of quantum mechanics, especially the idea that nothing was determinate at subatomic levels, i.e. outcomes could only be expressed as probabilities. That is what he meant when he said “God doesn’t play dice with the world..” – nothing to do with human fallibilty in science.

  • jousterusa

    What I can’t understand about Mills is why he hasn’t hired a mechanic to lock his power source to an actual engine and run it in a car? While the concepts are certainly complex, I don’t think it’s rocket science to take this elementary step. I think he’d get a lot of mileage, pardon the pun, out of a car that gets 1,500 miles per liter of water on its first cross-country tour…

  • Anon2012_2014

    Mike, I am not slandering BLP, I am just pointing to facts that he will not let reputable people into his lab. I know this first hand.

    He shows up at a talk with a $100K Porsche Cayenne Turbo and vanity plates that say something like BLP.

    In the mean time, he has burnt through what, $30mm in VC funding; i.e. more than any other CF experiment.

    Dream on Mike and skip the due diligence if you like. BLP is the last CF guy I’d be associated with. At least Rossi has demos that show energy.

    • mike

      Well, that is a little more constructive. But you had to pat yourself on the back, didn’t you? You know nothing of diligence. What gives you the right to imply you do due diligence? What do you do for a living? You collect a paycheck after you punch in your hours or do you create your own wealth? Huh? Because if you don’t sustain your life from your own creation, you are one of the non diligent, you work for someone that has. I have listened to enough people I trust, that have done their DUE DILIGENCE. And they say not to trust the skeptics. I believe them. And guess what, I got it figured out by relying on due diligence, just not your claimed due diligence. Mills has a theory that makes sense to me and many whom have done due diligence. What if the people you rely on haven’t done their due diligence? You see, in the end it’s a matter of who you trust. I trust the people you hate and they haven’t let me down yet. But you folks surely have. I remember when I was on your side when the critics disappeared when they were shown mistaken in their understanding of what Mills has done. Now they have deteriorated to personal attacks. Why? because that is the only argument left to hang on to. So am I to take it the guarantee you gave us that cold fusion was a fraud, was a fraud in and of itself? Now cold fusion is possible? If you say yes, then your calculating from a theory that may be obsolete. But rossi is an evil scammer too! lol Trust YOU now? You folks are exactly why this was ignored since 89. Pons and fleischmann were slandered. Just like Mills is being slandered. You have got to be kidding me. Rossi, slandered. newman, slandered. Every single test that showed excess heat, the pioneer was slandered. You should take your due diligence and wipe your ass with it. Because in the end you are just an arrogant name caller. Posing as a great mind. LENR is here and your people are proving to be the biggest obstacle to advancement.

      • Fortyniner

        Mike, are you sure you are not confusing this website with

      • bitplayer

        Mike, Is there any way you could dial back the emotion and state your issue more briefly? Since there is a broad range of opinion, skill and civility on this site, I’m having a little trouble extracting meaning from your extensive use of “you”. And the use of profanity tends to subtract from the quality of dialog.

      • Zeddicus Zul Zorander

        What a strange and fercious reply just because you disagree with someone.

        Relax bro. This way won’t lead to any useful discussion.

    • mike

      He is a Harvard grad, He should live in poverty because you say so? Look at what some of those professors teaching obsolete science drive. And they get my money, not Mills. If you have not contributed to what mills is doing, it is none of your business. If he is breaking the law, prove it or shut up. However, you say nothing about the people who waste money that you are forced to contribute to. No problem there, right? lol Do your due diligence, and stop watching your neighbor’s pocket, and start being concerned about the money junk science is costing you. Because if there is a new form of energy, then most of it is junk science. And that junk science is getting ALL the funding and that is evil in my book. Maybe not yours.

  • Omega Z


    This isn’t an Energy In / Energy Out=COP Demo.

    That part of Mills work has already been done & supposedly Validated previously by 3rd parties…

    This is a Demo of a possible way to continuously & consistently Feed the Fuel Pellets. To Harvest the Energy output.
    If You’re looking for Energy data-In/Out COP or whatever, You’ll be greatly disappointed. That’s not what it’s about.

    As to the Noise, Mill’s has stated it will be done in a vacuum chamber. Noise eliminated.

    That said, It seems clunky to me, but I’ll wait and see what becomes of it.
    Keep it in context. Have a good day.

    • bachcole

      Some noise will still be transmitted through the steel fittings.

      • Omega Z

        I didn’t say silent.
        But at least we wont be expecting someone to pass the popcorn. 🙂

        Actually Roger, Like you & others, I had issue’s about these demo’s & where is the Energy Data until I realized it was all about feeding the pellets. Nothing to do with energy In/Out per say.

        I’ve had a change of attitude. However, I think Mill’s does himself a great disservice by not making this clear with each of these demo’s. Then becomes upset when people bad mouth his demo’s. It’s His Fault.
        I mean, He has PV Cells & LED lights. What would a causal Observer think other then it’s an energy in verses out demo. I’m expecting some data… Where’s the data?

        • Andreas Moraitis

          If there are 3rd party validations, as you say above, have these reports been published somewhere? That would be what one could expect.

          • Curbina

            I’m aware of independent validations, but none of them is for the current set ups, and they were also not independent in the sense that pathoskpetics say that Levi et al report is not independent.

            • Andreas Moraitis

              If I recall it correctly, they used initially a setup similar to Rossi’s system. Perhaps the tests have been made with such a device. I wonder if Mills has already favored his hydrino theory at that time. Hydrinos in a Ni-H system with LENR as ‘side effects’ could still be an option, although this would complicate the explanation of the phenomena in an unfortunate way.

              • Omega Z

                BlackLight Power Validation Reports

                ECW’s- jousterusa
                CNN iReport:
                Breakthrough Energy Source is Validated by Joe Shea

                The Device Validated is the SF-CIHT
                Mills is presently using PV cells, But has talked about using an:
                MHD-Magneto hydro-dynamic-power-generation
                To my knowledge, there is no off the shelf system. It has yet to be built.

                This demo is a feeding mechanism. I assume the R&D of an MHD device for energy harvest will follow. Without a major breakthrough, I don’t think PV cells will suffice in energy conversion economically.

                As to your question, Mills did have a system very similar to Rossi’s & Mills had already favored the hydrino theory.
                In the CIHT system, I believe Mills has replaced Nickel with a Molybdenum electrode.

                • Andreas Moraitis


  • Anon2012_2014

    I tried to go to one of these dog and pony shows. “The room was full.” Full with shills I would suspect. They won’t let any third party at their experiment who has an inkling of energy measurement skills.

    In the interim, they let off a spark, and brag about terawatts for nano-seconds, like it is a big deal. No energy or COP or any proof that what they have is not just a spark in water or chemical. “It blew up the experiment.” How much H2+O2 was in the experiment when the spark plug ignited the cylinder. I am not sure they have any more energy than an internal combustion engine running H2+O2 and they won’t let anyone else near to measure it.

    I am tired of BLP.

    • GreenWin

      It is discouraging to have one’s energy measurement skills ignored. You may be victim of a carefully planned prejudice – just to keep you unhappy. Have you tried magnetic motors yet??

    • Omega Z

      OK-Your complaints are similar to mine & many others the 1st time or 2 that I saw these demo’s. However, I realized this has nothing to do with the amount of energy produced or COP. That was done previously supposedly with 3rd party verification.

      This Demo is about harnessing that energy. A Fuel Feeding system. Trying to obtain a consistent continuous & equally timed ignition of the fuel. Ultimately, this will be done in a vacuum eliminating the noise.

      Presently, PV Cells are used as proof of concept(Just a Visual), but will use a different more efficient energy harvesting system once the feeding mechanism is worked out.

      From the 1st demo till now, It has improved, however it still seems kind of clunky to me. We’ll just have to watch & see if it gets better.

  • GreenWin

    All the flashing lights reminds of the DoD “Shock and Awe” campaigns. In many ways better than shiny objects or dashing squirrels for distracting our attention. Is Doctor Mills the wizard behind the curtain of this particular Oz??

    • Fortyniner

      If he is, it’s probably time he stepped forward and pulled a big, squirming rabbit from his hat, rather than a few clockwork mice.

  • Fortyniner

    There does seem to be a curious ‘disconnect’ between the abilities of Mills the theoretical physicist and Mills the experimental engineer.

    Unfortunately there is an even more serious one between his hype and the performance (or even believability) of his cobbled together devices. Until that gap closes it will be hard to take BLP very seriously.

    • GreenWin

      Could Dr. Mills and cohorts be engaged in a clever deception designed to elicit exactly the comments found here? Who would be so devious. Nemesis of Austin Powers, Dr. Evil??

      • Fortyniner

        GW, I can’t tell whether you make that suggestion with an even slightly straight face, but I’ll take it at face value as I don’t understand the alternative.

        I don’t think that is too likely. IMO Mills is not the kind of individual who would (or even could) downplay his own achievements for any reason. Besides, the opinions expressed here about BLP are of precisely zero importance, and no-one would spend 10 cents or 10 seconds in order to influence them. If he can ever make a practical energy device based on his theories, they will in any case be instantly forgotten (not least by those who made them!).

        • Jonnyb

          I understand what you are saying Fortyniner and have thought nearly the same myself, however I can not understand why someone would publish this stuff (videos), knowing that anyone with a brain would be in fits of hysterics. I am trying to see the best in it, but it is difficult. In my opinion it is not good for the cause, actually potentially quite damaging.

      • Jonnyb

        I’ve been saying this all along, maybe Mills has something good so he is deflecting attention with these cruddy displays. A few LEDs, so what? at least he is producing electricity but not enough by a very long way to feedback and run the system.

  • Job001

    Money is most significant, follow the money. For instance, if BLP has been paid to “act the fool” in order to delay implementation we might look for signs such as;
    It will look and sound like the “4th of July”
    The presenter might appear drunk or on drugs or spouting infinities
    No real data will appear, only marketing mendacity

    Disclaimer, best science wishes vs marketing and lawyer hyperbola.

  • Gerard McEk

    Indeed, if they can show with real energy measurement a surplus of energy, instead of a welding apparatus then I will become more enthusiastic about BLP.

  • Mr. Moho

    You’re right. I wish they stopped advertising their purported power gains as they’re using those figures in a misleading way. Let’s talk about energy.

    • Anon2012_2014

      Exactly. What is the power gain when you spark off a cylinder of gasoline/air.


  • mecatfish

    I wonder if Rossi has stopped laughing yet.

  • Foks0904 .

    Not to be cynical but this is close to a non-event as far as I’m concerned. I remain largely agnostic towards Mills & his Hydrino theory however. Some of what they’ve seemed to produce/verify does impress me to a degree, but it’s been over twenty years and I just want to see a technology “out there” and active, not more demonstrations from BLP.

    • mike

      I sympathize with your sentiment. But think about this. They have spent billions on fusion. hundreds or more working on it. It has been, what, 50-60 years. Did they find a new safe way yet? Now take a guy like mills. you want him to discover, engineer and develop on his own what the entire planet practically could not do with fusion? Put it this way, do you think a way to generate safely from fusion, power is possible? I think yes, they just haven’t found it yet. What Mills has done already is an enormous achievement if his theory holds up. So give him a chance. I really think this is his life’s work.

  • jousterusa

    I just hope Mills can pull off a demo that doesn’t sound like a box of firecrackers going off all at once. My guess is this latest demo is because he’s finally pulled it off. Hydrinos on!

  • Tom P.

    The PV cells might be coming from Emcore, as they have the 1000 Sun cells that Mills refers to in his post about the optical subsystem design.

  • Maxfield Q Norse

    You should post a seizure warning on the link to that video.
    BLP seems to like flashing lights and sparkles.
    I do not understand, why did they hang disco lights off of what looks to be the outside of a jail cell?

    • bachcole

      I am pretty sure that Maxfield X Norse is Ophelia Rump.

      • Maxfield Q Norse


        You instigated this.

        • GreenWin

          Philo makes a fine sponsor as I recall.

      • Barry8

        It can’t be. He’s not wearing the hat.

    • Daniel Maris

      I share your suspicions, though without the backing of your technical knowledge.

      • Maxfield Q Norse

        I can simplify this for you. If instead of watching the lights flash on, watch how much of the time they are not lit at all.

        Also consider that the camera sensor and the eye, will perceive a brief flash for longer than the actual flash, there is persistence of vision.

        There is also an effect where a flash is too short to even perceive, they call the level of perception the Reise Lieman threshold. You would see the flash if it lasts for 4 milliseconds or longer, but not less. Your mind perceives the flash but does not tell your consciousness.
        If you have continuous flashes of only 2 milliseconds distributed over an area, you will report seeing continuous flashes to the degree you might say the entire area is continually lit.

        Perceptual parlor trickery.

        • mike

          What if you are the one unaware? You are just saying liar liar pants on fire. It is old and outdated. He who trusts no one can’t be trusted. And I am absolutely positive they are not ALL frauds. Go ahead, do some probability formulas. It is real and Mills may be one who is very close now that he has found several ways to convert it to useful power. pulsing at a particular rate is just one. What about the hydro magneto converter, he making that up too? So he spent 15 years after he got 60 million making shit up? Why would he not walk with the 60 million? He is for real man. He may be wrong, but he is sincere in his belief and you should stop the false accusations. I know I can’t say they are false, but you can’t say they ARE. it is evil and anti technological. Not productive in the least bit..

          • Fortyniner

            Wow – a little over-emotional, no? If you feel aggrieved, how about rationally countering MQ Norse’s arguments one by one, rather than name calling and attempting to present (your) opinion as fact.

            Even if his theories are correct (he has never presented any proof of this) Mills appears to be pursuing clunky and impractical ways of producing the ‘effect’ using crude mechanisms that could never survive the environment created by such an energy release. The fact is that Mills does NOT have any practical means of converting his flashes to electrical power, and that includes his proposed magnetohydrodynamic converter, which as far as anyone is aware has never been built.

            As for the millions he has raised and presumably spent on research, well if “He may be wrong, but he is sincere in his belief” as you say, does that mean that he should not be criticised?

        • Obvious

          I think the lights flashed a repeating sequence of “totally working stop invest in BLP stop” in Morse code…

      • mike

        Technical? He can’t even comprehend what Mills is doing. He is comparing apples with oranges. Then takes a cheap shot. Where is the intellect implemented? He sounds more like a parrot, because I have heard it time and time again. Not a one EVER puts anything on the table. Just false accusations. And misunderstood science.

        • Fortyniner

          Can we take it that you are a Mills investor then, mike?