Light on the Horizon for Cold Fusion? (CF features in Dutch Engineering Magazine)

The following post was submitted by Gerard McEk

In the latest issue (number 6 of 2014) of the Dutch magazine “De Ingenieur” I found an article called “The mosaic of the future”. The “Foundation Technology Vision of the Future” (Dutch: “Stichting Toekomstbeeld der Techniek”) selected six world wide community challenges for 2050: scarcity of natural resources, climate change, population trends, living longer and different, new connectivity and world power shifts.

The foundation has looked for ‘signals’ in the society of how these challenges should be treated/repealed. Workshops of many experts helped to find the solutions. In the section on climate change, they found the following ‘signals’ to counter this problem:

  • Breakthrough of cold fusion, the production of energy by nuclear fusion at ‘normal temperatures.
  • The development of the ‘travelling wave reactor’ in which uranium 238 (‘waste’ uranium) is being used. An energy source without carbon dioxide and it solves a nuclear waste problem.
  • Biomass and synthetic gas can be used to make plastic, oil is not required anymore.
  • ‘Acology’ combines architecture and ecology. Large scale buildings were living, working, agriculture are being combined as an efficient and self supplying unit with a minimum of environmental load.
  • The thrust that politicians can solve the society problems decays. The thrust in non-governmental organizations, networks, internet groups etc. grows. The political system will change.

What made me enthusiastic is that these experts are far more aware of cold fusion than I expected, which is great news. What is also unusual, is that this was published in a relatively conservative magazine for engineers, the one and only magazine of the Dutch Foundation of Engineers (KIVI)!

About a year ago after the successful tests in 2013, I tried to have one of the science editors of the magazine to write something about Rossi’s E-Cat. He replied: cold fusion is ‘pseudoscience’ and should therefore not be written about in serious magazines as “De Ingenieur”.

Now things seem to have changed and cold fusion is being treated as something real, although they are not fully convinced as in advance of the article they write: “… A breakthrough in this (CF) area is not very likely, but if it does, then it would have a huge impact, that is why we have added this ‘signal’ “.

You can be critical about whether or not carbon dioxide is the main cause of climate change. Additionally I would think CF also influences scarcity of natural resources and will certainly cause a power shifts in the world, however, I think it is good that cold fusion is being considered again and also that is has been published in a main science magazine, so there is light on the horizon for cold fusion!

Gerard McEk

  • Pierre Ordinaire

    GreenWin says:

    “Finally. One our guys Ivy Matts knows about real stuff like hot fusion. Cripes. Rosie says he’s got a way to make fusion when its cold. Yeah sure. An Mary Yugo (Alpo Tenza) don’t love Joshua Cude (POPeyes.)

    “Existing nuclear plants all run on fission, the splitting of heavy nuclei such as uranium, to produce power—not to mention tons of hazardous waste. Fusion joins together light nuclei, as occurs in stars and hydrogen bombs, but practical fusion-power generation has yet to be demonstrated despite decades of research.” Scientific American

    Smart skeps say, “Whats a little hazardous waste? It prolly won’t kill ya. Today.”

    • GreenWin

      Ha ha! Although the ECN “GreenWin” is a skeptical caricature, he is damned amusing! Thanks Pierre.

      • Freethinker

        I haven’t yet figured out why this guy Pierre is reposting your ECN stuff…. It is kind of out of context when seen here, not really making much sense.

        • Fortyniner

          I suppose he considers that the ‘character’ GW assumes on ECN might damage his rep when reposted here. A fun game might be to try to guess which of the ECN regulars is behind the ‘P Ordinaire’ guise.

          • GreenWin

            Note Pierre does not re-post comments on Fukushima or the connection of organized crime, aka the “nuclear mafia” and nuclear power industry. It may be too close to home for Pierre.

          • Freethinker

            If you count out GreenWin and the one with the severe multiple personality disorder, there aren’t really that many more commenting at ECN anymore.

            I know where I would put my bet, were I a betting man …. 😉

            • Fortyniner

              What’s one more ‘personality’ among so many!

              • Freethinker


    • Maxfield Q Norse

      Practical fusion power is about to be demonstrated. Will Scientific American be there covering it, or are they booked doing articles like this one.

      Wildlife at Belize Resort Pushed by Travolta Could Have Trouble Stayin’ Alive

  • Charles

    The more I learn, the scaredier I get. I have wondered for 2-3 years about why the MSM refuses to cover Cold Fusion, the potential story of the century. I believe we on the E-Cat community understand how earth shattering Rossi’s invention could be. Surely someone out there is the MSM has the intelligence to recognize this, but we hear not a peep. What if the MSM, corporate owned as it is, is part of -tada – a conspiracy. If you really want your suspicions aroused, go read Jerry Robinsons 4 part series on FTMDaily re the coming Petrodollar collapse.

    Here is a synopsis of what I gathered from my reading of it:
    Following the Bretton Woods conference, the US dollar became the world reserve currency and it was backed with Gold. Remember, Ike had the last surplus budget. Then comes LBJ and his “guns and butter” economy financed by ever growing deficits and debt to satisfy the ever growing American high living standard. Printing ever more dollars to finance the g&b, more and more nations cashed in their dollars for gold and the American gold stock began to shrink. And shrink. And shrink. Nixon and sidekicks came up with the solution, stop redeeming gold for greenbacks. Bye bye gold standard – 1971. Hello 1973, the Yom Kippur War and America siding with the Israelis and then came the oil embargo/shock.

    Now what? Here’s what: Genius in the form of the Nixon/Kissinger Petrodollar invention. Kissinger talked Saudi Arabia into accepting only the American $ in payment for oil (call it Petrodollars – oil for dollars) and that payment was to be deposited in Western Banks. What did Saudi Arabia get in return: Lots of $s, arms and the American promise to protect Saudia Arabia against everyone including – are you ready for this – Israel. Hello 1974 and the Petrodollar and by 1975 OPEC on the Petrodollar.The dollar has another big big win.

    What major sin, it is argued, did Saddam Hussein make that resulted in the invasion of Iraq and Saddam’s death – Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11/2001. His sin was that he began selling oil and accepting the Euro instead of the Petrodollar. Big mistake! Suddenly Saddam was really really evil and the propaganda really cranked up. The Iraquis deserved better than Hussein. We are involved in the process of determining whether Maliki is it or not.

    The reason I am writing all of this is so that, if it is true, we know what Rossi’s world changer faces, namely, the backers of the Petrodollar. In the extreme, we can argue that the USA gets its oil for nothing by merely printing more dollars. China has repeatedly argued that the dollar should not be the world reserve currency, so we may expect that China is likely where Rossi’s world changer will breakout. Will the Petrodollar allow the E-Cat to be a live birth?

    The eradication or collapse of the Petrodollar, as argued by Jerry Robinson, will require us to find another Nixon/Kissinger, post haste, or to sink in the mud. Is Obama/Kerry our best hope?

    • Maxfield Q Norse

      The absolute democratization of power, real power, electrical power, heat power, steam power. When it is beyond the reach of a few rich men to force the world to buy metered power there will be a re-balancing. This is why it must happen. At it’s core, the hoarding or distribution of this power source could enslave mankind to it’s masters, or in an equivalent sense set us free from some of our existing masters enganglements. Those men are far too large already and need a healthy pruning for them to bear any fruit to the rest of humanity.

    • GreenWin

      Charles, what you are concerned with is essentially correct. Where you misstep slightly is in the assumption that the petrodollar cannot be replaced by a LENR dollar. And that Rossi /IH et al has to face this geopolitic alone. We are not alone.

      I’ll say this again since it is pivotal: We are not alone. And if the technology is domiciled in the USA and licensed with restrictions (most licenses disallow tampering, etc) demand for payment in dollars is not an impossible concept. Besides, international businesses regularly accept payment in local currencies, e.g. Euros, Pounds, Yen, etc. These are easily converted to dollars at home.

      The great benefit is without a petrodollar, US citizens won’t be forced to fight to protect corrupt countries and their resources. That means less Billions$$ spent on wasteful warfare and saber rattling.

      • Charles

        A LENR dollar??!!. Who will establish that? Will it be established by the oil companies? Or will it be established by the Obama/Kerry combine? Will Obama and Kerry to IH/Rossi and form an agreement that the E-Cat be bought by the dollar and no other currency since that will require the agreement of Rossi and IH? One E-cat in the world market and a little reverse engineering can undo the requirement of millions of years of plant growth and tectonic plate movement.

        Please answer the proposal that China, or Russia, or Lichtenstein, is the one place we must fear that will destroy the Petrodollar and the LENRdollar.

        • Fortyniner

          Some pundits are predicting a ‘split’ of the dollar into a domestic version printed and backed by the US govt., and an unbacked ‘petro-dollar’ divorced from the domestic dollar and simply used as an international trade token. I’m not clear on who would manage the latter though – the ‘FED’ is not held in high esteem outside of the US. A simple dumping of the US dollar in favour of a ‘basket’ of reasonably trusted currencies seems more likely.

  • Robyn Wyrick

    This is a “Reader View” article about LENR in the Santa Fe New Mexican.

    Nothing new for the audience of ECW, but good to see out in the world. I think local letters like this help to confront the opinions of the mainstream scientific community, and expand the discussion. The standard rebuttals are along the lines:

    1 – LENR doesn’t fit in the Standard Model (a very reasonable and serious rebuttal)

    2 – P&F could not be replicated (not an accurate or serious rebuttal)

    3 – Rossi is a charlatan (a personal attack, and not a serious rebuttal)

    The great news is that CF development appears to be moving forward apace, on a wide array from fronts. My personal favorite might be Toyota, if only because they employed P&F after Utah.

    Also, on a personal note, I was disappointed with the suggestion that the new Third-Party Report could be months away. Heading into the last week of June, I was on the edge of my seat. Time to take another chill pill and take stock in the other amazing advances in the world (for example: “Soon, decayed tooth may repair itself – The Times of India“).


  • mcloki

    Add in Geoengineering the oceans into the mix. That solves a lot of food and scarcity problems.Those travelling wave reactors will get built just to dispose of nuclear waste. Should be a super profitable business.

    Resource scarcity. 25 years from now they will park an asteroid in orbit and melt it down for parts.

    • It seems traveling wave reactor is not so simple, and that it consume mostly U238… and our problem is more to eat Pu239… If it can eat Pu239 without producing more, it will help cleaning our bin… but there is many other nuclear incinerator design, based on classic fast neutron reactors.

      • Gerard McEk

        Within the TWR U238 is changed to Pu239 by fast neutrons. Pu239 is as fissionable as U235 and during fission process heat is generated. This gives us say 1000 years of energy. Additionally thorium reactors may give us another 1000 years, but that is not mentioned. These reactors also cause an increase of radiation and unstable isotopes, which can be treated by LENR (Mitsubishi patent). But at the end, why would we use thes fast neutron reactors, if we have LENR? So, let us hope LENR will be the solution for our future energy demand.

        • in fact increasing radioactivity is a good thing, because it mean shortlife.
          this is the idea of nuclear incinerators the new generation of “anti-breeder”…
          having 1000 years of nuclear energy is not useful, since we already have that as stockpile of pu239, U235 and much more from U238 in breeders… The myth of shortage of uranium is one more Malthusian myth.

          beside that we don’t need fission energy, but we need to get rid of Pu239 quickly, transforming them in very short lived isotopes.

          The breeding phase of TWR seems more a trouble for me, but i imagine that if you put Pu239 in the mix, it get burned…
          maybe finally we will burn those Pu239 with particle accelerators, consuming energy from LENR… not producing any. would be siimpler!

    • Broncobet

      That’s not waste. That’s “depleted” and you could run the planet for much longer than 1,000 years on it. That is why Bill Gates is building it. It is already mined and is sitting in nice piles at enrichment plants. The”waste” we can’t make up our minds if it’s waste or used fuel.It all depends on the price of new U.So letting it sit for 20 or 30 years in concrete casks is a good idea.This “waste” could power us thousands of years and there are unlimited,to us,amounts of U in seawater.A lot of us would like us to run on the Thorium cycle.To burn”waste” there is a device called the WAMSR from a couple of young engineers who formed Transatomic Power. The waste is valuable as the radioactivity that makes it dangerous,out side it’s barrel,is energy we can use.

  • malkom700

    Question whether global warming is real, what the consequences of the increase in CO2 content can not currently determine with certainty. Precisely for this reason it is necessary to restore validated and secure environmental parameters. Whether we want it or not, the introduction of CF will act in this direction.

  • Andreas Moraitis

    The document from STT can be downloaded here (144 pages):

    On p.130-33 you will find statistical data from their survey, among others about “A breakthrough in low-energy nuclear reactions (cold fusion)“ (p. 131). It could be interesting to compare the results for the different questions.

    • GreenWin

      It is interesting to compare these ideas, Andreas. I found the ecological section to be filled with gloom and not well informed. For example:

      “Potable water demand grows. Desalination of water is conventional (by 2050) and will be produced with renewable energy.”

      Desalination is conventional in many nations today. Israel desalinates 80% of their fresh water. Most tourist island nations use extensive desal for their potable water. Multi-stage flash, micro-filter, and reverse osmosis desal are all standard, proven, well known technologies today. If the wizards building wind mills offshore directed their energy to desal plants today – we don’t need to wait 35 years.

      Good news is they are begrudgingly, slowly, painfully, introducing the fact that LENR is already a breakthrough in cold fusion.

      Potable water demand grows. Desalination
      of water is conventional (by
      ) and will
      be produced with renewable energy
      Potable water demand grows. Desalination
      of water is conventional (by
      ) and will
      be produced with renewable energy