Chinese President Calls for Energy Revolution

An article in the International Business times covers a speech last Friday in which China’s President Xi Jinping calls for an energy revolution to meet an ever-growing demand for energy in his country, and at the same time cut pollution levels.

Xi stated, “To ensure national energy security, China needs to take steps to rein in irrational energy use and control the country’s energy consumption by fully implementing energy-saving policies,”

The president emphasized that China will to be taking a broad-brush diversification approach in this push, and mentioned developing a wide variety of energy sources including ‘clean coal’ projects, safe nuclear fission plants, shale gas exploration, renewables — as well as focusing on ways to increase efficient use of energy.

Those of us who have been carefully following the activities of Industrial Heat chairman Tom Darden in China recently will be wondering what part E-Cat/LENR might play in this Chinese energy revolution. Certainly it is not being mentioned publicly as one of the tools of China’s arsenal of energy sources — but at this early stage, if it was under consideration it may well be kept off the front pages since it is generally considered unproven, and there may also be strategic reasons involved.

One would think that in a command economy like China that if business, scientific and government leaders have been involved in talks with Industrial Heat that this information would be known by the nation’s president. I suppose that there will be other ongoing energy research projects in the country that are still in the early stages, and experimental possibilities are most likely not going to be mentioned in broad policy speeches that are meant for national and international consumption.

I think that LENR does have the potential to eclipse all the major energy sources here — but it will certainly take time, money and political will for that to become a reality, and at this point it’s impossible to know whether China will be leading the way in an LENR energy revolution.

  • georgehants

    Energy Business Review
    UK approves development of East Anglia ONE offshore wind farm
    EBR Staff Writer
    Published 18 June 2014
    A giant wind farm that could become the world’s largest has been approved for the Suffolk coast
    The UK Department for Energy and Climate Change has approved the
    development of East Anglia ONE Offshore wind farm off 43km from the
    Suffolk Coast.
    With an installed capacity of 1,200MW, the offshore wind farm will
    feature 240 wind turbine generators and associated infrastructure.

  • jousterusa

    This from today’s Telegraph (London), and it may be more realistic about China’s so-called “revolution.” It appears they’re revolving back to nuclear power:

    China interested in investing in HS2 and nuclear power *HS2 is high-speed rail)

    David Cameron and Li Keqiang discuss multi-billion-pound projects during China premier’s visit to London

    By Louise Armitstead

    China has signalled its interest in investing in two of Britain’s biggest and most controversial infrastructure projects – High Speed 2 and new nuclear power stations – at trade talks led by David Cameron and Chinese premier, Li Keqiang, in London.

    No details were agreed but the two leaders said they discussed the multi-billion-pound projects. They laid the foundations for potential direct investment by China as part of the wide-ranging talks, which resulted in £14bn of trade deals.

    Also at the talks, Rolls-Royce said it has agreed to co-operate more closely with China’s State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation on civil nuclear power. It is likely a direct investment in HS2 and new nuclear would be made through the China Development Bank Corporation, which is responsible for funding large-scale projects on behalf of the powerhouse economy.

    On Tuesday the bank signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with TheCityUK to “expand its financing and lending activity in the UK, including in infrastructure-related investment”.

    Another MoU was signed by the Department for Transport and its Chinese counterpart, the NDRC, committing the countries to “business co-operation in the rail sector”. And a third was signed between the Chinese Atomic Energy Authority, the Chinese National Nuclear Corporation and the Department of Energy on “nuclear fuel cycle supply chain collaboration”. China is already a minority partner in EDF’s plans to build a new nuclear station at Hinkley Point in Somerset.

    • Alain Samoun

      I hope LENR will arrive soon. before the EPR monsters (New French Nukes Reactors) will be built.

      • Fortyniner

        It can’t come too quickly. The EPR is a potentially dangerous dinosaur that can’t be made to ‘fail safe’, but also a ‘trojan horse’ as it is designed to burn ‘MOx’ fuel with only minor modifications. MOx is a mixture of uranium and plutonium oxides that is infinitely more hazardous than enriched uranium alone at all stages of the nuclear fuel cycle.

        I assume that our technically challenged leaders have been sold the idea that this will be a way to turn the ever-accumulating piles of plutonium-rich high-level nuclear waste into useful energy while at the same time getting rid of the problem. Unfortunately the very real dangers of this course of action far outweigh any advantages, and in any case will not significantly reduce the amount of hazardous waste.

  • GreenWin
    • Buck

      This article suggests that China is willing to spend about $56B on cleaner energy sources for the 4 year period ending 2017.

      Darden and IH recognize that with a impactful TIP2 report and coordinated tour of an operating industrial E-Cat at a customer site, LENR has a real opportunity of winning a large market share of that $56B.

      I believe it is not lost on anyone, friend or foe, that this points to a HUGE GLOBAL MARKET.

      • GreenWin

        Indeed. Considering the public and political pressure on China’s leadership due to air pollution killing a million Chinese annually, this is where Darden’s pitch could be well received. That is a very big number for IH to pursue, and as you note, is only the tip of the new energy iceberg.

        • Buck

          GW, Yes, a very big number . . . a number that gets larger if you include the pending 14B Euro British contract with China for a nuclear power plant.

          With this in mind, it becomes very reasonable to postulate that the two teams of academics developing and reviewing the TIP2 report, will work diligently to develop as much grounded theory about the underlying LENR mechanism supporting the assumed to be positive report. The “First” presentation 25 years ago did not fair well for F&P.

          If this means we don’t see the report before the end of summer, that’s fine by me (though I want to see it tomorrow). It also provides time to coordinate and polish a tour of a E-Cat customer’s operations.

      • roseland67

        For 56 billion, China could have bought Rossi, Industrial Heat, Darden et al
        they knew LENR was operational, safe, repeatable, reliable, repairable etc.
        Maybe, just maybe, they know it’s not close to being ready, why else would
        China be investing 56 billion, England 32 billion, Germany 40 billlion, Russia, 50 billion, India, 29 billion, France 23 billion, well you get the picture.
        Was just on site @ a coal fired plant today in Michigan, (being prepped for decomissioning in near future),
        now, I only talked to 1 of the locals, plant engineer type,
        but he has never heard of LENR, (btw, he knows about it now).

        • Buck

          IMO, you highlight an important point: the pending TIP2 report, with the potential of a coordinated tour and presentation of a customer’s live E-Cat will have a profound impact, presuming the TIP2 reports the rumored positive results.

          Only time will tell.

        • bachcole

          Try 1.25 billion Chinese.

  • RKTect

    Does anyone know what progress Brillouin has made in completing its demonstration operation or if any publicity will be forthcoming regarding its molten salts boiler. My impression several months ago was that by utilizing a stranded plant that they were going to be able to have a prototypical operation in place fairly quickly.

    • Broncobet

      Molten salts are the future for fission plants as well as other heat engines,for nuclear the salt is FLIBe.

  • GreenWin

    China is suffering an “Airpocalypse.” Nearly 70% of China’s primary energy derives from burning coal. The public outcry in Beijing is unprecedented under any communist government. This has not halted the construction of new coal-fired generating plants. Jinping hopes to govern consumption but this does nothing to address the air pollution crisis. The only energy “revolution” China is eligible for is a complete turn to non-fossil/fission resources. Jinping makes no reference to such action.

  • Jonnyb

    Chinese state owned Bank to invest in U.K. Nuclear Power plants. Would they do this if they knew LENR was about to break?

    • Maxfield Q Norse

      China is large and most of it has never even heard of LENR.

    • Daniel Maris

      Yes, because the UK has guaranteed them a huge income and the UK will be further indebted by developing nuclear plants. All good news as far as the Chinese government are concerned.

      • Fortyniner

        The fat taxpayer-funded returns were originally set up by Cameron for EDF’s benefit, but it seems that anyone with spare cash to invest will do, now that EDF has financial woes of its own.

        Firstly they need to kill off the last vestiges of ‘renewable’ competition though:

        • Buck

          One can hope that the forthcoming TIP2 report, hopefully coordinated with a tour of a live customer installed E-Cat, will destabilize and halt the political/contractual inertia.

          My guess is that Britain would rather pay penalties for halting the China contract and investing $14B in LENR installations.

          I can only imagine that Darden and IH recognize that $14B in just one country points towards a HUGE GLOBAL MARKET in the near term.

        • Broncobet

          They already import electricity from France (mostly nuclear)and I think they get some gas from Norway.

    • Broncobet

      I’m a big supporter of nuclear power but I don’t think that plan was very good. Wrong tech.Price too high.