Rossi Names Some Competitors: Shell, Mitsubishi, MIT, Volvo, ABB, NASA

On the Journal of Nuclear Physics today Andrea Rossi was asked about what he thought the effects of his work might be on competitors — and what kinds of progress might be made in the field LENR field by others.

Rossi responded:

Ville Kanninen:
It is impossible to answer to your question, or, at least, I am not able to. I do not know what the competition will do. One thing I am sure of is that from competition will rise more convenience for the market. Remember: ” In mercatu veritas “. I know that giants are already working to compete with us: Shell, Mitsubishi, MIT, Volvo, ABB, NASA…and I am strongly honoured to have inspired, in some way, their work; to be clear: should I have not broken the ice in three years of public work, since January 2011, none of these Entities would have taken seriously LENR in the measure they are taking them now. Is it not true? At the cost of tremendous fights that also involved personal issues that have nothing to do with my work, but still have consumed time and energies. Anything has been tried to kill our work, without substantial effects, though ( thanks to God). Our Team is stronger than ever.
Warm Regards,

I think it’s fair for him to say that without his entering the public arena in January 2011 there would be much less public interest in LENR than there is now. Just as an example, I certainly would not have launched this site were it not for the first public demonstration by Rossi and Focardi. I had a passing interest in cold fusion before that event, but it was the fact that Rossi was working in the kilowatt levels with the E-Cat that really got me interested because there seemed to be potential for the E-Cat to be incorporated in useful marketable products.

Many others have felt the same way — and from what Rossi says here, that includes some big corporations, universities and government agencies who, from the sound of things, have started up their own research and development programs in the LENR field.

I expect this competition to grow. If and when a positive third party report is published, I think it will get wide attention, and if the overall consensus is that LENR is a useful and superior form of energy production, those who ignore it will be left behind. To remain competitive, companies will have to adapt to a new reality or run the risk of quickly becoming dinosaurs — and it appears that the race to remain relevant has already begun.

  • RogerKnights

    Perhaps China is only manufacturing the parts of the device, leaving the final assembly, including the insertion of the fuel, to IH.

    • maybe IH is playing an old guard battle based in IP protection, monopoly.
      but maybe (following lenr-cities approach) they have understood that IH cannot cover the planet market alone, not even the IP, and that the best is to make open partnership with people having capacities to cover the market….

      if darnen have found someone fair, even if hard in bargain, that propose him an agreement :

      – China build all E-cat they want, and pay a tiny tax, just the tax that make it not interesting to compete with IH
      – however China propose all help to IH to cover the planet market, and china give it at a price that make it uninteresting for IH to ask elsewhere…

      maybe they can even make it free…
      china build their reactors for free licence… IH manufacture it in China with very good price, all governmental help to scale the production…

      everybody have a tiny margin on a huge market, with incentive to produce much and refuse battle and argument.

      all energy should go to covering a 700bilion market quickly

  • Broncobet

    That’s what the Bolshevecks, claimed, how’d they do?

  • Omega Z

    Because this test has a purpose.
    Most of what we are aware of is soft evidence.
    Even the TPR wasn’t 100% & wasn’t actually meant to be.
    This TPR will be much more in depth & detail.
    This is the Money Shot. The one that cracks the doors open to Corporate America to start building prototypes & Proofing Facilities. This test is exclusively for them. The 1 their waiting for.

    Nope, This wont be the ball buster start everyone expects or wants.
    This is a New Technology. Business will be cautious to start.
    Think along the lines of a new Naval ship. We’ve built ships forever, But a new concept ship. You build 1, Maybe 2. You test it. Put it thru a shake down. Take what you learned & improve the next 1 or 2. After your sure you got most of the glitches worked out, Only then do you ramp things up. There’s 100’s of Billions at risk. This is how it’s done.

    • Maxfield Q Norse

      I would have said Trillions but that is a quibble for the epic scale of this potential. No doubt this will begin with mere Billions per year and work up from there. I like the ship example. That worked neatly.

  • pg

    Maxfield, you are a welcome addition to this blog

  • Jonnyb

    I mentioned it to a director of a BP off shoot around 2 years ago and sent him some links, so pretty sure they are aware of it.

  • georgehants

    Marc F
    June 16th, 2014 at 5:17 PM
    Dear Andrea:
    Just came across this article today.
    Think about the millions of lives that could be saved by incorporating the E-Cat into this device:

  • I understand the idea as I’m bathed in the stream of media…

    my recent understanding is that we have build a pathological symbiosis between capitalist force, led by self-interest, trying to squeeze the maximum of the raw material, to save energy and raw material, to reduce work, to increase wages (workers are part of the capitalist game), with a political system who want to be reelected, to conserve economic rent, to prevent changes, to propose insurance and guaranties whatever is the average cost, which mean conserving jobs whatever is the cost the usefulness and the environmental impact.

    It is our system. When people lose their job they feel they are dead… they don’t feel “on vacation”, “free from slavery”, “ready to find a better activity”, “ready to be their own boss” , “ready to be capitalist”… they feel useless, devalued, without any asset…

    even in poor village in emerging countries, people are more capitalist than western employees… they invest in moped, in cars, in land, in houses, and make profits with them…
    Of course, since they depend on their neigbours, trade with them, count on their help as insurance against catastrophe, they always try to share, but not with pity, with association…
    renting your moped to an unemployed neigtbours is social capitalism, not charity.

    in the west, the industrial revolution that Marx denounced have demanded huge amount of capital, huge amount of centralized work, and this led to a dysfunctional market where employees were submitted, alone and thus exploited. They battled and in the 60s they won finally.

    Next revolution is home capitalism, like the home vegetable garden that Soviet, Chinese, and even North Korea have allowed.

    It is working for AirBnb, blablacar, uber, having a store on e-bay, amazon, delivering packets for them. Of course the platform have to be neutral and not behave like a greedy pimp. It is probable since if one platform abuse of it’s audience, a new platform can arise with better price and practices.
    Even the creation of those platform can be made simpler because of cloud computing making cost of IT more linear.

    Of course LENR have a share in that revolution, if we can propose distributed energy production on a smartgrid.

    The future is not (only) to have a garden to grow vegetables, but to share LENR reactor, LENR-taxi, factory robots and 3D printers, phone femtocells, peer2peer disk and datacenter, bitcoin miner, homemade shows à la youtube, …

    the future of people is not to control their company, it is to be independent of any company.

    NB: sorry of OT

  • Fortyniner

    Very astute observations.

  • Omega Z

    Two men come to a river. They both want to take there crops to market, but there is no bridge. Neither can afford to build the bridge. They talk & determine together they could build the bridge. They pool their resources & build it. Burn them at the stake. They have just created Capitalism.

    • bachcole

      Isn’t capitalism when they start charging people to get across the bridge?

      • of course yes, but it is too when the walkers menace to build another bridge if the rate are not based on the investment.

        Capitalism is based on retro-action… it is why it is important to protect it from monopolies which grow from viscous markets, cartel, entry-cost…

        when the king, hearing the initial builders, decide that it is forbidden to build another bridge (to save effort he said) and decide of the rate (too high, too low) … it is crony capitalism, our current system.

      • Omega Z

        It’s a simple example of capital formation, Group funding. All Good or much would never get done. Some form or another is used in all systems.
        Alainco- Cony Capitalism associated with Democracies also infects ALL systems. Where the person with power directs lucrative deals or positions to friends & family. (Regardless of Qualifications)

        As to your statement, moving into free market turf.
        Yes, If You and I paid for & built the bridge, we would be well within our rights to charge others to use it & even ROI. It will require mainyanance & repair & eventual replacement.
        Just to Note: Everyone blurs the lines on the different economic tools Including me on occasion.

  • psi2u2

    I agree, bachole, but I also think that the gap between rich and poor in the US today is way beyond rational or acceptable. It is now deforming our political process.

  • clovis ray

    Same answer,read above,You do not throw the greatest invention in the history of mankind to the mercy of the crowd. You nurture it. Profit is not a dirty word. Do you hand your infant to a crowd and walk away, because you saw some rich man do it? Dr. Rossi has a ton of money and time invested, do you want him to just give it away. i don’t think so.

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Yes, Rossi needs to feed his profits back into his research.
      That’s what would benefit mankind.

      • clovis ray

        Yep,that a no brainier, i am sure IH, has thing well in hand, i would think, Dr. Rossi has at his disposal the very best of what ever he desires, sky is the limit, unless i miss my guess, soon to be the richest man on earth,as the revolution begins, all other energy systems will fall to the wayside one by one. i will surly be surprised, if this does not happen, simply because god has his hand on it, from the very start, as Dr. Rossi as attested to. people we live in exciting times, the real world is changing ,very rappidly, hang on tight, the ride may be ruff at the start.

  • LilyLover

    Is the GE, Siemens, Mitsubishi & Hitachi’s obsessive interest in Alstom, almost a social proof of Hot-Cat’s success? Inadvertently, Dr. Rossi must have inspired all of them to bid correctly!

    • I rather bet on shale gas and renewable energy backups…
      without those gas turbine , with massive solar and wind energy, the grid will collapse. Germany is already putting strong pressure on neigbours forcing them to shut their base power with huge peak, and to activate coal or gas turbines during lower period.

  • Bernie777

    In the case of electric vehicles and LENR we probably do not have a choice, the economies in most need of these technologies, like China and India, will take what they need without regard to our IP laws.

  • Ronzonni

    If you watch the American TV program Sharktank, you begin to realize that the way to make a tremendous amount of money from inventions is with licensing and franchising rather than manufacturing the items yourself as an individual or a small company. The whole idea is to be bought. One would think that some of these large companies would prefer to pay Rossi some awesome royalties rather than to try competing with him, given he has such a large head start.

    Maybe admin would ask him why he is not considering joining rather than competing with whichever one is the best.

    • ecatworld

      Rossi was asked about licensing yesterday on the jonp, and did not deny IH was considering it. He responded:

      ” Intellectual property is a complex issue, not as simple as you represent. Licensing is a complicate issue as well and I cannot give more information about our licensing strategy either at the moment”

  • Alain Samoun

    Very interesting reaction,you may have been right in the last century,but the current beginning of the 21st century shows the limits and dead end of the society based only on profit, don’t you think?

    • You express the consensual feeling of the media-sphere…

      Personally… I feel the opposite. Current period in the West, show that consensus, and desire to reduce risk to the minimum, have just developed ignorance via groupthink, and systemic risk via insurances, salaries, guaranties, contracts, safety net.
      People when losing their job says “my life is ruined”…. I’ve talk to people who survived eruption, genocides, political police, earthquake, 3 financial crisis… informal economy, neigbouring, village capitalism, not banks or corps, are the most resilient to all of that

      Our claws and teeth have been cut so short that we cannot survive when things change, nor even help our weaker neighbors. We are washed by the unexpected, like change in technology, corporate reorganization, economic rent disappearance, more quickly than traditional culture are washed by hurricanes or starvation.

      Hopefully Asia have the frontier spirit.
      Sorry not personal, I see that our civilisation is dying, and that of course all the scapegoat today are not guilty…
      We are disinformed, and even those who denounce disinformation use a bigger disinformation…
      Neither immigration (who bring new energy), nor banks (who are victim of the fashion, just thinking they will be the last toasted), nor finance (which is amoral, not evil, following the general stupidity, not inventing it), nor capitalism, nor real liberalism is the problem…

      the problem is that when you want to control all risk, either the natural risk, the job risks, the accomodation risk, the food risk, the epistemological risk, you can control 99% of the usual and known risk… and you are washed away by the 1%, faster than by 99% tamed risk…

      scientific groupthink, monetary systemic risk, unexpected consequences of unjustified safety measure, scaremongering, financial derivatives, … just to make people believe that job is safe, food is safe, science is right, without effort… all is risk, and best solution to control risk is stay simple, work hard, adapt quickly, accept losses, work together, and take advantage of catastrophes.

      if our vision of the case of the trouble, of our crisis, was right, we would have solved it since long. It is only because we do exactly the opposite, and we refuse, all of us, to see the facts, that things get worse every day…

      central bank, food industry, academic science, energy, solidarity with the poor… we go exactly opposite to what we say…

      meanwhile in Asia, and since China invaded Africa, in Africa, people are living better, eating better, working better… it is messy, violent, bloody, but it works and less people dies of hunger even if more die of gun… not with consensus, not with work laws, not with organic food, not with solar panel, not with environmental laws… but it work, and things get better, even if an awful noise of bazaar.

      My conviction is that all where we want to go, as the mediasphere brainwash us, is the opposite to the good direction.

  • Gerard McEk

    I could not find much evidence that Shell is active involved in LENR. What I found, though, was an interesting article :
    These musings are directed to people interested in the energy market. Among other things it includes the LENR transmutation process of Mitsubishi, verified by Toyota and also the latest situation about Rossi.The author asks the readers to follow the developments of LENR as something may happen soon. The article is pleasantly positive, a good development!

    • Shell have funded research in CNAM (a top French university=Grande-Ecole, say it is our Ivy league) , by Jacques Dufour.

      recently some people of Shell Gamechanger have been seen in conference.

      Like STNewsVenture, beside umbaldo Mastromatteo of STM itself.

      Like Lockheed Martin cited by Doug Wells of Nasa/NARI…

      Beside Toyota and MHI (Japanese have the habit to battle in Japanese team first, then compete when they won).

      • Gerard McEk

        Thanks Alain, it does not look that Shell actually has something to conquer the world with.

        • they have budget… they have tenure and labs to propose.
          they can develop technology…
          I think it is the plan of most corps.

    • Bernie777

      Gerard McEk Thanks for the article, very interesting and very positive for LENR.

  • Rebel Soul

    Think Rossi need to read this
    he has to stop messing about and just start selling the tec

  • catfish

    This is kind of a silly claim, and its boisterous comments from Rossi that hurt hisand LENR’s credibility. Mitsubishi has been working on this for many years. He should know that. Just build the damn devices and sell one.

    • Maxfield Q Norse

      I too think Mr. Rossi was having a dark night, and perhaps a sip of schnapps.
      The comments are a little maudlin. He has earned his schnapps.
      If you have ever had a moment of human frailty, you should forgive this indiscretion.
      The custom is to join him in a schnapps of your own.

    • Ronzonni

      If you believe Rossi, he has sold more than one. He has said he sold two megawatt plants to the military originally, followed by an order for 12 more along with an order from at least one civilian customer. Of course, so far, it’s just what he says. There is not any proof, is there?

  • Billy Jackson

    Rossi has most assuredly faced adversity by going public. the attacks on his personal character for past mistakes. the name calling by some users here, next big future, and pesn. the out right condemnation of his work and self. His broken English, or lack of clarity at time has muddied the waters. He has been called a liar, a shyster, and a thief. His peers in both the engineering field and the scientific fields have treated with scorn or derision his greatest work.

    Through all this he has persevered, toiling away at his labors with a dignity and sense of belief in himself and his work, his opponent seen and used his lack of rebuttal as a weakness for them to exploit. He has not struck out at those who were skeptical. Instead he has embraced, acknowledged and then answered all challenges to his work.

    Despite these challenges he has had the courage to continue in his search for answers to provide those who question the validity of LENR and the devices he is working with. Right or Wrong. Mr Rossi i salute you for your conviction in your beliefs. The commitment to prove what you have achieved in the face of those who are skeptical beyond all logic.

    Eagerly awaiting the next report
    Thank You
    Billy Jackson

    • bachcole

      He has not quite had such a bad time as you picture. First, he has burned his fingers on the E-Cat, probably numerous times; this includes running E-Cats for years. Second, he has had several nuclear physicists, including Focardi, say that his measurements are correct. Third, ALL of those who criticize him have not laid naked eyes on an E-Cat, and so their criticisms are easily to dismiss. Fourth, he has hundreds of peanut gallery members (us) cheering him on. Fifth, he has many non-nuclear scientists who believe in him. Sixth, he now has big money people who believe in him. I am sure that there are other positives.

      Still, having said this, he is still my hero.

      • Billy Jackson

        i condone neither blind faith in Rossi or pathological resistance to anything he says. Only a fool follows a path to such extremes. I do believe that a man should be taken at his word until such time as to be proven untrustworthy.

        I have not seen evidence of Rossi being a habitual liar, a scammer, or an outright thief since it has been his own money that was used for research on the E-cat. Has he made questionable decisions or some that out right failed? absolutely. point me to someone who hasn’t failed at sometime? each and everyone of us have stretched the truth at some point to make our arguments sound better or to sound less bad. Yet we over look our own flaws while pointing out others.

        while of late the attacks on Rossi have been lessened. at the beginning before e-catworld was in the picture.. Rossi took a beating from all sides just for daring to proclaim his device and what it could do.

        I have been a supporter of Rossi because of my wishes for what this device can do for us as a people. but i do not blindly support. thus my waiting on the report with the rest of you. I accept and acknowledge that his past has some mistakes that were made or were questionable.. but i wont condemn him for the rest of his life for them. I simply will wait patiently reading, supporting, exploring my own knowledge and that of those who ask difficult questions in my own effort to educate myself.

        Should he fail we will still have learned much about LENR and its potential. Here is a list of people who failed but later became very very successful.

        For all of us.. as with Rossi .. to fail or succeed is but a small step. your true character showed when you had to the courage to chase your dreams despite all adversity.

    • psi2u2

      Indeed, Billy, very well put. You speak for many.

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    I grew up driving an IH Farmall tractor. It had a big diesel tank and a small gasoline tank. It started on gas and once the engines was hot, you switched over to diesel.

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    We need a new energy technology which is fueled by fresh acronyms,
    generated by a computer powered by the Acronymphodite.

  • Veblin

    Brillouin Energy Corporation (BEC)

    • Brillouin is to watch…

      They are supported by SRI who works with US Navy… If USA was preparing an ecosystem around LENR they would start there…

      those who are not LENR based on hydride are judged fring by me
      Nanospire is hot fusion, if real
      BLP seems real, but lost in theory deliria.
      DGT is carbonized by it’s own sxxxxxity (trying to fool a partner).

      note that many names are old guys…
      Shell, MHI, have confirmed LENR. MHI still working on it like toyota.
      NB: Hitachi have reproduced LENR in early time.
      NASA is an old player at GRC, recently NARI too
      MIT is… hagelstein and nanortech
      ABB is new guy in the block… interesting
      Volvo too… question is if it have been approached by LENR-Cars or prepare to compete.

      and expert more.
      Amoco have replicated LENR in their garage.

      what Rossi seems to say is that they have a dark project…
      of course I only know the public projects and …

    • Owen Geiger

      Just a reminder since there are so many things to keep track of in this rapidly unfolding LENR story, Brillouin has a multimillion dollar licensing deal with a South Korean firm. I’m sure they’d love to announce their results before Rossi.

  • we-cat

    FTSE China A50 Index rallied another day in anticipation of more stimulus policies. President Xi hosted the central financial work leading meeting and discussed the strategy of energy security. It is the first time Mr. Xi took the lead and he used the word revolution in the policy statements to emphasize the seriousness. In the statement, he encouraged more efficient way of energy consumption and more innovative way of energy production. Local investors expect more nuclear and solar plants to be built and related sectors may benefit.

  • John Arnold

    Tesla motors made free all patents. Rossi must do the same, tesla will make money from the market growth, Rossi can do the same. As soon as the report comes to light and if positive all countries in the world will start doing their own devices and own production this is not a technology tied to a patent, no country will respect any patent because we are eager for energy sources. Please Mr. Rossi do it, NOW !

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Does he have patents that name the secrets?

      • clovis ray

        no, and if you had read the above posts you would know why, a patent i a sure way to give it away,

        • Alan DeAngelis

          Yes. That’s the point I was making.

    • Omega Z

      Tesla/Musk Didn’t give his patents away. It has several caveats.
      There are no set standards on the technology he is making available.
      He is trying to create one. It is a shrewd business plan.
      To Spread his technology so that it becomes the Standard.
      He prefers to be part of the VHS market. Not part of what could end up being a Betamax product. Defunct, lost investments.

  • John Littlemist

    ABB is involved in a big, secretive “datacenter” project in Helsinki:

    That is in finnish, but I’ll try to find some info in english also…

    • John Littlemist

      Well, could not find any. Probably this has nothing to do with LENR, since ABB supplies also data center installations.

  • Fortyniner

    “Anything has been tried to kill our work..” It would be fascinating to learn what is behind this brief statement. I hope that one day Rossi will feel able to name those who have made attempts to prevent his work, and the methods they have tried.

    • JDM

      Its going to make a great movie, isn’t it?

      • Owen Geiger

        Multiple movies for decades at least.

  • Siemans and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries want to buy the french gas-turbine manufacturer Alstrom (German article), and will present their bid today:

    • Andreas Moraitis

      Siemens, GE, Mitsubishi Heavy and Alstom are the leading manufacturers of large gas turbines. They hold all the important patents. Therefore, the strong interest in Alstom on the part of the other three players is comprehensible.

      • gas turbines are the big subject today, because of renewable energies.

        Behind every MW of wind or solar, there is few MW of gas turbine.

        Storage is fashion, but everybody serious know it is hopeless at todays cost. I’ve read report showing that batteries for wind energy was more expensive than nothing.

        You can see that in the CO2 result in Germany who is the worst emitter, and the biggest new-renewable producer (not counting the emission of their neighbors who have to replace nuke with gas turbine – a big business as Alstom knows).

        • Maxfield Q Norse

          I am of thinking that retrofit is of more immediate profit, if fuel is near to without cost. Who then is owning the functioning but unprofitable existing site will be greatest beneficiary. Who will own all the straw generators when they are spun to gold? Perhaps some brownfield investors.

      • Buck

        Additional information about the global turbine market. Aside from the very largest steam turbines, the global market appears to be very fragmented, suggesting that patents do not appear to control as much as suggested. An important point when it is presumed that centralized power grids are going through a fragmentation & deconstruction process.


        • Andreas Moraitis

          They are talking mainly about steam turbines, that’s a different technology. Regarding gas turbines, there are also many companies with medium and small size models on the market. But for the very large models, the above-mentioned four form a fairly exclusive club, as far as I have heard. Their revenues result not only from production and sales, but also from license agreements and maintenance contracts, which are apparently very lucrative.

          • Buck

            In viewing this through the assumption of LENR transition (we know both are aware and at least Mitsubishi is engaged in LENR developments), it seems the steam turbine business provides many advantages (very broad market penetration and access extensive technical & engineering resources.

            I am in agreements with GW on this point: they are looking to block GE.

  • Sanjeev

    Probably he does not count the DGT, BLP, BEC, Nanospire etc etc among his competitors.
    I guess these are now officially, failed companies. Except may be BEC, but they are very very silent these days.

    • pelgrim108

      “I know that giants are already working to compete with us”
      He is talking about the giants.

  • Pierre Ordinaire

    How can Rossi know about the “black” LENR programs of Shell, Mitsubishi, MIT, Volvo, ABB and NASA?

    • Andreas Moraitis

      Good question. If he just wanted to say that these companies or institutions made some research, or have at least shown interest in the field, this message would be old news (except for ABB, perhaps). It would be important news only in the case that there are serious commercial developments on the way. But then one might not expect that the involved companies would inform the competition about what they are currently doing. However, it is possible that there is some ‘tunneling’ of information in the scene.

      • Omega Z

        You may recall that Michael McKubre of SRI stated that there were at least 2 contenders not known to the public. And that it was possible that 1 of them could be to market prior to Rossi.

    • Sanjeev

      Perhaps these giants approached him in past for collabs etc? But we really do not know, you will have to take his word.
      MIT, Volvo and ABB are new names in the arena (at least for me). Except, may be, by MIT he means Hagelstein’s NANOR, which is not really MIT and not really black.

      • Owen Geiger

        I believe the NANORs are being sold exclusively to NASA at this time, so in a sense there is a black side.

        • Sanjeev

          That’s interesting. Why do you believe that?

          • Owen Geiger

            Search this blog. That’s what someone reported when they went to the last Hagelstein/Schwartz workshop.

    • Omega Z

      They all know of & about each other. Just as a heavy weight boxer knows of an up & coming contender 2 or 3 years out. It’s part of their circle.

  • Maxfield Q Norse

    Each type of LENR device I expect will be of unique design, and perhaps unique in the reaction which it sustains. So each will need to prove the general safety of it’s design. Far better it is for there to be a range of these designs. Some will serve certain roles better than others, scale better, produce higher yields or different temperature ranges, steam or dry heat, or direct electrical production. All good.

    How much money is thrown at development by giants will be less important that the worth of the particular approach they have chosen. So maybe there is room for dark horses to emerge from shadow, and beat the giants to the prize. We hear no boast yet from giants, is this an indication of lack of sophistication in their technologies, or because they do not wish to motivate further competition?

    Industrial Heat will be the first, and it will be an instant giant. Licensing of the technology could yield trillions of dollars each year for eons to come.

  • Publius

    It’s a fair statement perhaps, Rossi has caused more awareness, but I trust Mike McKubre and his judgment that Brillouin is closer to commercialization. Rossi doesn’t really seem willing to work with anyone else and has this paranoia regarding his work. It’s not about being the first.

    • Sanjeev

      But he did work with DGT in past, it failed. He is now working with IH and Cherokee. The tech has been transferred, so I do not see any paranoia, just caution.

      • clovis ray

        correction, DGT failed, because they tried to steal his secret, and he through them out on their can,

    • Omega Z

      I believe Rossi has not only created more awareness, But has made many of his competitors step up their game. It has become a race.
      LENR products will likely come to market several years sooner then would have been otherwise.

    • clovis ray

      Wrong, Brillouin, is just like all the rest, all these co. can only produce small amounts of the rossi effect, only Dr Rossi and IH, have a product that is market ready, with factory’s producing, e cats as we type. well out ahead of the pack.
      and i expect IH to announce the report, and much much more.